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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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into the green transformation for me. for the. this is v.w. news live from berlin travel bans from india kicking ass the country keeps posting record numbers of covert 19th races in the us health care system is reaching breaking point many hospitals are full and the capital is faced with mass from ations for those who've died also coming up as an international climate summit president joe biden pledges to cut the u.s.
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greenhouse gas emissions inhofe by the end of this decade other countries joining us. plus. a committee of community in mourning bids farewell to don't see iraq as a young black man who was shot dead by police during a traffic stop in the united states. come to the program india has reported their world's highest daily count of new coronavirus cases for a 2nd straight day more than 330000 new infections were recorded in the last 24 hours that in response canada is banning all flights from both india and pakistan and the u.k. is also putting new restrictions on travel to and from india. the unprecedented
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spikes comes off the coronavirus numbers 1st rose 210-0000 per day by last september and then dropped off again through the winter experts say that new virus variants and recent super spreader gatherings have contributed to the latest surge . lined up outside hospitals that can't take any more patients. oxygen shortages that have pitted different states against each other doctors and nurses pushed to the limit as they scramble for resources. the supplies that are coming in we're told very little. uncertain there is a lot of you know tension in the system we were not able to fully focus our energies on. on the clinical border for its lines are hours long at testing sites after many months of relatively few cases this comes as a shock here. the hospital being i've been
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waiting outside the testing center all day. and we're yet to be tested kevin you have additional time and i think the whole thing will i just pray to god because if we are tested positive then where will we go we are helpless in the media. epidemiologists say india missed a crucial opportunities to prepare for a 2nd wave the government didn't hire more doctors and nurses and allowed bass of public gatherings which may have been super spreader events we would love a sense of decency because it really is measures of the pandemic whether it was the daily nearly. all or even just by them to get all of them started explaining from october and by january you saw them not meant to be little and then there was this feeling again to be with
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experts that we had actually updates only in unity. last week the government said it would allow a greatly expanded list of vaccines to be used but it faces the mammoth task of vaccinating a population far bigger than the european union and the united states combined. i thought on this story i'm joined from doctor. jobs he's the founder and director of the chain of 13 hospitals across india in our report we saw that doctors are scrambling for the basic necessities to care for their patients what can you tell us about the situation in your hospitals. well it's quite if you can see that it's not just. the tsunami that. desperately short of oxygen essential medicines we're turning of in patients.
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it's breaking our hearts would be gone i mean there are so many patients on the road. together they cannot find great anywhere. and we have no choice because oxygen is in such a short supply and the ways of. getting mohsen of patients really. were diverse. but in those cases usually it's not that you know you need or there's an oxygen order nice you we can treat them. but this is different because every patient is needing oxygen. i mean it's quite back. to you need you and other hospitals in similar circumstances right now what do you need and who can provide it.
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so 1st of all you need oxygen supplies a short options a place that in. getting to monitor oxygen is a premium many people are black marketing as well but it's in short supply oxygen cylinders and oxygen that it. medicines which are normally so many. we don't have any stocks. stocks but even simple a.b.c. . so the 1st thing that we are asking is. by machines and oxygen supplies if. it is possible. concentrate does even more dependable in the market at this moment are you actually asking for international help i mean i don't think i. was putting the house led by i think the government has to decide but i am sure the government is listening to us and if we can get the short supplies of walks in.
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life support machines that make this and many more patients then treating right now many of the patients. the hospitals they're not even to get it because of the shortage of these critical docs and supplies so what you're saying the oxygen supply is that in the country just not getting it is that correct. yeah there are still issues there is lenders are short. some states have more options of life and some are very short so. the. shortage of oxygen supply is but other parts of the country in some places well i think these are supplied engines because the demand has shored up unexpectedly at almost any dynes the normal. i hope they're sort of these issues are in the next couple of it right now it's a difficult position to be in. dr seuss' of the charge entirely thank you very much
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for your time thank you and the u.s. president joe biden has pledged to cut u.s. carbon emissions inhofe by 2030 it's the most ambitious plan to target ever set in u.s. history some 40 countries are taking part of the 2 day virtual climate summit that biden is hosting from the white house analysts said biden special put pressure on other countries to follow suit china and russia put aside their disputes with the u.s. and also pledged to cooperate in fighting climate change but they have yet to announce specific emissions targets. but for more on this i'm not joined by she's the head of the macarthur research institute on global commons on climate change i think that here in berlin we'll get to how much of a game changer is biden's pledge. i would say it really is
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a game changer and yesterday though the whole day was a game changer for pa climate i would say because it's not only the case that joe biden the u.s. puts on the table a new target for 2030 but they also manage that other countries join them and putting more in their 1st target on the table i think u.k. the e.u. also canada and this will and fold some dynamics so it's really a diplomatic success off the u.s. or is that it will in the end so as the climate says. it looks even china and russia are looking towards climate corp right now how do you think by biden we got them on board. these are 2 very distinct different tracks i would say with china i mean the u.s. started already before the paris agreement and 2015 to cooperate with them on the climate issue and i think john kerry saw the former foreign minister and now the
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climate envoy she went to china 2 weeks before as of 2 weeks ago and what what he managed is the u.s. and china out who have very difficult diplomatic issues on the geo political sphere they managed to cooperate on the climate issue so this is a joint goal in the sands they they also want to cooperate somehow and of technologies and so on and this is already a success that china as. the president joined this summit this was not a clear from the beginning on what however if you look at the targets we're trying our i mean they they already pledged last september to become c.e.o. to neutral at 2060 and they didn't increase that target so it's still the question whether china can become more of vicious because what we see in china is still
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growing coal and this is what also turns president mentioned yesterday perhaps to start to replace our coal but 2026 but let's see how outline a really develops of the kinetic sphere this was of course as success to cooperate on climate so we have these pledges now and that will for example but china that that you mentioned is rapidly building hundreds of new coal fired power stations so example what needs to happen next what what the real act what kind of reaction do you think we will see. exactly so this is really the fear that this is often seen with these summits that a lot of pleasures of being done but in the end a target without policy measures is a toothless toothless tiger right so therefore we carefully have to watch how this will continue. whether these targets are underpinned by policy measures and one
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very powerful measure is in pricing sort of put a price on carbon to limit emissions and there was a quite promising to see yesterday that a lot of the state leaders mentioned compromising as an instrument also the i.m.f. and so let's see how this develops to to to put a price on carbon that the international level. there are about policy measures and i think one litmus test you could say are and to watch how the corona recovery packages will be developed whether they will increase emissions again or whether they will be aligned with these climate targets that will be a very important and test because it's not part of the market or research institute on climate change thank you very much for the time ok thank you hundreds of mourners have joined the funeral of dante right the 20 year old black
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man who was shot dead by police during a traffic stop earlier this month near minneapolis his funeral comes 2 days after former police officer there were children was convicted of murdering george floyd in the same city the officer who fatally shot wright has been charged with manslaughter she says she accidentally confused her gun with a taser. right right matt. grief was paired with defiance as mourners gathered to pay their respects to dante right. rights family was joined by the families of george floyd and other black victims who lost their lights at the hands of police. video the emotional words of wright's mother that would rang through the room you may want to believe you will be. the.
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extent. that we. want you to grow even look. forward. to. playing the. role also in attendance where civil rights activists jesse jackson and the reverend al sharpton. shopped in the eulogy decried police brutality in a reference to the air freshener that wright's mother said he was pulled over for having on his free if. we're trying to get the stench of least brutality out of the atmosphere which trying to get the stench of racism added to atmosphere which trying to get the stench of racial profiling out of the atmosphere we come memento sewed up as air fresheners cause ya
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it's too old or is for us to breathe we kate breathe in your stink in a man no more. that's it from me and the news same up next is business with steve in the. background on a website called. in from the other. news . smoking is healthy pesticides are good for the b.b.c. . doesn't exist.


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