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it's century. present day hoaxes this is. and who's behind the. faceless business and the behavior is unacceptable it will not be allowed manufacturing ignorance strikes make good on g.w. cutler. former minneapolis police officer derek so guilty of the murder of george for just minutes after the verdict was delivered yesterday u.s. president biden called the ford family with a promise to start an overhaul of policing in america today the u.s. justice department said that it plans to investigate the minneapolis police department but nationwide police reform can only come from congress the same congress that when asked to pass minimal gun controls has offered plenty of prayers instead i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.
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wolf we've just witnessed blows the wheels of justice turning finally in the duration of minorities in this country a measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice we still must reform the system of extremely proud right now right of the system because i didn't have faith in it before i can't breathe. i can't breathe. your sores nice words. we can't let those words down we see we won't be able to breathe on to that you'll able to breathe. today we are able to breathe again. also coming up the u.s. is planning
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a major announcement on greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow on world earth day one of the world's biggest polluters cleaning up its act i'll ask a young activist if this is too good to be true i think the most important thing is that we hold government leaders and corporate leaders accountable and that we. we should not underestimate the power of the individual to cause a. commotion and get results. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with what did not happen in minneapolis minnesota last night and today it has been 24 hours since a jury found former police officer derek chauvet guilty of killing george floored the murder of florida on a minneapolis street last may ignited global protests against police brutality targeting black men yesterday what had sounded to many lucky ticking time bomb of
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social violence and rage was quickly replaced by a chorus of celebration cars honking their horns people dancing in the streets the u.s. president and vice president were quick to praise the jury for reaching what they called the right decision and president biden says the verdict represents a unique chance to begin reforming america's police at the same time addressing what he says are systemic inequalities in the justice system itself how much can the president do how much justice was really served yesterday i'll pose those questions in just a moment but 1st a look once again when the verdict of guilty was made public. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony find the defendant guilty to the words so many have been hoping and waiting for their guilty on all counts derek chauvin now
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a convicted murderer at the end of a tense 3 week trial. justice for george floyd what began as a rallying cry has become reality. thanks just crowds who had gathered at george floyd square the site where he was murdered were overcome by emotion. overwhelmed i'm grateful and relieved so i'm i feel grounded i can feel my feet on the concrete i'm super grateful that this is the verdict and that we can now move to the next faith. george floyd slow death has now been seen by millions. while attempting to arrest him last may show been pinned to handcuff floyd to the ground kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes 29 seconds. i can't breathe for some of his final words. floyd's killing on lease one of the biggest waves
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of protests in u.s. history against systemically racism and police brutality. president joe biden hailed the decision as an important step toward police reform it was a murder in full light of day and to rip the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism vice president just referred to their system integration this is day nation so but it's not enough we can't stop here. in order to litter real change reform we kid and we must do more to reduce the likelihood that tragedy like this will never happen occur again. show been handcuffed and led away will be sentenced 8 weeks from now he could be facing decades in prison. were sure and well i want to bring in now gloria j. brown marshall she is a professor of constitutional law at john jay college in new york city her most
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recent book on civil rights and wall is entitled she took just as the black woman wall and power it's good to have you with us again on the day i want to start by asking you what was your reaction when you heard the sentencing for the verdict for derek shogun and was justice served yesterday earth yes justice with her then i was so anxious and nervous and i was sweating actually and i knew that i had to do other parents is on television programs and i took the time outs of just watch the verdict and i was amazed i was so sure in my heart that once again as an african-american even as a scholar an academic and a writer playwright that i would be disappointed in this country of disappointed people of color so many times so i was actually relieved and and then fearful about
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the appellate part of this trial perhaps but i moment to be grateful for the outcome you know professor documenting a crime is critical to making that crime seem real in a court of law you know they say you can't see what you've already seen would we be talking about reforming police policing if we did not have smartphones with cameras if we had not been able to videotape the death of george floyd. well remember we had a video for the mirror right we had a video for linda steele and well just got up and yet no instances in which the officers were acquitted we need to understand that there was more than the video here it was finally the coming together of communities it wasn't just the african-american community talking about racism in policing other communities thought it well enough with funnily enough not to say the international pressure
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was very important here as well and it has been over the history of i would say african-americans that reached across the atlantic and hoped that we would have a bond with other countries to see what was going on here so it took a lot for this to happen it was not just the video we know that the u.s. president is promising to do all that he can to start an overhaul of u.s. policing but legislation from congress that's what is needed to bring nationwide substantial change how likely is vamps. it is likely but i'll tell you this and this is something i keep saying is very new for most of this discussion without police reform that's one thing without it you know we are still going to how long there will be jurisdictions we have $18000.00 police jurisdictions in this country and so without police reform of that nature we will make changes piecemeal we need national criminal justice reform but it doesn't
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matter what the law is that the prosecutors don't prosecute and that's the major issue in this country that the people force of house a profit the police officers are not doing that we saw prosecution at its best in this trial least of defense counsel working as hard as they could this but that seed of doubt those prosecutors did everything they could at the highest of their level of expertise we don't ever see that in this country every time there's a police officer who is involved in something like this the prosecutor is terms of that so we hope that this case will send a message to prosecutors do your job and stop acting like you're in the pocket of the police department professor would you take a listen to what u.s. representative maxine waters and president biden what the both of them said before the verdict was delivered yesterday take a listen. we've got snow on the story that we've got to. get. them back to make. their. creed heard bravery.
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i would say. the jury was going to research. professor are either of those statements with a big will not for an appeal that could overturn the verdict mean hell safe do you think this conviction is tonight. i think it's as safe as any conviction we've had with the police officer wish they are a lot but i will say this donald trump they are worth donald trump said things about the judge is not about the defendants about people in general and it was not considered grounds for a mistrial in any of those cases dealing with deportation or the cases before those particular judges so i don't think that this would be grounds for a mistrial but of course an attorney is going to put that forward and already has for the defense i do believe that we have to understand that judge cahill is
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supposed to sentence they are showing within the next several months and it's going to take into consideration what they're show up and if they did not say he's not shown any remorse up to this point so missed by with something that jeff cagle supported he said so i don't think that it was grounds for a mistrial but i'm concerned about what judge will do next with sentencing northfield and i am about the grounds for a mistrial yeah i'm sure we'll have an opportunity to talk about that decision saying it's supposed to take place in 8 weeks and maybe you can come back on the show maybe we can talk about what's happening then the feds are gloria j. marshall professor it's good to talk with you we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you thank you. a warning from the russian president to the rest of the world but stay out of our affairs is his annual state of the nation address vladimir putin has made it clear that moscow will respond in
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a quote swift and harsh way to any foreign provocations it comes as tensions with the west are rising over russia's military buildup along the ukrainian border the u.s. and european union have also developed to hold putin responsible if his main political rival alexina volley don is in prison the mony is in his 4th week now of a hunger strike. we could be doing if it must be we really do not want to burn bridges well it is someone perceives our good intentions as indifference or weakness and themself intends to finally nor even blow up these bridges. that he should know that russia's response will be asymmetrical quick. and tough. 3 of them on us we will have enough patience responsibility professionalism self-confidence moral steadfastness and common sense when making decisions. but
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i hope that no one will think of crossing red lines regarding russia. and what that red line is in any particular case but it will be determined by ourselves and country of the solution sami in clear words there from mr putin to talk about that i'm joined now by one year old sarge scene he is a member of germany's opposition green party he's the greens spokesman on eastern europe policy and he's a member of the german parliament's foreign policy committee mr it's arsene is good to have you on the program to get us started i'd like to read a quote from the chairman of the foreign policy committee norbert rootkit he was quoted in the new york times as saying however embarrassing it is for me the greens have the clearest stance of all the parties on china and russia and he also said the greens are
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a much more realistic and preferable partner for us on foreign policy nice words for your party so if the government asks you what it should do next about president putin what will your answer be. but i think that what mr putin is calling red lines is actually a red herring it is clearly did he's trying to mobilize his population because he's under 3 or criticism and they've got elections in the autumn and it's a real tough situation for this regime for this system of cruelty and because the people are hunting away of the system so they're trying to mobilize to hold the on completion mobilized creating trouble and it would do you think he's bluffing though i mean we hear statements about all of these russian soldiers are massing along the border with ukraine is that a serious threat or is putting just bluffing and is for
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sure serious threats and he's showing us a by amity of options which they have in hand from a fast escalation where they've been putting their ideas of a grounding of a hurry up being so called on passport holders in lucre and also he was telling today that it would be in this a meticulous. response for an arsenal which is nothing else than an escalation which is offering on the other hand it can be just a lot so that they're trying to technically swift burns in the black sea region anyway what are they doing is a clear confrontation in italy who cation and i'm sure it will not just go a far they will go on pistols well i want to imagine let's say your party were to win the election and we have a green chancellor we've got a green foreign minister for germany what with what we debt person you for example
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be saying to ukraine. so it's clear i mean this is the german foreign policy not only of the green party of the whole government that's determined to do territorial to the territorial integrity of ukraine cannot be christians and germany is clear at the start of ukraine and against the russian divisional war that just taking place in this and ukraine since 2014 and i think it's important they have to be clear on the intentions of the interest of. the russian is not seeking for peace in ukraine they're trying to create an image of the search that they would be in the washington party for creating peace but actually didn't to destabilize the country so it isn't glutens to talk about the criminal or as a diss the glaring flaws and to try to connect with the russian civil society and to population that country better than before so it's the year 2021 and russia is a destabilizing force in the world i assume then that you think the the russian
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policy that has been pursued by german chancellor angela merkel all these years that that policy has been a complete failure. well it said that way it has been at some points it was a clear stance over points especially because the problem north going to the german policy towards russia was actually not putting grounded on this position but showing that if it's about economical interests or perhaps germany a matter of a different opinion it is inspecting up europe's interest so it has to be germany and no seeking through more than a union and the european union position it was russia and not so far being more clear in stating what we see about the russian policy internally against our civil society and the position and externally for example they got in ukraine does not mean that the openness even from the government was a complete failure but at least it wasn't clear and what about nord stream too
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should that project be killed. i personally think it should be kept but what the german government could at least through is saying that they are not politically supporting it and in if the chancellor was saying that she doesn't support the true jake this will be an important political stance the true test also economy impact on the. stock markets rating of just one component let me just ask you before we run out of time the protests in russia over the imprisonment of alexina vali what did they say about whether we're putin and how should germany react to what's essentially a domestic russian issue this is a domestic russian issue for sure and even not influence or be cancerous influence and. as we're interested in the country that of course you know really closely following and interested in what's happening in russia but one sentence more if
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somebody is closer than this internationally. illegal substance of chemical warfare like move in china this is not an internal issue of any country anymore it doesn't matter but it happens if something like no beetroot is used it is in the same moment up to international law and it or not no case and no country can claim it's an interracial ok manuel sardine. foreign affairs specialist with germany's green party mr targeting it's good talking with you we 3 shape the time and the insights please come back and talk with us again thank you for the night. so morrow is world earth day the event began in the 1970 s. to remind everyone of the relationship between us humans and i were only earth this
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year maybe one for the climate change history books on thursday u.s. president biden is expected to pledge a major cut in greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent by the year 2030 the announcement will come as the president begins hosting a virtual 2 day climate summit the chinese president plans to attend we'll speak with a young environmental activists in just a moment but 1st this look at earth day then and now. this planet is destruction. we are in a crisis of survival on the 22nd of april 19th 70 millions of americans mostly students took to the streets to demand more environmental protection it was the birth of earth day and an important step towards what was to become a global environmental movement proles they had pesticide control they had clean air clean water the list of environmental laws and regulations that passed over
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that decade after earth day away by a growing environmental movement is quite historic nevertheless 51 years later today's environmental problems are even more serious due to climate change. since the beginning of industrialization the earth has heated up by one degree it could be well over 2 degrees warmer by the end of the century. today it's once again mainly young people who are taking to the streets this time they're demanding a drastic reduction in global c o 2 emissions that we young people have had enough we say you know was. 2015196 states signed up to the paris agreement which promises to limit climate change that girl the paris climate agreement has been signed. it was an historic moment and when and traffic was reduced to
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a bin minimum during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic it was clear that things can change but even that's not enough say researches and environmentalists activists. we should not underestimate the power of the individual to cause a commotion and get results change is possible both days demanding it because the climate clock is ticking. ticking it is all right i want to bring in now activists and youth director of baines from the environmental climate and social justice group earth guardians it's good to have you on the program i want to hear 1st from you what do you think of president biden's environmental summit that begins tomorrow do you have any hopes from that. yes it's great to be with you all here i hope i have hope for president biden's environmental summit but on the condition that the united states takes
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accountability and responsibility for its own impacts on the spiraling climate crisis you see the u.s. is one of the biggest polluters on the planet our oil and gas emissions are going up and up our petrochemical industry is responsible for the proliferation of plastics across the globe and our agricultural practices are destroying biodiversity and ecosystems if we have any hope for meaningful untenable agreements with the 40 countries that president biden has invited to the 2 day virtual summit there will be that the united states lead by example and stop cow towing to make industries we need policies to move away from justifying every polluting industry on the basis of economics and bottom line thinking and we've got to start thinking and acting creatively and collaborating to cooperate on a level that humanity has never seen before but are likely that's possible what do you what do you make about the announcement we're going to get tomorrow from the president pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by the year 2030 i have hope and i know that it's going to take a little bit of pushing to see you know even more progressive legislature being
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introduced into you know the house the senate and of course and the united states you represent a young generation of activists people who see climate change as top of the agenda do you do you see it as the the role of young people maybe to motivate older people or to educate older people to get them involved in activism especially when we're talking about climate change. you know i believe that we need to collaborate and work enter generationally and how to do that is to just pas take a breath and really listen to those that are in front of us i recognize that active listening teaches us to listen to those that are in front of us and know to us when we need to learn from the person in front of us i've realized that you know creating space for dialogue create space for growth and learning our elders have many more years of experience and so we need their support and young people can bring a level of emotional teligent that is greatly needed i believe that to be honest
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we're teaching each other but ultimately that young people and elders must work together we're going to solve the climate crisis. there we've got about 30 seconds i want to ask you you know the fridays for future movement we saw over the past year it had a broad appeal how do you maintain the momentum of a movement like there. that question you to recognize the need for system this is a systemic change and 21000 we saw hundreds of thousands of youth striking for climate and in 2020 we saw tens of thousands of youth striking for black lives matter you know the pandemic was difficult but it made us recognize that we needed to work collaboratively and work in coalitions you know the climate crisis can be overwhelming and it's easy to fall into cynicism but i believe more now ever that if we do this in our personal work and collaborate we can create a more equitable and regenerate for old harlem that we can create that change ok marlo being with the earth guardians are we appreciate your time and your insights
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let's talk again soon thank you thank you. the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either d w news you can follow me aboard the golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria must die so millions can live.
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this is news from berlin tonight russia cracking down on political opposition police have arrested hundreds of protesters rallying in support. of all these in dire health and in the 3rd week of a hunger strike also coming up tonight the german parliament passes a new walk down wall to contain a 3rd wave of the corona virus pandemic the country's health minister says the situation is extremely serious and fears mount over violence in chad as the son of the president killed in combat on tuesday takes over as the country's leader he's
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promised to hold elections in 18 months time in which rebel groups launch threats to the deposed. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us russian police have arrested hundreds of people at nationwide protests in support of the jailed opposition leader alexina all night observers say more than 400 protesters were arrested in more than 50 cities across russia the protest took place on the same day as president vladimir putin's annual state of the nation address. a forceful message delivered on a grand stage at his annual state of the nation address russian president vladimir putin warned western powers not to meddle. in moscow's affairs. we just
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wiggling you could usually get must we really don't want to burn any bridges. but if some mistake our good intentions for indifference or weakness and intend to burn or even blow up those bridges themselves. russia's response will be even more forceful quick and tough. as was. in recent weeks russia has been building up its military presence on the ukrainian border and in crimea pouring fuel on a simmering territorial conflict between ukraine forces and russian backed separatists this escalation was met with condemnation from abroad. but as he delivered his warning to the west was facing headwinds at home across the country people gathered to protest at news of the deteriorating health of imprisoned opposition leader alexina found. the heavy police presence was supposed to deter
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those protests by key aides in a valley was snatched from the street in moscow and locked in a police van on the grounds of the interior ministry. your station is just this just it's i think that everything that is happening is to scare all the other people quite i was literally detained for the thought of showing up at the rally. so i would be detained until the late evening in this police van. but you know perfectly well what you should do you just think that you shouldn't be afraid to let's. get this peace building get that for you but yet said. the crackdown could not prevent protests even in far flung parts of the country like here in the remote siberian city of houla who day. we have shot and i promise i came here on purpose to raise my voice against future and ongoing repressions thank you very against the killing of alexina valley in jail and you
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know one against having many political prisoners. the police the supply. the rallies were met with mass arrests. that did not stop thousands from gathering in moscow as night fell. brute force has not caused dissent in russia just yet but i think that your child was right or more now i'm joined by felix light from the moscow times felix's good to have you on the program i understand that you were at a pro alexei navalny. just tell us what did you see. yes well so the outlook among the protesters tonight among the novelli movement was in some ways a little bit mournful because author really dominating russian politics rational position politics for some years now the new movement is facing some really serious legal penalties that would essentially criminalize any involvement with novelli
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today's crowd was was big it wasn't massive it was certainly large from moscow standards we saw certainly perhaps north of of 10000 people on the streets of moscow at least today and it was a crowd of young people of all people have really sort of cutting across the coalition of on the support but there what really was this recognition that this is perhaps the end of the line for sort of mass protest activity in moscow for the time being we hear the police detained hundreds of protestors can you confirm that did you see any of that happening i didn't personally see it myself and in fact though there is there are reliable reports of several 100 detentions today this was almost rather restrained by the standards of russian policing certainly in january we saw a really aggressive sort of thorough going policing and in some cases really savage violence being meted out the protesters today we saw less of that and that is perhaps a deliberate decision by the kremlin to sort of take it
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a little bit easier now. and what about the help so alexina goldie the fact that we were hearing that he could die at any moment what impact is that having on the opposition movement in russia. well certainly it spurred a lot of people to the streets today you know many people were saying that they were there specifically to protest what they call the killing of ali and certainly we do know that not only is health is extremely well it's hanging by a thread as one of his doctors has said. he's of course a hunger strike he's also recuperating from poisoning by nova talking about 6 months ago so there is a great deal of reason to be concerned about his health strangely though in an instagram post which was ferried out by his lawyers yesterday he almost told people not to worry saying that you know there's this potassium build up which his lawyers of have flagged up as potentially causing cardiac arrest should is not to be worried about that he doesn't believe that he's on the brink of death so we will
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see we don't quite know what the state of his health is and the information we're getting out of the prison is rather fragmentary ok correspondent looks like with the latest tonight from felix thank you germany's parliament has passed a new law that will force coronavirus lockdowns on areas with high infection rates in a patchwork approach to tackling the pandemic by germany's 16 federal states with infection rates rising recent polls show the majority of people in germany approve of the new legislation but a very loud invisible minority they do not. chancellor and in america campaigned long and hard for the new legislation but on wednesday she let others take the floor so there was heated debate down to the very last moment opposition parties such as the right wing populist a.f.d. try to have the vote removed from their gender drawing harsh criticism from the coalition government. then it's kind is it's game get done if there's no law then
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there will be no emergency measures and if there are no measures people will get sick and die and the fact that they are now clapping reveals the true history is nature of this party you've got to go to start. the business friendly f.t.p. say they'll challenge the law in the courts. i decided i would say this there is no scientific evidence which proves that curfews prevent the spread of the virus and to just hope that they will actually make a difference is not enough to justify such a serious infringement on citizens fundamental rights should be evident want to thank i and if so h. tragic but in the end the majority of parliamentarians voted in favor of amending the infection protection act. the changes affect all cities and districts registering more than 100 cases per 100000 residents over week a nighttime curfew will be imposed from 10 pm until 5 am contact will be limited for residents from one household to just one other person when the 7 day incidence
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rate exceeds $165.00 schools and shops will be closed currently most cities and districts are seeing infection rates well above these figures meaning the changes will take effect almost immediately surveys show that a majority of people in germany approve of the measures many are in favor of even tougher measures but that didn't stop the minority from taking to the streets around 8000 demonstrators gathered outside parliament to protest what they see as an unjustified attack on their constitutional rights they now hope that the new law will be stopped either by the 2nd chamber of parliament the bonus scott or the courts. or germany's vaccine campaign it was slow to start but it is finally picking up speed more than 17000000 people have now received their 1st shot that is just over 20 percent of the population meanwhile in the united states president biden says that his administration today will reach its target of
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administering 200000000 shots in the administration's 1st 100 days in office that was the goal but the president says the u.s. public needs to stay vigilant to avoid losing the progress that they've already made against the virus. let's take a look now at some of the stories that are making headlines around the world police in columbus ohio have shot and killed a black teenager during a confrontation body cam footage shows an officer opening fire as the teen lunged at another person with a knife there were protests following the killing which came less than an hour before the verdict was announced in the trial of derek show over at least 4 people died in several more were injured when a bomb exploded in the carpark of a luxury hotel in the pakistani city of quechua several cars caught fire following the explosion it's not yet clear who was responsible syria has been stripped of its voting rights of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons syrian
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forces were found to have repeatedly used poison gas during the civil war something damascus has denied the country will be unable to vote or hold offices and the global chemical weapons watch till. the sun chants president has taken over the role after interest to be was killed in combat on tuesday mahatma idriss deby has become the country's new president and armed forces commander amid political turmoil rebel fighters have threatened to march onto the capital where government troops have been deployed to the streets the central african nation has been a strategic partner for the west in the fight against islamic extremism french president emanuel says he will attend deceased president idriss deby funeral ceremony. people flee the child in capital in jemini as uncertainty looms in nighttime curfew
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has been imposed chad's military council has named the late president's son as interim leader but that's done little to ease the tension. men also call out what we are waiting for is the moment of transition we don't want another military representative in power during this transition because there will be problems again a civilian is needed. not at all to show on and i think the head of the transitional government should be a neutral person a child ian who is not from the military he should be a civilian as it is if i allow me uncle. the army vows that civilian rule will return to chad. today look we want to reassure the public that the members of the transitional military council will hand over power to a civilian government after free and democratic elections within 18 months. he
11:13 pm
was the plan rejected by the opposition and rebel forces who say they're advancing on to mena to restore democracy after years of authoritarian rule. debbie was among the world's longest serving leaders. news of his death came just hours after it was announced he won a 6th term in office. debi was an ally of western states and the fight against extremism in the region. because that's the thing that chad offered with stability i mean this is a a very volatile region you've got libya falling apart above chad you've got sudan which broke in half you've got a war in central african republic you've got. boko haram in nigeria and so what you just have been offered was debility. and that's why
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for 3 decades the west supported adra steady his death could herald a new period of uncertainty in the troubled region. are sports now in german bundesliga football we can give you all of the results now from the midweek stay 3rd placed will spur defeated stuttgart one was a winner over union berlin hoffenheim beat braman fell to meit's on tuesday cologne surprise 2nd placed leipsic while 1st place byron munich one shell code was officially relegated after the loss to be live till frankfurt one and head to billions match postponed due to corona virus infections. here's what the results mean for the standings with just 4 match days left in the season byron munich has extended their lead to 10 points meaning one more win will assure them another title white city are 2nd followed by full support and frankfurt in the 2nd half
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looking at the very bottom shall go or out after more than 3 decades in the bonus league. this is u.w. news live from berlin up next you've business news with my colleague rob want to stick around he will be right back. people in trucks injured when trying to keep a city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. on the task seems. to be. clean and straight. people in the extreme trying. to defeat. you.


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