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this is g w news wives are from berlin tonight russia cracking down on political opposition police have arrested hundreds of protesters rallied in support of jailed kremlin critic of all these in dire health and in the 3rd week of a hunger strike also coming up tonight the german parliament passes a new law to contain a 3rd wave of the corona virus pandemic the country's health minister saying the situation is extremely serious and a new viral mutation in brazil means more and more younger patients are getting
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seriously ill and dying supplies of medicines are running short and health care workers say the government is to blame and a guilty verdict for george floyd's killing many say real justice is still a long way off but u.s. president biden is promising to do all that he can't. by bring cough to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states into all of you around the world welcome tonight russian police have arrested hundreds of people at nationwide protests in support of jailed opposition leader alexina faulty observers say more than 400 protesters were arrested today in more than 50 cities around the country the protests took place on the same day as president vladimir putin's annual state of the nation.
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a forceful message delivered on a grand stage at his annual state of the nation address russian president vladimir putin warned western powers not to meddle in moscow affairs we're just beginning if . we really don't want to burn any bridges but if some mistake our good intentions for indifference or weakness and intent to burn or even blow up those bridges themselves russia's response will be even more forceful quick and tough. i see me. we stood him. as was. in recent weeks russia has been building up its military presence on the ukrainian border and in crimea pouring fuel on a simmering territorial conflict between ukraine forces and production separatists . and was met with condemnation from abroad. but as he delivered his warning
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to the west putin was facing headwinds at home across the country people gathered in protest at news of the deteriorating health of imprisoned opposition leader alexina valmy. a heavy police presence was supposed to deter those protests a key aide to nevada he was snatched from the streets in moscow and locked in a police van on the grounds of the interior ministry. is just this just because i think that everything is happening to scare all the other people. i was detained for just thinking about showing up at the rally. i will be detained until the late evening in this police van. but you know perfectly well what you should do you shouldn't be afraid. but the crackdown could not prevent protests even in far flung parts of the country like here in the remote siberian city of day.
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yeah just lots of no problem i came here purposefully to raise my voice against future and ongoing repressions against the killing of alexina valley in jail against having many political prisoners but you almost due north just disappeared. the rallies were met with mass arrests as protesters were dragged into police vans one by one politics and putin's russia increasingly looks like rule by force. or more now i'm joined by felix light from the moscow times feel it is good to have you on the program i understand that you were at a pro alexei navalny protest tell us what did you see yes well so the the outlook among the protesters tonight among the novelli movement was in some ways
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a little bit mournful because all 3 dominating russian politics rational position politics for some years now the new movement is facing some really serious legal penalties that will essentially criminalize any involvement with novelli today's crowd was was big but it wasn't massive it was certainly large from moscow standards we saw certainly perhaps north of of 10000 people on the streets of moscow at least today and it was a crowd of young people of all people have really sort of cutting across the coalition of on the support but there won't really was this recognition that this is perhaps the end of the line for sort of mass protest activity in moscow for the time being yet we hear the police detained hundreds of protesters can you confirm that did you see any of that happening. i didn't personally see it myself and in fact though there is there are reliable reports of several 100 detentions today this was almost rather restrained by the standards of russian policing certainly in january we saw a really aggressive sort of thorough going policing and in some cases really savage
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violence being meted out to protesters today we saw less of that and that is perhaps a deliberate decision by the kremlin to sort of take it a little bit easier now. and what about the held so alexina goldie the fact that we were hearing that he could die at any moment what impact is that having on the opposition movement in russia well certainly it spurred a lot of people to the streets today you know many people were saying that they were that specifically to protest what they call the killing of novelli and certainly we do know that not only is health is extremely well it's hanging by a thread as one of his doctors has said. he's of course on a hunger strike he's also recuperating from poisoning by nova choking about 6 months ago so there is a great deal of reason to be concerned about his health strangely though in an instagram post which was ferried out by his lawyers yesterday he almost told people not to worry saying that you know this this potassium build up which is low is of
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flagged up as potentially causing cardiac arrest should is not to be worried about and that he doesn't believe that he's on the brink of death so we will see we don't quite know what the state of his health is and the information we're getting out of the prison is rather fragmentary. correspondent looks like with the latest tonight from on scale felix thank you. if alexina vallie were to die in prison would there be consequences for the kremlin munford they were is the leader of the center right european peoples parliament in the european party rather in the european parliament he says consequences without a doubt what he can do is to show to me a putting into his whole system how high the price could be if things went in we go in a wrong direction that is what we have to show and that's why for me it's clear if not. really hopefully not but if this really will happen that he will die then i
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think for example that cannot be finished can it be finalized is approaching we have to tell putin the price is high please respect international obligations and andrews it was munfordville but there speaking with his earlier germany's parliament has passed a new law that will force coronavirus walked on areas with high infection rates now this is a patchwork approach to tackling the pandemic by germany's 16 federal states with infection rates rising recent polls show the majority of people in germany approve of this new legislation but a very loud and visible minority does not chancellor and in america campaigned long and hard for the new legislation but on wednesday she let others take the floor there was heated debate down to the very last moment opposition parties such as the right wing populist a.f.d. try to have the vote removed from their agenda drawing harsh criticism from the
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coalition government. then it's kind is it's even if there's no law then there will be no emergency measures and if there are no measures people will get sick and die and the fact that they are now clapping reveals the true hideous nature of this party your new start to go to such a business friendly f.t.p. say they'll challenge the law in the courts. invited out which i guess there is no scientific evidence which proves that curfews prevent the spread of the virus and to just hope that they will actually make a difference is not enough to justify such a serious infringement on citizens fundamental rights should be evident in one text i think if so i chatted but in the end the majority of parliamentarians voted in favor of amending the infection protection act. the changes affect all cities and districts registering more than 100 cases per 100000 residents over a week a nighttime curfew will be imposed from 10 pm until 5 am contact will be limited
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for residents from one household to just one other person when the 7 day incidence rate exceeds $165.00 schools and shops will be closed currently most cities and districts are seeing infection rates well above these figures meaning the changes will take effect almost immediately. surveys show that a majority of people in germany approve of the measures many are in favor of even tougher measures but that didn't stop a minority from taking to the streets around 8000 demonstrators gathered outside parliament to protest what they see as an unjustified attack on their constitutional rights they now hope that the new law will be stopped either by the 2nd chamber of parliament the been a scot or the courts. germany's vaccination campaign was slow to start but it is finally picking up speed more than 17000000 people have now received their 1st shot that is just more than 20 percent of the population
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meanwhile in the u.s. president biden says his administration today will reach its target of administering 200000000 shots beating of course the goal of doing that within the 1st 100 days of office but the president said that the u.s. public needs to stay vigilant to avoid losing the progress that they've already made against the coronavirus. in south america in brazil was a different story that country struggling to bring the pandemic under control the latest figures from johns hopkins university but the total number of coronavirus deaths there at just over 378000 now that is 2nd only to the united states w's mighty is a bird has been speaking to doctors in rio de janeiro battling not only the pandemic but also a critical lack of medical supplies. in drilling go a suburb of rejection erode the situation is dire and there are similar scenes
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throughout the city the number of coated 19 patients is high at the same time hospitals are out of drugs such as city of was your only kind we have to strap down patients who are on ventilators inside because we don't have anyone sedatives so painkillers by things really shouldn't have to do that it's like torture the patient can no longer ask for her. when they feel uncomfortable the lack of much needed medicines makes both of us and the patient suffer. meanwhile more and more younger patients are being admitted to intensive care units with cases so severe that they have to be artificially ventilated this is apparently a journey to the fastest spreading p. one mutation according to the director of rio's largest hospital treating cope of 19 patients. just see the number of older people getting sick has decreased slightly because many have already been vaccinated but at the same time the number of people under 60 has increased sharply down the point is we have seen more and
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more young patients in intensive care and more young people dying in this phase of the. year than is for me and. the president of the council of nurses in rio blames president jaya both scenarios government for the lack of sedatives. the most welcomes but we are in this chaos because those responsible at the ministry of health do not have the necessary expertise for the job the wrong personnel were hired for political reasons the government must now trust the science stop denying the dangers and employ competent people who can give us a chance at success things said the economic but i can boss at the will you already is according to doctors there not only short on sedatives there's also a lack of syringes and other important medical products with you i would never have thought that after 20 years of experience i would be at this point
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a lack of painkillers has brought us doctors to the point where in some situations we have to ask ourselves whether we are still doing for our patients what we swore to do when we took the oath as students. brazil is in the middle of a critical phase of the. demick the region currently has one of the highest death tolls in the world and currently thousands more people are dying every day. and for more now i'm joined by our brazil correspondent aber he is in rio de janeiro good evening to you once he is you know you're reported paints a very dark picture it seems every time we speak things have gotten worse just how bad is the situation there tonight. hospitals are operating at their limits we've seen that in the last week in one intensive care unit here in region here by ourselves and
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a friend of mine for example lost 3 family members within one week the youngest was only 14 and yeah brazil is reducing again more than $3000.00 karuna death per day and that's a really tough situation. that there are just to problems and the wave seems only to go back really slowly here in brazil on the other hand we can also see that normal life goes it comes back is returning and restaurants are open again fitness studios and well as well and flights are fully booked. it's amazing hard to imagine too considering how many people are dying critics we know continue to accuse brazilian president. of mismanaging this pandemic how much of the blame does he care. yeah but it's not true and is to blame and the majority of brazilians knows that and is angry about his carona policy and the belittlement
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yeah therefore the supreme court recently ordered and force the senate to set up a parliamentary commission of inquiry and that might bring out results in the next weeks beside this i think we have also to look on the general condition c.m. brazil for example the poor house in conditions and the social inequality as reasons for this severe team. what would you say what needs to happen now for brazil to be able to bring this pandemic under control. thanks a nation is the key and i think that bodes narrow now is where of that and knows that he has to act and so he announced to buy in to order 100000000 doses of the biotech vaccine but i think the vaccination process will still be slow and will take a lot of time because of the former delay that that means i think we have to wait
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until the 2nd half of the year to see a real strong progress finds. hébert with the latest on the dire situation in brazil tonight but he is thank you thank you so here are some of the latest developments in the pandemic at least 22 coronavirus patients in a hospital in india died when their oxygen supply was cut off due to a problem with the gas take the united states has added around $100.00 countries to its do not travel advisory list those countries include germany france mexico canada and the united kingdom it's a different story in greece the country plans to reopen for tourism by mid may it says thanks in part to the country's vaccination row well. all right let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world but interest davey has taken over as president of chad one day after his father
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interest debbi died unexpectedly chad's main opposition parties have called the move a coup the rebels in the country say they will march on the capital syria has been stripped of its voting rights of the organization for the probation of chemical weapons syrian forces were found to have repeatedly used poison gas during the civil war something damascus has denied the country will be unable to vote or hold offices at the global chemicals watchdog. at least 4 people have been injured in a suicide bombing that targeted a convoy of security forces in afghanistan's capital kabul no one has yet claimed responsibility the blast came hours before turkey announced the delay of a conference and it ending decades of war in afghanistan. police in columbus ohio in the u.s. have shot and killed a black teenager during a confrontation body cam footage which you see here shows an officer opening fire
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as the teen one shot at another person with a knife people have been protesting following the killing which came less than an hour before the verdict was announced in the trial of derek show. in minneapolis one day after the conviction of former police officer derek show even in the killing of george floyd residents rendered tribute to floyd at the site where he was murdered almost one year ago his killer who has been found guilty on all counts and faces up to 40 years in prison will be sentenced 2 months from now the white officers conviction raised hopes of a major turning point in the u.s. justice system. or i only go live now to minneapolis our correspondent stefan simons is standing by good evening to you stefan you and i were talking less than 24 hours ago just after the verdict was delivered and we know what kind of scene we were talking about then what does it look like in minneapolis today.
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that's a little different today yesterday honking concerts joyous a cross on the street marching through the streets of minneapolis downtown a lot of emotion today a somber mood still i think people are overwhelmingly satisfied with the verdict but somber in in terms of that they are keenly aware that this is a success for them but just the beginning of what's to come of more to come you see even president biden made this very very clear and had a phone call with the flood families not the 1st time that he spoke to them they know each other before but now as a president and. that was really important to him to make it to get from the flood family also this vibe or this sense that this is just the beginning.
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of the. tunnel you know. feeling better down doesn't. make it all better believe that justice is writing. in the future i think you can be very good she will be going to start to change his. or her small right thank you mr president. there was a conversation there with the president and the family of george floyd just moments after the verdict was read yesterday stefan we learned today that the u.s. justice department plans to investigate the minneapolis police department they're going to be looking at everything and i'm quoting here from excessive use of force to whether it discriminates against people with behavioral health disability what exactly does that mean. that means 2 things as
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a that the minneapolis police department is facing a challenge and is in trouble that means secondly that the federal government and federal authorities are taking this actually serious what i mean by that is that what the president you just heard the president saying there and what the president all along said that this can be must be the beginning for not just being happy about that justice was served once in a significant manner to the black community in america but that this should be the beginning of really reform of police reform of looking at inequalities in the justice system and and eradicating disproportionate. measures police is using against specifically. the black community all of this is on the is on the chopping block now will be examined and i tell you i think this minneapolis police department is not will not be the only one police department the feds are going to start looking into as well have there been any reaction coming from the minneapolis police department to the verdict into the news of this
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investigation that's coming. yeah on the record nothing off the record with the police we talked to i have to give credit to them it's all absolutely on board with this verdict day here in minneapolis overwhelmingly i guess the police department police officers here are are absolutely fine with 3 guilty and with a verdict of guilty on all 3 counts for children remember the top executive the top leadership of the police department he has had spoken out was they were witness the police chief was a witness for the prosecution and spoke out against what their children did and how he did it and with what motivation he did it so that was a clear cut to the police here is also reeling to reform it's not like that there is using they they see the need and they want to play along jeff i've got about 30 seconds let me ask you this verdict what does it mean for politics in america.
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significant paradigm change its worst case scenario becomes an issue like immigration where senate congress and even local authorities are debating debating back and forth and nothing happens best case scenario everybody politicians in in washington on state level and community level take it serious bipartisan effort to really bring change to this country when it comes to justice and policing stiffens iman's with the latest in minneapolis as always stefan thank you but. our sports news now the brand new european football super league that was announced on sunday like a done deal well it's now no deal all 6 english clubs have abandoned their plans to join the breakaway league they did that last night and other clubs from spain and italy they have followed suit today only real madrid and barcelona remain officially involved in the project. chelsea fans hearing
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that their club had backed out of the super league. load. a stunning backlash to the super league had worked to reverse an attempted radical shift in the european power structure to take in the competition at a small alkie paneling where you can get relegated from the late sixty's no point. we know get nothing from it i mean stake life and we love it inside the stadium players for brighton chelsea's opponents on tuesday night showed what they thought of chelsea's earlier super league ambitions u.k. prime minister boris johnson celebrated the withdrawal the announcement was the right result for. the clubs and for communities across the country all 6 of the powerful english clubs had pulled out of the super league 48 hours after it had been announced i want to apologize to all the fancy tours of liverpool football
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club for the disruption i caused the past 48 hours goes without saying but it should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans of course not every club aligned with the super league is apologizing you ventus is out yes but there chairman is still very much into the idea i remain convinced of the beauty of the project of devalued it would have developed look they're made of the creation of the best competition in the world. the beauty of a project created in secret by some of the world's wealthiest clubs hoping in great part to secure their riches year in and year out while building more. too many fans players and coaches found the project ugly. are here's
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a reminder of our top story this hour russian police have arrested hundreds of people at least in wide protests in support of jailed opposition leader a late scene of all need of all his team says that his health is deteriorating after starting a hunger strike 3 weeks ago. this is g w news law from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through today tonight the jury in minneapolis delivered a verdict of guilty but did it deliver justice that and more right after this.
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are you ready for some great means i'm pristine when glass on the eyes on the edge of my country with a brand new africa michel. tackles the issues shaping the hundreds now with more time to off on end up still cutting all of the trends up hostile to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you an
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in-depth reports on the insides w. news africa every friday on g.w. . we have important numerous. smoking news healthy. signs are good for the ears global warming doesn't exist. well not yet but. they didn't. do surgery just controlling your thoughts. they are intentionally seeking. science. it's not easy to spot i would say one thing and history is saying another. the great books of the 20th century.
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the present day hoaxes this is. and who's behind the. news business and the behavior is unacceptable and will not be allowed manufacturing you know let's just watch make good on d w r cuts. former minneapolis police officer derek show guilty of the murder of george 4 just minutes after the verdict was delivered yesterday u.s. president biden called the ford family with a promise to start an overhaul of policing in america today the u.s. justice department said that it plans to investigate the minneapolis police department but nationwide police reform can only come from congress the same congress that when asked to pass minimal gun controls has offered plenty of prayers instead i'm bored.


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