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make up your own mind. w. lead for minds. on him homage welcome to the program minneapolis jury has convicted former police officer derek chauvin of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd so then was found guilty on all counts he killed floyd a black man when he was filmed pressing his knee on floyd's neck last may the mud outrage and protests against racism and police brutality 7 could be sent to prison for decades here's the moments the judge read out the verdict to the courtroom we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree
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murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty verdict count 2 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 2 3rd degree murder perpetrating an eminently dangerous act find the defendant guilty verdict count 3 we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count 3 2nd degree manslaughter culpable negligence creating and i'm a reasonable risk by the defendant guilty. well the guilty verdict came at the end of a tense 3 week trial people who'd been waiting outside the courtroom say they are overjoyed and relieved. was. relief just just relief there was so much just anxiety and and so much just pressure from what i felt like could be a powder keg type situation and hopefully that is just relieved now i'm just happy for my city.
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overwhelmed and grateful and relieved so i'm i feel grounded i can feel my feet on the concrete i'm super grateful that this is the verdict and that we can now move to the next case with joy and hope and activism and strength. right that we get out of. 2 the r.c. thought that. another guy was going to get away with something i should've never done the 1st place. and i think god or somebody finally stopped up and did right. mark. and here's what the longtime u.s. civil rights activist al sharpton had to say a short time ago. and this is the 1st time in the history of to state that a white police officer has been convicted of less known convicted of
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a murder. this is the 1st time in a long ring of facts that we've seen 3 counts guilty on all 3. we don't find pleasure in this we don't celebrate a man going to jail we want to read the joy to be alive. but we celebrate that we because young people white and black some castigated many that he had a night march in kept watch and kept going where many of them looked down on but they kept marchers everywhere and wouldn't let this die and this is again the surest to them that if we don't give up that we can win some rounds but the war and the fight is not oh just 2 days from now we're going to have to deal with the funeral of dante right and he's saying county to same area
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we still have cases afraid but this gives us the energy to fight on and we are determined that we go fight until we make federal law george fluoride justice and policing the march. of oneness that speak to detail the correspondent stefan simons who is in minneapolis covering the trial for us well we know stuff on the jury did come to this conclusion quite quickly was it expected. though it wasn't that was quick this was 4 hours yesterday in about 6 hours today deliberation and this year was able to find. dirt showing guilty on all 3 counts within 10 hours that was i think faster than anybody had. expected and i have to say i think nobody expected a clear cut verdict like this overall 3 counts on all counts guilty for barry
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shoving since it is the experience and al sharpton learned through this just in the sound bite you just played of decades and decades and decades of african-americans on black people here that they actually when they are in the justice system and when there is somebody who stands trial because he or she did something wrong in their opinion or allegedly wrong that they don't find justice or they feel now of course absolutely joyous and and relief that for the 1st time as you heard in decades here and many in minnesota in minneapolis and in the united states for a large to a large degree a police officer was found guilty of 2nd degree murder $33.00 murder and manslaughter so that's unique and then we just briefly give you a little. scene setter here so you see in the back there there's still a crowd there this would play music. there's a larger crowd also on the way marching through the city and through the streets
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the can you can see that of course now and of course at george floyd square where mr floyd was murdered we can say now without getting into legal trouble. there's also a crowd that is days expected to swell and celebrations are expected to go all through the night. and has the u.s. president and about this yet. you know you actually had to see had shortly before the verdict came down president biden came out and said that he was hoping and praying for the right verdict now what is the right verdict he didn't say but. if you talk to civil rights leaders and to the black community in washington. in political. community in washington there a civil rights leader they all knew what he meant for him for the president even if . the mongols a little bit how he how he phrased this for him only
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a guilty verdict was probably the right verdict and yeah he got his wish so to speak like many many many many people here to the server just remind us what the arguments from the defense and the prosecution. and yeah let's start with the prosecution the prosecution that's what every expert says and i did an excellent job drilling a few points home point number one walks derek shelvin did it from the perspective of the prosecution was wrong there was no justification for it and b. he did it negligent and without care against his training and against minneapolis police policies so that's how you come up with those 3 charges the defense heads their job of the defense was of course to pour cold poke holes into
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this and they tried they tried with some experts who said like you know they weren't prepared to say that for 9 and a half minutes on. mr floyd's neck that this was on necessary or disproportionate that was the point the prosecution of course made so they try to also to say that drugs of some drug amounts mr floyd had in the system and underlying our condition were actually significantly responsible for his death the jury decided that's not the case this trial was a whole a homerun for the prosecution they won this trial. it's also quite interesting in the courtroom that there was no tolerance in relation to race when it came to. 7 instead it seemed as if it was more relates to mistreating george floyd so how will the sentencing look for derek 7 for what. good question
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so of course race was never mentioned not not one time was race mentioned and that was of course of purpose because if you are in a court of law and of course the law is supposed to be blind of your race your religious your religious domination your sexual orientation and all of that and so race was never a point there and that was a strategy of the prosecution of course number one number 2 so now a sentencing we have a verdict now there could be expected in the peel one way or another and thirdly there is a sentencing appointment and that or a date set and that is in 8 weeks from now that's when the judge that means the professionals not the layman who constituted into jury they will decide the judge will decide. how many years derek shelving has to go to prison and there's a range the minimum for the 1st charge for example is about 12 years the maximum and that's what we always talk about is 40 years so this regal room for the judge
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and we will have to wait. a will there be an appeal. will the judge decide on how long mr. sherman has to go to prison when this sense is sentencing date comes in about 8 weeks from now this is funny you mentioned that crowds are gathering that we also are aware that minneapolis has been on high and that it's in the case of unrest with the national god brought in over the last few weeks so what's the situation like at the moment. yes 3000 national guard as you said correct they have of the city had downtown even if you can't really see that right now because we're in the wrong spot to. oh yeah that. is actually boarded up so the anticipation was not a good one here and. that was of course not just here the case it was all over the united states the case in l.a. new york chicago washington d.c.
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police and law enforcement agencies prepared for a different outcome from here now i have to say i lost i if me so i can't hear your next question is so let me wrap this up here right now the situation here is peaceful expected to be peaceful because this kind of common sense that now there is really no reason or and or justification if you will to ransack buildings. and put them back put buildings into on fire that's what with the situation here was last year and made no mistake last year and what happened now here is of course absolutely connected and it's not just connected from minneapolis there's a connection for the entire united states because as you heard and as you played in those sound bites from. people who were here celebrating this is just the beginning for them and this is not just the beginning for them here in minneapolis they're going to fight for for more justice and for changes in the justice system in the police departments and so on not just in minneapolis but all across the united
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states right that is death on simon's life ross outside the courthouse in minneapolis thank you stefan. let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world germany's governing conservative alliance has agreed on arm unless it has its candidate to succeed chancellor angela merkel in elections this autumn that its rival conceded the race ending up house travel the conservatives face an uphill battle to impress voters against a popular green party by the 1st this year and they mean marc. hundreds have marched in the way to protest against febreze military coup it was one of several rallies staged across the country to show support for the national unity government led by coup opponents the army says it was outlawing this rival government.
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firefighters in south africa have contained a blaze in cape town's iconic table mountain it starts on sunday and rips through the university campus as well as residential areas many have been forced to leave their homes a library containing read books and manuscripts was also destroyed. a chance president it was debbie has died just a day after he won election securing him a 6th time in office troops have been deployed to the streets of the capital in germany now air and land borders all closed until further notice and the curfew is now officially in place debby was reportedly killed while visiting troops on the frontline of a battle against a rebel group in the north of the country that we saw and is now named as interim head of state but the rebels have rejected the transition and are vowing to march on the capital. residents of chad reacted with this belief to the televised announcement of president idriss devotees death. martial of
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chad idriss deby it know as he did every time when the republic's institutions were seriously threatened not to go to heroic lead in a combat operation against terrorists who had come from libya. he was injured in the engagement and died after being brought back to. the news came just hours after he was declared the winner of the country's presidential election on april 11th. that it would have been the long term leaders 6th term in office then. it's sad news. that the presidential election took place calmly. and just a day after they announced his win denounced his death. was this
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news this very surprising. that they want a human level it is touching. but there are rumors that the information disseminated by the transition council is false no. it wasn't helpful. it is not known why debbie would have visited the frontline.
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acne the nightmare the fitness starting in february $21000.00 each week millions of algerians took to the streets to protest their country's all for a tarion rulers and unprecedented movement rouse the nation that seems to have lost faith in itself.
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no one expected this algerian revolt in the streets known here as iraq but it's swept the country from iran to algiers from on about to tamanrasset a like a giant block party. police repression threats of chaos political pressure. for its syrian military regime in power for more than half a century since algerian independence tried everything but nothing could suppress the peaceful iraq movement. led and in much a year of demonstrations i never would have imagined things would go this far i am sick now we don't know where this is all going you know so we know we have to challenge them. i know they. did all my life but they've always sat up in their ivory towers they don't know why. i.
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left don't we don't want to give up we want to live in step with modern times despite our beliefs i can climb or rather i no matter what he believe the. league. play. i please. feb 22nd 2019 tens of thousands defied a long standing ban on protests in the capital to oppose president abdullah zs beautifully his decision to run for office yet again. across the
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country algerians took to the streets to say no to a potential 5th term. lenders we didn't really understand what was happening on february 22nd when i visited guy i was on call that night then i came home and went to bed. i had heard rumors about a demonstration but i didn't believe it like everyone else i was a bit disheartened and i thought we were powerless and there was no way out. but then around 2 or 3 in the afternoon my mother woke me up and said they're demonstrating people are demonstrating song and the shot she mocked that's exactly what it came through every 20 seconds meant to me. an awakening. isn't this event you are in 22nd most stay in my mind forever. it's a great memory a huge amount of emotional. make speaking i will never be able to describe how i
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felt at that moment it was a redemption. to live under 3 years while i headed out that day with very dim hopes that i thought there'd be maybe 50 or a 100 of us and we'd all get arrested here. only a few blocks away. i gave a friend some money and said take that and if i get arrested try to bribe a police officer to let me go i can't stay locked up. to make his i'm able i was sitting with friends in a cafe and we were following the hero up on social media. people across the country we're sharing it a to do cool we saw a live stream or something big happening and to see ozu go there so we went there and joined in
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a lot of people were there and more kept coming it was huge how did you feel it was great that. the crowd was made up of every section of society also classes men and women for the 1st time we were seeing algerians and had different life. was was. going to please use for the 1st time we all had a common goal for christmas was was. was was only true until then we were just getting by now we had the prospect of a few of them yes. no i was we're fed out we had enough.
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we want our children to live in a prosperous algeria i developed algeria. they've robbed us of everything they've broken everything. so look what they've done to algiers look how devastated it and say look we just want our algeria you have back i was 16 i. was still my god i saw the money i could live with this revolution enabled everyone to reappropriate their country to reappropriate algeria we realize it belongs to us all an actress i. i i was i. was. i was i was only 16 when they
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marched in against a 5th term it was amazing because most people in all our apolitical they don't give a damn to me is one element i thank. the names and i will clear the most self-aware generation of algerians to come along since the war for independence was the liberals and we're stubborn. thank you thank you. the algerians won independence in 1962 after a long war against colonial france the algerians over their freedom to the national liberation front or f.l.n. . as of 2019 the f.l.n. had been in power for 57 years. an oppressive regime systematically plundering the
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country's wealth resources and heritage the algerian people gradually lost faith in the moccasin since its independence algeria has suffered a number of tragedies in the 1990 s. the government fought a brutal civil war against a radical islamist insurgency government forces eventually won but not before as many as 200000 civilians have been killed the black decade as it is called hans algerians today less against an eviction but i associate the war with an experience that turned my whole life upside down at the moment she who killed my life probably would have been very different if they hadn't murdered my father shown of it but i seen him up to. 1996 when honey i was 3 years old terrorists shot her father on the street in the casbah way as a former policeman he was a prime target in those dark years. now
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but i'm not and my father reminds me why i'm here to question. them but it's no matter what happens you have to keep fighting and keep living. said to know mickey maybe even when he was a man who loved life and lived as he saw fit to do it honestly of what he was a man who stood up for single women too so he was everything terrorists hated. loved us and more says i'm 26. i was born when the terrorism reached its zenith and i grew up under beautifully got to. use the only presidents i've ever known. it was
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a reign based on terror he justified his being there by having brought peace he said i'm the man of peace and if i go terrorism will return a crude killing. after being sworn in as the new president in 1909 beautifully kept his promise to bring the conflict to an end. a painful national reconciliation provided amnesty to insurgents who handed in their weapons. bouteflika completed 4 terms keeping an iron grip on the country even after suffering a stroke in 2013 that left him too fragile to campaign his legacy consisted of voting fraud and corruption. other both these joint lives and civil rights had 1st it was great our savior had come to a country was at peace and we could move around and travel we can finally breathe that's how the 1st years were. city government projects began popping up everywhere
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and we thought great who cares if he has another term. for it after that it was just dec nation and week rational is it just. then it was announced that 81 year old abdelaziz bouteflika would seek a 5th term with the elections scheduled for april 29000 the head of the f.l.n. launched the head of states campaign with a painting of him. for many algerians this was the last straw. i. i. i i. and that she's ok let me tell us you know over there we put up with poverty and corruption the shores of
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may but we weren't prepared to be mocked and to push specific comment it was really degrading for our president to be campaigning for a 5th time in that situation just dropped to 20 years prison they've been i think we didn't know any other leader which when the queen cosa their corruption had reached its climax and the government was deteriorating i felt there was a complete void and we were afraid of having both of the other book with thanks. i. should say i must say i'm just 28 years but i feel tired drained irritated and i feel more like 40 you have to fight so hard to meet your basic needs. you have to justify yourself all the time. if you want to have a drink you have to hide if it's. can't live with someone without getting married.
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this country damages you mitt romney it wastes your time and energy for less and i know it suppresses you when it drains you if you didn't bugs you feel like you're just meandering until you die. just coping with was going with this is that you get so desperate all you have left is hope that's your shows keep it to see the only thing keeping you going is hope for something different simple enough in a tone to dockside on we've all experienced the dark side with its massacres corruption poverty misery and dirty mess we know how to live with it and survive without it how about we try a new way we didn't have much left to lose just ourselves but with the.


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