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which is a patient prize for her crowd pleasing sprint it's amazing what you can do with 4 legs. you're watching e.w. news live from berlin up next g.w. business news with my colleague rob wants to ground he will be right back. happiness is for everyone schumann penises are very different from primates we have a totally ridiculous sized view of nature david and this is climate change regular sex how in books you get smarter for free get over your books.
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do you feel worried about the planet. he chewed. a meal postal keep on the green. and to me it's clear remains true. the solutions are out there. join me for deep into the green transformation for me to pull them out. joe biden tells the world's largest economies to step up that's a virtual climate summit the u.s. president promises a major upgrade to america's emissions goals and others to follow the role businesses play. and germany's finance minister tells a parliamentary inquiry. the blame for the wild card scandal does not lie with the
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government we'll examine that claim. business on in berlin welcome to the program the u.s. the host of other countries have committed to tightening their targets for tackling climate change at a virtual summit hosted by joe biden president of the united states said he would aim to harm the country to have its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 the pledge was welcomed by other world leaders u.k. prime minister boris johnson calling it a game changer. and canada also boost their climate goals no new targets for the world's biggest emitter though china the white house is however yet to give an industry breakdown platens. discuss this further with our financial correspondent in new york. that's also a sustainability push by major corporations in the united states why what's the business case. yeah big business is definitely also pushing
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for those some emission goals there was an open letter by 400 off the biggest u.s. corporations basically also agreeing on biden's plan there was also a recent study from bank of america that 90 percent of the culpeper asians in the s. and p. 500 index actually publish on a frequent basis sustainability reports 10 years ago that was only about 20 percent while there was a lot of pressure on those so-called peroration from within and also from outside it you have more and more customers especially younger people for whom it's very important that those so companies are as sustainable as possible but also employees pushing their employers to be more open to environmentalists social issues. another possible policy from president biden.
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tell us how the capital gains tax. yeah i mean what we do know is that the president joe biden is pushing hard for his so roughly 2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan and to finance that he wants to increase the texas on the wealthy bloomberg reported that probably next week at the state of the union president joe biden give us more details but what bloomberg reported here on thursday is that the capital gains tax for american taxpayers who earn more than 1000000 dollars that there the capital gains tax should be increased from 20 percent on the moment to almost i'm 40 percent and that clearly spooked investors and put a little bit of pressure on stock prices overall here in the thursday session. today. identities finance minister says the country's government
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is not to blame so why codd scandal shots has been appearing before a parliamentary inquiry into the demise of the film a darling of the dax why god collapse last year after admitting to a 1900000000 euros hole in its balance sheet. the german finance minister and vice chancellor all nuptial it says he's innocent he denies all of the investigative committees allegations of responsibility for the former dax company's accounting scandal. the federal government isn't responsible for this large scale fraud obviously that happened with high criminal energy in the company. however the c.d.u. c.s.u. parliamentary party chairman says that is finance minister should have known it must be if you a german finance minister bears the decisive political responsibility for this why are current scandal all issues converge at the federal finance ministry balance
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sheet monitoring money laundering supervision finance supervision employee transactions and short selling ban. why a card processed online payments moving a lot of money back and forth across many borders made it hard to monitor what looked like a successful dacs company was really a criminal world of deceit accounting fraud and money laundering. ex c.e.o. mark reuss bone is now in custody. its former chief operating officer yan marshall mcluhan 10 months ago. my records auditor's the why and germany's financial regulator buffy and say they did not detect any irregularities. that said sean's admits that the state supervisory and inspection authorities were not well enough equipped for a case like this. the sense of what's important now is to regain the lost trust in germany as
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a financial center. so we can now welcome onto the program fahmi kiddish she is a hedge fund manager and short seller who appeared before the pundits dogs why caught investigation committee herself thank you very much for joining us on day w. business you had your suspicions about why a card long before the scandal broke why well we began researching why are card back in 2017 ahead of the launch of my fine sack of capital and the issue with wire cart is that over the entirety of its existence it's faced very credible allegations from a variety of stakeholders beginning with its own shareholders various news outlets whether in germany's or domestic media but also foreign media and then we also have various short selling reports so there was a consistency to these allegations there was history there and most times when this happens it's not as though these allegations are being made for fun that there's
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genuinely some reason that that's driving these sorts of suspicions so very early on anyone could put those pieces together and use that as a reason to investigate further from what you're saying it sounds like everyone was aware that there was something wrong why a card except for buffy and the regulator. well there has to be a will to investigate so i think what we're learning over the course of the really brilliant parliamentary inquiry here is that there was complicity at multiple levels so you have the auditor is that we're likely complicit you have those within the german establishment within the regulators so even if we have the appropriate regulations and the laws if there is no willingness to enforce those laws diligently then of course these these criminal activities can continue and part of the problem with wire card and why. this criminality persisted for as long as it
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did and got as expansive as it did was because they had the confidence of the support of the german government the support of the german government by what you mean by that well it if you will read about some of what wire card executives felt or how they operated or if anyone did some research they really felt that they could get away with everything because every time something new came out it's almost as though it didn't happen it was simply forgotten these various allegations were never really properly investigated by the securities regulator or by the by the bavarian prosecutor while on the other side of things those who were raising those allegations were the ones who were the subject of criminal inquiries. probably coderre from stuff gets capital now for a look at some of the other business stories making the news this week regulator
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has opened a new investigation into credit suisse following the banks heavy losses linked to a u.s. based hedge fund boss the regulator says he could order changes to the lenders risk management practices it's the latest in a string of scandals including covert spying spying to hit credit suisse southwest airlines has become the 1st major u.s. airline to report a profit since the pandemic started federal aid boosted company revenues in the 1st quarter meanwhile american airlines reported a smaller than expected quarterly loss both airlines issued positive summer forecasts it's not going great for all airlines there cathay pacific says it's closing it pilot bases in canada australia and new zealand hong kong airline is entirely dependent on international travel and as a result of the pandemic as reported a record annual loss of $2800000000.00 it's also cut almost $6000.00 jobs. now purchases have let so over the past year is people seek
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a little extra companionship during lockdowns keeping those animals fed and groomed has also become a more lucrative business. it's a birthday tradition blowing balloons but these are for dogs birthday. as is this bowl shaped cake people will do just about anything for their pets on the oak was a lazy maybe i mean young fellow anything but if you ask me and my dog is my best friend he would take care of her as if she were my daughter. but i have friends who adopted a dog during the putting to make because they were alone and then it became the best friend that we don't know so it's a market that is really growing we must think the mood of the. dogs were much sought after last year in brazil some unemotional truth couldn't keep up with the. amount to adopt the animals to spite the country's large canine population of more than 50000000. people who used to pay for grooming every couple of weeks
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no people need each week because they don't want to dirty dog in the house just don't cut me off with people working from home we amount of grooming increased a lot but it is a. way to our revenue has doubled. as well as grooming sells a pet food and accessories jumped by 13.5 percent in 2020 the pet market in brazil has seen an unexpected boost because of the pandemic those in the industry will be hoping it's more than just a stay at home trend. and finally the owners of the ever given facing billions of compensation payouts may be wishing they'd sent their crew to eastern friends voyage on the training lakes and rivers all poll of sailors learn to navigate scaled down versions of tricky waterways like the suez canal levee ever
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given was stuck last month aboard miniature boats with miniature containers they simulates sticky situations such as engine failures and steering problems it's apparently excellent practice for the real thing was also for me and the business team hair in berlin for more do check out our website data we dot com slash business we're also on facebook and twitter asked you to be a business thanks for watching until next time to catch. and on demand. language courses. video and or you. anytime anywhere. w. media center. in the art of climate change.
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christmas is just. much too soon people. want to do years do they have a father future. d.w. dot com african megacity the multimedia. catcher. of the morning. i cannot sleep because you know war isn't love. in those smaller smaller. movies most goods will say.
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there's nobody who's known lola for a book which. goes under your workers her. parents knew. her couldn't sleep. are currents. welcome to arts and culture on this earth day 2021 which is the backdrop for a virtual global climate summit and as the world focuses on the necessity of climate action we explore how the issue is not infesting in popular culture also coming up. to add a bit of punch and power to the program we'll meet
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a dutch architecture firm that quite literally takes words at face value. climate change is arguably the most urgent and polarizing issue of our times and it's also one that many people find just too vast and frightening to contemplate in any depth which is perhaps why johnny off his novel whether published last year struck such a cord how connected can we feel to this supposedly imminent crisis when we're dealing with the foibles and crises of daily life and how can we asked the questions a growing body of climate fiction tries to answer. melting ice packs using flights thousands of kilometers away. wildfires because of trapped. weather is about life in the present complex. task to people. in
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2020 and in recent months as he tells of many countries 2 where the fun and the university librarian he lives in new york with a hospital son. she reads text books on climate change obsessive plane land also some comfort with. busy also nuisance to those she needs people concerned about the future looking for alternatives there on board facts in the times of print the wisdom is both tragic and fairly funny in the beginning i think she's in that situation that many of us are where we have course no this is happening we look at it out of the corner i but we don't look at it too directly because we have so many other things that we're taking care of in our present life i also was trying to see if there was a way to make it funny because you know so much of the world of trapping and imagining disaster is actually sort of strangely funny. through writing with
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an 6 awful herself has become optimist. but she's involved in the environmental extinction rebellion and has started a blog called literally not of hard. places and in young people they're the ones fighting for change in organizations like friday sushi check. into moost news. one of the reasons i think years ago i started to think about writing weather was that i noticed that my students. out. so luke. felt this in a visceral way the ruin of the world the sense that the world that was being handed to them was. was going to be terrifying with a isn't cool which is funny about a deadly serious subject it's assumed you can put the end of the novel experience by both writing it and its regions it was important to ginny off from the one to
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maintain a sense of so that those reading can still find the change. i think that writers are i don't think we're meant to morally instruct people but i think we are meant to. perhaps create a space for more empathy. because i think that that's one of the great things about about reading a book is that you get to enter into another world and explore it in a way that is. sort of secret and interesting and you get to wander around. and scott rocks for joins me on the line now from our studios in bonn good to see you scott so we're going to talk a little bit more about this phenomenon that is climate fiction it's as john wrote that's really been gathering speed for some time now so how would you say
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classified differs from the traditional dystopian fiction that that's really been around for many decades. yeah i think the big difference is i mean with traditional dystopian science fiction i mean you know in 1904 brave new world the worst possible future that's imagined is a peek a future of sort of political dictatorship of with the rise of the climate catastrophe as a sort of the greatest fear of mankind you've seen writers respond to that end and start to imagine what this fear could look like if you realize so so books about the climate catastrophe are imagining a future in a climate catastrophe become real bestsellers like like maya lin does the history of b.s. war or a giant cooks of the new wilderness which was just nominated for the book was interesting because it seems to me that the tone of some of these novels has has changed if you will what's your sense are they more or are they less pessimistic. yeah i don't i think there are there are more fatalistic really i think
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a lot of the client climate fiction writers now are going from the starting point that climate change even climate catastrophe is inevitable and so instead of giving us horror stories to scare us they're more imagining what this future this climate change future will look like and that means there's more humor bit more irony in a lot of these books now and also a little bit of hope so their magic maybe the world that we know it is goal is gone or is going but what could a future for humanity look like so perhaps i'm implying that we're that we're a bit more that we are adaptable of course i'm wondering have climate fiction stories. changed to keep up with the changing science of course that we're seeing. yeah definitely literature of course they they always try to be on the cutting edge but i think even see it in climate fiction in the movies i mean way back when nuclear war was considered the worst climate disaster we had all those movies about nuclear bombs creating monsters you know godzilla movies but as climate change
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start to come into the public consciousness you had you know environmental disaster movies movies like the day after to morrow you know which imagines rising sea levels flooding new york and the gulf stream reversing causing a new ice age of very over the top stuff but a lot of it based on real climate science and those have environmental disaster movies also films like snowpiercer or mad max fury road in some ways they're meant as warnings of the worst possible scenario of what could happen if we don't change course so scott what do you think can can these kinds of books and films actually help people to understand the problem of climate change and perhaps even motivate them to take action. you know i think motivating to take action is a big big ask for any form of fiction book war or film but what i think a lot of these works of fiction can do is maybe change the way we think about climate change the way we relate to nature and there's a really interesting book fun jeff funded me or called annihilation which was also made into a movie i'm and it imagines nature becoming conscious and plants and animals
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starting to mutate in new ways and it provides us this book and this work provides us with a new metaphor for nature so nature not as an enemy and not as something we can fight but something that's beautiful and mysterious and strange and something that we we just don't really understand yet and i think it's really kind of a message that really resonates particularly today on on earth day thank you very much scott so certainly a lot of good reads there 1st on climate action inspiration and thanks for those insights scott roxboro in boston. and in other culture news from the german capital after accusations of discrimination berlin state ballet has reached an agreement with french ballerina chloe lopez gomez the company's 1st black dancer took legal action last fall after learning her contract would not be renewed after she reported experiencing racial slurs and discrimination in court has awarded her a contract extension of one year and $16000.00 euros in damages.
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and british fashion brands burberry lifestream to show of its upcoming winter collection from london on wednesday capes helmet like hats and full furred dominated the collection that paid tribute to the indomitable force of mother nature on topic and to the tradition of britain's early 20th century. designer ricardo t. she described it as a modern armor that celebrates the incomparable strength of women. well this next report will appeal to word gates like myself and founds of what we call on a mass of piano or words that imitate the very sound that they're describing they're typically used in comic books words like bam how and one rotterdam based architecture firm has built them into a prize winning design that's causing quite a stir in munich. over. the next film simulated expresses its flimsy doesn't for sale in secretion of the
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renowned dutch architecture firm and the r.g.b. and recently won the most prestigious architecture award in german the written word assumes a somewhat different function to speak. matter of our ability is used by various companies and institutions often they display their little who's in big letters on facades and the proof that we didn't want that image of a heart that would push the building itself too far into the background the way it is not i. can only play a very minor part of it on a platter. the former factory site has been a scene for creativity for years now. the architecture firm called upon local artists to think of works that would look insane original on the building. together with your coworkers christian engelman and his colleague came up with a couple of snappy ideas.
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they wanted to approach it with the sort of coding for example and so less time short time a quick 3 times long past 8 i'm sure to realize it didn't work it was 3 times the length of the original one in fact most coding is right in the. law. but we finally arrived at the language of comics that was a long process and we quickly realized that was what we liked best was not only does it. something that expresses a feeling and that was important to us and the. letters are seen on other sides as well on this gas receiving station in another when they represent a chemical element on this library in eastern germany the letters overlap on and. on this former chapel in the portuguese catalyst been the lettering expresses blessing. and this design center. invites
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visitors to dine and read and dream. comes with a letter architecture can take on another meaning and normally the only words in the building are advertising she's not have shines the architecture. we should approach it differently and integrate it better the here and here. in person he's an unforgettable impression of. the words from comic culture are as intended unique attention grabbers. and finally the iconic rolling stones album sticky fingers turns 50 this week a original cover artwork was conceived by none other than andy warhol who incorporated a real working zipper that opened to reveal a pair of white underwear got a cool idea but it of course damaged the vinyl record so it was discontinued but it's considered to be one of their best and so will leave you with one of its hits
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and hope to see you again next time until the end. i. i i. told the. people i have to say matters to us. that's why i listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d
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w. in mexico many push home bloods are thrown out in the world climate change a very complex story this is my plan for when photos one. can really get. we still have time to act i'm going. like this. he becomes a was one of the best judoka in germany but not quite good enough to make the national squad so she changed teams application for citizenship of
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a foreign country. it was fast tracked it isn't a war or my became congolese to realize my dream of making the olympics and fighting for a medal in tokyo in 2021. shamsi are now also changed her religion says born and raised in china it took years until she was able to become a german. proved to be a decisive reinforcement for germany's olympic table tennis team which with her in its ranks celebrated and unprecedented success. was a silver at the rio olympics which came as a surprise. that i'm so happy. it's not unusual for people to change nationality but in the world of sports it's become common practice i've also a big business so who profits who are the winners the losers.
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with 2 very different nation changing stories. is an expert in this field to decide for sports science degree was about athletes who don't live in new national jersey although the international judo association is a supporter of rapid naturalisation wherever they hail from judoka see themselves as a global family where everyone helps each other so much better. i applied to the cap verde islands and morocco to all i also had an offer from the rishis they all welcomed my application she ended up choosing the democratic republic of congo. and rule. if you google democratic republic of congo and go to news 90 percent of the stories are really negative and as i otherwise had no idea about the country that was an additional factors that have me worried. all you read about is the
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corruption all the mass graves being. we discovered and child labor. has huge deposits of rare minerals that make their way into the smartphones we use every day it has also been coerced by never ending conflict and civil war despite the introduction of un peacekeepers claimed going to college just denis mukwege summed up the situation when accepting the 2018 nobel peace prize. it. managed to. do pretty good this is. very. intimate. that haunting history did not put off my best self made the trip to what remains one of the poorest and most violent places in the world. sure i was scared i was going to a far away country where people live in completely different conditions
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a country i knew nothing about switching nationality is quite prevalent in sports especially in table tennis shown show not spent 2 years on china's national team before being dropped like other chinese players show now received lucrative offers from abroad she moved to a german club which encouraged her to also take up citizenship. in many. a manager wanted to apply on my behalf but i said no i wanted to retain my chinese passport but i gave it a lot of thought the manager said that if i had a german possible so i could play another 10 years for the club and that's obviously an incentive for shaan shown i have by this point already been living in europe for 7 years winning the champions league and 2 german singles titles she also became friends with christine long and the multiple german and european champion was eager to help her budding and maid of honor i'm going to i'm scared of
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what if i was asked a few times by senior officials what i'm. made of shallowness a player. i said that she could be a big asset for the german team and that i would definitely welcome such a move in for the course and other players nationality is subject to a confusing array of regulations for world championships some show now wouldn't be eligible to compete for another 9 years but the olympics were open to her immediately then. the manager are sorry if i fancied playing for germany and that. i never thought i'd get that kind of chance. i said ok let's try it and i really did make it. amazing. i'm so happy. that. shine show now became german in 20124 years later the rio olympics the german team with her in it's made it to the final with a sensationally claimed silver. without the most because i'm so grateful to germany
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i would otherwise never have been able to compete at the end impacts it was making the switch from china to germany that gave me the chance germany expressed its gratitude to show now with the country's highest sporting distinction the silver laurel leaf and german table tennis also one of course that's why i'm not with 2 other i know naturalized germans and a to society we honestly would not have won a medal in rio and of course this means funding for the judo association and grounds being youth programs. for a lot of countries sports authority is changing nationality is evidently an investment in the future. there are always 2 sides sure i have the option of living my dream and going to the olympics but there's no country in the world that would go to the trouble of issuing a passport in this case for a german if it did not stand to gain. from poppy the bronze i got her new
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passport. after just a few months it was handed over to. government officials but the president of the congolese association since then she's been competing for the scene. i was touched because everyone was saying it's impossible she's white neither of her parents are from congo so i didn't know how i was supposed to make her congolese what i said was it's a sports nationality which no one understood when it was done i felt very emotional . she. has since gone on to win 2 world cup of gold at the african championships for her new country to association fast tracking her citizenship application turned out to be very profitable. never been a gold medal for congo before and it was marine who gave it to us. that gold
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medal also meant money for the association is there any benefit from locally born. in fact the team for the tokyo comprised soley of athletes who. live abroad. and in german table tennis the practice of recruiting chinese players goes back decades. succumbing wasn't even mine generations we had 3 women in the national team just arrived in germany. where they were competing for places in the european and world championship squads which wasn't good news for everyone and that is the i of course it impedes our own news programs why should i bother to develop 10 equally good players virus government training program only to see those places taken by others that's of. germany is not the only country naturalizing table tennis players from china it's
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a global phenomenon and. table tennis at the olympics could arguably be called a chinese championship a quarter of male and female players at the rio games were born in china. they competed for over a 3rd of all nations represented including the u.s. turkey canada qatar brazil and china itself of course. as the number one sport table tennis enjoys world class backing in china. look at the chinese women's team 40 players in total but only 5 of them will go to the major tournament the other $35.00 players are just kind of training partners. and a fair number of them will switch to another country as a result table tennis is the world's leading sport when it comes to naturalized players in rio they comprise 31 percent of entrants while the figure for judo was
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11 percent. is one of the various countries using financial incentives to attract new recruits the success of foreign born athletes suddenly representing turkey has also been controversial. the african athlete exceeds responded the present situation is wrong what we have is a wholesale market for african talent open to the highest bidder the world governing body has now amended the rules to prevent athletes switching. legion's overnight. is an olympic winning javelin thrower and an official athlete representative. world athletics the old i really tighten things up creating new stipulations for both athletes and associations what i know as an athlete representative is that switching your country or your jersey is not always the same we have refugee stories where young athletes have arrived in a new country due to their personal plight. and once they're of course they can't
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wait to take their passion even up to the international level. and that's completely understandable. fled ethiopia in 20136 years later she became german and is now considered a major medal contender. also left ethiopia as a refugee becoming a dutch citizen and a world beating the middle and long distance runner but some athletes and stateless judoka. had to leave the war torn democratic republic of congo as a young orphan but later competed at the rio olympics in the refugee team. at the tokyo games. to represent the same country that other top judoka have been forced to flee from on the other hand the d.l.c. team has won some new fans. i'm afraid. that in all be cheering on
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congo in the olympics. as so often sports is not a level playing field. in no time while this one had to wait overcome a series of hurdles. although it's not felt i could have competed for longer if i had a german possible telly. but i had to wait 8 years to get it. and by then i've gotten older. and in turn again it takes you just one or 2 years to get the passports in my opinion the rules around family. the national olympic committee could even things up but the world's biggest sports organization has refused to putting the ball in the court of the national association which ng nationalities in the sports world is a bit like table tennis the seemingly endless back and forth and for the time being
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each country plays by the rules which it sets itself.
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into the conflict zone to sebastien. libya has a new government of national unity which promises free elections by the end of this year from the roadblocks it faces are intent on the militia groups to hold tolerance throughout the country my guest this week is tommy invited libya's ambassador to the new engine but how hoover's new government succeed. conflicts so for. 90 minutes double. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what
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does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus update the code of special monday to friday on d w. are you ready for some great news i'm christine wonderland i am eddie my country with a brand new d.w. news africa this show that tackles the issues shaping the hudson now with more time to off on an in-depth look at all of the trends up to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you an in-depth reports on the inside. w. news africa every friday on g.w. . devastated talos a soft target in wood monsoons cars carrying the effects of climate change i mean folk aren't. a station in the rain forest commenting on mission reasoning.
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people in the world are committed to climate protection. more willing. to change doesn't happen on its own. make up your. own minds. this is g.w. news and these are our top stories u.s. president joe biden has pledged to cut u.s. carbon emissions by hauff by 20 it's the most ambitious climates protection targets ever set in u.s. history around 40 countries are taking part in the 2 day virtual climate summit.
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hundreds of mourners have been remembering dante right the young black man shot and killed by police at the small and right was killed during a topic.


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