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tv   Hart aber fair  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2021 1:00am-2:01am CEST

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what about. this is the w. news line from berlin the u.s. jury convicts derek shows and of murder and not the former police officer is found guilty of all charges in the death of jordan floyd the case the largest civil rights protest in a decade take you live to minneapolis. are him hommage welcome to the program minneapolis jury has convicted former police
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officer derek chosen of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd so then was found guilty on all counts he killed floyd a black man when he was filmed pressing his knee on floyd's neck last may the mud outrage and protests against racism and police brutality 7 could be sent to prison for decades here's the moments the judge read out the verdict to the courtroom we the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional 2nd degree murder while committing a felony by the defendant guilty verdict count 2 we the jury in the above internal matter as to count 2 3rd degree murder perpetrating an eminently dangerous act by the defendant guilty verdict count 3 we the jury in the above entitled matter of talent 3 2nd degree manslaughter culpable negligence creating and i'm reasonable risk buying the defendant guilty. well the guilty verdict came at the end of a tense 3 week trial people who'd been waiting outside the courtroom say they are
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overjoyed and relieved. was. relief just just relief there was so much just anxiety and and so much just pressure from what i felt like could be a powder keg type situation and hopefully that is just relieved now i'm just happy for my city. overwhelmed and grateful and relieved so i'm i feel grounded i can feel my feet on the concrete and super grateful that this is the verdict and that we can now move to the next case with joy and hope and optimism and strength. right now we get out. really. thought that. another guy was going to get away with something that he should've never done the
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1st place. and i think somebody finally stopped up and did right. on our cause. and here is what the long time u.s. civil rights activist al sharpton had to say a short time ago. and this is the 1st time 7 in history have to state that a white police officer has been convicted last known convicted of a murder. this is the 1st time in a long ring of fights that we've seen 3 counts guilty on all 3. we don't find pleasure in this we don't celebrate a man going to jail we want to read the joy to be alive. but we celebrate that we because young people white and black some castigated many that he had
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a night march and kept watch and kept going where many of them look down on but they can't march everywhere and wouldn't let this dad and this is in the surance to them that if we don't give up then we can win somewhere around but the war and the fight is not oh just 2 days from now we're going to have to deal with the funeral of dante wright and his saying county dissing area we still have cases but this gives us the energy to fight on and we are determined that we go fight until we make federal law george fluoride justice and policing the march. of oneness that speak to detail the correspondent stefan simons who is in minneapolis playing the trial for us well we know stuff on that the jury did come to this conclusion quite quickly was it expected. no it wasn't
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that was quick this was 4 hours yesterday in about 6 hours today deliberation and this year was able to find. dirt showing guilty on all 3 counts within 10 hours that was i think faster than anybody had. expected and i have to say i think nobody expected a clear cut verdict like this overall 3 counts on all counts guilty for barry shoving since it is the experience and al sharpton of this just in the sound bite you just played off decades and decades and decades of african-americans and black people here that they actually when they are in the justice system and when there is somebody who stands trial because he or she did something wrong in their opinion or allegedly wrong that they don't find justice or they feel now of course absolutely joyous and and relief that for the 1st time as you heard in decades here
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and many here in minnesota in minneapolis and in the united states for a large to a large degree a police officer was found guilty of 2nd degree murder 33 murder and manslaughter so that's unique and let me just briefly give you a little. scene setter here so you see in the back there there's still a crowd there this will play music. there's a larger crowd also on the way marching through the city and through the streets the can you can see that of course now and of course at george floyd square where mr floyd was murdered it's we can say now without getting into legal trouble. there's also a crowd that is days expected to swell and celebrations are expected to go all through the night. and has the u.s. president spoken about this yet. you know you actually had to see had shortly
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before the verdict came down president biden came out and said that he was hoping and praying for the right verdict now what is the right verdict he didn't say but. if you talk to civil rights leaders and to the black community in washington. in a political. community in washington there a civil rights leader they all knew what he meant for him for the president even if . the mongols a little bit how he how he phrased this for him only a guilty verdict was probably the right verdict and yeah he got his wish so to speak like many many many many people here to. this never just remind us what the arguments from the defense and the prosecution. and yeah let's start with the prosecutor the prosecution that's what every expert says and i did an excellent job drilling
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a few points home point number one walked derek shoving dates from the perspective of the prosecution was wrong there was no justification for it and b. he did it negligent and without care against his training and against minneapolis police policies so that's how you come up with those 3 charges the defense heads of the defense was of course to pour cold poke holes into this and they tried they tried with some experts who said like you know they weren't prepared to say that the need for 9 and a half minutes on. mr floyd's neck that this was on necessary or disproportionate that was the point the prosecution of course made so they tried to also to say that drugs of some drug amounts mr floyd had in the system and underlying heart condition were actually significantly responsible for his death
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the jury decided that's not the case this trial was a whole a homerun for the prosecution they won this trial. it's also quite interesting in the courtroom that there was no time in relation to race when it came to charging so then instead it seemed as if it was more relates to mistreating george floyd so how will the sentencing look for derek 7 for what. good question so of course race was never mentioned not not one time was race mentioned and that was of course of purpose because you are in a court of law and of course the law is supposed to be blind of your race your religious your religious denomination your sexual orientation and all of that and so race was never a point there and that was a strategy of the prosecution of course number one number 2 so now a sentencing we have a verdict now could be expected an appeal one way or another and thirdly there is
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a sentencing appointment and that or a date set and that is in 8 weeks from now that's when the judge that means the professionals not the layman who constituted into jury they will decide the judge will decide. how many years derek sheldon has to go to prison and there's a range the minimum for the 1st charge for example is about 12 years the maximum and that's what we always talk about is 40 years so there's regal room for the judge and we will have to wait. a will there be an appeal and. will the judge decide on how long mr. sherman has to go to prison when this sense is sentencing date comes in about 8 weeks from now this is funny mentioned that crowds are gathering that we also are aware that minneapolis has been on high and it's in a case of unrest with the national god being brought in over the last few weeks so
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what's the situation like at the moment. yes 3000 national guard as you said corrected a half of the city had downtown even if you can't really see that right now because we're in the wrong spot to. oh yeah that. is actually boarded up so the anticipation was not a good one here and. that was of course not just here the case it was all over the united states the case in l.a. new york chicago washington d.c. police and law enforcement agencies prepared for a different outcome from here now i have to say i lost i if me so i can't hear you next question so let me wrap this up here right now the situation here is peaceful expected to be peaceful because this kind of common sense that now there is really no reason or and or justification if you will to ransack buildings. and put them back put buildings into on fire that's what the situation here was
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last year and make no mistake last year and what happened now here is of course absolutely connected and it's not just connected for minneapolis there's a connection for the entire united states because as you heard in as you played in those sound bites from. people who were here celebrating this is just the beginning for them and this is not just the beginning for them here in minneapolis they're going to fight for for more justice and for changes in the justice system in the police departments and so on not just in minneapolis but all across the united states right that is stefan simon is live for us outside the courthouse in minneapolis thank you stefan. let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world germany's governing conservative alliance has agreed on arm unless it has its candidate to succeed chancellor angela merkel in elections this autumn that its rival conceded the race
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ending up house travel the conservatives face an uphill battle to impress notice against a popular green party by the 1st this year and they mean mara. hundreds have marched in the way to protest against february's military coup it was one of several rallies staged across the country to show support for the national unity government led by coup opponents the army says it was outlawing the rival government. firefighters in south africa have contained the blaze in cape town iconic table mountain it started on sunday and ripped through the university campus as well as residential areas many had been forced to leave their homes a library containing read books and manuscripts was also destroyed. a chance president it was debbie has died just a day after he won election securing him a 6 time in office trips have been deployed to the streets of the capital in
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germany now air and land borders all closed until further notice and the cuff you is now officially in place dead he was reportedly killed while visiting troops on the frontline of a battle against a rebel group in the north of the country debbie sun is now named as interim head of state but the rebels have rejected the transition and are vowing to march on the capital. residents of chad reacted with this belief to the televised announcement of president idriss debby's death. martial of chad idriss deby itnow as he did every time when the republic's institutions were seriously threatened not to go to heroic lead in a combat operation against terrorists who had come from libya. he was injured in the engagement and died after being brought back to.
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the news came just hours after he was declared the winner of the country's presidential election on april 11th. that would have been the long term leaders 6th term in office that. it's sad news. that the presidential election took place calmly. and just a day after they announced his win denounced his death. was this news is very surprising. but on a human level it is touching the water but there are rumors that the information disseminated by the transition council is false no. it wasn't helpful. it is not known why debbee would have visited the frontline or participated in the clashes the exact circumstances of his death remain unclear and
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some observers question the military's narrative. following the announcement the military council deployed the army around the capital and imposed a curfew it also just saw the country's government in parliament and name davies 38 year old son as transitional leader he heads the lead presidential guard that oversee. his father's security. debbie was among the world's longest serving leaders the herder's son took the classic path to power through the army in 1990 his rebel forces overthrew the then president. during his 30 year rule he became a key ally of the west and supplied weaponry and soldiers to the anti jihadist campaign in this our home region. his unexpected death could spell the beginning of a new period of uncertainty in a deeply troubled region. and the ease that a call regulator has backed the johnson and johnson covert 19 vaccine despite
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a possible link to blood clots last week the company stopped its road out of the concerns of red but potentially deadly clots the a.m.a. says the benefits outweigh the risks that a warning should be added to vaccine labels the european medical and agency has given johnson and johnson's one shot clothed 9 tame back say in the green light despite finding a possible link to rare blood clots the benefits of the vaccine continue to outweigh the risks and we now have detailed information in the labeling that alerts to these risks we have detailed information for the health care professionals in case in case there are any issues the e.u. paused its rollout of the johnson and johnson vaccine last week before any shots were administered following reports of blood clot cases in the u.s.
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. of the 7000000 people vaccinated with jane j. in the u.s. 8 developed a rare blood clots including one who later died on tuesday the e.m.a.'s said the cases were similar to those same in their review of astra zeneca. the reported cases of mostly in women under 60 years and within the 1st 3 weeks after the vaccine at this moment it's not possible to identify clear risk factors for the occurrence of these very rare events such as gender or age the most plausible hypothesis as we have seen with the astra zeneca vaccine is an immune response that leads to a condition similar to a typical happening and used from u.c. to piña the e.m.a.'s says the blood clot should now be listed as a very rare side effect of johnson and johnson's vaccine the company immediately amounts it would revise its label as requested and resume vaccine shipments to the
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e.u. norway and iceland the us is expected to announce its decision on the single shot vaccine by friday. india has reported its highest daily death toll from the current virus the number of new cases each day has skyrocketed past india's earlier peak in september of last year new delhi infections have now exceeded 200000 for 6 days running but that leaves the world's 2nd most populous nation struggling with a lack of medical supplies. india's grave diggers have never been busier. as clover 19 goes on the rampage the dead keep coming. crim a tory a 2 are inundated with arrivals in some cases dealing with 3 or 4 times more
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bodies than usual. relatives left to endure agonizing waiting times. we've been waiting out here since 9 am now it's 1 pm and we still have to wait another 2 or 3 hours for our turn there are only 2 furnace is here and since morning we've been waiting and there are hundreds of people like us also waiting here in. the capital delhi is the worst affected city police enforcing the 6 day lockdown check that only essential workers are on the move and that businesses remain closed in an attempt to stop a rampant virus. among the recent cases former prime minister manmohan singh has been hospitalized after testing positive for. rain. as health experts monitor the trend
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there are concerns that india might be facing a new variant of the virus. we've seen the increase in across india more often the same thing that what might be happening is something that is. moving through the population of people who are yet to cause infection and therefore pretty fast. following criticism that it failed to stop the spread the indian government now says every adult will be eligible for a vaccine from may. a desperate attempt to stop a sleeping virus that's leaving a seemingly endless trail of death. and the brand new european super league that was so dramatically announced on sunday appears to be coming 6 anguished clubs have abandoned plans to join the breakaway
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leak now leaving only a handful of spanish and italian clubs the project that one official said would save the sports. chelsea fans hearing that their club had backed out of the super league. the. the many would agree with their we saved football chant the stunning backlash to the super league had worked to reverse an attempted radical shift in the european power structure inside the stadium players for brighton chelsea's opponents on tuesday night showed what they thought of chelsea's earlier super league ambitions . u.k. prime minister boris johnson celebrated the withdrawals posting on twitter that the decision to pull out is absolutely the right one yet it is hoped that the other founding members of the super league would follow. ah and they did
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egged on by fans old and young tied to the tradition of the beautiful game all 6 of the powerful english clubs had pulled out of the super league 48 hours after it had been announced. the death knell may have come monday evening in spain when real madrid chairman also the chairman of the super league florentino perez said this yet i don't think any of it what we want to do is say football so that he can live peacefully for at least the next 20 years without stress and without having to say 200000000 euros have been lost the situation is very dramatic as with on one thing the way of the future these guys younger audience you know and people of my dad and people that come before me done a great job to get in position that aids pay raises i was sort of dinosaur things i can speak on my behalf. super league clubs learning a lesson that it's never a good look to have fans coaches and players rooting against club bosses and owners
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. and some more football news for you a midweek slate of match ups in germany has been the thing that i'm cute in buying munich's not with live because then it's his days off to the coach announced his intention to leave behind at the end of the season a move now that's good club executives. hansie flick was all smiles despite his we can bust up with the by and bosses he shed a joke with the opposite number one as vote as his by inside look to extend their lead at the top of the bundesliga table. just 6 minutes in they were right on track eric maxime to promoting reacting sharply to the after thomas miller's effort was saved one nil to the hosts. and with 12 minutes on the clock go through it kimmy canada shot into the bottom corner to double the lead and by and were cruising. flick was in such a good mood he even celebrated with by and sporting director has and sally homage
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it is suppose it never says within the club. later couzin did give by in cause for concern in the 2nd half and the mary tested manual noir with a shot from range. and then edmund taps about fired over from a few yards out. but by and weathered the storm to claim victory they now need just one win from their remaining 4 games to retain the bundesliga title and give flick the perfect sendoff. i detain to our top story and breaking news derek serve in the form of minneapolis police officer has been found guilty of murdering black dog floyd u.s. president joe biden has just been speaking this is what he had to say today today's verdict is a step forward i just spoke of the governor of minnesota. thank you for the close work with his team. and also spoke with george george family.
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remarkable family of extraordinary courage nothing can ever bring their brother their father back but this can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. but it's also be clear that such a verdict is also much to rear. well here's a reminder of the stories we're following today as we just said former minneapolis police officer derek servant has been convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd he was found guilty on all 3 counts chauvinistic spector to be sentenced in 8 weeks. chance president it is 70 has died while visiting troops battling northern rebels debby's death comes shortly after he won a 6 term in office 68 year old came to power in a rebellion and 9090 and was one of africa's longest serving leaders.
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and the brand new european super league that was so dramatically announced on sunday appears to be crumbling all 6 english clubs have abandoned plans to join the break oil now leaving only a handful of spanish and italian clubs and the project i want to special said this . to forget you can also get much more deals or news on the go just out from google play and also on the app still if you access all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the app to send your photos and videos of what's happening. to watching the news live from berlin we have a business update coming up next and also find much more news on our web site d w dot com i'm in the bahamas thank you very much indeed for watching.
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this is flagstaff and it's finally being accepted by the pandemic. migrant workers not only do they use their wages to support their families. they are also supporting the local economies of their home countries such new ideas and help ensure that their families are combined for a game of chess players and play mixed blood eliminating.
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2 only. 3 or not 2 uomo. what about a sharing economy instead of. a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something the. economics magazine in germany. in 60 minutes w. 19 . their story their very own personal drama. people love to look at chesterfield remember claims and they share private footage with us that has
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never been seen before. back in chernobyl starts april 26th on d w. welcome to global 3 thousands. work money the means to survive we find out what's changed during the pandemic the challenges faced by migrant workers in india returning to brule areas. in germany romania and work because of fighting for their rights in the meat industry. and the lack of jobs in kenya is leaving people in
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struggle at the best of times increasingly desperate. is no doubt the covert 19 pandemic has hit the poorest hardest this year alone the number of people worldwide living in extreme poverty looks set to climb to 150000000 off of them children in formal jobs in particular have seen sweeping cuts including in kenya west steady work is hard to come by many kenyans rely on incomes and tova from their relatives working abroad. is deeply unhappy the 3 year old is missing his mom. for more than a year now his only contact with her has been via video chat. that's because she's taken a job as a domestic worker and a nanny in saudi arabia. both colleagues and his 8 year old
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brother up to have stayed back in kenya under the care of their grandmother they live in complera a huge slum on the edge of nairobi. i'm home he says like many kenyans his mother stuffer runs a cigarette felt she had no other choice than to seek work abroad. the money that my daughter was making here in kenya just wasn't enough she decided to go to saudi arabia for the sake of a family life. we depend on her for everything she went in january 2020 and says she won't be back until january 2022. 2022. at 1st stuffer runs us and all her income to kenya up to $230.00 u.s. dollars a month it's not only her mother and children who depend on the money so do his
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siblings and 5 year old tree. i use the money to pay school fees for the children i buy their school uniforms and food for everyone. she doesn't send any money we just have to make do because we have no other form of income to cover the rent and buy food so we just purser here. with a pandemic income from kenyans working abroad has become even more by school millions of people in kenya have lost their jobs as a result of lockdowns and the collapse of the tourism industry. for those who are already poor it's especially tough. stefan's a sister used to work in a hotel now she does odd jobs where she can the virus has also made things tougher for difference in saudi arabia.
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last name them james. amos well maybe a song might start something. if they see my mother and me. and that's a similar thing a she did my name and she had many. thanks. i think. because of lockdowns and curfews in saudi arabia stephan ransom hasn't sent much money home since june last year the family are struggling measures introduced to stop the spread of the virus have impacted economies around the world remittances sent home by migrant workers have gone down in many countries but economist james she qualities says the opposite is true for kenya. a lot of us expected mittens as we got them because most of the stronger economies
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were feeling the strongest negative in part because of corporate 19 but what's surprising is that such a very mutants us went up. by almost 10.7 percent. received more money from outside than ever before i think that you know create 1000000000. $3000000000.00 u.s. dollars in 2020 that's nearly half the value of kenya's annual exports many kenyans working abroad are in highly qualified jobs with a good salary and they keen to see progress in their home country so they not only send money to their families they're also actively investing in the kenyan economy . remittances is a hope for kenya possibility to start orienting its economy clubs production
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and value addition because we notice that remittances are not just about food. that's for opinions have opted to start investing in but in the country the money is flowing into many different sectors ranging from tourism to agriculture it's giving a much needed boost to the kenyan economy that could improve the lives of many people certainly be a cigar family is desperately hoping for change. in the meantime little while it will continue to miss his mother and no doubt shed many more tears before they're finally reunited. it's a worldwide phenomenon people leaving their homes and families to work abroad as
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domestic servants in care work or construction or is agricultural workers 164000000 international migrant workers headed to wealthy and they sions for work in 2019 that's according to estimates by the un among them while highly qualified medical staff according to the world bank in $2900.00 migrant labor has sent $554000000000.00 u.s. dollars home to their families most of this wasn't in the u.s. the united arab emirates and saudi arabia they sent back to their families in india china and mexico. but it's not just families who rely on this income the entire economies of some countries depend on it too. they can help pay for housing food and education remittances from family members abroad make up a significant part of household income in many countries on average migrants send
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around 15 percent of their monthly wages back home and many of them use money transfer services the picnic the rethink that has allowed the global markets by this impediment yet it is forwardable there are financial plans for a bagel you can. increase your. local bank accounts. storing your money in a particular location and make it more effective. western union was one of the 1st international money transfer services it is now been sending around money for 150 years until recently it relied on a large staff and infrastructure like physical locations costs for international transfers could reach around 20 percent of the money being sent but these services have increasingly gone digital today to transfer money you only need internet access that increased competition have cut costs as emo
1:39 am
a digital service was founded in 2012. it now operates in over $190.00 countries. we aim to be 70 to 80 percent cheaper than the high street offering and generally our chacha coming in at anything for all for very for a very high traffic car someone who has very well developed in the trials could be as point 357 the average costs for international transfers are around 6.5 percent worldwide according to the world bank by 2030 the un through its sustainable development goals wants to reduce remittance charges to less than 3 percent in order to help reduce global inequality and poverty once you give somebody the power in their hands to very quickly and very cheap they instantly
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send money to people that that behavior change and generally that change in a way that supports inclusion and supports same out and on households run by women in particular to invest remittances from abroad primarily in the education of the next generation according to unesco report from 2019 but the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in lower income for migrant workers and thus lower remittance flows and in 2021 the flow of money could decrease even more that would have far. reaching consequences. he walks of the country the formal education to secondary are not too costly but their story yes continuation of education can be a challenge in that insistence will come true and so there will be a huge development implication for country or country in a hospital that has a reliance on. migrants and their families are hoping for
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a quick end to the pandemic that way the next generation will have better chances. typically migrant workers are employed in hard graft jobs gemini's meat industry for example relies on foreign labor from eastern europe every day these workers dismember thousands of caucus is in appalling conditions it's work most local people don't want to do now though the workers are fighting back. these people responded to ads in romania and came to germany to work in the meat processing industry they left their homes in search of a better life but that's not what they found. a model the worst thing was the hours. i had to get up for work at 1 in the morning. and
1:42 am
i'd have to work until 5 or 6 in the evening. of change. they treat you like a slave every day you're moving tons of money to get back pain and all you learn by the end of the month is $800.00 euros that's enough to make you weep. just. the 2 men gave notice after 3 months in the meat factory and began working at a different company called martin include us law in north rhine-westphalia they hoped that conditions there would be better from the 1st of april temporary workers may no longer be hired in germany's meat industry until now foreign workers were employed by sub contractors and work for low wages but now employers and unions cannot come to a way to agreement workers' representatives are ramping up pressure and calling for strikes workers are kept up to date on the negotiations thanks to news bulletins in romanian polish and russian many of them don't speak german but had signed
1:43 am
contracts written in german nonetheless when they realized what they'd let themselves in full it was too late the conditions and wages are terrible people come here with the wrong expectations they get here and discover that germany isn't paradise on earth these are already 3 year old gobbler to live a school wasn't expecting that but he expected to be paid a fair wage he spent 4 months working on a construction site in germany he earned $300.00 euros a month not enough to get by. i have to work that's why i came here. i need to support my family in romania but i want my son to be able to go to university but it's hard. desperation drove him and tens of thousands of others from eastern europe to seek work in germany they often do jobs that germans don't want to do. a 15 minute drive from the demonstration to
1:44 am
the small town of their home to many were many ns who work in the nearby meat and sausage factory. these men tell us that they've been waiting for more than 2 months to be paid they haven't been able to send money home to their families in romania. we've eaten for 10 days as pastor with sugar she's been asking for our wages we're getting nowhere. they just lie to us. meanwhile back at martin in cutest little with the protests are taking place some workers are starting their shifts in the factory including some rumanians who've been in germany for 2 years. before i came here i worked in spain for more than 8 years my husband stayed in romania with the children. when our son finished school came with me to germany and then my husband followed too. so so. now they want to stay together here in germany the unions organizing further
1:45 am
strikes and planning to keep up the pressure on management until a way to agreement is reached. when the pandemic struck last year millions of migrant laborers in india lost their jobs the government put the country into lockdown and sent them home. in rural india where most come from there is little work but for a few the return home has offered the possibility of a new beginning. the pandemic cost him his job in the big city it was then another 4 months before canner him garcia could return to his family in rural run just on there was no work for him there but he heard about new training opportunities in the nearby city of. a local organization was offering short
1:46 am
courses so he took a tailoring class. for the lock down i was in sooraj doing stone cutting work with granite i'd been there since 2012 the lockdown was sudden everything just closed the prime minister modi said stay where you are and we'll take care of you but nothing happened we weren't even allowed to be on the street or the police would beat us with their protests if we. left the house wide logical that when the 11 the lockerbie. garrison discovered that working with stone made him sick he developed a lung disease called silicosis another reason to train as a tailor instead. at the step academy. he's doing a month long course for $1000.00 repeats that's around 11 year olds accommodation and food are included the academy also trains up barbers and office courses on basic electrical work to learn how to carry out simple repairs to mobile phones or
1:47 am
cards the trainees return to their villages after the program. sanjay chitter of the director of the school says the return of migrant workers is good news for the rural economy. around 1000 young people have passed through our program it's all because of the pandemic many go on to find work or open their own shops. jobs are being created because employers and business people have also returned to the villages. the organization also partners with companies that train homecomings like here at this construction site that paid a minimum wage and can complete their training within 12 months. i was doing kitchen working for 5000 rupees a month i worked the whole time even at night. i came home just before the lockdown and plan to stay the work and the pay are better here i don't work such long hours
1:48 am
and i can help out at home too. teacher ram is happy all the life in the village is hot his home can only be reached by foot he lives here with his wife. the cities are ok but noisy and polluted i prefer to live in the village it's better he. can or i'm garrus see of the month of training is coming to an end he's looking to take lives in his area that might give him work he hopes to stay with his wife and children rather than going back to sarette or another big city. if i go far away again i won't be able to look after my children so i'm looking for work near my village. a visit to
1:49 am
one local tailor shop yields promising results the owner asks him if he can sew a dress and can or i'm garrus see it is ready to prove that he can the owner tells him to come back to his training and help the work for him. can or i'm doris can hardly wait to share this new ray of hope with his wife and 6 children a year off to knock down many migrant workers have lost faith in the indian government they have hardly received any support and the touted jobs in the big cities no longer exist. in the end the pandemic could actually help revive rural areas. and now we cross the pacific to south america in our global ideas series this week we followed the tracks of jack us these big caps around the threat that habitat is
1:50 am
being turned into farmland in colombia but help as it happens from an unlikely source the caps format enemies. and. it's. a privately run nature reserve on the plains of eastern colombia is home to many recipe she's of wild animal. the vast grasslands are also home to extensive cattle ranches. here but our guns family has lived in the region for generations they own 17000 hectares of land that's almost 3 times the size of manhattan. he's created the private law and order nature reserve on part of this land because
1:51 am
the habitats of wild animals are shrinking fast as forests are cleared away to create pastures. and that's not the only problem jag us face here populations across the region are at risk of being wiped out. a. good he. most any of. the have found their jaguars are being hunted we don't know who's doing it people like rad tend to keep to themselves but we keep hearing rumors they're under mortar they could. here on the plains jacki was kill about $100.00 carbs and froze per year most ranchers have no interest in protecting the predatory cats the greatest threat to their livestock. you know how. we have built traps with fig tree trunks to kill jaguars like this.
1:52 am
we anchored them in the ground and put planks like we use ones on the fence over them but. if a jaguar kind of falls in it's crushed by the heavy work. but ranchers are being asked to rethink their approach and to learn how to co-exist with the big cats. in la jack us are protected and may not be killed. but our guns nature reserve is affiliated with the jack you were corrido initiative run by the panther era and. the corridor or stretches from argentina to northern mexico but a gun collects data on the behavior of the cats for panthera. they've installed more than $100.00 video camera traps across the reserve.
1:53 am
pantera started monitoring the jaguar population in in 2014 with the help of camera traps we set up in various parts of the preserve this way we can identify sponsor jaguars roam which corridors they use we have so far identified 2 major corridors in areas where they have a better forest habitat the one runs from east to west and the other from north to south. and then we have. the video recordings help them estimate the jaguar population and the animal's state of health if they're doing well it indicates that the ecosystem is in good shape to. but a gun has been observing the movements of a certain 4 year old female he's name put dean he's looking for her tracks and other traces. jackie was need large hunting grounds and tend to move along well
1:54 am
established routes. the savannah a mixed forest grassland ecosystem is being destroyed not just to create pastures but also fields for crops. nature reserves like our last refuge for wildlife welcome was based on what we've learned so far is that jaguars have indeed settled in the forests and savannas of lara. if there's a number. because the ecosystem is in good shape here name was. in the way those give some of the jaguars are permanent residents while others just pass through so when you. hear they can enjoy a peaceful environment with plenty to eat and no natural enemies you need more you were not. more than 50 jackie was live
1:55 am
here now. as well as lots of other species. it's. our nature conservation work that comes from the heart. we want to live together with a big cats. and some of my neighbors other ranchers are starting to think the same way. that is especially of younger ones you know. they're more aware of the issues. in laos humans and their livestock. found a way to co-exist with the jacket was what's more the beautiful cuts of becoming a tourist attraction and that means a further source of income for hard hit by the gun.
1:56 am
that's all from us at global 3000 this fake don't forget to write to us we're at global 3000 at d w dot com and check out our facebook page w global ideas see you say. food. food.
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food. to own. or not 200. 000-0000 what about assuring economists stood. for change and thinking is changing the economy to create something new. economics magazine maybe the injunction. down 30 minutes w.
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. bush. was out of the chair playing a country in turmoil. 5 young people from algeria had to speak out in the southern book about their dreams and the fear is sometimes aspirations. and about a life caught between hope and resignation algeria my love. in 75 minutes on t w. are you ready for some break news i'm christine wonderland on the i m f you my country you know with a brand new did of the news africa this show that tackles the issues shaping the concert hall with more time to off on in-depth still caught all of the transfer of the talk to you what's making the hittites and what's behind it well on the streets
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to give you the end of reports on the insides of w. news africa every friday on d w. we have an important new number so let's get right to the. smoking news healthy. designs are good for the ears lobel warming doesn't exist. well not yet. because. you have made my mind. to the street just controlling your thoughts. there are potentially see you detail science. it's not easy to spot i'm saying one thing and history is saying another of. the great books of the 20th century.
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present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. just the behavior is an example it will not be. manufacturing ignorance documentary on w. . this is the daily news and these are the top stories from a minneapolis police officer derek shows and has been convicted of murder and manslaughter and the death of george floyd he was found guilty on all 3 cowards 7 killed floyd's a black man when he was filmed pressing his knee on floyd's neck the mud response global protests against racism and police brutality. of chad's army has announced that president interest debbie has.


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