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this is the view news live from berlin rallies across russia meet with a tough. call and 1400. people turned out in the files demanding freedom for. the jailed kremlin critics health is failing after 3 weeks on hunger strike also coming up with ukraine seeking international help against russia's military buildup visits a ukrainian city where residents are preparing for the worst. germany's parliament as
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a national lockdown to contain the covert 19 pandemic the health minister calls the situation extremely serious but opposition parties want shakes by the constitutional court. and the race to stop global warming the u.s. prepares for a virtual summit to tackle climate change on the day when more than 50 years ago people 1st rallied to sound. come to the program rights groups say police have detained more than $1400.00 protesters and dozens of cities across russia demonstrators marched for the release of jailed opposition leader alexander whose health is said to be deteriorating the protests were held on the same day as president vladimir putin's annual state of the nation address. a forceful message delivered on
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a grand stage at his annual state of the nation address russian president vladimir putin warned western powers not to meddle in moscow's affairs. we're just beginning you must we really don't want to burn any bridges. but if some mistake our good intentions for indifference or weakness and intend to burn or even blow up those bridges themselves. russia's response will be even more forceful quick and tough. in recent weeks russia has been building up its military presence on the ukrainian border and in crimea pouring fuel on a simmering territorial conflict between ukraine forces and russian backed separatists this escalation was met with condemnation from abroad. but as he delivered his warning to the west was facing headwinds at home across the country
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people gathered to protest that news of the deteriorating health of imprisoned opposition leader alexina valley. heavy police presence was supposed to deter those protests like he ate in a valley was snatched from the street in moscow and locked in a police van on the grounds of the interior ministry. yes there's this just this just it's i think that everything that is happening is to scare all the other people quite i was literally detained for the thought of showing up at the rally. so i would be detained until the late evening in this police van. but you know perfectly well what you should do that you shouldn't be afraid to let. others be schooled in egypt at you but yet said. the crackdown could not prevent protests even in far flung parts of the country like here in the remote siberian city of day . i came here on purpose
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to raise my voice against future and ongoing repressions. against the killing of alexina valley in jail. against having many political prisoners in the police things of which. the rallies were met with mass arrests. that did not stop thousands from gathering in moscow as night fell. brute force has not caused dissent in russia just yet. john. from moscow did of use images showing the joins me now emily nevada's supporters want him set free of course but how likely is that to happen in proteins russia. i think we've lost the connection to our correspondent in moscow there and we're
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coming to our next story ukraine is seeking international support against russia's military buildup along its borders in an interview with the reuters news agency ukraine's foreign minister says it's important to the west acts now to prevent russia from launching military action rebels fought the ukrainian army to a standstill several years ago in the country's east did obviously connally now reports from the ukrainian city of mariupol where people are preparing for war. only a few of the older children here can really remember a time without since conflict began 7 years ago these children have seen parents lose their livelihoods and often their lives now they found stability in this christian children's home in a city of half a 1000000 people just a matter of kilometers from the frontlines.
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dropping everything and getting to safety in a hurry this drill is all about russia's troop buildup along ukraine's borders means these kinds of exercises are once again part of daily life here for some of the teenagers though there is little need to practice. back in 2014 i spent 2 months living in our sailor with my mom and i never thought the war would reach us i remember watching t.v. it all just seemed so unreal like something from a film then our neighbor's house was hit we ran down to the sailor for cover and we were just listening to it all. it was really scary i'm scared the house would collapse around us and we'd be trapped in there. back in 2014 front line suburbs of residential neighborhoods and dozens of casualties nowadays the front line is still just as close to the city and its residents just as vulnerable ukraine's army has made significant strides since 24 team but at sea where russian forces are also
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now massing ukraine is still a significant disadvantage. the crew of this ukrainian coast guard vessel a tight lipped willing to tell us that they've seen increased russian activity in recent weeks they're ready and willing they say to respond to any possible provocation whether or not they expect all that they refused to say. is a ship belonging to russia's f.s.b. security service and just now is genuine ukrainian. ukraine's. hopelessly outnumbered in these words. controlling access to this sea the sea of as of now the ukraine or its allies can send in reinforcements. for all the military and diplomatic posturing every day life goes on can often seem oblivious to the attention being paid to this region by the outside world. we did leave i have no idea if that will be a war or not but it definitely doesn't depend on what we do here that he said that both of them yes they're raising tensions now but i still think this is all about
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political bargaining or it's just. you know everyone here in marion paul has a sick case packed with money at the same chance in case they need to leave in a hurry everyone dance. we're tired of being afraid that something people here in eastern ukraine tell you time and time again desperate for a chance to live a little even if that would stop them preparing for the worst as they like the rest of the world try to understand what it is like to me putin and his troops have in store for them. and to find out what that is i'm now joined by ben hodges a recently retired 4 star general with the u.s. army he's now with the center for european policy analysis a nonpartisan think tank ben thanks for joining us just how concerned are you by this russian troop buildup on ukraine's borders we. need a serious escalation of violence is imminent and no longer think this is just a muscle flexing activity when i look at the scale of the limit of the.
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law as it were just a redeployment of naval vessels from the caspian sea to the actually. this is something more than just an exercise. so what are the other signs that this is more than just an exercise or just saber rattling what would putting the end there. well 1st of all the language coming from the kremlin i think that the kremlin has been preparing the russian population for an escalation of the conflict for the last few weeks with talk about even ukrainian aggression. the creation of a false pretext about a humanitarian crisis in crimea. talk about a huge nato buildup on their border this is all part of the fairy tale that the kremlin uses to prepare their own people and to try to justify or whether doing so
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it's late which it's the scale of forces missed the logistics for doing the us. i don't think that they intend to go into the donbass they already have thousands of russian soldiers in the done best leading and supporting the so-called separatists i think they're cheating their what they want which is to destabilize ukraine and make it impossible for ukraine to join the e.u. or nato you know other forces are intended i think to increase their control over all of the c. of a zone of and perhaps more of the black sea coast. do you think a full scale invasion of ukraine is on the cots. yeah i don't think when you say a full scale invasion you know you're talking about big red arrow that cuts into the heart of ukraine i don't think that's what they're interested in doing and
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remember this is this really started in 2008 with the invasion of georgia they saw that the west did not do anything and you have russian troops still sitting in 20 percent of georgia and then the russians solved it we didn't do anything after the assad regime caught a cross president obama's red line and then they saw the wiz didn't really do anything after their invasion of ukraine in 2014 i mean other than some sanctions truthfully we collectively have done nothing to punish for whole the prelims accountable and he is doing what he didn't do you think that we'll still say in this particular instance do you think nato is prepared to use military force to oppose russia here no this is not about nato nato defense nato and the alliance has done a great job of ensuring that nato members are prepared this is about berlin paris brussels london and washington sticking together and holding the grandmother
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accountable and unfortunately most of the leadership in all of those capitals has been have been invisible even my own president who started out saying the ukrainian sovereignty is a priority putin is a killer and then we're merely follow that up with very weak incoherent actions and i think this only emboldens invites the primitive human movement until their forces start following us general ben hodges thank you very much for being on our program today and the opportunity. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world india has reported the highest one day tally of coronavirus cases anywhere more almost 315000 people tested positive for covert 900 on thursday alone the country has seen a huge spike in infections as it struggles to deal with a 2nd wave and i think many hospitals are overfilled and running out of critical supply. spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has pledged to give up to 10 percent
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of his country's coronavirus vaccines to latin americans and the caribbean countries this year spain as inoculated half of its own population he was speaking at the american summit where other leaders accused rich countries of ordering vaccine. and the indonesian navy has launched a search operation for a missing submarine it has 53 crew on board contact was lost on wednesday as the sub was conducting a drill off the island of bali australia and singapore have also deployed ships to support the search germany's parliament has passed a national law imposing coronavirus lockdowns on areas with high infection rates it ends a patchwork approach to tackling the pandemic by germany's 16 federal states opinion polls show a majority of germans support the new legislations but wednesday also saw its
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opponents take to the streets of the capital. chancellor angela merkel campaigned long and hard for the new legislation but on wednesday she let others take the floor there was heated debate down to the very last moment opposition parties such as the right wing populist a.f.d. try to have the votes removed from their genda drawing harsh criticism from the coalition government. that is going is it if there's no law then there will be no emergency measures and if there are no measures people will get sick and die and the fact that they are now clapping reveals the true hideous nature of this party you've got to go to start thank you the business friendly f.t.p.'s say they'll challenge the law in the courts but neither do i want to add this there is no scientific evidence which proves that curfews prevent the spread of the virus and to just hope that they will actually make a difference is not enough to justify such a serious infringement on citizens fundamental rights should be every big one text
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and if so they chatted but in the end the majority of parliamentarians voted in favor of amending the infection protection act the changes affect all cities and districts registering more than $100.00 cases per 100000 residents over a week and nighttime curfew will be imposed from 10 pm until 5 am contact will be limited for residents from one household to just one other person when the 7 day incidence rate exceeds 165 schools and shops will be closed currently most cities and districts are seeing infection rates well above these figures meaning the changes will take effect almost immediately. surveys show that a majority of people in germany approve of the measures many are in favor of even tougher measures but that didn't stop a minority from taking to the streets around 8000 demonstrators gathered outside parliament to protest what they see as an unjustified attack on their
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constitutional rights they now hope that the new law will be stopped either by the 2nd chamber of parliament the been this hot or the courts. it watching t.v. news still to come. in midweek bundesliga action adults want to pick up a big win to keep their season alive. but 1st to the u.s. where president joe biden is set to open a global climate summit today marking the united states return to national efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions summit opens on earth day which ushered in modern environmental movement back in 1950. this planet is threatened with destruction. we are in a crisis of so but on the 22nd of april 19th 70 millions of americans mostly students took to the streets to demand more environmental protection it was the birth of earth day and an important step towards what was to become
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a global environmental movement proles a pesticide controls the head clean air clean water the list of environmental laws and regulations that passed over that decade after earth day always by a growing environmental movement is quite a story nevertheless 51 years later today's environmental problems are even more serious due to climate change. since the beginning of industrialization the earth has heated up by one degree it could be well over 2 degrees warmer by the end of the century. today it's once again mainly young people who are taking to the streets this time they're demanding a drastic reduction in global c o 2 emissions that we young people have had enough we say you know was. $215196.00 states signed up to the paris agreement which promises to limit climate change. the paris climate
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agreement has been signed the if. it was an historic moment and when and traffic was reduced to have been minimum during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic it was clear that things can change but even that's not enough say researchers and environmental activists. we should not underestimate the power of the individual to cause a commotion and get results change is possible earth day is demanding it because the climate clock is ticking. well for more on this i'm now joined by john from good obvious environment department and it is it already too late as some say to change course or the experts say there's still time. it's not too late for most people but it is definitely too late for some people climate change has already caused the death of already killed people in the form of hot
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a heatwave strongest storms raging more intense wildfires all of this is already had an impact and if you look purely at even the evolution from from fossil fuels that's estimated from the latest studies to cause about $8000000.00 deaths a year so it is definitely too late for some people but what's also clear is that there's no kind of cliff edge beyond which it's too late to do anything when i talk climate scientists they really stress that every little bit helps every extra step we take comes here to emissions will stop the climate from warming by a little bit more. as if they are at fault we saw pictures from the protests 50 years ago when the whole movement was launched really today we have movies like fried is the future and do these protests really change something. we can see that climate awareness people's understanding of climate change has definitely become much bigger and more mainstream over the last few years and
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scientists can't really exactly pin down how much of that is due to the activists in the protests people like richard because so or how much of that is due to government actually takes sitting up and taking more notice of it there was a big scientific study that came out a few years ago that really details just how bad the consequences of 1.5 degrees celsius of warming would be would leave the entire planet and that falls have been seen in the big game changer in how we consider the sear term missions and how quickly we need to cut those down. just stay with us for a 2nd because i want to take a quick look at the current level of carbon dioxide emissions around the world because since 2005 c o 2 emissions have been slowly increasing but the corona pandemic has broad movement restrictions that that man that emissions dropped last year's you can see here lockdowns of course meant less pollution had some positive impacts on
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global c o 2 levels but the drop is of course going to reverse when the economy is going to recover and when activity retires that will of course be an increase in c o 2 emissions in the coming years with a sustainable recovery plan the world could actually lower emissions according to the international energy agency and let's go back to. their. job we prepare ourselves if we're looking at the c o 2 levels in the corona cries will the lockdowns should we prepare ourselves for c o 2 lockdowns climate lockdowns in the near future. i think the pandemic is showing that climate lockdowns will not really bring us very far the dip in a mission that's already bounced back really is not actually something that's sustainable and it also really made a small dent in the overall problem activists strongly calling for for these
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systemic changes that actually address the entire issue and really actually swap fossil fuel emissions to add to their energy from renewable energy and clean source of that don't actually pollute the atmosphere scientists do say it is a bit more complex because there are changes that particular people and rich countries that will have to be made and not to some extent will involve a sacrifice so in terms of what people can actually do to limit climate change staying at home isn't something that really any sign to any credible scientists as far as i'm way of calling for but they are saying things like reduce the amount you fly if you fly reduce the amount you drive if you drive or even stop driving altogether if you can and maybe even less meat or eat less beef that comes from area they will be for a station these are all practical things people can do to address climate change but compared to the biggest systemic issues it's only a small part of the big picture. from that he environment department thank you.
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and we turn to football now both that champions league hopes alive after a 2 nil win at home 2 only on belly victories sees them cut the gap to the elite competition slots $24.00 points with 4 games off the season remaining. dormant as usual 10th of a youngsters with champions league qualification hopes hanging by a thread their opponents and yawn what also chasing a european spot and it was that you almost got off to a flying start with just 13 seconds on the clock marcus invites and cal the shot against the crossbar and early let's offer dortmund. but the hosts grew into the game talking as our friend mark or royce and the captain should have put dormant ahead in his short role thomas lean wide. grace made amends though in the 25th minute when he won a penalty there seemed to be little contact from on young keeper and highest looter and although he saved erling holland's spot kick royce followed up and bundled the
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full length of bits of pill to swallow for the visitors who thought the penalty was harsh and almost managed to clear their lines. in the 2nd half they went agonizingly close to equalising when max cruisers free kick can and off the post my 3 place showed dortmund keeper marvin hits got a feather light touch on the ball to turn it on to the post and keep his side ahead . with time ticking away dortmund made the win safe with only ravaged counter-attack rafael guerrero doubled his side's lead with a smart finish pass the stubborn looser. shortlands more experienced stars delivered at you know when it gives them a fighting chance of making the top 4. and both look currently in 3rd place needed a win to stay ahead of frankfurt in the bundesliga standings and they got it. out.
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spoke was up a goal in the 29th minute when out there cops took advantage of the central pass to manage his 20th goal of the season right between the goal. that puts forth of the league in scoring both went on to a $31.00 win. some 10 is now and rough on a dollar has overcome a bad start on his way to reaching the last 16 of the barcelona open eventually beat a qualifier from below in 3 sets it was an interesting day at the tournament with. it is fabio fognini disqualified for verbal abuse. playing a match in front of a home crowd on his favorite surface pretty straightforward for rafa nidal right actually wrong he was 2nd best in the 1st set against it. thanks but even when he's on the ropes and darla is
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a stretch somehow managing to win this point from the back of the courts. was. he eventually regain full control to go through in 3 sets still on track to win the boss rainer title for an incredible record stretching 12th time. in another match italian 5 year for knees biggest battle was not with his opponent but a line judge. clearly not impressed and far nini was disqualified for verbal abuse. 500 to play tennis i was here to fight the in the mission even if i was losing doesn't matter but will believe today to me was something that misbehaved but it's not the 1st time for a nice been booted out of a tournament has also happened to him at the u.s. open in 2017 after he and sophie defeat.
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you're watching news here's a reminder of top stories russian police arrested more than 1400 people at nationwide protests in support of position. the team say is health is deteriorating after starting a hunger strike 3 weeks. and germany's problem and has passed the new law.
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going to. finally learning to read at 16. her entire life as me in there has invested everything into education for her 10 children. she herself is a little mixed micah many older women mentor kids but has let him play knows that learning always pays off for some kids on europe. next on d w. n 2 in the conflict zone with team sebastian faulks
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libya has a new government of national unity which promises free elections by the end of this year from the roadblocks it faces are in the arms militia groups to hold policy of the country my guest this week is tahmeena by libya's ambassador to the u. i mean geneva how woo's new government succeed. conflicts so for. 60 minutes to. translate. carefully you don't know who would soon be a genius to be a good. old fashioned.
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discover who. play. subscribed. documentary. the song. hello and welcome to focus on hero of lives show of all european countries france has experienced the highest number of islamist attacks in recent years more than 250 people have been killed in islamist violence since 2015 last october french high school teacher assam will pass.


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