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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2021 12:00am-12:31am CEST

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nothing has been printed my cardio enjoyed not more. i was the tour. by choice you describe because even be aware transmitted the truth. and in the question how much and i want. to talk to you. this is news and these are our top stories in the u.s. the minnesota jury has the gun deliberations in the trial of the white police officer accused of killing george floyd dark chauvinistic charged with murder for nearly on floyd's neck during his arrest last may floyd's death sparked global protests against police brutality and racism. germany's
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environmentalist greens party have chosen a co-leader of that babcock to stand for chancellor september's election opinion polls show the greens are close behind i'm going to merkel's conservatives who are heading for a standoff over their choice for chancellor candidates. and russia's prison service says jailed opposition leader at lex a novelli has been transferred to a medical facility it comes 2 days off of all these doctors said he was on the brink of death and needed urgent treatment developed he went on hunger strike 3 weeks go after being denied access to his own medical team. this is g w news from berlin you can find much more news on our website www dot com. or.
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after 16 years as german chancellor angela merkel is stepping down in september who will be her successor it could be her unattainable co-leader of the green party now the greens are going from strength to strings in the polls thanks to her the same cannot be said about merkel's own party to conservative governors who want to be the candidate have spent the last week locking horns and ugly private public fight in the voters say they don't like what they're seeing tonight choosing a chancellor candidate here in germany helped to make the competition green with envy i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. they're involved as a time when all the arguments have been anything everything he said and then it has
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to be decided to. need to talk to each other in the coming days he didn't post the ready to take responsibility. and that's the aim is that the c.d.u. i'm serious you card to use when the federal election wouldn't stocks 5 given in charge of the decision on whether there's off a come back set to donuts cannot be decided by the c.p.u. in the end. also coming up fly like an airplane hover like a helicopter and go down in the history books that is what happened today when a small robotic chopper named ingenuity lifted off and hovered over the surface of mars. hemet our data. on. 6 that i didn't work hard it hard to like. our pride product powered aircraft on another planet. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day
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with the woman who could very soon make political history here in germany today the green party announced its chancellor candidate ahead of the national election in september her name is on the lena fair ball and she is coat leader of the greens she embodies what her party has never had until now a real chance of winning at the federal level after election day and alina bear book could become the 1st green chance of that germany has ever had their books popularity has much to do with being the right person in the right party at the right time in a world focused more than ever on climate change the greens have instant credibility plus their stance on china and russia is considered clear and tough if they own the zeit geist their rivals well they're scrambling to buy into it you could think that after 16 years with uncle americal as chancellor her conservatives would be best equipped to win yet again and you would be thinking incorrectly the 2
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governors vying to be the conservative candidate have tried with no success to decide among themselves and in private which of the 2 will be the one political infighting with leaks to the outside polls show americans party falling further behind what they are losing it appears the greens are easily able to take for themselves. with 2 party leaders one needed to step aside and harvick did so making an early now bear book the 1st green chancellor candidate ever in her 1st speech she promised a renewal and german politics and a departure from the status quo. he misses the matter if i get he must make changes to create a fair country a country where daycare centers and schools are truly the best places to beam a country where caregivers genuinely have the time and above all the resources to care for people sukumar
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a country in which the state functions digitally and serves its citizens. a diverse and cosmopolitan country of values space and strong democracy via after. the 40 year old became politically active within the green party in 2008 focusing on foreign and security issues only 5 years later she entered the bundestag the german parliament at the age of $32.00 there she quickly and respect for her thorough knowledge of detail she has a degree in international law and spent several years abroad in the us london and brussels she now lives in potsdam with her husband and their 2 young daughters best series yet they carefully choreographed announcement came in sharp contrast to the bruising power struggle still going on within germany's conservative party both contenders there were quick to react to bear box candidacy. an early in a big congratulations early in a bear book and i can promise her that the c.d.u.
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in germany is looking forward to a fair election campaign. volunteers and. it. plots our own skin it will be about the 1st place conservatives the greens hopefully it will be a fair good and argumentative but also ambitious election campaign. to me so i would be very happy to be a part of it but we are not there yet you know me. well the conservatives us still squabbling internally on any now baucus already focusing on the general election in september and on becoming i'm going to macarthur accessor the talk about this i'm joined tonight by patrick since bork he's a member of the german parliament for the christian democrat party that that's the conservative party of chancer i'm going to america mr sense organs good to see you again i want to talk about your conservatives just a moment but i have to start by asking you when you look at how smoothly the greens
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have should in their chance their candidate you as a conservative doesn't it make you somewhat jealous maybe a bit jealous on your own science and greens deciding was out the party members and made the decision justin close shops and groups behind the party members so in the end i'm not sure if these unity will stay a long time well that mean that's true that you're talking about the inner workings of the party but on the outside it's been incredibly smooth for the greens is it embarrassing for the conservatives we're not in a situation that's quite sure we are struggling about the person who will be old leader in the candidacy floor chancellery so of course a little bit jealous but of the unassigned greens has to prove this unity in the party and i don't think this unity will stay long when we come into the issues of the party come thing so let's see who will be better in the end you know one could
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say that the conservative would be candidates are mean lush it and marcus is good or they are the astra zeneca vaccine's of this campaign or as. bear box is the buy on take 5 mcgurn candidates which shot mr since for which shot would you choose. we should think both at this time and that doesn't mean we will see a green and conservative coalition at the end i think we need both and in the end some maybe astra zeneca will make the decision will who do you want to see as chancellor handed i think the last chance is representing the bigger sister of the 2 parties and so i think it's in the end of a struggle that will be made by i'm going to lash out the decision is taking a long time this makes a lot of party members unsatisfied we will involve and you clued the district
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leaders of the consumptive parties so they will get the voting also as it seems right now so it's a long time struggle but in the end i think it will be i'm just missing the point is there any resolution to this dispute between army lusha and markers in which mr lusha doesn't lose a great deal of authority i mean he is the leader of the c.d.u. your party that's true and i think it's a question that you should markel sudar he told us that he will accept the decision also see do you then he changed his mind he's looking to if you don't clean your polls up to your polls are changing now he said again he will accept a decision of the c.d.u. the c.d.u. has made it clear decision we have a discussion now that some members of the c.d.u. a little bit skeptic but in the end i think it will be the last and martin and the c.s.u. has to accept that if mr la should if he does not win here and become the chancer
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candidate can he stay on as party leader a cd you party leader. i think he will stay on in this situation and he will of course stay on as leader of the government in the off and just say you know he's making such a joke there and so i think that all will be inside the discussion right now and in the end i think we will see that i mean i'm not sure it will be the candidate for chancery for the concept of fonzie you and i we have spoken 'd before about a man by the name of friedrich merits as a possible chancellor candidate he came close to being elected head of the conservative c.d.u. party but he didn't win but he came close and now there are calls for him again to be the chancellor candidate but how realistic is that hope i think this decision will be made between mark was sudar from the bavarian c.s.u.
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and i mean lush it from the cd you so i think it's just between these 2 possible candidates and i think the decision will be made very soon and my opinion is that i mean that's it will be the candidate for the election in september and so you don't think mr maritz freidrich merits you don't think that he has any hopes here in you know being some you know last minute surprise in the decision making of who's going to be the chancellor candidate. no i don't think so the political party of the c.d.u. and serious you together we're not waiting for a last minute surprise we are discussing fact with the pa to you the whole. leaders of this. little executive board so i think solution mounts will play a very important role in the new government but in the end this just an off chance well it may be something between marcus and i mean that's it but we will certainly be watching closely to see what decision what solution comes out of those meetings
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that are taking place mr parcher exams board member of the german parliament for the c.d.u. the christian democrat party mr zuckerberg as always we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you very much. for now to the pandemic the united states is the country hardest hit by the corona virus pandemic with nearly 570000 deaths but its vaccination program is by far the most successful in the world more than 130000000 people have had at least one coded 19 jail now that is half of the adult population and the country has now opened up vaccines to teenagers as well. daily training during the penn demick that's how these 2 brothers have gotten through the last month both. get vaccinated yes as promised teenagers a jab then your future being that age is hard enough with the code restrictions it
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has been even more challenging i think for me it's a mental health and of course like school that thing i was worried like there being back but then i went to school and get behind but i think that ways to catch up with academics light with growth and socialization and you know it's that's how that this school has been moved into the living room the boys cond wait to get their vaccine and i think. so it keeps the people my people around me safer and i don't keep myself safe to vixie when we bring a little normality back i don't miss school exactly but the people in school because you know it it's really difficult not to interact people and talk to people . and yeah i mean he's an awesome guy he's just my brother. you
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know friend. them and additional obstacle mosques. it's very hard to see people's expressions and it just gives a sense of like you're talking to a wall. this is a body you. are you with the u.s. this quick move makes nations but what if as in other countries restrictions remained it would definitely obviously my social skills. already played not great not the more social i'm going personally. but. i think that would not really be good for me on this one trying to go back to school b.c. brown is a social worker and sees the huge opportunity and teenage makes the nation teens need to be with their peers and need to be taking social risks and doing things on their own outside of the confines of their family home for
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a teenager to have the opportunity of x. and i think is tremendous to give them that freedom to move about with a lot more confidence but for both themselves and for their parents that they can go about their lives and do the things that they're developmentally supposed to be doing right now outside of the us most teenagers don't topics are through the vaccine yet they have to find other ways to keep going well some countries in europe are struggling to get enough vaccine doses for their populations but that is not the case in serbia where until recently foreigners were being invited to take up the offer of surplus shots where the government has now decided to stop the booming vaccine tourism and has decided to place more focus on getting serbian residents to say yes to corona by was vaccines 1st he is funny which are reports tonight from belgrade. yes it is the next person
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in line stern about 4000 doses are being administered here today at the biggest coffee vaccination center in the country has procured some 15000000 vaccines for a population of 7000000 serbia has more vaccines on offer than serbians to want them in fact there's a surplus of russia on all chinese and up other vaccines so the country have been inviting foreign tourists to take the jabs the emphasis is on had on the 9th of april the government decided to suspend the vaccination for a nurse on to food a notice about $30000.00 had received a vaccine so far a lot of foreigners came back to now it's impossible because of the permission of the government so they need to be a resident here or get married here or something like that. for for now the announcement came after infection rates began rising again the government had
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apparently realized he needed to convince more of its own citizens to get a jap 1st at least one in 3 people in serbia believes to some extent in conspiracy theories that claim that scenes are unsafe. the chick is the next governor and he will see everyone who got the vaccine will soon die teen. we had in 2000 i think of it is not safe enough and that's why i don't want to get it is to 2 days and that skepticism is also apparent on the great streets restaurants are food open and almost no one is you wearing a mask epidemiologists sort of out of vinyl each says the government focused too much on positive news about procuring vaccines why not doing enough to actually stem the spread of the virus to become a popular dish the government and our lead there of us following all of demonstrating that is his more able than anyone on arrows any idea really there to
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provide that what is needed and he ignores the fact that it's 1st necessary to educate people so far about 1200000 people have been fully vaccinated in subiaco according to official numbers a high percentage by comparison with other countries in europe but far from enough to and to be spent on it in an effort to increase immunization suit against the government has no storage focusing on its own citizens instead of foreigners if you could understand serbian you would be able to read the message on the side of this local bus it says get vaccinated. was millions and millions of people around the board remained separated by pandemic travel restrictions people living in australia and new zealand are now free to visit each other again the 2 countries have opened a quarantine free travel bubble and for the 1st time in more than a year airports have become scenes of emotional.
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we united's after more than a year apart families friends and grandparents meeting their not so new born grandchildren for the 1st time and relief as the travel bubble between australia and new zealand finally opens. for repairs and so long is going to have no one to say write back or come back i'd like sure to run out this welcome home is testament to both country's efforts in fighting the pandemic they've managed to defeat the virus with strict border controls and quarantine requirements. it was really weird feeling to be allowed to and numerous feels like a breaking the rules a little bit we have a duty to the for 14 months thank goodness busy man messenger and stuff yes i went
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to see him there announced at 4 o'clock last she's a temperature for i've booked a ticket that's right away has been very on time and so much life is i haven't seen it it's so nice to see. these are the 1st steps towards what a struggle here and new zealand hope will become a gradual be opening with the rest of the world. that we have started that it really is just so wonderful to be up to it. so that's where the various borders site. the travel bubble had to be set backs for months after small breaks in both countries and i everyone is hoping that the bubble will burst. history was made today on more nasa says its mars exploration helicopter with the name ingenuity and successfully slow on the red planet flight controllers in california were jubilant when they received confirmation via the perseverance rover
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perseverance stood. watch. 60. $5000000.00. yet. this animation makes it look effortless but making a helicopter fly on mars costs tens of millions of dollars and years of hard work despite being a miracle of modern engineering ingenuity couldn't have made it to mars on its own instead it had to hitch a ride on the perseverance rover tucked away inside the vehicle. once the cover was removed. engineers were able to gradually fun full of the helicopter by remote control from earth. after the final checks the perseverance rover transmitted flight commands to the
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tiny chopper which began its 1st test flight in an atmosphere as thin as the earth's stratosphere. in the 1st 31 days ingenuity plans to make 5 autonomous flights. after each trip it will transmit the data collected to the perseverance rover which beams it back to earth and mere hours. scientists ingenuity will mark the beginning of a new chapter in mars exploration as it can go where rovers can't and see things invisible to space probes. scientists hope that in the near future ingenuity successors will be able to go a step further and explore these mysterious caves or other hard to reach areas such as mountains or canyons. thanks to ingenuity we're closer than ever to unlocking
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new and exciting secrets of our mysterious planetary neighbor and back here on earth i'm joined now by nicole smith's she's a scientist at the german air and space center nicole it's good to have you on the program we know that this helicopter flight made history that's that's clear but why is being able to have a robotic helicopter fly on mars why is that so important to well you see this was not only the 1st powered controlled flight of beacon mars this was also the 1st bulletin folks night of the economist somewhere outside the earth it has been likened by nasa in the last days to the white brothers bowman's well and then 1900 seats 3 the wright brothers the mets for the 1st time to 2 o'clock controlled strike on us and that change spreads and just like this we think that based seats might change the way the weeks there are other plans and moons and then everything
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basically everybody in the and also the system that has that receive. from they on we are able to at the evidence and then on the bounds of the step is a i've read today that the ingenuity has a piece of material in it that is taken from the original wright brothers' airplane so yeah i mean it does it connects flight on earth flight on mars how hard is it to fly on mars. well that's actually really hot there were lots of challenges that a team had to overcome and i have to say test things that many times today but i have to say it again huge list of that to make that happen minus just as much as it 17 percent and it's even watch and try to make something fly on the last because moss has a very very sad that miss you. if you try to fly something on the surface like you try to make it lift a little bit of the surface like this we just that we need to do today that's the
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same as if you would see the tried to have a helicopter fly in such a kilometers over the us census and while many people would know that even even mountain rescue operations and like mount everest very very difficult and some never through to you as useless as you come to so you know that's a there's a suggestion you know do you know. me ask you but what research are doing and you've been working on interpretation of data gathered by the camera on the rover perseverence what do you see. yeah exactly i'm a member of the president's rubber science team meant specifically i'm member of the. team that operates the 2 stereogum us that are sitting on the mast meters and over the top of its office and right now while the robots actually parked at a spot that is for the ones you overlook right now the rover is kind of limited but
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i wouldn't want to use the word limited because it's a great honor to do this but right now we are basically setting us a communication late that ingenuity what it's doing its test flight but that's actually quite good because it is some time to review. what we have seen so far on mustn't sometimes actually think about where we wanted light from from now on as the next stop for the rolled up with the the data that's of a debt and all about it. but it doesn't play turn the can the left has been suspended and we are sinking right now that's a question that actually ok nicole smith unfortunately we're out of time but graduations do you want everyone on the team working on this nicole schmidt scientist at the german aerospace center thank you. well the day is always done the conversation continues online and you'll find us on twitter news you can follow me a brit golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another dick we'll see that everybody.
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in. the book. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update code 19 specials. on t w. me m
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r one woman versus the military. suit. de facto head of governments disempowered and detained people are demanding her release the regime's forces are responding with trial and why is the newbold peace prize laureate such a threat to the our phones are also close up. to 60 minutes to w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. true just 3 of the topics covered and weekly. if you would like any information on the crawl along. any other science topics you should really check out our podcast. podcast you can also find us at. science. in mexico many pushed home loans are sold out in the uk right
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now climate change different office story. faces much less leeway from just one week. how much work. we still have time to. i'm going. to subscribe to like. 3000000 people have died from the corona virus. most of the victims in the united states and brazil. but this whole. americans have received their 1st vaccination awful israelis have received 2 jabs my for them is returning to normal
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. but mutations could change that if they find a way to body's immune response. the world health organization.


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