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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm CEST

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i've returned to the. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. make for mines. the crisis in brazil is going from bad to worse i don't like other countries the virus is killing many children. some doctors blame an extreme immune response to the virus multisystem inflammatory syndrome. critics point to government mismanagement for the 2nd highest covert death toll in the world. doctors without borders calls it
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a humanitarian catastrophe it says authorities refusal to adopt evidence based public health measures has sent far too many to an early grave fairly goma's starts a day early she gets up at around 4 am worried about having enough food for her 4 children to have breakfast. i wake up with the feeling of being in agony i jump out of bed in the 1st thing i do is thank god i'm alive i look at my children and think to myself today i'll bring home some food for them i leave the house early to fetch bread there are days when i can't manage to bring them anything but they run out overnight. gomez lives in a for valor of around a 100000 people in sao paolo here and across brazil unemployment hit a record high last year this community association helps people living in
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marginalized areas to find work. we had an 84 percent increase in demand for employment after the government's emergency aid ended and the number of people seeking our help tripled because so many people didn't have any support anymore and it. up. in december government aid of around $84.00 euros a month was cut making an already difficult situation for many much worse the number of people living on less than 36 years more than doubled many families stopped cooking with gas and started using firewood 27000000 brazilians live in extreme poverty renate tom daley has been researching the featherless for 20 years . thanks noel he will pull the data shows that the poorer you are the higher the rates of infection. the more on the periphery the person finds
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themselves in the higher the death rate from coronavirus. brazil has added 2000000 more people to the marginalised areas in the past year it's not ethical the brazilians have to choose between going hungry will getting the virus it's an ethical. for adults live in the home of sylvia de hayes us she's a cook and the only one still to have a job but it's just one day a week she used to cook in other people's homes but they let her go for fear of infection. that this pandemic is difficult it's going to leave all of us starving and that's apart from all the damage it does to your health look at this q we're all in the same boat. that the modern melba. with a shortage of vaccines and hospitals overwhelmed it's hard to see a way forward for people in the lowest social groups who are trapped by both
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poverty and disease so life's become even more of a struggle for many brazilians money nicholai is from doctors without borders just how catastrophic is the situation in brazil. yeah the situation is really bad and so are the m.s.f. teams are working will hard in 70 countries we have supported health facilities in the response to kuwait and in the beginning it was difficult everywhere what we see now a year after that the situation is still very very constructive. and our teams together with the stuff on the ground is overloaded they don't have for instance the drugs to him to bits to give them the right and stevia so we we have images where nurses are sitting on the ground next to people dying because they don't have the beds they don't have an oxygen they don't have enough medicines to treat the people properly so it puts immense pressure on the who health care system
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but especially on the stuff as well and people are dying and the numbers that we have are this is unprecedented especially on trees or some of those numbers might be as out of a population of 211000000 there are about 14000000 official cases close 266000 confirmed infections every day and to put it into perspective the death toll globally has passed 3000000 of the hof a 1000000 of those in the u.s. in brazil about 375000 why such a poor record. yeah well this is the right question if you put the numbers on the screen so this is exactly why we have taken the microphone to speak out about this because there's no court immune response we don't most this pandemic in the intensive care units you have to have actions in the population as we all know who
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are in europe and elsewhere if we have to do things not only vaccinate which we have to go measures like wearing masks keeping physical distance. work reduce not essential mobility. do testing and contact tracing all these things are not done in accordance with in brazil and the health authorities are not putting themselves behind this and it's scientific it's knowledge that we have constructed over the last year and it's not being implemented in news is brazil's leader at fault here in this case well we we are 20 and one individual it's the autoroute it's the federal government and it's the health authorities local governments we work very well and local level and the people there are overloaded is well they're crying out for help we need a plan we need a good plan that is implemented and we're not asking for very complicated issues it is common knowledge now does it you need a package of elements to implement. those to try to stop the transmission
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look at the numbers you put on the screen every day the number of people that are getting infected in the health structures cannot go in a country as brazil because brazil is not one of the poorest countries in the world it has a very good system in place normally let's call it. what's your explanation then for cover killing so many young brazilians including babies. yeah we don't have a good explanation for that so we're also looking into this we get together with with that with other scientists what exactly is it that makes it of course there are new forms of the virus in in brazil as well so we have new modes mutants of the virus if you don't have a collective response that we're asking for well yeah we see the funeral there's a collapse over of places to to bury people. it's horrible if you speak to brazilians everybody has has somebody that has died or are is is being interviewed
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but that i did you really cannot get completely explain there are new mutants if you don't have a collective response you get the virus to us ability to create to escape the system and to survive but the new mutants do not just explain the situation if we compare it to southern africa for instance where we also have new mutants they have x. and make it less people proportionally then in brazil but they are reducing their peak because they put other measures in place so they really 'd tins don't explain the situation in brazil and we need a public health plan really briefly this multisystem inflammatory syndrome or m.i.a.'s which is being blamed for some of these. deaths amongst children is that what could be the main cause. here this is something of this is not for us to comment on it is doctors without borders this is very technical the right
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research is have to look into this i would like to make any you know our hypothesis and estimations on it is it's dreadful the job children drive the disease one in brazil the whole population suffering all families are and where we are calling for is stop the disease in the communities by doing the right things and we know what we need to do. have to leave them an evil eye from doctors without borders what have you on the show today thank you. of the 2 outsides correspondent eric williams who has a feel question about the european union's vaccination if it. why is the e.u. reacting behind their backs and. this isn't really a science question but people here in europe have asked it so often in the last few months that that i wanted to talk about it for a minute 1st of all i think it's important to say that compared with
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a lot of the rest of the world e.u. member states aren't lagging behind at the moment it's countries have on average injected over 20 doses per 100 people and are currently inoculating over 2000000 people a day the global vaccination campaign has certainly certainly chug along faster in some places notably israel and the u.s. and the u.k. but even so in many many other places the numbers of vaccinated are growing at a much slower pace still there's no question the e.u. stumbled pretty badly out of the blocks and it's vaccine campaign and that mistakes were made that will cost a lot of european lives critics say $1.00 of the biggest is what at the time last summer was viewed as a strength which is that the e.u.
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negotiating as a bloc drove hard bargains with manufacturers but then neglected to get the iron clad agreements on delivery and the result was that in the 1st quarter of 2021 only a little over half of the contract of doses were delivered the ia bay has also been slower to authorize some vaccines than its counterparts elsewhere and end vaccine destroyed. you showed has proven problematic in different ways both at the e.u. level and in individual member states but there are hopes that the block is now turning a corner of sorts and and many leaders say they still expect to meet the goal of vaccinating 70 percent of the adults in europe by the summer.
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finally this could win over some back saying skeptics joints for jepps new york recently legalized marijuana so the long time activist on a bill set up a booth in union square handing out blunts to anyone who showed they covered 900 vaccination cut hundreds came to give away ended with a smoke it. has to finish on a high point thanks for watching. stories that people of the world on for g.w. on facebook and twitter was up to date and in touch follow us. ready to go to break straight. places in europe are smashing all the records step in to move on to venture. just don't lose your grip it's the treasure map for globe trotters discover some of europe's
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record breaking sites. to also in book form. we have an important new. smoking is healthy. those designs are good for the ears global warming doesn't exist. well not yet but. you have made in my mind. industry just controlling your thoughts. they are constantly seeking to see you science. it's not easy to spot i would say one thing and history is saying another. the great books of the 20th century.
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present day hoaxes this is. and who's behind. it just the behavior is on except if it will not be allowed manufacturing ignorance strikes make good on d w. so must go on has been the macsyma berlin's cultural scene since the start of the covert 900 pandemic over a year ago and as a result certain industries are booming we'll see how that works and also coming up . a sober birthday for her royal highness prince the 2nd on wednesday as the monarch turns 95 just 4 days after prince philip's. and german artist jesse strict says work may look like casually misplaced clothes
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and undergarments but on closer inspection they're all made. welcome to arts and culture cinemas theaters and concert halls may still be closed but one thing can be said of berlin the cameras are rolling as a film location the german capital is positively booming the historic production studios in bottles that are books out booked out months in advance and that despite the otherwise chaotic handling of the 2nd and 3rd waves of the pandemic in germany . the backlog. looks quiet but behind the scenes where we're not allowed to shoot things are as busy as ever production is in full swing a year after colvin 1000 shut down everything at berlin's biggest film studio. that year ago we were stuck. every production was suspended the international
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filmmakers who were here fled the country. and we were full literally every square centimeter of the studio was filmed and suddenly there was nobody there and of course no one knew how things could continue. but while the berlin government stumbled from lock down to luck to em. burke was able to press restart and finish production on big blockbusters including the 4th matrix film starring can who reads your errors are welcome. and. these are in fact that i was a fan we have at least 3 big films this year and 2 big series or streaming services which are great for the workload because they stay a lot longer to the for the toys and was a pleasant feeling that there's no escape for me and canada reads is coming back to berlin the summer promising to shoot up the german capital in the 4th film in the
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john wick action franchise. is a need there's never been so much in production as there is right now we can't find cruise this year because there's never been as much filming in germany as there is right now the moment. you can't walk 2 blocks in berlin these days both stumbling over a film set like this one for german t.v. epic battle on berlin. the show's producers had 3 series on the go one called it. german romantic comedy i'm your man even managed to shoot a packed and maskell scene in both house berlin the city's 1920 s. dance club. that ah ha had 80 extras dancing with each other flirting kissing each other plus a crew of at least 30 people plus the actors but we did it under strict corona conditions. but in the towns and. foremost.
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producers think what's worked for film and television could work for the rest of the city's cultural sector if the government gives theaters cinemas and clubs the chance to reopen. politicians maybe they do not have the time to hear the card for the sector right now just because you know the cinemas the theaters everybody has. a concept to go back to work right now. for the moment fans of berlin's legendary nightlife will have to make do with these small screen version but for the city's film and television industry the party is just getting started. very impressive indeed and joining me to talk about this is our film guru scott rockstro great to see you scott and some incredible activity there how have film and t.v. industries in germany managed to get back to production levels that actually exceed
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prepared to make standard. yeah well i mean i guess you could say the film industry probably enough got creative the film and t.v. industry in germany i mean they were the absolute 1st industry to really apply scientific coded safety measures across the board so we're talking about testing about the the latest the myth using the latest medical knowledge and applying it to sort of work protocols and then they did it in the way though that without restricting the type of stories that they wanted to tell so they didn't make any compromises on the narrative so if you take a sample that film we just saw i'm your man that opens with that amazing scene in ball house berlin with people dancing kissing and and flirting and that's without mass without social distancing and they were able to do that one of the creative things the producers did in order to do that under code it was they cast actual couples to be the dancers dancing extras so to restrict the number of total households they had and their more reduce the infection rate describe for us the
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logistics of how a production like bobby and fred berlin for instance also with hundreds of extras actually operates. yeah it all sort of comes down to sort of isolation and testing so everybody on set gets tested every day and then your big stars and the most important part of the crew like this in a photographer they're quarantined in a hotel for the entire shoot then what they do is they have sort of isolated groups for the crew the little bubbles that don't mix at all so if one person in the bubble gets infected they can isolate that bubble but the whole production keeps going on is a really incredibly effective way to keep producing but it's incredibly expensive i talked to one producer who said producing other code it adds another 10 to 15 percent of the budget ok one can imagine so germany is an industry has things more or less under control how does this compare with other film industries around the world scott. yeah it's very different country to country so in countries where the
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covert levels are really lower or nonexistent so new zealand australia china now they've got back to business as usual the picture in europe is quite mixed it's still very very difficult to produce shows that cross borders because of the differences in different countries but some people do it who produce babylon berlin they just finished a t.v. crime show that they produced with a company in norway and they were able to safely get the shows called furia and they were able to safely go back and forth across borders between scandinavia and berlin with their past and crew and to do so successfully they did it right in the middle of the 2nd big cold wave in europe in last winter very very impressive holywood they've got safety measures in place but the problem in hollywood is the producers for finding it difficult to get into private insurance to cover them so they're coming to germany to get where here in germany they have come with it or it's the government's coming to support them face very much for that background hopefully other industries can learn from this success and thanks for bringing us that back story thought roxboro in bonn. well on
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a sadder note the death of prince philip on april 9th has left a huge void in the life of britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd and after 73 years of marriage how could it not thoughts go to her on her 95th birthday barely 4 days after his funeral and still within the 2 week period of official mourning traditionally celebrations of her birthday are held in june but all public festivities seem to have also been cancelled for the 2nd year in a row. a life devoted to the crown born and 926 she is senator thrown in 952 since then she has ruled with a constant hand queen elizabeth the 2nd britain's longest reigning monarch. but story for the queen. seems to be a lot. of these days and prince.
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were raised with you know this is what the. prince philip companion and supporter for more than 7 decades they have 4 children. recessions and devastating losses together. i do think this is. did. before. i don't think she'd think of. losing. the queen is expected to resume loci duties as early as this week historic ability to keep calm and carry on prevails over the emotion she is most certainly feeling. on a different note now shane saw nothing that you usually associate with a piece of lace or even. with
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a swath of leather but when jesse strikes north takes her machine to a block of oak or lime tree wood that's what you get or at least that's what you're led to believe. underwear and ejected. they all belong to the streets. they might look like wheat in deceptively realistic but in fact they're heavy and totally unaware of the items or sack made of wood and then we still have. their clothes the paint is just on the main point is that making extra art materials. and that makes me happy i just love to talk recreate lucian that it's a black art but. it's really not stuff that's worked with. the german artists solid wood in garments not only in the teeth the fabrics texture. the banal routine to their simplicity. to complete this wrinkle.
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she starts with a block of wood and some piece of wood for. you cliff minute if you will hold these folks to how can i convey object into this blanket what how will it end up painting how does the trick down every fabricates differently the raincoat is more jacob and only in its trade i can't just invent folds the viewer what to stand there and think the faults are incorrect and they would just look and say that something's not right. there must. have a reserve beginning to take notice of 29 year old jessie strict even if there would preach i'm still always a full and enthusiastic response from the public in particular her underwear. once i had a visitor who came into a gallery when i was present and she was just outraged saying what kind of an installation is this because she. i thought it was real underwear she was so
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embarrassed that she even got to see it but i thought it was a fantastic it gives me satisfaction in my work that she thought it was real i don't wear i take that positively and not negatively. the streets knows we didn't garments of notes and the new purpose. the concrete sculptures by german artists. were dressed with her collection for an exhibition i wore that's a gallery in amsterdam. and it's very hard to believe but april 21st marks 5 years since american music legend prince passed away after an accidental overdose of fenton il well the anniversary will be marked by a select group of fans at his paisley park estate in suburban minneapolis but will leave you now with some memories of the days when he was unstoppable all the best from us until we meet the next time and. i'm not.
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quite no. no. no no. i'm.
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going to the conflict zone to sebastien. libya has a new government of national unity which promises free elections by the end of this year from the roadblocks it faces are in the arms militia groups to hold college throughout the country my guest this week is tommy invited libya's ambassador to the new engines of how hoover's new government succeed. conflicts. 13. percent of drama competition while marketing numbers atmosphere fight at intuition love hate money millionaire fans from santa spams and from old to golf on youtube.
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their story their very own personal trauma. to chesterfield remember. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before. back to. starts april 26th on w. .
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this is g w news why for from berlin tonight russia cracking down on political opposition police have arrested hundreds of protesters rallied in support of jailed kremlin critic alexina balding he is in dire health and in the 3rd week of a hunger strike also coming up tonight the german parliament passes a new walk down wall to contain a 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic the country's health minister says the situation across the country is extremely serious. and a new virus.


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