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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2021 7:45am-8:01am CEST

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it's your home and then you troll with the way and. that's the spot for climate on the spot but for everything. germany is still the biggest consumer of the paper products from finland and you pay for it all it would for a duck soup boy if it comes from finland it might involve problems for the for the reindeer herd just it might involve problems of biodiversity and i'd say that people should be more conscious of seeing more what will they use in france susana and pierre are investigating a promising idea sustainable houses made entirely of wood when they're built well they can be very long lasting they have an appointment with architect. there. so that what's that you know it's a portable home you can live in it and if you meet someone a girlfriend you can put a 2nd one right next to it. if it doesn't work out you just take them apart again
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out yourself i yeah this is this is the design everything we see here is wood from the of the near forest we're really proud because we know where our raw material is being used the wood is story c o 2 and it's being used locally. when wood is used for construction it binds c o 2 longer than if it's made into paper the architect has a new commission for that. i need you. do you need douglas for yes along with other kinds of wood. right otherwise it all looks the same aspen would be fantastic for the cladding long form will get quite a bit out it should be enough for the house you will get about 300 meters just tell us how much and what kinds of wood you need we'll set it aside i was reserve it for you 300 cubic meters that's 200 mill so 140 cubic meters is.
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a local buyer and no middleman susana and pierre are pleased with the results. using the wood sustainably is important but so is the way that the trees are logged . in the back they'll be felling some old oaks today. it's a job that requires a fair bit of skill and they're planning to sell this tree a cherry tree is in the way they debate which direction the oak should fall to minimize damage to surrounding trees. and its tight quarters if they're hoping to spare a nearby oak there was a booth things but the beech tree will have to come down. the forester's try to do as little damage as possible when they're felling big trees and then again they will ensure the young trees nearby could easily be operated.
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canoe charm carefully selected the oaks that will be felled today they only harvest trees that will command a good price the forester's long term plan is to double the amount of oak in this forest and he's well on the way. other than i think. when an oak comes down i feel like i can hear it scream. that may sound nuts but an oak is a living being just like an animal we need to treat them with care for a cat eats a mouse and we humans need wouldn't but it pains me every time i have to kill an animal or a trade to meet my own needs for my bike to be doing some comment on that reside on the loggers are still debating how to fill the tree via going to gain. the oak is a heavy weight and it's tilted slightly in the wrong direction the loggers are using
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a winch to guide it in the other direction you notice. nothing is rushed here but the forest still earns the city a tiny profit. now the trainee is given a recap. of some of these you might wonder if all this effort was worth it the oak was already tilting and we could have just let it go down in that direction but those young trees are the future of this forest the next generation also want to sell high quality wood this tree has been here 200 years so we should respect that and take the time to do our job properly we don't want to just yank it down we wanted to fall in the right direction walt would. see. even though there's sometimes collateral damage this forest is densely wooded and thriving.
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the loopback forest draws customers from far and wide these buyers came from more than 300 kilometers away they want a high quality yoke for their veneer workshop the cubic metre price depends on the woods quality the price of every log is negotiated separately. one of the fires points out a flaw in this section of the trunk he's aiming for a good price war for the old. 400 young model but canoe to storm stays unruffled he's used to these kinds of negotiations. like the buyers are also debating exactly how much of the lock to purchase. what they'd prefer is 3 meters 50 with a minimum of knots. to rise from $30.00 for that they'd be willing to pay
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a premium of $600.00 and it's yours as well that was painless for you're going to be a washed up from you what if we take 660 for 360 games that's what i want but that's not enough. in the end they buy several truckloads the price is a trade secret to stop war and by the way can watch doing runs the florist is pretty much unique in germany or japan if you will for your to they let the trees get old and fat. you want to find trees of this size in places where they felt the trees much sooner fourchon the rat if you hear the trees grow old or old and sturdy . that's what we want so you're famous with money to monument and. it's a nice market but a lucrative one. the marketing of the new yes we want to tell you that customers are also willing to pay a premium because they know they're not getting
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a legally harvested timber. that. georgian forces just isn't and that's what makes german forestry appealing this is new it's not like romania or ukraine when it comes to observing regulations you know they're too lax for our tastes is a lost disease. yohannes sonnen of the world wide fund for nature and alexandru a romanian police investigator are heading out to take a look at illegal logging practices in the area. and they drove us quite far away to show was illegal logging it's like then they said oh it's not that bad really there's no illegal logging anyhow everything's great at this from to your left. and everyone denies there is a legal clear cutting in the area they feel like they're being stonewalled. the. job well that's an example all right i should be. there told only
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a handful of trees have been felled and there's no clear cutting alexandru is frustrated with the local police takes a sample of the wood to see you again you know you see it's how big my have taken a specimen so that we can send it to the isotope lab as a reference to see if illegal timber turns up we can compare it to the sample and for. your highness sonnen isn't just an activist he's also a specialist in wood forensics he helped develop this investigative technique he's used it a number of times to prove that supposedly legally felt blood was actually illegal timber. here and that. in the sea and it seemed just so it's really not skip it's we're going to go forward certainly let's because it's something like she said ok let's continue with. the
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long. run. as they hike up to the peak yohannes talks to the local police officers. nearly every road that crossed. the street there were a lot so locking is everywhere spot on how to lay has been a little control that maybe they have out there is asian for death there so they've lost their yeah 99 percent have papers right. after a 2 hour hike uphill they finally arrive at their destination most of the lodging here is clearly older but a few of the trees were felled recently. it's close to 2 years. with leap year forest as told that they still around $1000.00 priests in this area.
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we have forest those are badly paid and you go to the houses of the forest us and they have the cows says how can you ask super house where you earn only very little money it's an indicator that something is wrong. it's a leap in our experience was rather mixed with almost amusing at times as was clearly they didn't want to put romania in a bad light but with all the illegal business going on there you'd need an awfully big blanket for that cover up in the ganga she's going to take. sun and says the main problem is corruption that's why he and his fellow activists have taken up the fight to save the forests. can you to shoreham has also seized the initiative together with thorsten valla of the
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natural forest academy he wants to refute the claim that young conifer forests bind more c o 2 than older mixed forests this fall will stay in i'll set up the laser scanner this is the center of the area we want to scan it they said either you. scan lawyer . storm is convinced that mixed with winds grow faster and find more c o 2 than most researchers believe. we've got a mixed forest with trees of different ages our theory is that enhances growth he is. setting up the goals of reference bulls. the 3 d. scanner shows how much the trees have grown since the last measurements were taken . just look i'm moving on now i press the button and it will measure everything. i have the device is always the same height at chest level it makes few areas than
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a human would because people make mistakes every now and then. scooters and adopt this gives you solid data that you can report and you get numbers measurements that you can show people the international studies of showing that a high level of species diversity for a large variety of trees in a forest enhanced is productivity and growth and thus open all of us with the group of that's exactly what we see in lubec this forest isn't unique it was that this is how ecosystems work and it would be nice if forestry operations were to take that on board itself so i'm going on bill jones. can you tell storm hopes that one day he'll be able to convince his critics. did so on the numbers or on our side and not just our economic balance sheet but the ecological data we're seeing species return to our forest that only live in primeval forests including insect bat and bird
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species that's quite a success just as. responsible with land management without corruption and without reckless over exploitation. that's the future these activists are fighting for. 2000 or not too low. but what about a sharing economy instead. of a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new. the economics magazine maybe in germany. 30 minutes w.
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such. claim. this is the the view news live from berlin rallies across russia meet with a tough police response more than 1400 are arrested as people turn out in the files demanding freedom for alexander felony the jailed kremlin critics health is failing after 3 weeks on hunger strike also coming out germany's parliament passes a national lockdown law to contain the covert 19 pandemic the health minister calls the situation if stream is serious but opposition parties want a lot checked by the constitutional court.


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