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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin a u.s. jury convicts derek show murder and manslaughter the former police officer is found guilty for killing george ploy u.s. president pales the verdict as a step forward in the fight against systemic racism we'll get an update from minneapolis also coming up. we'll speak to one of australia's most famous rock stars environmentalist peter
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garrett will weigh in on global earth day and the challenges of climate change. plus is it game over a proposed or is it game over for proposed super european super league 6 top football clubs walk away from the controversial project less than 72 hours after agreeing to join in. no one terry martin good to have you with us a many apple jury has found former police officer derek show been guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd he killed floyd a black man when he was filming filmed pressing his knee on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes last year the murder sparked global outrage in protests against racism and police brutality people in minneapolis. celebrated the verdict by.
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relief just just relief there was so much anxiety and so much just pressure from what i felt like could be a powder keg type situation and hopefully that is just relieved now i'm just happy for my city. overwound and i'm grateful and relieved so i'm i feel grounded i can feel my feet on the concrete. grateful that this is the verdict and that we can now move to the next case with joy and hope and optimism and strength. let's go live now to minneapolis and speak to d.w. correspondent stephens humans who's at the area known as george floyd square stuff until it's more about how this verdict is going down with the american people. well
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the american people speaking for the entire nation i would say it's going down really well i don't think there's any at least. in the african-american or in the black community anywhere in the united states in all the metropolitan areas l.a. new york chicago washington d.c. miami atlanta minneapolis of course anybody or not many people who would say this was not a great day a day they were longing for a day which brought them justice and joy because of the verdicts issued by the jury within 10 hours spread over 2 days 4 hours in the 1st day 6 hours in the last in the 2nd day and there was the verdict then off and on all counts guilty for derek showing for the murder of george floyd right here right behind me there's where this is happened that's why this place is called george
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floyd square and claimed by this community by the way they said this was a normal intersection here this will never be a normal intersection again now this was a politically charged trial obviously a what's the reaction from the biden administration. well the president addressed the nation actually held a speech and he said a very significant thing he says like with all the joy today and the right people have the right to be happy about. the feeling they have about the feeling that justice was served this can only be the beginning or this could be and should be the beginning for a really transformational change for change in the justice system in many more in law enforcement agencies where we're in justice and in the call of the. so at least claimed by many many many in the black community in the african-american community rents iran's rampant where there has to be change and
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this could be the beginning for this so i think the by demonstration let alone from the national security point of view here was quite could have had happened if the verdict wouldn't have been the one we saw they are very happy with the outcome here what's next in the legal process stuff and what will sentencing look like for derek show something will happen in 8 weeks that's now the job off the job she has to he said it dates for sentencing when floored. sorry derrick so when of course we learned how long he actually will have to go in to prison because remember every charge and we are reporting always that it carries up to a maximum off for example the 1st charge 40 years the 2nd charge had a 25 years and the last 110 years but that is the maximum there are sentencing
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guidelines for jurors for judges and they have to adhere to those and he can make and will make the decision within 8 weeks and how long. former minneapolis police officer derrick shall want to serve many people are going to be looking for real police reform in the wake of this trial what sort of expectations are there surrounding that and how realistic is it to expect sweeping reforms of policing in the u.s. . this is a really hard question really complex but in a nutshell i think there is no goal in back and i think that politicians as well as senior police leadership in many many many jurisdiction and in many many police departments do understand that there is no way going back to how things work accountability for police is an entirely new chapter right now after that there
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needs to be reform the senate on the federal level will work and is working on substantial police were for example to ban the choke hold which is still legal. and so on and so yes this is needed everybody understands it and it will happen so thank you very much that was our course punished f.n.c. months there in minneapolis. restore our earth that's the slogan for global earth day which happens every year on april 22nd what began as a student movement in the united states is now marked in more than $150.00 countries worldwide since the start of industrialization the planet has heated up by one degree it could be over 2 degrees warmer by the end of the century world leaders are set to discuss the dramatic told that climate change is taking. and here to talk with us at least virtually about earth day is peter garrett he's
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an environmental activist and former politician he was australian environment minister from 2007 to 2010 but he's probably best known globally for this. but scout thanks for being with us 1st of all you think campaigning for environmental justice in australia for decades through your all kinds of work including what we just saw have you seen much of an impact of that campaigning we have different times that that country and the other parts of the world you see the citizens movement as you say some political parties take up the coach.
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at least here to strike regrettably we have said right. through old to the coal industry and the resources industry and notwithstanding the sort of things that sells and maybe not colors the public the government doesn't show any signs of type he sees you as seriously as it needs to do so not taking it seriously enough because of you say the cons the conflict with economic interests but would you say that australian leaders have a least accepted the reality of the climate of urgency. saying to politics and let politics yes. said rodd and what publicly say believe it or not fuel us sometimes not even yet. for those that do it's a grudge he said which essentially school. and extremely ip
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dangerous and negligent you put about but resource intensive it is very simply under the rules industry especially chemical mystery that if there is a problem. and shouldn't overreact and we've got whatever you need anything that upsets the apple cart. you're a musician x. politician a former government minister but you've always been an activist you think everyone can be should be an activist when i think we want a process which clearly the stage in the science is very straight forward. and in the strategy we particularly had pulled the ground with an extraordinary series of major fire as months ago across. our great barrier reef one of the literally biggest natural be organised along with under severe stress and islands
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off the north coast of the stranger which includes frightened people torres strait islander people did it as people who've been on the round the continent for tens of thousands of years contemplate actually had to do it hundreds because of climate change so i think that not as a choice of the act but the key question for us here industry is where their ad government under its current leadership is prepared to do anything serious robin neely not platitudes and there's very little danger that he will become parasite or outlier in the world community as leader is pushed by the public finally respond to the climate crisis. many young environmental activists press a turn for the members of the process for a futures movement for example they accuse older generations of not doing enough by standing by and watching the world burn are they right. and so my son. i mean i'm going. off of each on this very issue because i feel
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so strongly about it i was lucky enough to be equal to the social democratic government that actually. seriously introduced a price on carbon 7 but many solar panels on the roof did all of the note and should be done i need to see our political opponents and wind the clock back but at the same time middle class communities particularly in developed countries like australia i don't think are other parts of the world have tended to expect that the problem could be solved all the experts oh by the political process up to now you have country that hasn't proved to be kind so yes as a generation baby does bit some culpability it's time for us all we can to recognise that the future for have kids on the planet literally is this night mr garrett thank you very much for joining us today that was australian musician and activist peter garrett. now the brand
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new european super early that was announced on sunday well it's dramatically crumbled all 6 english clubs that have have now abandoned plans to join the break way leak only a handful of spanish and italian clubs remain involved in a statement the super league said it would reconsider the most appropriate steps to reshape the project. chelsea fans hearing that their club had backed out of the super league. many would agree with their we saved football chant the stunning backlash to the super league had worked to reverse an attempted radical shift in the european power structure. inside the stadium players for brighton chelsea's opponents on tuesday night showed what they thought of chelsea's earlier super league ambitions. u.k.
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prime minister boris johnson celebrated the withdrawals posting on twitter that the decision to pull out is absolutely the right one yet it is hoped that the other founding members of the super league would follow. and they did egged on by fans old and young tied to the tradition of the beautiful game all 6 of the powerful english clubs had pulled out of the super league 48 hours after it had been announced. the death knell may have come monday evening in spain when rael madrid chairman also the chairman of the super league florentino perez said this. and it was often what we want to do is say football so that it can live peacefully for at least the next 20 years without stress and without having to say 200000000 euros have been lost the situation is very dramatic as we don't think we on the future and this guy his younger audience you know i didn't play but my dad and
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people that come before me done a great job to get in position that aids took a racist out of some of the dinosaur things i can speak on my behalf. super league clubs learning a lesson that it's never a good look to have fans coaches and players rooting against club bosses and owners . you're watching d.w. news business is up next with stephen beardsley i'm terry larson thanks for watching. what people have to say. first to us. that's why stories reporter every weekend on d w. w's crime fighters are back that's because most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories.


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