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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is you know we news live from berlin green ambitions u.s. president biden pledges to cut us fossil fuel emissions in half by the end of the decade all the goal sets the bar for other nations a global climate summit hopes are high it could spur big polluters to change track and protect the planet also coming up covert at the center skyrocketing corona virus infections in india a country sense another global record for the most new covert cases ospital is
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overwhelmed patients dying waiting for lifesaving oxygen plus that russian retreats moscow borders its troops back home after massive drills at ukraine's border after the biggest military buildup in the region in years can the move to ease high tensions with the west and in the mid week want to think action dortmunder scored a big win against when you're in berlin to keep their season on life. on landmark thank you very much for your company everyone well on this earth day president joe biden has committed the united states to cutting its fossil fuel emissions in half by the end of the decade was the most ambitious climate protection target ever set in u.s. history president by and made that pledge at a climate summit he's hosting some 40 states are taking part in the 2 day virtual
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summit let's take a listen what he said just moments ago the united states sets out on the road to cut greenhouse gases in half and half by the end of this decade. that's where we're headed as a nation and that's all we can do if we take action to build an economy that's not only more prosperous but healthier fair and cleaner for the entire planet you know these steps will set america on a path of missions or kaname by no greater than 2050 but the truth is america represents less than 15 percent of the world's inventions no nation can solve this crisis on our own as i know you all fully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up and there was a president joe biden speaking earlier i'm now joined by some some comedy that we
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correspondents in washington and in washington d.c. good to see so we flesh this out for us if you will what is this big climate agenda that the president has unveiled well you mentioned the most important point we heard there from joe biden as well that the u.s. is committing here to cut carbon emissions by the end of this decade by at least 50 percent and that is essentially the u.s. doubling its previous commitment that was made under president obama and if you listen to climate analysts and energy analysts here they do say that this is a pretty ambitious agenda on veiled by the by the administration today heading into this 2 day a climate summit you know the key here is going to be to see how the president wants to implement this but what biden by the ministrations officials here have been saying is they want to send a message to the rest of the world that the u.s. is back in the driver's seat that it is able and willing to lead on this global climate change crisis and so this is about ministration kind of throwing down the gauntlet and what the key here is going to be less to see how other countries
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respond what commitments they make to this effort well indeed will he get support from the other countries because the u.s. has been notoriously absent these past couple of years. yeah it certainly has labor and we know that you know global trust in the u.s. as a leader on climate change certainly has been eroded over the last 5 years with president trump pulling the us out of the paris climate accord rolling back he environmental protections or president biden is trying to do is to again to show that the u.s. is back in here to stay and we don't see a broad consensus already from some of the u.s. as partners we saw german chancellor angela merkel showing her support for president biden and also japan coming into the summit saying they're going to cut missions by 46 percent by the end of the decade but the key here is really going to be what america's rivals commit to so china was invited to speak at the summit and president obama really is looking for
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a commitment from china from russian president vladimir putin and so that is going to be key to whether america is successful in this new phase of climate diplomacy what will it mean concretely for the u.s. though i mean will he be able to get the support that is needed to implement these plans. well that is going to be tricky so we know that republicans are already digging in their heels calling this a quote radical climate agenda and we know that the president the democrats don't have a large majority in congress of the morning at the moment brother so it's going to be difficult and we know the republicans are saying this is a plan an agenda an approach that's going to cripple the economy and kill jobs and be very bad for american businesses as well well president biden has assured that's not the case this is a plan that's going to create jobs and he's looking for broad support there which he does have for most democrats so really the key is here going to be how he managed just a couple this plan with creating jobs and convince people that this really is good
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for the country since the misconduct in washington d.c. thank you for your reporting. now germany is of course taking part in the summit as well and chancellor america welcomed president biden's pledge here's what she said . i'm delighted to see that the united states is back and back to work together with us in climate politics because that can be no doubts about the well needing contribution if we really want to fulfill ambitious goals and the national contribution of the united states for 2030 is a clear is standish illustration of your ambitions that is a very key and important message to the international community thank you but they said thank you organizing this summit this is a judean time because this is nothing short of a complete transformation complete change of the way we do business the way we work
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and the chance so there speaking just a little while ago let's get now the german perspective on the line climate and initiative and the for that like to welcome mr johan flush bar to he is a state secretary in the german federal environment ministry sir thank you so much for your time so what do you make of president biden's ambitious new climate pledge . you know 1st of all be absolutely happy that the u.s. is back as a chance also said in her speech i mean that was didn't stop to work on fighting climate change during the last 4 years we work together with canada china india but of course it is essential and important to have such a big economy such a big country back on board and of course we appreciate. you as are catching up with the new kaga just announced by the president they do so. cuttings
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emissions by 50 percent around a bit more until 2030 it's a major step compared to $9900.00 it's about 40 percent and europe is doing more we have going for 55 percent at least by 2030 but it's basically the same track towards climate neutrality until 2050 now is the chance or we just heard moments ago she welcomed the the biden agreeing bishan say you were yourself as well but what about germany i mean it is one of the world's major polluters i'm told almost 80 percent of germany's energy currently still comes from fossil fuels the consumption at least how can grow when the climate protection leader when you know it doesn't address that. what you are quoting is simply not true we are already around 50 percent renewable based electricity
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and all the grid we have a lot to phase out coal. find a date by 2038 but this is more or less virtual because in reality driven by as european trade emission trading system we expect that phase of kobe to be expected around 2030 so we feel quite on track and to be honest big advance compared to the us but now we have very happy to have the us back on board so that we have going along the way for climate neutrally 2 together now climate protection of course is about safeguarding the future of the planet the future of our young people and they are increasingly unhappy with the job that leaders are doing currently what do you say what do you want to tell those young activists in germany like friday for futures and extinction rebellion who are very angry about the
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establishment the failure to take stronger faster action to stop the global warming . well of course to be appreciated from the very beginning the pressure this young people are making and they're quite successful and some somebody i wish they could enjoy more the successes because it was not to expect a bill that the whole world is heading for climate neutrality already by 2050 us now the e.u. . and north korea have just announced to stop financing. facilities outside the country so many many important countries are on their way and we have done much more and this would not have been possible results of pressure from the streets it's a pressure from the young people to their success and sometimes i wish they could enjoy the bit right johana fast bar the state secretary at the german federal
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environment minister thank you sir for your time please acyclic now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the indonesian navy has launched a search operation for a missing submarine with 53 crewmembers on board contact was lost on wednesday as the sub was conducting a drill just off the island of bali australia and singapore have also deployed ships to support the search. the son of child's deceased presidents has addressed the nation after sume in power my must see that is there be said his military council would ensure democratic elections will be held in 18 months opposition parties are calling the military takeover a coup rebel groups warned they planned to march on the capital. spanish prime minister by their sanchez has pledged to give up to 10 percent of his
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country's coronavirus vaccines to latin america and caribbean countries this year spain has an ocular of half of its own population he was speaking at the i dare o. american summit where other leaders accused rich nations of hoarding vaccines. india next to is reeling from a wave of new covert 1000 affections engulfing the country like nowhere else in the world the world's 2nd most populous nation has recorded the world's highest ever daily tally nearly 350000 cases in the last 24 hours on this latest spike has overwhelmed the health care system and some hospitals in the capital delhi have already run out of the oxygen that is needed to keep people alive. families of the sick wait helplessly outside of the hospital. india is facing an acute oxygen shortage as covert 19 infections skyrocket. 22
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patients died at a hospital in maharashtra state after a leak cut off their oxygen supply. this woman's mother was one of them. was she had any other 5 days and had recovered there was no oxygen she died in agony she had trouble breathing she died everyone in the ward died but. hospitals in india are flooded some warned they will run out of oxygen within hours. there are a lot of my son is 32 and has the virus his oxygen level is running low these people at this hospital are refusing to admit him saying there's no oxygen and no bed they're asking us to leave and to take him somewhere else it's not right. abhi global date. oxygen supplies are being rushed across india after delhi's high court
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ordered tanks to be diverted from factories to hospitals. recently religious festivals and political rallies have been allowed to go ahead giving the virus free rein to rampage through the population. people love them to a sense of purpose and see because it really is measures of the pandemic whether it was the daily case company debt cults or even the best buy them to give rates all of them started explaining from october and by january you saw them plummet to really low levels and then there was the spilling crop again to be written by experts that we had actually updated fairly munity. relatives of the dead are lining up to cremate their loved ones as india's health services crumble
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before people's eyes. t.v. correspondents and them such as walter has us now from delhi heartbreaking scenes at the.


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