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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm CEST

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and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before. in fact control mobile stories of people 20 on t.w. . plans for a super league turn into a super difficult the unprecedented effort to further commercialize european football now appears to be off after fans revolt look at the business lessons from the fiasco. also on the show chinese leader xi jinping renews criticisms of what he calls it one sided international rule system reform in hina. and artificial intelligence is gaining traction around europe now the e.u. wants regulated can't rein in ai's worst excesses while still encouraging its
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growth. i'm stephen beardsley in brylin welcome to the show a chief architect for the breakaway european soccer super league event as chairman andrea yellin has conceded the project has failed after all 6 english premier league clubs pulled out of the elite competition a fan such as those here outside chelsea stadium celebrated their clubs announcing that they would leave the super league which was backed by billions of euros of investment capital by u.s. bank j.p. morgan the organizers of the league was necessary to shore up faltering club's finances. as a project not just fans but many trainers and football managers disapproved of. with just. you know the share price for how the. you know we are. we have the. money people about.
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but you should. exist on the nukes on. in europe. because it goes against everything. i wrote over ashutosh monday in frankfurt ashutosh fans clearly saw this very differently from investors didn't they absolutely yes and as you heard the investors are looking for returns so when they see a product like the super league they see wow stuff there is line and messi and ronaldo presented and then they see that there is potential for a better broadcasting deal it's a good investment proposition but fancy things differently and they are passionate about the game that is played on the pitch and not in boardrooms they care for solidarity they care for diversity underdog stories all these things that make this sport the beautiful game it is was all that money worth possibly alienating the fans long term. maybe not and that's the reason why these clubs slowly
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realizing but you can see the desperation it comes during the pandemic of millions of euros and this very components from the super league would have had them a lot of big considering that they were going to get somewhere between 202300 1000000 euros. in frankfurt they very much. let's take a look now at some of the other business stories making headlines around the world . the e.u. will impose a 56 percent import tariff on harley davidson motorcycles from the u.s. the move is part of a trade dispute started by the trumpet ministration 2018 the company says it will legally challenge the measure which is due to take effect in june. tick tock is being sued over the collection of children's data a former children's commissioner for england has launched a landmark legal case the company is alleged to have collected kids' data without consent required by law if successful to talk could of thousands of pounds per
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child. production of russia sputnik feek rotavirus vaccine has begun in argentina that according to kremlin officials argentina has been struggling to get coburn 1000 cases numbers down the government recently tightened pandemic restrictions in and around the capital buenos ottis to contain alberich their. shares and netflix tumbled 12 percent in after hours trading that's after the company missed that subscriber growth target for the last quarter festers ignore the company's huge leap in revenue after raised prices last year the company blamed pandemic related production delays for what it called a lighter content slate than usual. and for more on that we go over this is on a street or she's a senior analyst at hargraves lansdown says and could have you on the show the c.e.o. of netflix called this a wobbly time for the company is it about the company itself or is it about where the market for streaming currently finds itself. i think it's
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a case of both actually and it seems to say those bumps in the road are going to be smoothed out any time soon of course subscriber growth is really the only number that matters for netflix and it's been crucial for its success but of course there are rivals happening around its heels now the likes of disney the likes of africa so it's become even more competitive at the same time as well restrictions are starting to ease and so subscriber growth is expected to fall yet again next quarter so this issue isn't going away anytime soon to what extent can netflix do more to attract more subscribers as a mass of attraction in the last year it seems like now is trying to squeeze water from a stone in a way it had most of it's perhaps a scripture shop subscriber edition rather already behind it i mean what more can be done well content is king and this is when next is an
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extremely well in the past is spent 3300000000 pounds alone in the last quarter so this is very expensive for the business and going forward it's going to really be all about who is going to create the best shows tell you all those people a lier view with a back to their t.v. screens instead of going out to sample other entertainment now available and i actually think that perhaps key to this is well is the demographics perhaps offering more content to the older generation who might be less inclined to going out to the pubs and bars and clubs that will be reopening that might be key to enticing more to keep their subscription or take on a new subscription and interestingly it's launched a ninny a service in france direct which is hoped will appeal to more of the old fifty's. straight with hargreaves lansdown thank you very much.
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over to china now where the president xi jinping reiterated calls for international cooperation of what he's branded onesided rulemaking remarks made as tensions between beijing and washington grow over trade and humans rights abuses the she spoke tuesday at the bo our forum for asian that's a gathering of politicians business leaders and scholars organized by china to call for wider trade liberalization and criticize efforts to wall all over commerce speech comes amid renewed u.s. efforts to galvanize allies into taking a tougher stance against china. president she said that we must not let the rule set by one or a few countries be imposed on others or allow unilateralism pursued by certain countries to set the pace for the whole world or for more on this i'm joined by g. to be correspondent type aid so it's on han so good to see you as always these criticisms by she aren't necessarily new so what should we take away from the speech at the ball for him or it is a clear message to the u.s.
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before the 2 leaders meet at the biden led climate summit tomorrow without naming any country seizing quite as i certain countries as you mentioned his speech is also see the response to reason collaboration all the u.s. and japan and the quad at the same time he firmly restate it the importance of the bail and roll initiated and green development saying that china will continue to promote trade and investment locally and globally and of course they didn't forget to talk about the cheap many of china's of athene diplomacy so basically before the summit he's telling the u.s. don't belittle him if you want to work with us all right so very pointed message the muscle flexing there also interesting was that among the audience for the speech were some major u.s. business leaders because thing that was also a very subtle reminder of u.s. china ties. well apple's tim cook at tesla blackstone stephens watzman and a bridgewater's radially will was there listening to. china it wanted to use this
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opportunity to show that while comes all foreign investment into the country and it does so many foreign businesses have to grab this opportunity when that inbound investment china is searching this year with the amount of actual foreign investment used in china in the 1st 3 months of 2021 up nearly 40 percent year on year but let's not forget about nike and adidas boycott overseen jones cotton controversy beijing said clearly they won't tolerate companies which bite the hand that. are growing as an issue between china and investors so i want to ask you the climate has been seen as an area of cooperation with a few areas of cooperation perhaps between the u.s. and china did you get any sense of that from the speech or nothing much was said but before cease china and the united states issue a joint statement on dressing the climate crisis and it is said that john kerry
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went to china to pursue a she's in pain to attend the climate summit and just this morning she has confirmed his attendance so i guess actions speak louder than words here or so from taipei always a pleasure. businesses across europe are increasingly finding new applications for artificial intelligence ai now the e.u. wants to create a framework or rule book for practices leaving many wondering whether it will limit the industry or give it a further boost. artificial intelligence it's a poorly understood phenomenon which is a cause of concern for many. but not him p.s. it'll is the founder of the belgian startup bioethics together with his team he's developing a revolutionary form of prosthetics with the help of ai what is clearly seen here is that the ankle joint is being articulate that you can see that tearing is walking it changes it moves the person is just going to adapt to the grounds
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they're walking on in a natural way like a natural foot would do in areas such as energy agriculture and medicine artificial intelligence is playing a bigger and bigger role regulation so far has been limited but you commission president chose to change this and to bring about the blocks 1st regulatory framework on ai. certain forms of surveillance and technologies used to manipulate people will be banned others regulated but it's not all restrictions the european commission aims to deepen the collaboration between member states in the development and implementation of ai technology as you put ai technologies are intertwined with many aspects of our lives already hunts to cancun manages the ai experience center and innovation hub of the brussels free university tells us while regulation is necessary to make sure what machines learn is ethical and follows
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human values the count believes the collaboration efforts envisioned in the framework are likely to help small industries in their digital transformation and perhaps turn the e.u. into a role model in india in the west and in the east are looking towards europe and are really looking forward to actually have to scramble there as an example and to see how the disk and work purse that extra hell is not sure yet how these new laws will impact his business but he remains optimistic that people will recognize the benefits and opportunities of artificial intelligence and here's a reminder of our top stories the breakaway european super league project is in tatters after all 6 english premier league clubs involved quit a mere 48 hours after agreeing to join italian and spanish teams in the new of the football competition the super league is backed by billions of euros of investment capital by u.s. bank j.p. morgan. chinese leader xi jinping reiterated his calls for international
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cooperation and criticism before he grants one sided rulemaking speaking tuesday at the forum for asia a gathering of politicians business leaders and scholars organized by china he called for wider trade liberalization and criticised efforts to wall off local commerce. and so for me the doing business to squash. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research. information and contact the coronavirus update 19. on t w. do you feel worried about the planet. the truth. on the greens.
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and to me it's clear remains true. solutions are out there. join me for a deep dark green transformation for me. the coronavirus knows no borders similarly there's one group of people that manages to target more migrants. there at a higher risk of acquiring and dying from covert 19 dantes patchy and the reasons are diverse. today we cut through the prejudices and racism to see what's behind the trend. i've been fizzling welcome to the show in a moment we'll talk to
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a public health scientist about the dangers for migrants but aside from what the state can do is also a lot we can achieve at a community level as our reporters found out. as a so-called neighborhood mother mona ramadan helps recent immigrant women and their family start a new life in germany for many a difficult transition made even harder by the coronavirus pandemic. must also cause people are really worn out and on top of that you have the overcrowded housing conditions at the emergency shelter where i help out each family lives in one room together they just need some space and the beginning of a pandemic you couldn't even leave the house playgrounds bit close to that was a disaster. overcrowded housing conditions can lead to a higher risk of getting infected with the coronavirus today mona ramadan meets high dia us 80 was lived in the emergency shelter since her arrival from syria with
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the help of the neighborhood mothers she recently found an apartment for her family . although how. to from here in the. cups of course there were also many families that were infected with then help them to find out where they can go. the credit here is a single mother she doesn't have a job yet once she has improved her german she wants to start an apprenticeship neighborhood mother ramadan is helping her. to plan. but the most recent german study has shown that unemployed people have an 84 percent higher risk of being hospitalized for covert 19 but similar data for immigrants is lacking. skipped. studies for example from the u.k. in the us that show that there is a relation between migration and the risk of infection as well as severe cases. that has little to do with the fact that they are migrants but with the kind of
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high risk jobs migrants just reportedly end up doing. jobs such as delivering packages or cutting hair which put workers often immigrants at risk of infection but data connecting health and socio economic status is limited in germany does this extremist is that's extremely important because this way we can identify groups of people that have a higher risk and if we also understand why that's the case we can specifically do something to reduce these risks. while more in-depth data could improve germany support structure for migrants for now neighborhood mothers like mona are the best lifeline they have. public health scientist and physician rosa yon joins us from the german city of mannheim so should governments be focusing more on migrants in the fight against it. the short answer to that would be yes
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absolutely. migrants are at a higher risk of acquiring and also dying from combat 19 there are over represented among could $1000.00 cases as well that's even though it has to be but have to keep in mind that the data situation isn't great so there are issues with regard to date have made ability and comparability of data as well but overall we can definitely say that migrants are overrepresented in my model but in 1000 case roeser i heard that as well for people who work in hospitals saying that cove wards full of people with migration backgrounds i'm a migrant. should also already be toggling me. i think i would like to make 2 points with regard to that question 1st of all the a.b.
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parts about covert 19 wards being over this proportionately. with patients with the migration background we don't know. what doctors are experiencing and saying that can lead there is some some that's valid but is the right with regards to actual scientific valid and comparable data. yes migrants are more likely to get cobra's but with regards to have been telling patients actually the picture is inconsistent there are some studies that have shown that migrants are most likely to be admitted to hospital for coke over 19 but there are studies that show the opposite with regards to that the evidence is in that and consistent nonetheless the fact that across studies. we do find that migrants are overrepresented among coachmen t.k. sense for example and we didn't they make out 32 percent of 19 cases but only
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90 percent of the overall population so there's data that points to that. so yes what about high situation. i mean all added at a systematic a structural eval we definitely need to improve data at vanderbilt he would need to be able to more specifically say who is at a higher risk because migrants are very large group and there are sometimes groups that have been identified as being particularly at a particularly high risk for i can tell us some. yeah of course. one group for example undocumented migrants that they have a hard time accessing house care and there's also migrant labor migrants because they're likely to work in precarious jobs health care workers also for example seasonal agricultural workers that have has been a major outbreak for example here in
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a factory that was processing meat because labor conditions as well as for example being housed in like labor compounds all that kind of trees the risk of. being infected with code 90 and of course the sounds you can use and refugees are also living in reception centers where infection the risk of infection can be high there's overcrowding there may be an issue with accessing health care. so it's important to look at those differences and then find strategies that target those groups that are particularly high risk by making sure they couldn't make nation efforts for example by making sure that there is appropriate health information available. for those and just take samples but there's a lot that can be done i guess targeting the right migrant group isn't always the easiest but i've been a refugee cap. how do you go about that it's easy identifying the people but there
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are huge amounts of people living in really crass quarters and we've looked at that in the recent bevy of media reports and germany to also quantify how high is the risk within the offenders and we found it to be a 13 percent misc of the buyer spreading out instruction of the 1st case and we found that in 75 percent of those outbreaks a collective pointing the whole he was implemented but this specific measure has actually increased significantly increased domestic transmission of the virus but in the facility so instead we recommend to. have more space available to households reduce the number of individuals living in it so that we make sure that sanitary facilities are not shared and make sure that health information is available appropriate health mission and then which is available and includes reception centers and vaccination efforts. thanks very much for being on the show today you
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by about come thank you very much for having me. and further reading the reviews that we referred to the saaz kovi to among migrants and forcibly displaced populations and clinical outcomes and risk factors for 1000 among migrant populations in high income countries. time for derek williams and of you a question about you variance and you back seats. do new variants mean we'll have to create new vaccines and how long could that process take. in the news you hear over and over again that we are at a critical juncture in the pandemic and the global vaccine campaign is often portrayed as a race against new sars coby 2 variants that could potentially prove resistance to our current battery of vaccines variants that are more contagious or more deadly
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are frightening of course but as long as vaccines continue to protect us against them the race remains a question of logistics it's all about getting as many people immunized as fast as possible but another big looming concern that could change that is corona virus variants that might develop what are called in newness kate mutations that would allow them to evade even an immune system primed by vaccines to fight off an infection fortunately this is a situation that health authorities are familiar with since for example they have to update flu vaccines regularly because influenza viruses mutate quickly a lot faster than coronaviruses do so so experts designing the couvade vaccines approved for emergency use more aware of the danger and many modern vaccines are are relatively easy to update especially the messenger r.n.a.
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vaccines. trials with booster shot versions of them that target specific worrisome sorest coby 2 variants are already going on and approvals are certain to be fast tracked if if red flags start popping out like like if significant numbers of people who were fully vaccinated against cope at 19 suddenly began showing up in hospitals with severe cases long term the experts say future covert shots might actually combine multiple vaccines that protect against a range of variance just like today's flu shots often do. the idea of sniffing out cove it is really catching on especially at airports meet time and a german shepherd in training to take the virus and sophie a labrador retriever in this exercise trying to find the one item that belongs to
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an infected person the training mare is that for drug sniffing or social rescue dogs diamond and sophia set to stop work soon at the airport of el salvador similar programs are in the works in ecuador and chile. thanks for watching stay safe and see who's been sick.
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to own. or not to own. what about a sherman economy instead. of a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something that. the economics magazine made in germany. 30 minutes w. . africa. this image is deceptive because
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bats are endangered in rolonda. humans fear them and chase them away. but these creatures really support the ecosystem. and one organization is coming to a rescue and. africa. 90 minutes on t.w. . in mexico many pushed homeless us thrown out in the water right now climb a tree me living off a story. faces wife leslie when photos one week. how much worse can really do. we still have time to where i'm going.
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sort. says. that some scribe like the song. was. sung long. lists. in respects. long as.
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the bag. the but. this is. from a us jury convicts a white x. policeman of murdering george float president biden calls that a start in the fight against racism no one should be above the law. and today's verdict sends that message but it's not enough. we can't stop here.


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