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tv   REV Spezial  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2021 3:03pm-3:31pm CEST

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all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up. analysis let's bring back in sydney some of the many correspondent in washington and. environment department simeonoff to joe biden spoke we heard from german chancellor angela merkel can you just give us a wrap up of her main message today. so the german chancellor was essentially saying thank you to the u.s. president for organizing this summit agreeing that she finds this to be important the platform to be able to speak about this incredibly important global issue and she called it a herculean task and she said it is going to be a complete change of the way that we do business she pointed out some of the ways that germany and europe have already committed to tackling the climate crisis she pointed out that germany has already reduced emissions by 40 percent compared to its 1900 levels and she pointed to
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a very clearly to the commitment that the european union has made to cut emissions by the end of this decade by 55 percent saying that it is clear with these measures that the european union and germany is very serious about working together with the rest of the world to tackle the climate crisis and she also as president biden pointed and looked ahead to that big climate conference on climate conference in scotland towards the end of the year saying this is really it's an opportunity to move things forward with with new energy now e.g. i'd like to turn to the words of u.n. general secretary. he's just spoken as well at the summit he said that the world is at the verge of the obese is there a sense with this some of the the biggest polluters are really taking this message seriously. in terms of the concrete actions of the cloud and i think it is fair to say that the level of commitment that there are moving it's not stepping up really to the promises that they themselves made at the paris
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agreement on climate change 5 years ago 6 figure of so every of analysis to take by that transforms to reduce c o 2 emissions by by 50 to 50 percent by the end of the decade 20050 that's a big step up in the competition and analysis by a climate action tracker an independent research organization just really started today even that full still slightly short of all being compatible with the kind of keeping warming twice in the hopper and celsius which is what will lead to a pretty much agreed up so when it comes to the kind of the step up and ambition we ought to face the movement and i think a lot of people are celebrating that we've been including people i've spoken to in the countries that are kind of that's affected by this is what it doesn't yet do is actually address the scale of the problem in the urgency with which countries need to reduce their emissions if they are going to be there i'd like to there are the
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basic. thank you. from day devotees environment department and save me some is gonna from our washington bureau thanks very much for your time. well later in the show we'll have an interview with your pain commission vice president and commission commissioner for climate action friends tim amounts but in other news india is being shaken by a wave of new code that 19 infections like nowhere else in the world the country has recorded the world's highest ever daily tally nearly 315000 cases in the last 24 hours this latest spike has overwhelmed the health care system and some hospitals in the capital delhi have already run out of the oxygen needed to keep people alive. families of the sick wait helplessly outside of the hospital. india is facing an acute oxygen shortage as covert 19 infections skyrocket 22 patients died at
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a hospital in maharashtra state after a leech cut off their oxygen supply. this woman's mother was one of them. was she had been here for 5 days and had recovered there was no oxygen she died in agony she had trouble breathing she died everyone in the ward died but. a lot of. hospitals in india are flooded some warned they will run out of oxygen within hours. there are a lot of my son is 32 and has the virus his oxygen level is running low these people at this hospital are refusing to admit him saying there's no oxygen and no bed they're asking us to leave and to take him somewhere else it's not right. ah big old war day. oxygen supplies are being rushed across india after delhi's high court ordered tanks to be diverted from factories to hospitals.
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recently religious festivals and political rallies have been allowed to go ahead giving the virus free rein to rampage through the population. in prisons of caracas and city because it really is measures of the pandemic whether it was the daily case company that sculpts or even just by the duty rates all of them started declining from october and by january you saw them plummet to really low levels and then there was this feeling propagated to be written by experts that we had actually updated fairly munity. relatives of the dead are lining up to cremate their loved ones as india's health services crumble before people's eyes. i'm joined now by date of any correspondent
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. in telly now mishit we're hearing about this desperate shortage of oxygen and hospital beds how bad is the situation at the moment. but about that situation she really is. desperate. medical care medically and cross the country is under some heels chests specially in white spots like new delhi and mumbai once again to d.e.v.'s this. doubting that all was because without . trying to get trying to get oxygen trying to get beds made out shocking instances of deaths he deployed and i suppose that is ground now to walk to and to the dying to slow death should need you know i mean it's flooded with requests for oxygen beds for medication and this truly indicates just how difficult it is for the documents what you could never put the states this. morning to instagram and please
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know that cancer is our. land alarming situation what about the vaccine roll out is there a chance that immunizations could improve things. go back to what out in india has been. lagging behind its original targets because of the massive population you know all sting dollars is given out and who do you treat you just meet the vaccine trade took a look impressive but still it's not one to reach 10 percent of the location with wild leave till it used when do was the interim government does not announce an expansion of the trade. 18 from the floods to me this is of course that here it is an important step however there in arkansas state now that manufacture does not have to put back. this book push up prices and eat them out of reach or. what else then are all thora days doing to try and combat this explosion in
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infections. i actually made decisions what state by state level the student. national level the prime minister. forces why did national now but it even the hardest hit steve. different versions of lock downs and shut downs seeing the need to get joe but it just to leave. the fire fight and it might be much more stringent you did these go . back when i was a mammoth task ahead one day w correspondent maisha jaiswal in delhi thanks very much. let's take a look now at some of the other latest developments in the pandemic syria has received its 1st shipment of astra zeneca jabs through the kovacs program more than 200000 doses have arrived in the country the world health organization is due to
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begin a new round of review into the safety and efficacy of russia's put nick v.a. vaccine and drug maker pfizer has confirmed fake doses of the corona virus back saying was seized in mexico and poland the fakes were selling for as much as 2000 euros per shot. and as 10 up some other stories making headlines around the world spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has pledged to give up to 10 percent of his country's coronavirus vaccines to latin american and caribbean countries this year spain has already inoculated half of its own population he was speaking at the barrow american summit where are the latest accused rich countries of ordering vaccine. the indonesian navy has launched a search operation for a missing submarine with 53 crewmembers on board contact was lost on wednesday as the saab was conducting a drill off the on that of bali astraddle and singapore have also deployed ships to support the search. at least 4 people have been killed and several injured in bar
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in a bomb explosion in the carpark of a luxury hotel in the pakistani city of cueto the hotel was hosting the chinese ambassador and was not present at the time of the blast no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. ukraine is seeking international support against moscow's military build up along its borders in an interview with the reuters news agency who cries foreign minister says it's important the west acts now to prevent russia from launching military action production rebels for the ukrainian army to a standstill several years ago in the country's aist data released nick connelly reports from the ukrainian city of mariupol where people are preparing for war. only a few of the older children here can really remember a time without since conflict began 7 years ago these children have seen parents lose their livelihoods and often their lives now they found stability in this
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christian children's home in a city of half a 1000000 people just a matter of kilometers from the frontlines. dropping everything and getting to safety in a hurry this drill is all about russia's troop buildup along ukraine's borders means these kinds of exercises are once again part of daily life here for some of the teenagers though there is little need to practice. back in 2014 i spent 2 months living in our sailor with my mom i never thought the war would reach us i remember watching t.v. it all just seemed so unreal like something from a film then our neighbor's house was hit we ran died into the cellar for cover and we were just listening to it all. it was really scary i'm scared the house would collapse around us and we'd be trapped in there. back in 2014 frontline suburbs of residential neighborhoods and dozens of casualties nowadays the front line is
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still just as close to the city and its residents just as vulnerable ukraine's army has made significant strides since 2014 but at sea where russian forces are now massing ukraine is still a significant disadvantage. the crew of this ukrainian coast guard vessel a tight lipped willing to tell us that they've seen increased russian activity in recent weeks they're ready and willing they say to respond to any possible provocation whether or not they expect all out war they refused to say. as if the security service is just now as genuine. ukraine's had. hoped that. see the sea of ukraine. in. the military and diplomatic posturing every day life goes on can often seem oblivious to the tension being paid to this region by the outside
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world. i have no idea if that will be a war or not but it definitely doesn't depend on what we do here. raising tensions now but i still think this is all about political bargaining. everyone here in marion hall has a sick pact with money and in case they need to leave in a hurry everyone does. with being afraid that something people here in eastern ukraine tell you time and time again desperate for a chance to live a little even if that would stop them preparing for the worst as they like the rest of the world try to understand what it is like to me putin and his troops have in store for them. and we're hearing that russia has ordered its troops to retreat from the ukrainian border correspondent emily show and is covering that story for us emily what's behind the sudden withdrawal. well from the russian
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perspective at least on the surface things are clear they have been insisting for several weeks now that the troop build up on the ukrainian border is just part of a routine military exercise we've heard that several times from russian authorities and they have been insisting that it has nothing to do with political tensions with the ukraine or even with the west and today we heard from the russian defense minister who said that he had visited crimea to observe drills there and he said that now after checks it has been ascertained that troops are ready and capable to defend russia and that's why the russian side is now withdrawing troops so it kind of has a lot at least on the surface but it could say that this is being seen as a sign of deescalation by the kremlin and i think that we can clearly
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see this as a sign of deescalation of course this is and i would say this is definitely a political signal as well especially since it comes after bloody near putin's speech yesterday he addressed the west specifically he said that the west shouldn't cross russia's red lines otherwise its enemies would come to regret that so even in those words saber rattling and experts here have been saying that in fact the troop buildup also is just saber rattling an attempt by russia to kind of show the west that it is ready to take on the west to take on ukraine if absolutely necessary but experts here have been saying that russia doesn't really want a costly war it just wants to show perhaps particularly the new u.s. administration that it shouldn't meddle in ukraine that it should keep its hands off what russia sees its sphere of influence and i thank you deb it is emanation speaking to us from moscow. and staying on the topic of russia rights groups say
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police have detained more than $1400.00 protesters in dozens of cities across russia demonstrators marched for the release of jailed opposition leader saying novelli whose health is said to be deteriorating the protests were held on the same day is president vladimir putin's annual state of the nation andrus in it he warned foreign powers against what he called provoking russia the e.u. and the u.s. have told moscow it will face consequences even if dies in prison. well let's get back to our top story now the global climate summit being hosted by u.s. president joe biden he's pledged to slash his country's fossil fuel emissions inhofe by the end of the decade this would be the most ambitious target ever set in u.s. history some 40 states are taking part in the 2 day virtual summit. well i'm joined now by friends to months the european commission vice president and
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commissioner for climate action mr timmons thank you very much for joining us today here at day w. the u.s. has just announced an important new goal it's also the world's worst polluter and we've just had 4 years of a climate change denying president donald trump has president joe biden brought america back into the mainstream of the fight against global warming. absolutely i think it has and it's great to see this leadership also on the on a world scale fortunately although the federal government in the last 4 years was mostly denying the climate crisis at state level and cities and also corporate america they did understand what the crisis is so so on the those levels a lot was done so they don't start from scratch but it's really great to see the federal government committing to this it really will help us convince the rest of the world to do the same and what role then can the european play internationally
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when dealing with these major polluters like the u.s. and china well frankly i think we were the 1st to announce that we would be a climate neutral continent by 2050 we are also the 1st task that's in law this week target for 2050 but also for 2030 which would take us to or duction of at least 55 percent as compared to $9090.00 so i think we are trailblazers it was europeans will try to maintain that leadership but if we lose that leadership to the americans i frankly don't care as long as everybody's on the same page and as long as everybody is committed to reach climate neutrality by the middle of the century and european countries that i especially the major industrialized ones are contributing more than their fair share of pollution what action they taking. who i think all e.u. member states and i'll commit to our ambitious goals 420302050 now we will have to
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show that we also mean business concretely and we will propose to the european parliament and through the member states a package of legislation by the end of june that will concrete the change much of our economy to make sure that we use less energy and that we move to what's renewable energy that we change the way we move ourselves around and transport that we look at what we do in putting a price on carbon all that will change so that we can realize our realistic are ambitious but still realistic goals for 2030. this is a month more and more people especially young people are protesting against the lack of meaningful climate action is the current generation of late is failing to secure the climate future of our young people well i think i'm very grateful to the young people because without these young people protesting and keeping pressure on
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us we would have a had a european green deal but you see things are really changing very quickly now i can understand when young people say it's not going quickly enough but we are not changing we are changing this is a fundamental change not just in the way we do politics but also the way we live as human beings we have to learn with to live within planetary boundaries and it's quite difficult after but it can be done and thanks to the young people who keep the pressure on lack she will actually make it from the pentagon thank you very much for your time european commission finds president and climate action commission a trans 10 month. well now to germany where the upper house of parliament the board has passed a national law imposing coronavirus lockdowns on areas with high infection rates the lawmakers representing germany's 16 states of prove to the new bill it effectively ends the current patchwork federal approach to tackling the pandemic
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the measures include nighttime curfew use as well as shop and school closures for regions with high incidence rates germany is battling a more intense 3rd wave of infections on thursday just under 30000 new infections were registered opinion polls show a majority of germans support the new measures. of more we're joined now by chief political editor mikael occur we share one of the practical consequences of this bill passing. well this bill which is now also been signed by germany's president and this just publication in the official gazette away from actually coming into force would mean that once germany or once individual districts reach an incidence rate of $100.00 factions 410-0000 people within the space of 7 days automatic curfews would be in place this was previously down to those individual districts even to decide and implement and nonessential shops would have to close
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and if the incidence rates were to go up to $165.00 schools would automatically close so this rising incidence rate would set off an immediate reaction rather than those long debating rounds that we've seen with those very 16 states that have now not spoken up against this law that was the process to then go off and do different things and some even having an opening concept as the incidence rate goes higher here in germany and as more and more hospitals are basically crying for help because their intensive care units were filling up when germany's health minister spoke after that decision let's have a listen to what he had to say. we can see that the process is picking up speed to do or will be allocating 2000000 doses to the doctors practices next week and that number will keep rising. polities
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for that we were hearing from a german health minister. on bringing up cars when we had a prisoner back in return or. the minister there making a promise a promise that he maybe cannot kape is that would that be right. well he actually said that what could happen and he actually had some good news is that the strict is a sum which is already basically being given up in part by individual states again by bavaria for instance for in the case of astra zeneca. could be given up in june by june already here in germany and that is basically saying that now the vaccination drive is picking up speed that it's going better than anticipated although he says basically the government is on schedule it had promised every german the offer of a vaccination by him by september and i'm sure it's no coincidence that those
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general elections are nearing on the 26th of september so he may over deliver on that promise although there have been promises in the past if one or 2 deliveries don't work out he may have to backtrack well that's also why he rushed visibly angered with the states for leaking that mickael and so we're going to have to leave it there d.w. political chief editor thank you very much. you're watching data over the news and coming up next gen david e. news and asia. with birth perished saturday i'm rebecca has been done and thanks very much want.
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you know where this. happened. and young people can you have the phoenicians. 77 percent complete. this is you don't. have a fighting for. young people in the district of go are campaigning to save orders from destruction by the coal industry. activist mama she writes frames for why it's a mistake to preach the economy against the environment. that has become so blind to nature.
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people are paying the price and that's why the young people of iraq.


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