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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2021 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and you are white x. policeman of murdering a black man president biden calls a start in the fight against systemic racism. no one should be able. to do. this. when it's not enough. a jury in minneapolis found derrick show been guilty of all charges in the killing of george floyd we have. also coming up with covered 19 cases soaring in
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india we'll find out why people are camping outside the hospitals where their loved ones are being treated. plus is it game over for a proposed european super early 6 top football clubs walk away from the controversial project less than 72 hours after agreeing to join. oh i'm good to have you with us minneapolis jury has found former police officer derek show been guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd last year she was filmed killing floyd a black man by pressing his knee on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes the murder sparked global outrage and protests against racism and police brutality people in minneapolis celebrated the verdict. we the jury in the above entitled matter as to
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count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony find the defendant guilty to the words so many have been hoping and waiting for guilty on all counts derek chauvin now a convicted murderer at the end of a tense 3 week trial. justice for george floyd what began as a rallying cry has become reality. thinks his crowds who had gathered at george floyd square the site where he was murdered were overcome by emotion. overwhelmed i'm grateful and relieved so i'm i feel grounded i can feel my feet on the concrete i'm super grateful that this is the verdict and that we can now move to the next faith. george floyd slow death has now been seen by millions even while attempting to arrest him last may show been pinned to handcuff floyd to the ground kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes 29 seconds. i can't breathe for some of his
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final words. floyd's killing on lease one of the biggest waves of protests in u.s. history against systemic racism and police brutality. president joe biden hailed the decision as an important step toward police reform it was a murder in full light of day and to rip the blinders off for the whole world to see. the systemic racism vice president just referred to there are systemic raises this is a nation's soul but it's not enough we can't stop here. in order to live a real change in reform we kid and we must do more to reduce the likelihood a tragedy like this will ever happen kurgan. show then handcuffed and led away will
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be sentenced 8 weeks from now he could be facing decades in prison. were during g.w. correspondent stefan c. months is in minneapolis earlier i asked him how the verdict is going down with the american people it's going down really well i don't think there is any at least. in the african-american or in the black community anywhere in the united states in all the metropolitan areas l.a. new york chicago washington d.c. miami atlanta minneapolis of course anybody or not many people who would say this was not a great day a day they were longing for a day which brought them justice and. joy because of the verdicts issued by the jury within 10 hours spread over 2 days 4 hours the 1st day 6 hours in the last in the 2nd day and there was the verdict then off and on all counts guilty for their issue and for the murder of george floyd right here right behind
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me there's where this is half and that's why this place is called george floyd square and claimed by this community by the way this was a normal intersection and this will never be an only the search and we get more let's bring in joe hutchinson he's a civil rights lawyer and journalist here in berlin thanks for being with us we saw celebrations across the u.s. following that verdict what's your take on the verdict. well i absolutely understand why people are celebrating this is an event that is all too rare not just that the police officer was guilty but that the police officer was charged by paul so you know i definitely want to reach my heart out to the family of george boyd because i understand how for them this is justice and if and how many activists on the ground people rejoicing at the same time i do want to point out you know we're not done there were 3 other police officers who watched while there
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are children pressed the life out of george floyd and did nothing i think the new york times has done the reporting that since the trial started us police officers have killed over 3 people a day so that i think by the time we're watching this you know 70 people have died at the hands of law enforcement in the united states since this one trial began so there's there's a lot more to say make issues to be keeping in mind of other than just the one police officer. when it comes to confronting systemic racism police brutality in the u.s. are you expecting real change in the wake of this trial in the wake of the starting . so fortunately are things some but it really depends on the local or municipal level there's been an encouraging sign there was a former police officer named kerio horne she was a police officer and buffalo new york when the year 2000 thick witness another police officer writes least officer fitting a black man in
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a chokehold she didn't just stand by the intervene she directly physically moved removed this officer from the handcuffed victim but what happened in 2006 she was fired from the police force she was fired she lost her pension and the reason i mention this case now is because it was just last week that her firing was overturned by a new york court so n. buffalo new york is now coming on a scary old law it requires police officers to intervene when they notice other police officers using unreasonable forth and so that is something that i would like to see rolled out nationwide. faster george floyd's death there were protests all over the world including here in germany how would you describe the impact of this case for black people fighting for equality beyond u.s. borders. yes i think this is definitely something that brought activists around the world together because you know it was so visible what occurred the challenge that we have here in germany and in europe though is that. the police are killing
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unarmed civilians here as well the only difference is that without much video evidence he's killing usually takes place within cut police custody i point out who are usually those who was killed and his murders have never been held accountable last month that was what they said i'm a last element was also killed while in police custody so while george voice has been helpful and garnering international attention what we're noticing is that there is a tendency to focus exclusively on george floyd or on the united states without really paying attention to unredeemable use of force here in germany that leads the same like. hutchinson a civil rights lawyer journalist here in berlin thank you very much. thank you. authorities in india are scrambling to supply enough medical oxygen the latest wave of corona virus infections stretches hospitals to breaking point the country logged
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nearly 300000 new cases of the virus in the last 24 hours p.w. . reports for. deserted. looks just like it did in 2020 at the beginning of india's harsh. except now. the daily beast mode is much worse. the national staff has been put on a 6 day lockdown and silence rings again. but delhi's largest over the hospital is a different story even while it is stretched to capacity patients continue to be rushed and. many delegates of those admitted here choose to camp out right outside the hospital they prefer to be close to their loved ones instead of travelling around during a go few these women have spent the last few days together they met on saturday
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when both their husbands were admitted with symptoms. pretty dubious set out at 9 am looking for help after being turned away from 3 hospitals she finally found a bed for her husband here 18 hours later you have told he's only 33 and even someone like him developed such severe symptoms so suddenly that we thought he stopped breathing so someone with preexisting conditions will be much worse off. hundreds told her husband could not get the dialysis he needed because he had all that symptoms. she struggled to find a hospital which could treat him for boot as he ran out of breath. i'm not worried about myself i just want my husband to be well like he. i don't want anything i have nobody other than him and my 2 children. both men are doing better now
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getting admission to a hospital is all the deal with 3 getting this. any are foreign to the poor thing over 200000 here for every day several states are reporting a shortage of hospital bed. and even medicine it's probably the worst to be in the country. the delhi government is now converting stadiums and schools like this one into covert facilities to combat the shortage of beds each of the $125.00 beds in this government school will be supplied with oxygen $1500.00 more beds are planned doctors here tell us that these are not foot intensive care the hope is that if patients who can be shifted observation and monitoring critical care beds in hospitals can be freed up struggling to believe still is trying very hard to maintain the infection is the speed of the spirit and i don't think. plan is to control the speed of it so that the infrastructure of the health care
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facility. and the lord is clearly immense this 1500 bed hospital is full yet this man suffering from that listener's needs help he's asked to wait in delhi's fight to help people like him the next few days off lockdown. will be critical. in sports news the brand new european football super league that was announced on sunday has crumbled all 6 english clubs have abandoned plans to join the breakaway league only a handful of spanish and italian clubs remain involved. was chelsea fans hearing that their club had backed out of the super league. and. that the stunning backlash to the super league had worked to reverse an attempted
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radical shift in the european power structure to take in the competition as will not now be paneling where you can get relegated from a late season okoye has been sort of the no point just greatness in it taken away i would believe for the screen we know again from a top main cycle i've been loving inside the stadium players for brighton chelsea's opponents on tuesday night showed what they thought of chelsea's earlier super league ambitions u.k. prime minister boris johnson celebrated the withdrawals posting on twitter that the decision to pull out is absolutely the right one yet it is hoped that the other founding members of the super league would follow. god and they did egged on by fans old and young tied to the tradition of the beautiful game all 6 of the powerful english clubs had pulled out of the super league 48 hours after it had
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been announced. i want to apologize to all the supporters of liverpool football club for the disruption caused to the past 48 hours goes without saying it should be said. the project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans super league clubs learning a lesson that it's never a good look to have fans coaches and players rooting against club bosses and owners . meanwhile in the bundesliga the inevitable has been confirmed shaka have been relegated after a defeat to be le felt the only goal of the game came when bielefeld captain fabienne close powered home from outside the box a defeat was shot his 21st in 30 games so far this season and brings the club's 30 years spell in germany's top flight to an end.
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just reminder the top story we're following for you for minneapolis police officer derek shogun has been found guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd is expected to be sentenced 8 weeks from now. you're watching d w news i'm terry morrison thanks for being with us. and you hear me now i guess we don't need you and i love to dance gentlemen silence now will bring you i'm going to back off and see if. the price itself with what is possible to is really what we. want. who through to people along the way maurice.


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