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the but. this is deja vu news live from the land and the most new coronavirus cases anywhere in the world are in india as the country says another global record for daily infections many areas including the capital are in crisis hospitals are overwhelmed and some have run out of lifesaving oxygen also coming up the race to stop global warming and the u.s. prepares a virtual summit to tackle climate change on the day when more than 50 years ago people 1st rallied to sound the alarm. panel than 1400 arrests in russia as people
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turned out in the thousands demanding freedom for alexei navalny the jailed kremlin critics health is failing after 3 weeks on hunger strike. plans create ukraine seeking international help against russia's military build up day w visiting ukrainian city where residents are preparing for the worst. thanks. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program india's being shaken by a wave of new covert 19 infections like nowhere else right now the country has recorded the world's highest daily tally ever with nearly 315000 cases in the last 24 hours this latest wave has overwhelmed the health care system some hospitals in the capital delhi have already run out of the oxygen needed to keep people alive.
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families of the sick wait helplessly outside of the hospital india is facing an acute oxygen shortage as covert 19 infections skyrocket. 22 patients died at a hospital in maharashtra state after a leech cut off their oxygen supply. this woman's mother was one of them. was she had any other 5 days and had recovered there was no oxygen she died in agony she had trouble breathing she died everyone in the ward died but. i don't really like. hospitals in india are flooded with some warning they will run out of oxygen within hours. gone up significantly we have at least $350.00. of them all of them require
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oxygen and because of which the supplies that are coming in. that is a lot of more tension in the system. the plies are being rushed across india after delhi's high court ordered tanks to be diverted from factories to hospitals. medicines the plies are also running low in india's largest city of mumbai. i am really very close to the man we don't be in a farmer's market be as different for your ignorance of a person remember everything everyone aren't so good news of coming to the pharmacy that you don't even really helpless people are going through from an occasion remembering norm. cases of the coronavirus have surged after millions flocked to religious festivals in recent weeks elections and political rallies also attracted
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large crowds giving the virus free rein to rampage through the population. i'm joined now by day to really correspondent. in telly now i'm a shit we're hearing about this desperate shortage of oxygen and hospital beds how bad is the situation at the moment. what about that situation chile in dire desperate or medical care medically and cross the boundary is understood here as chest specially in what spots like new delhi and mumbai once again to the people is really doubting that all hospitals was out walking wounded trying to get treatment trying to get oxygen trying to get beds you know shocking instances of deaths being deployed and i suppose that is ground now to walk soldiers and to the dying slow death should need you know i mean it's flooded with requests for oxygen beds for medication and this is truly indicates
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just how difficult it is for the government and the never to put the states this. instagram. yes certainly an alarming situation what about the vaccine rollout is there a chance that immunizations could improve things. the vaccine do without in india has. its original targets lost because of the massive population you know all sting dollars is given out and do you. just mean the vaccine trade bill look impressive but still it is not one to reach 10 percent of the commission with wildly until it is $22.00 was the internet does not an expansion of the trade. 18 stop the flows to me this is of course that here it is an important step up there in arkansas that now that manufacture does not occur back. this could push up prices and keep them out of reach.
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what else then are all thora things doing to try and combat this explosion in infections. i'm not going to let it is i actually make the decisions that state by state that really the student adept at the national level the prime minister did come out of the league if washes away to nash now but it isn't the hardest hit steve. notched up has a different versions of lock downs and shutdowns seeing the need the strength but has yet for a structure but it does to league play it could be the fire fight and it might be much more stringent action you did these are shrinking back when i was. a mammoth task ahead when they double correspondent in delhi thanks very much. u.s. president joe biden is set to open a global climate summit today marking the united states' return to international
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efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions the summit opens on earth day which in the modern environmental movement back in 1970. this planet is destruction. we are in a crisis of survive on the 22nd of april 970 millions of americans mostly students took to the streets to demand more environmental protection it was the birth of earth day and an important step towards what was to become a global environmental movement proles they have pesticide control they had clean air clean water the list of environmental laws and regulations that passed over that decade after earth day or way by a growing environmental movement is quite historic nevertheless 51 years later today's environmental problems are even more serious due to climate change. since the beginning of industrialization the earth has heated up by one degree it could
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be well over 2 degrees warmer by the end of the century. today it's once again mainly young people who are taking to the streets this time it demanding a drastic reduction in global c o 2 emissions but we young people have had enough we say you know for us. in 201-5196 states signed up to the paris agreement which promises to limit climate change that girl before the paris climate agreement has been signed the if. it was an historic moment and when air traffic was reduced to a bin minimum during the early days of the corona virus pandemic it was clear that things can change but even that's not enough say researchers and environmentalists activists. we should not underestimate the power of the individual to cause a commotion and get results change is possible both days demanding it because the
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climate clock is ticking. and for more i'm joined by agit niranjan from database environment department i did thanks for joining us so joe biden's hosting 40 late is at this virtual summit today now the u.s. famously abandoned international climate efforts on the donald trump what does the u.s. need to do now to play a leading role. the u.s. is one of the biggest historically is the biggest historical polluter in the world it's poured more cold coming their flight into the atmosphere than any other economy as a climate scientists and activists who i spoke to yesterday were saying that i mean the main thing is to instead of trying to encourage other countries to up their ambitions for the u.s. to really open up to its own climate debt president joe biden is reported to be. planning to announce a new target of more ambitious target of reducing emissions by 50 percent by the
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end of the decade compared to the level they were at in 2005 now that would be part of a longer term goal to really get emissions down to a net level of 0 by the middle of the century and that's emerging as a bad benchmark for other countries to be aspiring to as well and now as we just saw the protest images from 50 years ago today we have groups like extinction rebellion fridays for a future all demanding action can these protests actually bring about effective policy change. it's hard to link of policy changes that have happened recently and increased numbers of directly to the protests but it's very clear to see that lead to world leaders quote thing claim attack to bits like gratitude and like the rest of the content they using the language of climate protestors and also many climate scientists increasingly when they say that we're in a climate crisis and not just under the effects of this abstract idea of climate change so there are definite signs that these protests are having an effect we're also seeing business leaders in their company statements reference gratitude
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reference the actions of protest groups like extinction so there are definitely signs that people are listening what the protesters are stressing more and more that world leaders need to uphold their own pledges of trying to limit global warming to less than one less than 2 degrees celsius ideally $1.00 degrees celsius about pre-industrial temperatures suddenly make sense stay with us i want to come back to you but 1st we're going to take a look now at the current level of carbon dioxide emissions around the world and since 2005 c o 2 emissions have been slowly increasing around a pandemic movement restrictions meant emissions dropped last year lockdowns meant less pollution and had some positive impacts on global c o 2 levels but those gains will most likely be reversed as things open up and economies recover there is likely to be a name crease in c o 2 emissions in the coming years bought with a sustainable recovery plan the world could actually lower emissions according to
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the international energy agency. g s what steps need to be taken to lower emissions and what kind of measures should we be prepared for in the future. scientists a pretty ted but what would need to be done to bend that curve of emissions that we just saw and to really actually decrease the amount of c o 2 we're putting into the atmosphere and get it down to there we need to stop financing new fossil fuel but if you take money out of polluting industries away from there the burning of coal oil and gas away from many activities that many of us actually enjoy including flying and pour it into green renewable energy and ways of protecting forest preserving nature that's on the big political level on an individual level that without has implications for particular for that but who live in rich countries where a lifestyle for many of us not sustainable and that the combination that the debate
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among climate scientists of how much needs to be systemic change and how much needs to be individual change but what's very clear is that there are clear thing that people can do to help such as reducing the amount they drive reducing the amount they fly bringing both of those down to their if possible and giving up maybe before red meat come from there they will defer station buying fuel clothes there are plenty of action that can be taken on and on an individual level but what climate scientists also stress is to make sure that happens as a result of systemic changes to within policy frameworks all right thank you a.j. niranjan from dayton new environment. now let's take a look at some of us stories making headlines around the world and a nation maybe has launched a search operation for a missing submarine when 53 crewmembers on board contact was lost on wednesday as the sub was conducting a drill off the island of bali astray and singapore have also deployed ships to support the search. that's the spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has pledged to
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give up to 10 found 10 percent rather of his country's coronavirus vaccines to latin american and caribbean countries this year spain has an occupied half of its own population he was speaking at the a barrow american summit where other leaders accuse rich countries of hoarding vaccine. you're watching data news still to come in the midweek when this league matches dortmund pick up a big win to keep their season alive. coming up in just a moment but 1st rights groups say police have detained more than 1400 protesters in dozens of cities across russia across russia demonstrators march for the release of jailed opposition leader say novelli whose health is said to be deteriorating the protests were held on the same day as president vladimir putin's annual state of the nation address in it he warned foreign powers against what he called
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provoking russia the e.u. and the u.s. have told moscow it will face consequences if developing dies in prison. and the show and joins us now for more family the only the supporters want him set free but how likely is that in putin's russia. well rebecca i think the chances of that happening are pretty much close to 0 it's very unlikely of course from the russian point of view from the point of view of the russian authorities viney is in prison for embezzlement charges. himself says that those are politically motivated but letting him free would be tantamount to admitting that there is essentially no rule of law in russia so i think that's very unlikely to happen but if you are asking me whether protests like the ones that we saw last night make a difference to the kremlin i think they do make some difference the kremlin is
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certainly concerned i think now having seen people taking to the streets not only in moscow and st petersburg where protests are traditional but across the entire country in cities across the entire country so it can have i think in effect public opinion matters to the kremlin especially ahead of duma elections which are planned for this coming september we could see some limited concessions from the kremlin for example they could meet another one of the protesters demands which is to let me see one of his doctors and what about the opposition does the russian opposition think it has enough support from the international community in particular the u.s. and the e.u. . well i think international support like the support that we've been seeing very vocally from the west is nice to have for the russian opposition but it's not really the key factor when it comes to domestic change which is what they are pushing for the main factor is you know organizing across the country the russian
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opposition has been plagued by infighting in the last few years and now by these team especially now this year after alex scene of a nice return to russia after russia after his poisoning has managed to unite the russian opposition and they also have managed the last few years to set up offices across the country to organize for example protests like the ones that we saw yesterday across the country but that could soon become impossible even next week we're seeing or we're going to see a court case against. anti corruption funded it could be declared an extremist organization which would essentially make its work and possible in russia and that would make make it really hard for it to organize across the country in the run up to the elections in september emily thank you for that w.'s evolution in moscow. also with an eye on russia ukraine is seeking
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international support against moscow's military build up along its border and interview with the reuters news agency ukraine's foreign minister says it's important the west acts now to prevent russia from launching military action. rebels for the ukrainian army to a standstill several years ago in the country's east. connelly reports from the ukrainian city of mariupol where people are preparing for war. only a few of the older children here can really remember a time without war since conflict began 7 years ago these children have seen parents lose their livelihoods and often their lives now they found stability in this christian children's home in marable a city of half a 1000000 people just a matter of kilometers from the frontlines. dropping everything and getting to safety in a hurry is what this drill is all about russia's troop buildup along ukraine's borders means these kinds of exercises are once again part of daily life here for
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some of the teenagers though there is little need to practice. back in 2014 i spent 2 months living in our sailer with my mom and i never thought the war would reach us i remember watching t.v. it all just seemed so unreal like something from a film then our neighbor's house was hit we ran date into the sailor for cover and we were just listening to it all. it was really scary i'm scared the house would collapse around us and we'd be trapped in there. back in 2014 frontline suburbs of residential neighborhoods and dozens of casualties nowadays the front line is still just as close to the city and its residents just as vulnerable ukraine's army has made significant strides since 2014 but at sea where russian forces are also now massing ukraine is still at a significant disadvantage. the. crew of this ukrainian coast guard vessel are
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tight lipped although willing to tell us that they've seen increased russian activity in recent weeks they're ready and willing they say to respond to any possible provocation whether or not they expect all out war they refused to say. behind me is a ship belonging to russia's f.s.b. security service is anchored just half an hour's journey of ukrainian. ukraine's handful of coast guard vessels are hopelessly outnumbered in this war with russia controlling access to the see the sea of ukraine or its allies can send in. for all the military and diplomatic posturing every day life goes on can often seem oblivious to all the attention being paid to this region by the outside world. we did leave i have no idea if that will be a war or not but it definitely doesn't depend on what we do here. that both of them yes they're raising tensions now but i still think this is all about political bargaining let's just get. everybody here in marion paul has a sick case packed with money at the same channels in case they need to leave in
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a hurry everyone does. we're tired of being afraid that something people here in eastern ukraine tell you time and time again desperate for a chance to live a little even if that would stop them preparing for the worst as they like the rest of the world try to understand what it is like to move putin and his troops have in store for them. ben hodges was a 4 star general with the u.s. army and now with the center of european policy analysis and nonpartisan think tank he shared his concern over the russian build up with. a serious escalation of violence is imminent and no longer think this is just a working activity when i look at the scale of the moment that. was just a redeployment of naval vessels from the caspian sea to the black sea. this is
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something more than just the natural. retired gen ben ben hunches they're going to play the football now and brucia dortmund kept their champions league hopes alive after a 2 nil when at home to any and berlin and make 3 saves them cut the gap to the elite competition slots to 4 points with 4 games of the ses and remaining. dortmund as usual turned to the youngsters with their champions league qualification hopes hanging by a thread their opponents in young were also chasing a european spot and it was they who almost got off to a flying start with just 13 seconds on the clock marcus inverts and killed a shot against the crossbar an early let off the dortmund but the hosts grew into the game to organise our fed mark or royce and the captain should have put dortmund ahead but his short role thomas lee wide. royce made amends though in the 25th minute when he won a penalty the seem to be little contact from on young keeper router and although he
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saved holland's book kick royce followed up and bundled the full list of bits of pill to swallow for the visitors who felt the penalty was harsh and almost managed to clear their lines. in the 2nd half they went agonizingly close to equalising when max cruisers free kick can and off the post replace showed dortmund keeper marvin hits got a feather light touch on the ball to turn it on to the post and keep his side ahead . with time ticking away dortmund made the win safe with the rampage counter-attack rafael guerrero doubled his side's lead with a smart finish pass the stubborn loser. dortmund's more experience does deliver a 2 nil when it gives them a fighting chance of making the top 4. and 3rd place volves needed a win to stay ahead of frankfurt in the bundesliga standings and they got it at
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stuttgart false for. it was up a goal in the 29th minute and out vague warst took advantage of the centering pass to manage his 20th goal of the season right between the goalkeepers legs. that puts big was 4th in the league in scoring went on to a 31 win. and then give you all the results now from the maid wake it match day there is that when over stuttgart dortmund victory over berlin hoffenheim great gladbach braman fell to minds on tuesday cologne surprised 2nd place while 1st place by munich one shocker was officially relegated after the loss to below sell frankfurt one and hurt of burnham's match postponed due to corona virus infections. and now a day after its collapse the chairman of european football's ill fated super league
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has insisted the project is still alive florentine know pereira's who is also the real madrid president said the tournament was simply on standby and claimed that none of the 12 clubs had officially pulled out he also had some strong words for football's european governing body you a for. this president in this matter we revealed the new format we told the u.a.e. for president but he never even replied. and that was when this aggressiveness began i'm going to have never seen anything like it in my life and never you and i have been in football for 20 years and married there were insults and threats as if we had killed someone. as if we had killed or. others including manchester city coach pep guardiola sees things differently manchester city where one of the clubs involved but announced their withdrawal on tuesday night want to go low called the super league
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a closed chapter and says he now wants to move on. for chapter. 6. that we'll learn and focus will will do is a while. here's a reminder of our top story india has reported the highest number of new coronavirus cases anywhere in the world only 315000 infections were registered in the past 24 hours the surge has overwhelmed hospitals some of which have now run out of oxygen. you know watching date over the news stephen beardsley will be here in just a moment with the latest from our business to say change that will have more news headlines for you at the top of the hour you can always get more on all our stories as well as analysis on our web site data of any dot com i'm rebecca resist in berlin thanks for watching.
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finally learning to read 60. her entire life cost me you may has invested everything into education for her 10 children. she herself is a little bit like a many older women in turkey but has let him play knows that learning always pays
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off. focus on the world. in 60 minutes. in mexico many push. ups ronaldo more right now climate change a different story. faces life less the way photos one week. how much work can really do. we still have time to ask i'm going. to success. but subscribe to the morning news like this. the amount of plastic is increasing every year many i'm gonna fucking own life so far for the holiday destinations and drowning in comes to mind right at the cost of the 1st. entry here in europe the explosive 1000000 tons of plastic waste.
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is the way the for all the fun is interest cyclable. make up your own mind. w. made for minds. germany's political leadership is set for a grilling of one of the country's biggest business scandals wire cart was an investor darling that invented its revenue figures what the politicians know and when. most from show satellites are becoming smaller and cheaper paving the way for a boom in private sector launches so where does europe stand look at start up out of munich. well welcome to the show i'm seriously in balance good to have you with us the parliamentary parliamentary investigation to germany's wire card scandal has come to.


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