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george floyd's slow death has now been seen by millions. while attempting to arrest him last may show been pinned to handcuff floyd to the ground kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes 29 seconds. i can't breathe were some of his final words. floyd's killing on lease one of the biggest waves of protests in u.s. history against the stanek racism and police brutality. president joe biden hailed the decision as an important step toward police reform it was a murder in full light of day and to rip the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism vice president just referred to there are systemic raises the stakes day in our nation's soul but it's not enough we can't stop here in order to live a real change reform we kid and we must do more to reduce the likelihood
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a tragedy like this will never happen kurgan. chauvin handcuffed and led away will be sentenced 8 weeks from now he could be facing decades in prison. order and. for more let's not bring in joe hutchinson he's a civil rights lawyer and a journalist based here in the berlin we saw celebrations across the u.s. what's your take on this verdict. unfortunately you know these celebrations can't last very long i just read before coming on that in the moments before the verdict was announced yesterday in minneapolis other police officers in columbus ohio were shooting and killing a 15 year old girl named bryant so i think you know when we look at this that was a 15 year old girl killed just yesterday in columbus ohio a few weeks ago a 13 year old child killed in chicago named adams lido and you know just miles away
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from where they were trying derek sjodin don to write a 20 year old was killed so as much as my heart goes out to the floyd family for achieving this small bit of justice i think we need to look at the larger issue and ask why are the police killing thousands of civilians a year. brings me to my 2nd question in terms of police behavior tools black americans i think you're on the pessimistic in terms of real change in the wake of this trial yes and unfortunate that you have assessed looking at this happens over and over again eric garner was strangled to death as well there was video of that and the officer killed and then you counsel a you never tried the officer who killed him you're right 12 year old child got a basically a promotion nothing happened to him he moved to another area so even when we see these outrageous acts the officers it's not just that they remain innocent and are
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allowed to go free it's that they you know they are transferred to other precincts and allows you the same pattern you. that was joe hutchinson a civil rights lawyer in berlin talking to us earlier now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. medical examiners say a police officer confronted rioters during the storming of the capital in january suffered a stroke and died from natural causes they ruled out that 42 year old brian been hit with a fire extinguisher all being killed been killed by ingesting poison spray. at least 4 people have been injured in a suicide bombing that targeted a convoy of security forces in afghanistan's capital the capital kabul no one has yet claimed responsibility the blast came hours before turkey announced the delay of a conference aimed at ending decades of war in afghanistan. activists in myanmar
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have launched protests calling for the release of detained political prisoners they're also calling on neighboring countries to respond to the violence in their country since february is military coup it comes as the leader of mir massive military junta says he would attend a regional summit to discuss the crisis. ukraine's leader has challenged russian president vladimir putin to meet him in ukraine's war torn east to discuss ending the conflict there followed a mere selenski also ukraine's western backers to signal they're willing to support here in this its standoff with russia. meanwhile vladimir putin has been delivering his annual state of the nation address either warns that moscow would respond in a swift and harsh way to any foreign provocations put in speech comes as tensions with the west are increasing over a russian military build up near the border with ukraine there is also growing
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international concern about russian opposition leader lives in the valleys deteriorating health nationwide protests are taking place in support of the valley who's on a hunger strike in jail several of his supporters have been arrested. for more that i'm now joined by andrea scabious he's a former prime minister of lithuania and currently a member of the european parliament he joins us from brussels once again we're seeing russian police detaining supporters over they say in a volley what do you think this is going to end. well 1st of all of course. russian people and we were much. concerned about seconds of minutes in a line in what was started his hunger strike the commanding center his doctor should be allowed to his health condition is that the rate and when it happens it and said this why you know we need to guess and sort of that it was sort of said no
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i don't ns of people of winds of streets in the in the in all the russian. second what we need to see but it clearly that president putin wage. a war against his own people and he is again becoming quite aggressive accept money on the fortas 'd was ok which shows that 'd president putin perhaps feels himself not what is wrong and that is why he is becoming such an aggressive sure my way from where as a suggestion behave as it's coming so in both cases if we're looking at the knob on the case and if we're looking to what's going on in ukraine what can the european union actually do. have been union needs to speak right to clip them and that is what we are demanding from iraq and parliament . and no strategy of european union to what's moscow to
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what's russia should be made a deeper it was and you know in my speeches what i am saying here in iraq and poland i'm saying you know what it clearly. up in union street from which in a fresh strategy to what's democracy press that i think you democracy in russia for us tonight if you're not and act is what we need to do. do you think that there's a lack of criticism or a reluctance of criticism in the e.u. towards russia. while i would be where it no one much. in favor of europe becoming stronger in sudan which and maybe the following example of your us administration that is and by them who never declared recently that they introducing national mention cystitis in united states because of kremlin behavior. so that would be very good if
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it were open union would follow something similar. in addition to us as i would say that you know it would revert or go to if you know the violence and union will be able to clearly to say what kind of sanctions would be implemented if that aggressive behavior which in both domestically and externally would be not stopped immediately so kind back to the case where they say no vonnie he's not in very good health right right now as doctors say that he is at risk of dying if he actually dies in russian custody what will that mean for his opposition movement and for either russian relations. well i suggest i would expect if in fact gave severely needed to guess what we sou-s. should implement the most painful sanctions including criminal for example
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of disconnection from swift system or not seem to all should be abandoned immediately but while i hoped to know why there was a less known will of ill 'd will. will be allowed to take you have on his heels is that this way we know we are peeling also to your it should do initiate some kind of human type in mission. if. we can does not understand 'd and what he needs to do in such circumstances you need to make question now what it could not get to do what's in shape that it mission and to take i would say no i know from from the russian prisons and is continuous fall into any and prime minister a member of the european parliament thank you very much for the time and so. authorities in india scrambling to supply enough medical oxygen. infections
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stretches hospitals to breaking point. nearly 300000 new cases of the virus in the last 24 hours alone. reports. deserted roads chopped dead looks just like it did in 2020 at the beginning of india's harsh lockdown. except now a year later the daily beast mode is much worse. the national capital has been put under a 6 day lockdown and silence reigns again. but delhi's largest over the hospital is a different story even while it is stretched to capacity patients continue to be. many delegates of those admitted here to camp out right outside the hospital they prefer to be close to their loved ones instead of traveling around during the course you these women have spent the last few days together they met on saturday
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when both their husbands were admitted with symptoms. to do with set out at 9 am looking for help after being turned away from 3 hospitals she finally found a bed for her husband here 18 hours later. told he's only $33.00 and even someone like him developed such severe symptoms so suddenly that we thought he stopped breathing so someone with preexisting conditions will be much worse off. han was told her husband could not get the dialysis he needed because he had called the symptoms. she struggled to find a hospital which could treat him for boot as he ran out of breath with a map is it i'm not worried about myself i just want my husband to be well like he was i don't want. and anything more i have nobody other than him and my 2 children
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children. both men are doing better now giving admission to a hospital is all the deal with tree during this. india is patently reporting over 200000 care for every day several states are reporting a shortage in hospital beds oxygen and even medicine there is probably the worst to be in the country the delhi government is now converting stadiums and schools like this one into covert facilities to combat the shortage of beds each of the $125.00 beds in this government school will be supplied with oxygen $1500.00 more beds are planned doctors here tell us that these are not for intensive care the hope is that if patients who are stable can be shifted shelf for observation and monitoring critical care beds in hospitals can be freed up struggling to believe still is trying very hard to maintain the pace with the infection is the speed of the spirit and by this lockdown i can pull the plan is to control the speed of it so that the
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infrastructure of the health care facility can match up with the mold and the load is clearly immense this 1500 bed hospital is full yet this man suffering from that listeners needs help he's also to wait. in delhi's fight to help people like him the next few days off lockdown. may be critical. western leaders have been paying tributes to the late president of chad interest davey according to the country's army he died while fighting rebels on tuesday if he was considered an ally in the fight against extremism questions are now being asked about the country's future troops have been deployed to the streets of the capital. orders and airports are closed until further notice and a curfew is in place his son has been named as interim head of state and promised
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elections in about 18 months the rebels have rejected the transition and are vowing to march on the capitol. residence of child reacted with disbelief to the televised announcement of president idriss debby's death. martial of chad maybe it know as he did every time when the republic's institutions were seriously threatened not to go to heroic lead in a combat operation against terrorists who had come from libya. he was injured in the engagement and died after being brought back to. the news came just hours after he was declared the winner of the country's presidential election on april 11th. that it would have been the long term leaders 6th term in office. it's sad
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news. that the presidential election took place calmly. and just a day after they announced his when they announced his death. all over this news is very surprising. that the face. on a human level it is touching the water but there are rumors that the information disseminated by the transition council is false so. it wasn't helpful. it is not known why debbie would have visited the frontline or participated in the clashes the exact circumstances of his death remain unclear and some observers question the military's narrative. following the announcement the military council deployed the army around the capital and imposed a curfew it also disarm the country's government and parliament and named debbie's
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38 year old son as transitional leader who he has the lead presidential guard that oversaw his father's security. debbie was among the world's longest serving leaders the herders son took the classic path to power through the army in 1990 his rebel forces overthrew the then president in a coup. during his 30 year rule he became a key ally of the west and supplied weaponry and soldiers to the anti jihadist campaign in this a whole region his unexpected death could spell the beginning of a new period of uncertainty in a deeply troubled region. sports news now and the brand new european football super league that was announced on sunday has crumbled all 6 english clubs have abandoned their plans to join the break where the economy of spanish and italian clubs remain involved that though is likely to change as well with the chairman of
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your ventus admitting the project can no longer proceed. chelsea fans hearing that their club had backed out of the super league. that the stunning backlash to the super league had worked to reverse and the 2. tempted radical shift in the european power structure to take in the competition at a school that now could be paneling where you can get relegated from it only sees no point to spend saluki no point just craziness in it taken away was only for the screen we know get up from it on main cycle i've been locked inside the stadium players for brighton chelsea's opponents on tuesday night showed what they thought of chelsea's earlier super league ambitions u.k. prime minister boris johnson celebrated the withdrawals posting on twitter that the decision to pull out is absolutely the right one yet it is hoped that the other
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founding members of the super league would follow. the law and they did egged on by fans old and young tied to the tradition of the beautiful game all 6 of the powerful english clubs had pulled out of the super league 48 hours after it had been announced i would hope all giants to all the fancy tours of liverpool football club and the disruption i caused to past 48 hours. goes without saying should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans super league clubs learning a lesson that it's never a good look to have fans coaches and players rooting against club bosses and owners . joining me now for the latest on this story is john grant from the ws will soon isn't 2 days ago we were talking about the the new super league now it's already
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history well how could it go so wrong and not incredible really how quickly it's all for an apology like the proverbial house of cards that once one pulls out they all fall down we can't really underestimate the impact the fans have been so chelsea supporters in that piece they've really i think been the catalyst for this chelsea fans celebrating as if they want to tight so once they very much like it they will that could be delighted that seem more than anything anymore but it's not just been the found has been opposition from both sides from politics and the play is of course officials at the u.k. government was threatening to do whatever it took to stop this from going ahead and the other clubs to me now off following the english clubs out the door of the event as chairman i'm sorry i'm nearly at this to say. we made convinced of the beauty of the project devalued their myth of the creation of the best competition in the world but admit that you know i mean i don't think. it
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is still up and running. where did it go wrong why was the opposition to this so strong well i mean a lot of people saw this is just a power grab motivated by money it would have created a closed shop competition for just a handful of clubs because there would be no relegation for the founding members i think a lot of people look at it and think how did they mess up so badly how did they not canvass opinion from the players from the fans i guess with all the money in their eyes perhaps they were blind is now what some people think maybe it was a negotiating tactic to extract more from the way for the u.s. for pos the reforms without any changes the reforms to the champions league of course a lot of people now will be saying look you a for which has been considered free so far welcoming the cubs back needs to come down hard on them it needs to punish them for what many as i said see as their face griese. stay with us because with another piece of news quite upsetting news from
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the german bundesliga football because the in evitable has been confirmed show it could have been relegated after a defeat to be the only goal of the game came when captain fabio and close pal home from just outside the box was shot his 21st in 30 games so far this season and brings the club's more than 30 years spell in germany's top flight . to a bitter end. john what does this mean and whether the ghosts wrongful shock well as sad as it is for shall confound the thinking writing has been on the wall for a very long time they've only 12 games or season they're on track for the 2nd worth season and bring this league history they've been through 5 coaches lots of resignations behind the scenes that already paints in one season 5 watches the ones my friends in one season paint the picture a club in all kinds of trouble the financial situation as well that shall have not
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been helped by the pandemic they're in more than 200000000 euros of debt they've spent heavily in the past. on players to try and gamble on success is not really worked big disappointment for the fans one of the most passionate groups of fans in the business league i have to say though unfortunately the passion did seem to last night some fans threatening confronting players after the game pelting them with the police are investigating the rams not very pretty thank you very much other than friends sports. the top of the bundesliga table by munich have edged closer to a 9th straight title by liverpool's 2 nil things to 2 early goals the victory comes just days after coach dunphy flick announced his intention to leave by him at the end of the season. pansy flick was all smiles despite his weekend bust up with a bye and bosses he shared a joke with opposite number hannah's vols as his by inside look to extend their lead at the top of the bundesliga table. just 6 minutes in they were right on track
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eric maxine reacting sharply to the ball after thomas miller's effort was saved one nil to the hosts. and with 12 minutes on the clock goes you a kidney canada shot into the bottom corner to double the lead and by and were cruising. flick was in such a good mood he even celebrated with by and sporting director has and sadly homage to suppose it nemesis within the club. late accusing did give brian cause for concern in the 2nd half and he may marry tested manuel neuer with a shot from range. and then edmund tops about fired over from a few yards outs occupy and weathered the storm to claim victory they now need just one win from their remaining 4 games to retain the been listening to title and good flick the perfect sendoff. you're watching t.v. news here's a reminder of all top stories for minneapolis police officer david cho bit has been
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found guilty of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter in the death of george ford's children is expected to be sentenced in a pleads. that's it from me and it is teaming up today don't go away though up next made in germany looks at reinventing a bit let's watch. to
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own. or not to own. what about a sherman economy instead. of a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new. the economics magazine made in germany. next on w. . africa. this image is deceptive
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because bats are endangered in rolonda. humans fear them and chase them away. but these creatures really support the ecosystem. and one organization is coming to their rescue and. look out for. them 60 minutes. were all set. to go beyond t.l.c.'s. take on the world. that is where all of the stories that matter to you. love her it
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tastes fine but fun to make. we are here is actually on fire make things. our world such a beautiful place and yet this is what we're faced with on a daily basis not during the pandemic but maybe that's what it takes a pandemic to make us.


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