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oh there actually are david hurley immunity the. relatives of the dead are lining up to cremate their loved ones as india's health services crumble before people's eyes. to be correspondents in them such as well joins us now from delhi heartbreaking scenes that it's evening that their government has come out that it is just 6 private hospitals that have gone out what's it now cost courts haven't of been the point of this and national and wasn't he there step that there should be a few supply of oxygen that the government must write a plan that we also have each state track to protect its own resources even though the government discouraged it for example day leaders up to even sits on oxygen it has to get in across state borders and out of all these oxygen tank was being blocked at the borders so the situation was definitely desperate out of what it was a ghost it was knocked out to try got didn't but the number is going to do to be high and vision's going to new order and how are authorities trying to combat this
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as well fatal explosion of cova cases in india. maybe you won't see a national policy so far and i know the prime minister has come out to be used to the nation to follow what it will change behavior do you want to join each other or do you ensure that not that i'm not the national law and it was they detrimental to the people and the economy is not it will do once again however the government is josh any criticism but went ahead but it is not easy even today there are political that is held by the national park you to argue that arkie to moral status by the prime minister have been quelled all because of the will that situation steve will in their one measure to fight this out the search gives does seem so much rushed and one example of how it was different versions of don't don't get it was 2 states in the country but once again you might not look at the next few days if the measures that it is looking. but good to be on the right does every correspondent
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and in charge us wall of reporting from delhi thank you very much. i want to find out about some of the other developments in the pandemic syria has received its 1st shipments of astra zeneca vaccine through the kovacs program more than 200000 doses have arrived in the country meanwhile germany has approved legislation allowing it to impose nationwide lockdown measures when infection rates rise above 100 per 100000 people in 87 day period while up to now measures have been applied regionally in a piecemeal fashion and drug maker pfizer has confirmed fake doses of its corona virus vaccine were seized in mexico and poland the fakes were selling for as much as 2000 euros a shot for. want to turn attention now to ukraine and russia because moscow has reportedly ordered its troops massing on the ukrainian border to return to
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their bracks well the news the r i a news agency said that russia's defense minister ordered the move after a snap inspection of drills in crimea he said that these soldiers have proved they were capable of defending the border ukraine and the west have recently raised the alarm over a russian military buildup near russia's border with ukraine kiev says it is monitoring the situation in its eastern regions. our our moscow correspondent rather emily sherman is covering this developing story for us emily what's behind this withdrawal well from the russian perspective at least when it comes to the rhetoric that we've been hearing from the russian side this all kind of makes sense for the last few weeks we've been hearing from russian authorities including from the russian defense minister
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that the troop build up on the ukrainian border is just part of a routine drill and they've been denying that it has anything to do with escalating tensions between russia and the west and of course between russia and ukraine as well and what we hear today from the russian defense minister fits into that you know he said russia has proved that it's capable of defending itself and that's why we're withdrawing our troops so a sense of objective a chief there if i understand you correctly so this sign of is this a sign of deescalation now. yeah i think it is and i think of course what we're hearing from the russian side when it comes to that rhetoric that i was just talking about of course these troops on the border that was a political signal that was i think saber rattling and yesterday of course we had
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flooding near putin speaking to the nation and talking about the fact that the west has to recognize russia's red lines and that they shouldn't cross russia otherwise they will regret it also kind of fits in with that saber rattling that we've been seeing on the ukrainian border there but it seems that the president decided that russia has achieved its objective and showed the west showed ukraine that they shouldn't mess with it and i think this is clearly also a signal to the new u.s. administration they really want to show the u.s. and the west in general that they see ukraine still as part of their sphere of influence and that the u.s. should keep its hands off and not cross that red line and we sure when reporting from moscow thank you very much. meanwhile rights groups say police have detained more than 1400 protesters in dozens of cities across russia demonstrators march for the release. critic alexina volley.
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to be deteriorating the protests were held on the same day as president vladimir putin's annual state of the nation address in it he warned foreign powers against what he called provoking russia the e.u. and the u.s. have told moscow it will face consequences if the volley in prison. all right some going to see the football now for you i don't care if their champions league hopes alive after a 21 win at home to win you in berlin while the victory sees them cut the gap to the elite competition sites to 4 points with 4 games of the season remaining. dortmund as usual turned to the youngsters with their champions league qualification hopes hanging by a thread their opponents can yawn what also chasing a european spot and it was they almost got off to a flying start with just 13 seconds on the clock marcus inverts and cold
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a shot against the crossbar an early let off for dortmund. but the hosts grew into the game talking azar fed marco royce and the captain should have put dormant ahead but his short role thomas lee white. royce made amends though in the 25th minute when he won a penalty this seemed to be little contact from on young keeper transmitter and although he saved holland's book kick royce followed up and bundled the polish of it's a pill to swallow for the visitors who felt the penalty was harsh and almost managed to clear their lines. in the 2nd half they went agonizingly close to equalising when max cruisers free kick can and off the post replace showed dortmund keeper marvin hits got a feather light touch on the ball to turn it on to the post and keep his side paid . with time ticking away dortmund made the win safe within the rampage
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counter-attack rafael guerrero doubled his side's lead with a smart finish pass the stubborn loser. dortmund's more experienced stars delivered a 2 nil win that gives them a fighting chance of making the top 4. and wolves were in 3rd place needed to win to stay ahead of frankfurt in the bundesliga standings and they got it at stuttgart wellsburg who is up a goal in the 29th a minutes when out of their course to took advantage of the century pass to manage his 20th goal of the season right between the go it was legs and that puts a coursed 4th in the league in scoring goals but went on to a 31 when. the spanish city of bilbao says us phone has dropped its as a host of june and july as european championship while the bow was supposed to be one of the 12 cities to stage matches for the tournament but authorities there refused to meet to a for
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a 2nd dish and their fans will be allowed inside the stadium to sweep the coronavirus and well here in germany munich has also had. of missing out for the very same reason as bilbao the wafer is expected to make a final decision to. some tennis now and often on the dow had to overcome a bad start on his way to reaching the last 16 of the barcelona open he eventually beat a qualifier from belarus in 3 sets it was an interesting day at that tournament with italy's fabio fognini disqualified for verbal abuse. playing a match in front of a home crowd on his favorite surface pretty straightforward for rafa nadal writes actually rome he was 2nd best in the 1st set against it. but even when he's on the ropes the doll is a stretch somehow managing to win this point from the back of the course.
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he eventually regained full control to go through in 3 sets still on track to win the boss or in a tie so for an incredible record stretching 12th time. in another match italian 5 year for meanies biggest battle was not with his opponent but a line judge the umpire clearly not impressed and funny was disqualified for verbal abuse. i was able to play to me so was it to fight the in the mission even if it was losing doesn't matter but will do the today to me was something that misbehavior. it's not the 1st time for ninnies been booted out of a tournament it's also happened to him at the u.s. open in 2017 after he and sophie defeat. you watching didn't really use that this is our top story this hour. u.s.
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president joe biden has pledged to cut u.s. greenhouse gas emissions inhouse like 2030 while president by may be ambitious pledge at the opening of a global 2 day summit on climate change that. the news continues right here on d.w.i. up next it said he didn't use asia for the rush rhetoric on little rock in front of the top of all of us here thank you very much for spending this part of your day with us are you going to the top of the hour. come up.
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finally learning to read 16. her entire life passes you may has invested everything into education for her 10 children. she herself is a little mix like a many older women in turkey but has let him play knows that learning always pays off. focus on there of. him 60 minutes on t.w. . every day counts for us and for our climate. bloodlines is on its way to bring you more conservation law how do we make sense remember how can we protect habitats what to do with all our waste. we can make
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a difference by choosing smaller solutions overstrained said in our own ways. the idea is to fundamental series a move 3000 hong. kong ma. in many countries education is still a privilege poverty is one of the main causes some young children working mine shafts instead of going to class induced can attend classes coming up to the finish looking. millions of children all over the world who can't go to school. we ask why. because education makes the world more just. make up your own mind. g.w. made for mines. cut.
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this it up. today fighting for. young people in the. campaigning to save us from destruction by the coal industry. activist experience of why it's a mistake to preach the economy. has . to nature. people. young people out right. forest. and getting a response. when.
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you could join us ambitious commitments to reduce carbon emissions are expected as u.s. president joe biden hosts. a climate summit today the aim to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees celsius to avoid catastrophic climate change the u.s. china and the e.u. are set to announce a significant reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 to make that happen india too has made pledges in the past but is campaigning for aid from nations to help build alternatives to coal plants india's. economy plays a large part in making it the was just a mr emitter of greenhouse gases after the u.s. and china and what government action is slow younger people in the country are already awake to the need for changes.
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made. looks like these young people are having fun. but they had to draw international attention to a problem they say is threatening their future and that of their home state of goa in india. their leader is activist pereira. how my spirit my home is going to be destroyed i just wanted to do something to build towards evening. prayer has been campaigning for months to prevent the government from going ahead with 3 infrastructure projects she says will devastate a protected forest in goa. local authorities have already begun clearing the muslim national park their aim is to expand the railway tracks build new power lines and widen a nearby highway in future as many as $60000.00 trees may have to be felt here. scientists say the damage the environment and the habitat of many wild animals will
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be immeasurable. we have a lot of. lot of unique species dwelling we'll. half of which are not even discovered has a now in such oh i'm in such a unique habitat and such a rich habitat you see is so much of encouragement why though. development authority but the government say the projects are vital for the development of the economy they needed to accelerate the transport of the thousands of tonnes of coal from australia indonesia and south africa that are unloaded every day it goes port and then taken through the national park to neighboring states for use in the steel industry the activists accuse the local right wing b j p government of caving into the interests of billionaire businessman and wanted to turn the site into a call home they deny such allegations we have 68 was of
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gold would forest. burn. because those goals and war really really have already done all breed of bring history and could bring glamour group. for now it comes to the standards of living and when resistant to the living why should we not be in part of it other people. but a parent and others say local people stand to gain little if the national park is destroyed and vowed to keep the fight as long as it takes for mortgage joined now by environmental activist the national rushes a scientist and author of many books about the damage humans are doing to the planet a measure of welcome now in the report the people there we see how economic interests are part of the game to environmental interests particularly when it comes to the use of course for example in india do you think it is possible for the 2 sides to work together for the future of our planet well in meeting on this
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day and the last year at least we should wake up to the fact that there are no good sacks there's only one side the i course that ecology. is the science of the oil cause economy is the organizing and management of course since deep years ago a movement began in my region where women came out to stop the logging and destruction of forests it was called the chip will help the people 50 years ago we knew when we cut the trees. but there is to build reliance the cold all it is just to extract and we are creating a recipe for floods droughts and poverty and every one of these precious has got everybody to even more because of climate change this is the agreement that has become so blind to nature's laws nature's limits and ordinary people are being the price and that's why the young people are
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rising and go up because the golden rain forest the saudis that forest projects you know these are all mountain ranges a breach of the sea you will have no tourism and go up in the forest go you will have absolutely no economy left my research of the 50 years it's shown that the real economy is protecting ecology we start lining in my valley do marry back come from because the supreme courts are steady and said leaving the line is still in the mountain is a bigger economy because the water creates many more livelihoods i think that's our decision dualism and clarity has to be all right to suspect him of a young people here mention them do you find that in india today when it comes to the climate movement younger people are generally more aware. well you know what i've done this work for t.t.'s we won many battles the cheerful
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we stopped the logging we got by safety and by the worst the law was in place we got in mine until after the place all of this meant that for 20 years an entire generation lived in the chill illogical security and as neo liberalism dismantled the in monitor protection laws and destruction isn't fast forward and generation today is living under the threat of ecological haven't they have agents like the dismantling of their mom and protection act and then monitor impact assessment they're having to fight to stop coal been given priority well of course and. not today on earth their president biden is holding a climate summit where some of the world's major carbon emitters when pledged drastic reduction to emissions by 2030 what are you expecting india will do.
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well the tragedy is that you know the climate treaty was signed in 9092. summit after summit has fallen by 2009 the goal in a good climate summit was destroyed you then got the barest treaty look at the commitments they made and paris they met nothing nothing everyone is emitted much more in the rich countries are cut our response of the 90 percent increased emissions sadly does you know we build a lot of double speak for nature half. half a meter which gives you light dead 0 rigs we will keep polluting we'll just lift you're not accounting tricks and control of fuel more trials and plan less and pretend that we have balanced out offsets you know fake science and take account accounting will not start this problem of climate change we need to return to the follow her laws obey her cycles and my books on our toes saw an auto shows that the
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solutions like in the us bias they lie in the saw and they cannot be assets the pollution continues and you just control society even more through lawsuits in those argument has been that crittur nations need to fund developing countries to change over from fossil fuel use for example and that sounds like a reasonable argument doesn't or. can i go back to 9092 where i minister at a speech in rio at the un summit say we are 90 percent renewable energy 10 percent is loss of hips then outsourcing took place through globalization all the pollution was sent to india and china. of course justice requires us that we have the means but most importantly i think the game levy played with the planet must stop we know all the laws of the other that to school
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college we know that the planets involved so everybody did it so that it was a license and species destruction that is the biggest smiley should i do all get it funny i conservativeness the i.c.c. this is way we must roll the solutions to climate change and stop the emissions we don't need net 0 we need 0 emissions on the water our present or continual thank you so much for that thank you robel plants it may sound like the stuff of science fiction but a group of researchers in singapore have already engineered venus flytrap plants too much with machines the resulting robel plants can be controlled by a mobile phone app and the scientists hope that one day of the technology can be used by farmers to monitor the health of their crops. at the touch of a button dizziness flytrap snap shot. scientists triggered their response using
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tiny and that traits attached to the leaf with a special gel they mimic the electric pulses plants emits naturally in response to stimuli so the scientists can talk to the plant. and with the help of a robotic arm they can even get the fly trap to pick up a thin piece of wire and to catch a falling object scientists believe the technology has the potential to create robots with a more delicate touch. because it won't stop nature. can be into this fiscal it's competition to get. them to discount hybris just believe one thing you discard just everybody should use it so so this also. and the plants can talk back to for now i will leave these scientists are listening that they hope one day far as might be able to use the technology and pick up
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distress signals these signals will reflect the health status of the house so we hope to study the relationship of these signals and they environmental stresses and hopefully these can instruct. i would practice conversing with crops could prove to be invaluable as plants face the challenges of a changing climate. but the technology still needs some work the scientists can for the time being only get the venus fly trap to close on come on and getting it to open again is proving a lot more difficult. the rise of the robo plant may still be some way off. that's a little there's of course many other stories on the phone for what's. back tomorrow at the same time and see that.
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the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the around a virus update. on t w. culture. hair. superman. superfood stylish. lifestyle you're a. $314000.00
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new infections in a single day it's the corona virus outbreak for any country in. india's hospitals are close to collapse they're running out of medication and. 2000 people. had come off relatively lightly during the pandemic the number of infections has rocketed in recent weeks. is the big question some doctors blame. others point to loose restrictions and people. after hearing about the vaccine or following family unscathed brush with the 1st wave we'll talk to an expert in delhi in a moment 1st this report. many in india thought they had got the better of the
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pandemic but now the country is being overwhelmed by a devastating new way. no city is as badly hit as delhi. as cases explode hospitals there are breaking point. some patients are forced to share a bed and there's an acute shortage of oxygen. this is chief minister says the system has reached its limits. the beds for covert 9000 patients offering up rapidly patients are being admitted to the hospitals very quickly intensive care beds are in short supply and less than 100 i.c.u. beds are available in delhi. authorities in delhi had already imposed a lockdown over the weekend ordering all but essential services to close local
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leaders hope the decision to step up the measures will help to mitigate the crisis some welcome the restrictions but others fear if they're not allowed to work the consequences could be drastic. it is essential that there's a lot down here because right now the virus is spreading a lot. the problem with a lot of town is a daily wage and as you get 100 to 300 rupees a day well we go how will we eat well we sleep is the government going to come and give us this daily wage. but now with one in 3 tests in delhi turning out positive the government say it must act to avert a greater disaster the fear is that the surge in cases is due to a new more infectious variant of the virus they're calling on people to be more disciplined about sticking to the rules. but critics are also asking why religious
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festivals and political rallies that's a fueling cases as participants return to cities like delhi are still being allowed to go ahead. for tens of thousands of families such questions come too late. and if current trends desist then many more will find themselves in the same tragic situation. reggie does is chair of the center of social medicine and community health a naval university just how tragic is the situation what have you been experiencing well in short the situation is extremely distressing but to go live for those who require bad or oxygen some order intensive care support. it is also very troubling given that the number of cases are continuing to rise and as the report just said that there's positivity rate is nearly 30 percent that that goes on to show that
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this trend is going to continue for some foreseeable weeks the numbers are absolutely awful let's just take a little look at them out of one and a half 1000000000 people have been of all 15000000 cases and more than 265000 infections a day what's your explanation. well the most common explanation is one of negligence or complacency but that's not the entire explanation because even in the 1st phase it's not that. the preventive behaviors of preventive practices are absolutely top order there won't as very limited behavioral surveys and the fact is that this sort of is where the mutant has shown what is important is that the cases began to arise with coinciding with the import of the u.k. strain 1st. identified in the last week of december which significantly
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led to rise in the northern indian state of punjab as red as i did for geisha of local homegrown variants the b 1617 as we now know rich rich later went on to become the double newton as its popularly known as the point is that these 2 have spread incredibly fast and have simply outstripped the end services what about some of these political rallies and festivals turning into so-called super spread around venice i mean what's to celebrate when so many people are dying now the fact that the disaster management act the national disaster management act remains in force in the country belies explanations why even some of this cave actually happening allowed by the admins and by the local administrations in fact several of the medical associations doctors bodies had written have already written to the election commission of india
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drawing attention to these rallies and it's only belatedly find me the election commission orders for down limiting it to 500 persons as i leave the park congregation so here's the link here is the government or the people the people who decide to go along to these rallies and events. well both certainly because the disaster management act is in force there's a very detailed standard operating procedure for various congregations whether you whether it's a reading that dates whether it's the cremation. how much how many seats for example can be occupied in a cinema on a many seats can be true that in a bus how many have to be empty in a coffee and so on and so forth so there is not done to of these details of these procedures much of what happened to lessons learned from the 1st wave and from so many other places that have had the 3rd or 4th waves this is only the 2nd wave and
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we're talking about the biggest rise in infections worldwide. in the experience both from this pandemic in other countries as well as other influenza pandemics is that the 2nd wave will most inevitably is very big and that's largely because young adults. get affected which is exactly the feature here. in the in the earlier phase in february in some of the districts of maharashtra the rest an indian state including the financial capital mumbai in some of these states that test positive the rate has been as high as 50 percent in fact 50 percent plus that goes on to show. that it is the variance spreading very fast and not though not necessarily the fate of the not necessarily more fit but because they're not transmissible led to a bust of cases which completely outstripped medical services and therefore leading to some excess mortality. just briefly and finally can you offer indians watching
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our show today some some sort of hold. the the state and the courts have often taken a contrarian position of life versus livelihoods. these supreme court today also took so much of cognizance of that. the government will consider it as a national emergency and we hope that these emergency measures would be predicted put in pretty fast state and central governments and local bodies back to the drawing boards but it could still take a couple of weeks perhaps to office some suck up. to school to thank you very much for being on the show today joining us from delhi there thank you. time to head you go over to our very own derek williams he's got a viewer question on you guessed it maxi.
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the 1st dose of a vaccine different from the 2nd one. for most all of the dozen or so vaccines now going into arms around the world are given in 2 doses with the recommended interval between the depending on the vaccine between 2 and 12 weeks the ways that different vaccines provoke an immune response very some are based on messenger r.n.a. that causes your cells to make this ours movie to spike protein others smoke all the same genetic information into the body panicked and harmless out no viruses that act like taxis into your cells while some of the chinese vaccines employ more traditional platform a full version of the corona virus that's been activated in the early all of the 2 dose vaccines the 2 shots administered are identical though there is an exception
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to that rule the doses of the russians but make the vaccine are made with 2 different ad no viruses that cause colds although both have been genetically engineered to carry the same sars coby to spike protein genes the vaccine was designed that way to ensure that the booster shot so the 2nd one would work even if recipients developed a strong immune response to the carrier virus in the 1st of those other trials based on the same principle which is called head or all i guess prime boost and there are also now going on with other vaccines some of those trials are combining different vaccines in different ways to see whether that might make the immune response to sars kovi to an even stronger or or more lasting.
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now here's something i would try to harm the french known for their protest culture and that hasn't stopped in the pandemic just take the longer a shops which have protested by sending the prime minister their panties in a t. independent under way of stores want their businesses classed as essential allowing them to stay open during lockdowns owners say is most of their business then 60 bad way well fitting products are essential for the likes of pregnant women for example they need a bit of extra support of course they hope an avalanche of protest panties will change the p.m.'s mind. thanks for watching stay safe and see you again said.
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finally learning to read 60. her entire life hasn't you may has invested everything into education for her 10 children. she herself is a little mix my 2 men only 2 women in turkey. has me in by now and so that learning always pays off. focus on europe. being 30 minutes on
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d w. can you hear me now years years we can hear you and how the last years german chancellor will bring you an angle that madoff as you've never heard her before surprised yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves them what all some people who followed her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles last that . people have to say 1st to us. that's why we listen to the stories reporter every weekend on d
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the knows. there's no there's no love. for a girl with. guns or only. a few months. to use. the but.
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this is it every news life form girl and setting the bar u.s. president by and pledges to cut us fossil fuel emissions in half by the end of the decade the hopes are high america's admissions goals at a global climate summit could push big polluters to change track template tech the planet also coming up covert at the center skyrocketing coronavirus infections in india the country says another global record for the most new covert cases hospitals overwhelmed.


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