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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2021 2:45pm-3:01pm CEST

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when at home to live they make the racism cut the gap to the elite competition slots to 4 points with 4 games of the season remaining. dortmund as usual turned to the youngsters with their champions league qualification hopes hanging by a thread their opponents can yawn what also chasing a european spot and it was they who almost got off to a flying start with just 13 seconds on the clock marcus inverts and cold a shot against the crossbar and early let off the dortmund but the hosts grew into the game talking as are fed marker royce and the captain should have put dortmund ahead but his short roles pumice league wide. royce made amends though in the 25th minute when he won a penalty there seemed to be little contact from on young keeper. and although he saved harlan spot kick royce followed up and bundled the ball is a bitter pill to swallow for the visitors who felt the penalty was harsh and almost
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managed to clear their lines. in the 2nd half they went agonizingly close to equalising when max cruisers free kick can and off the poached by 3 place showed dortmund keeper marvin hits got a feather light touch on the ball to turn it on to the post and keep his side of it . with time ticking away dortmund make the win safe with the rampage counter-attack rafael guerrero doubled his side's lead with a smart finish pass the stubborn looter. dortmund's more experienced stars delivered a 2 nil win it gives them a fighting chance of making the top 4. and evolves in 3rd place needed a win to stay ahead of frankfurt in the bundesliga standings and they got it and stuck out both for it was up a goal in the 29th minute when they cost took advantage of the centering task to manage his 20th goal. of the season right between the goalkeeper's legs that puts
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very close to 4th in the league in scoring. went on to a $31.00 win. and we can give you all the results now from the mid week match day is that wolfsburg win over stuttgart and dortmund victory over lynn hoffenheim beat gladbach braman fell to minds on tuesday cologne surprised 2nd place leipzig while 1st place by and one shelter was officially relegated after the loss to bielefeld frankfurt one and heter burnham's match postponed due to corona virus infections. and here's what the results mean for the standings with just 4 match days left in the season by and munich has extended their lead to 10 points meaning one more win will assure them and now the title leipzig a 2nd followed by both spoken frankfurt in the 2nd half looking at the very bottom shall come out after more than 3 decades in the one displayed. but in tennis now
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rafael nidal had to overcome a bad start on his way to reaching the last 16 of the boston open eventually bate a qualifier from bella bruce in 3 sets it was an interesting day at the tournament with italy's fabio fognini disqualified for verbal abuse. playing a match in front of a home crowd on his favorite surface pretty straightforward for rafa nadal writes actually rome he was 2nd best in the 1st set against russia. but even when he's on the ropes darvocet stretch somehow managing to win this point from the back of the course. he eventually regained full control to go through in 3 sets still on track to win the barcelona tight so for an incredible record stricture and 12th time. in
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another match italian 5 year for meanies biggest battle was not with his opponent but a line judge the umpire clearly not impressed and for needy was disqualified for verbal abuse. i was here to play to me so it was easy to fight the mitcham even if it was losing doesn't matter but they need to do to me was something. nice because. it's not the 1st time for a nice been booted out of a tournament it's also happened to him at the u.s. open in 2017 after he had so few defeat. let's return now to our top story in that climate summit being hosted by u.s. president joe biden we are of course waiting for german chancellor angela merkel to address the summit in the meantime let's bring back in our correspondents say me some a scandal in washington d.c. an adjutant ranjan from data environment to parliament samy german chancellor angela merkel expected to speak shortly as i just mentioned she's asked several
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times for greater international cooperation when it comes to the fight against climate change what's the message likely to be today. i think she's going to reiterate that message rebecca we know that the german chancellor has been front and center in pushing for more action over the last few months on the e.u. level as well and we know that the e.u. has now reached the highest target for cutting emissions or more ambitious one even then the u.s. has said and as we're waiting for her to speak we understand that she will also be speaking about how she welcomes the commitment from the u.s. that the u.s. is back as a partner on this global stage to battle of the climate crisis and i think she'll also be looking for encouraging other countries like china but also we know that you know russian president vladimir putin is taking part we know that the turkish president has taken part so countries that that have not been traditional leaders
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on this climate crisis that should be encouraging them we're expecting to also make serious commitments to this climate crisis to fighting this climate crisis together on a global stage yeah and i'm sure very relieved that the u.s. economy back on the same side germany have traditionally been seen as the leader in environmental issues and green energy how much influence does germany have in the global climate politics today. jamey still has a lot of influence and i think we'll be using some of that pressure of the world leaders today not just as one of the biggest human to stay but will say with the same political clout and michael's diplomacy we just saw in the last sort of 20 minutes with what we just saw a couple of recent developments from world leaders including canada announcing a 42.5 percent reduction in the mission by the end of this decade not quite the 50 percent but a lot of the cycle and china signaling that it with
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a bow call in the 2nd decade or start to gradually reduce the road. again the kind of the commission's pledges that the u.s. is just nato that a lot of activists have been pushing for but it is something that i think about european nations that they use the u.s. a lot of other actors a lot of the developing nations in the country at least affected by climate change will be pushing a stronger commitment from suddenly a step in the right direction you might say city biden has called this decade a decisive decade in the fight against climate change in terms of public opinion does he have the u.s. people on his side when it comes to the fight against climate change. it is as with most every other issue in this country and certainly divided you can't forget that the u.s. is in the unique position unlike in europe that one of you know the one of the 2 large parties in this country you have a lot of members of the public and party who don't believe that climate change is
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actually happening and so that means that public opinion is very difficult to gauge here on whether there will be actually enough support for president biden on his very as he has called it ambitious agenda to tackle climate change we know the republicans have been extremely critical of president biden a republican lawmakers as well saying that essentially what he's going to do is to cripple the economy to overregulate the economy to kill jobs in important sectors that americans rely upon and also to make it very difficult for american companies to do business here if they have to meet these very stringent requirements on cutting emissions now we know that there are plenty of democrats a broad spectrum of democrats who do support president biden in this effort to make climate change a central priority on the left and of the spectrum we should say that there are environmental groups who are urging president biden to do more to for example commit to a net 0 emissions by the end of this decade one of the most prominent figures there
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that some of our viewers might know is the representative congressional representative alexandria ocasio has who has unveiled a green new deal so there are calls for him to do even more but generally the broad consensus among democrats is that there's a lot of consensus that the president biden is taking a very important big step here so there are at least on that part of the room spectrum he has to see me thank you and let's cross over to german chancellor angela merkel who is addressing the summit now so president joe biden. and colleagues i'm delighted to see that the united states is back is back to work together with us in climate politics because they can be no doubts about. well needing the oil contribution if we really want to fulfill our ambitious goals and the national contribution of the united states for 2030 is a clear is standish illustration of your ambitions that is
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a very clear and important message to the international community thank you but they said thank you organizing this summit this is a had judy and tom because this is nothing short of a complete transformation complete change of the way we do business the way we work and germany as you know has over 80 reduced its emissions by 40 compared to and 2001000 and the year 1900 and the european union will be climate neutral. av by 2050 and we want to at least have 55 percent less emissions by 20 compan to $2990.00 at the beginning of this week the e.u. adopt an agreement that sets this target as a binding one into law and we as germany will obviously give a contribution we have actually. described a policy that. sets out of puff way towards climate tran a t.
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we think that c o 2 pricing is the right way forward that is why we have introduced a national emissions trading for transport and heating and so for sectors that have not been covered by e.u. emissions trading. coal has been a very important resource backed by the latest and i had a 20 a good tears on that by the very latest by 2038 will phase out coal and it visitation and we will invest further into renewables already last year we have produced electricity book. 46 percent of our electricity from renewables if we want to increase at a necessary economic recovery after the damage is something that we also want to use for and innovations for technology so we invest in renewable instead of in
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coal and we also see to it that the loss of biodiversity all over the world is stop we think that we need to play seti percent of the global land and marine service and the protection we need primarily solidarity with the developing countries as industrialized countries we have committed ourselves to mobilize by 2020 an annual amount of $100000000000.00 us dollars and this is to be followed up by an extension until at the very least 2025 germany has a doubled its financing 520224 1000000000 euros per year and we're going to continue to contribute and sasha and to this with all of these measures we i think underline very clearly that we are interested in a successful comp 26 in glasgow this year and obviously also a couple 15 in kunming while we're talking about preserving biodiversity and in
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line with its tradition germany is going to host together with the united kingdom the twelve's petersburg climate dialogue this year and we're going to prepare glasgow as we an active member and we're very much looking forward to cooperating with all of you thank you very much for transfer merkel it's now part of the koran that was in german chancellor angela merkel addressing the climate summit being hosted by u.s. president joe biden for more analysis on what she's just said let's bring back database sumi some of gondor in washington d.c. and i didn't around and dado news environment department to me what was merkel's main message there today. rebecca i thought it was interesting that she called this a herculean task a complete change of the way that we do business and that really echoes what we heard from president biden the urgency behind the need to act and to act together and quickly on tackling climate change she also referred to some of the measures
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that germany has already taken so reducing emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels and she also pointed to that e.u. number which was a 55 percent reduction in emissions by the end of the decade so what she's doing there was she was pointing to what the binding targets are that the european union is going for that's a bit more ambitious than what the u.s. has now pledged to go for a 50 percent cut by the end of 2nd but this was never going to be the difficult part is getting germany in the u.s. we already knew that there was going to be a lot of convergence on working together on tackling climate change what is going to be interesting is to see what messages we hear from some of the other leaders who have been invited who are considered rivals like china station paying like russia's vladimir putin and also president job also naro brazil we heard chancellor merkel there talk about biodiversity we know one of the big controversies is protecting the rain forests in brazil so those are the messages from from
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chancellor merkel is going to be interesting to see what other leaders follow that up with yes you more than matching the u.s. pledge of 50 percent how crucial is german american cooperation to tackle climate change. so i'm in america both 2 of the biggest stars i mean to this in the world they've got i mean the u.s. being the biggest and germany did i think 4th or 5th in terms of how much c o 2 that come tao and step through for the last couple of centuries and individually they tend to look at t.v. that watching together some of us would say would help get there faster taking on a hit with a pick or shared interests friends for instance that both big comedy actions that big industries that form and the core of that their economy and who produce concert the rest of the wealth as well so they're all within from sport for instance is a lot of room for cooperation between the 2 also possibly the competition to
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actually spend.


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