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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2021 10:30pm-11:31pm CEST

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what ideas do they have for their future. g.w. dot com african megacities for the melting. clicks counter. after 16 years as german chancellor angela merkel is stepping down in september who will be her successor it could be her underling the bearable co-leader of the green party now the greens are going from strength to stream in the polls thanks to her the same cannot be said about merkel's own party to conservative governors who want to be the candidate have spent the last week locking horns and ugly private public fight in the voters say they don't wife what they're seeing tonight choosing a chancellor candidate here in germany helped to make the competition green with
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envy i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. good and dark as a time when all the arguments have been made everything is said and then it has to be decided. we need to talk to each other in the coming days and he didn't because i'm personally ready to take responsibility. and that's the aim is that the seat and sears you parties within the federal election wouldn't just tax by giving in charge of the decision on whether this off a company excepted be decided by the c.p.u. in the end. also coming up fly like an airplane hover like a helicopter and go down in the history books that is what happened today when a small robotic chopper named ingenuity lifted off and hovered over the surface of mars. and that our data. on.
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her part of her life. parked right out of hard aircraft on another planet. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the woman who could very soon make political history. here in germany today the green party announced its chancellor candidate ahead of the national election in september her name is on the lena fair ball and she is coed leader of the greens she embodies what her party has never had until now a real chance of winning at the federal level after election day unwilling to bear book could become the 1st green chance of that germany has ever had their box popularity has much to do with being the right person in the right party at the right time in a world focused more than ever on climate change the greens have instant
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credibility plus their stance on china and russia is considered clear and tough if they own the zeit geist their rivals well they're scrambling to buy into it you could think that after 16 years with uncle americal his chancellor her conservatives would be best equipped to win yet again and you would be thinking incorrectly the 2 governors vying to be the conservative candidate have tried with no success to decide among themselves and in private which of the 2 will be the one political infighting with leaks to the outside polls show americans party falling further behind what they are losing it appears the greens are easily able to take for themselves. with 2 party leaders one needed to step aside and harvick did so making an early now bear book the 1st green chancellor candidate ever in her 1st speech she promised a renewal and german politics and
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a departure from the status quo. citizens imagine if i get in must make changes to create a fair country a country where daycare centers and schools are truly the best places to be in a country where caregivers genuinely have the time and above all the resources to care for people so come on a country in which the state functions digitally and serves its citizens. a diverse and cosmopolitan country of values space and strong democracy after. the 40 year old became politically active within the green party in 2008 focusing on foreign and security issues only 5 years later she entered the border start the german parliament at the age of 32 there she quickly and respect for her thorough nasa knowledge of detail she has a degree in international law and spent several years abroad in the us london and brussels she now lives in potsdam with her husband and their 2 young daughters best
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series yet they carefully choreographed announcement came in sharp contrast to the bruising power struggle still going on within germany's conservative party both contenders there were quick to react to bear box candidacy. and early in a big. bear book and i can promise her that the c.d.u. in germany is looking forward to a fair election campaign. in fear when it comes. it will be about the 1st place conservatives the greens hopefully it will be a fair good and argumentative but also ambitious election campaign. because he would have me so i would be very happy to be a part of it but we are not there yet you know me. well the conservatives us still squabbling internally on any now baucus already focusing on the general election in september and on becoming i'm going to mecca of success are the talk about this i'm
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joined tonight by patrick since bork he's a member of the german parliament for the christian democrat party that that's the conservative party of chancer i'm going to medical mysteries in sport it's good to see you again i want to talk about your conservatives just a moment but i have to start by asking you when you look at how smoothly the greens have should spend their chance their candidate you as a conservative doesn't it make you somewhat jealous maybe a bit jealous on your science of greens deciding was out the party members and made a decision just didn't close shops and groups behind the party members so in the end i'm not sure if these unity will stay a long time well that mean that's true that you're talking about the inner workings of the party but on the outside it's been incredibly smooth for the greens is it embarrassing for the conservatives we're not in a situation that's quite sure we are struggling about the person who will be old
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leader in the candidacy florent chancellery so of course a little bit jealous but on the other side of the greens has to prove this unity in the party and i don't think this unity will stay long when we come into the issues of the particular thing so let's see who will be better in the end you know one could say that the conservative would be candidates are mean lush it and marcus is good or they are the astra zeneca vaccines of this campaign whereas on a bare bark is the bio on take 5 but dern a candidate which shot missed is inspire which shot would you choose. we should think both at this time and that doesn't mean we will see you know green and conservative coalition in the end i think we need both and in the end some maybe astra zeneca will make the decision well who do you want to see as chancellor handed i think on the last chance is representing the bigger sister of the 2
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parties and so i think it's in the end of a struggle that will be made by i'm going to lash out the decision is taking a long time this makes a lot of party members unsatisfied we will involve and you clued the district leaders of the consumptive parties so they will get the volunteering also as it seems right now so it's a long time struggle but in the end i think it will be on the last missive where is there any resolution to this dispute between army and lush and markers in which mr lush doesn't lose a great deal of authority i mean he is the leader of the c.d.u. your party that's true and i think it's a question that you should mark to some of our he told us that he will accept the decision also see to you then he changed his mind he's looking to if you can your
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polls up to polls are changing now he said again he will accept a decision of the c.d.u. the c.d.u. has made it clear decision we have a discussion now that some members of the c.d.u. a little bit skeptic but in the end i think it will be the last and marcus and the c.s.u. has to accept that if mr la should if he does not win here and become the chancer candidate can he stay on as party leader a cd you party leader. i think he will stay on in this situation and he will of course stay on as leader of the got home and not famous fabian he's making such a joke there and so i think that all will be inside the discussion right now and in the end i think we will see that i mean i'm not sure it will be the candidate for chancery for the conservative party you and i we have spoken 'd before about a man by the name of friedrich merits as a possible chancellor candidate he came close to being elected head of the
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conservative c.d.u. party but he didn't win but he came close and now there are calls for him again to be the chancellor candidate but how realistic is that hope i think this decision will be made between marco sudar from the bavarian c.s.u. and lush it from the c.d.u. so i think it's just between these 2 possible candidates and i think the decision will be made very soon and my opinion is that i mean let's it will be the candidate for the election in september and so you don't think mr maritz figments you don't think that he has any hopes here in you know being some you know last minute surprises in the decision making of who's going to be the chance or candidate. no i don't think so political party of the c.d.u. and see as you 2 together we're not waiting for last minute surprise we are discussing fact with the pa to you to hold the leaders of this.
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security force so i think solution mansell play a very important role in the new government but in the end this just an off chance well maybe some in-between mark was it for we will certainly be watching closely to see what decision what solution comes out of those meetings they're taking place mr potter exams board member of the german parliament for the c.d.u. the christian democrat party mr zuckerberg as always we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you very much. for now to the pandemic the united states is the country hardest hit by the corona virus pandemic with nearly 570000 deaths but its vaccination program is by far the most successful in the world more than 130000000 people have had at least one coded 19 jail now that is half of the adult population and the country has now opened up
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vaccines to teenagers as well. daily training during the penn demick that's how these 2 brothers have gotten through the last month both. get vaccinated yes as promised teenagers a jab then your future being that age is hard enough with the code restrictions it has been even more challenging i think for me it's a mental health and of course like school that thing i was worried like getting back that they're not going to school and get behind but i think that ways to catch up with academics might with growth and socialization you know it's that's how that this school has been moved into the living room the boys cond wait to get their bikes and. i think. so it keeps the people my people around me safer and i don't keep myself safe but except when we bring
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a little normality back i don't miss school exactly but the people in school because you know it it's really difficult not to interact people and talk to people and yeah i mean he's an awesome guy he's just really. you know friends. them an additional obstacle mosques. it's very hard to see people's expressions and it just gives the sense of like you're talking to a wall. this is an audio. or you book the us this quick with vaccinations but what if as in other countries the restrictions remained it would definitely obviously my social skills. already way not very not the more social i'm going personally.
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i think i would not really be good for me this one trying to go back to school lucy brown is a social worker and sees the huge opportunity in teenage makes the nation teens need to be with their peers and need to be taking social risks and doing things on their own outside of the confines of their family home for a teenager to have the opportunity to vaccinate i think is tremendous to give them that freedom to move about with a lot more confidence but for both themselves and for their parents that they can go about their lives and do the things that they're developmentally supposed to be doing right now outside of the u.s. most teenagers don't have access to the vaccine yet they have to find other ways to keep going some countries in europe are struggling to get enough vaccine doses for their populations but that is not the case in serbia where until recently foreigners were being invited to take up the offer of surplus shots where the
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government has now decided to stop the booming vaccine tourism and has decided to place more focus on getting serbian residents to say yes to corona virus vaccines 1st he wus funny to char reports tonight from belgrade. yes it is the next person in line stern about 4000 doses are being administered here today at the biggest coffee vaccination center in the country has procured some 15000000 vaccines for a population of 7000000 serbia has more vaccines on offer than serbians to want them in fact there's a surplus of russia on all chinese and up other vaccines so the country had been inviting foreigners to take the jabs the emphasis is on had on the 9th of april the government decided to suspend the vaccination for a nurse on to food a notice about 30000 had received the vaccine so far
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a lot of foreigners came back to now it's impossible because of the commission of the government so they need to be a resident here or get married here or something like that. for for now the announcement came after a soup is infection rates began rising again the government had apparently realised he needed to convince more of its own citizens to get a jap 1st at least one in 3 people in serbia believes to some extent in conspiracy theories that claim that scenes are unsafe. chip design equipment and he will see everyone who got the vaccine will soon die. i think of that scene is not safe enough and that's why i don't want to get it is to 2 days and that skepticism is also apparent on the great streets restaurants are food open at almost no one is wearing a mask epidemiologist so don't buy the vinyl each says the government focused too
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much on positive news about procuring that seems why not doing enough to actually stand the spread of the virus because of a popular dish that the government and our leader of us are following all of demonstrating that is his more able than anyone on arrows any idea really there to provide that what is needed and he ignored the fact that it 1st necessary to educate people so far about 1200000 people have been fully vaccinated in subiaco according to official numbers a high percentage by comparison with other countries in europe but far from enough to and soon be a spent dummy in an effort to increase immunization c.v.s. the government has no storage focusing on its own citizens instead of foreigners if you could understand serbian you would be able to read the message on the side of this local bus it says get vaccinated. was millions and millions of people around
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the board remained separated by pandemic travel restrictions people living in australia and new zealand are now free to visit each other again the 2 countries have opened a quarantine free travel bubble and for the 1st time in more than a year airports have become scenes of emotional you. they reunited after more than a year apart families friends and grandparents smooching their not so new born grandchildren for the 1st time and relief as a travel bubble between australia and new zealand finally opens. for repairs and so long is going to have no words i'm just so grateful that i could come back and i like she is here right now this welcome home is testament to both country's efforts in fighting the pandemic they've managed to defeat the virus with strict border
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controls and quarantine requirements. it was really weird feeling to be allowed to and numerous feels like breaking the rules a movie that we haven't seen for the for 14 months thank goodness busying and messenger and stuff yes so interesting there announced it at 4 o'clock last she's a tempest for i've booked a ticket that's right away has been very on time and so much life is evidence and it it's so nice to see. these are the 1st steps towards what a strange and new zealand hope will become a gradual view with the rest of the world. that we have started that it really is just so wonderful to be up to i mean you know so this week the bells boarded cite. the travel bubble had to be setbacks for months after small i breaks in both countries and i everyone is hoping that the bubble will burst.
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history was made today on more nasa says it's mars exploration helicopter with the name ingenuity and successfully slow on the red planet flight controllers in california were jubilant when they received confirmation of the person. the person stood. watch. 60. yet. this animation makes it look effortless but making a helicopter fly on mars costs tens of millions of dollars and years of hard work. despite being a miracle of modern engineering ingenuity couldn't have made it to mars on its own instead it had to hitch a ride on the perseverance rover tucked away inside the vehicle. once the cover was
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removed. engineers were able to gradually unfold the helicopter by remote control from earth. after the final checks the perseverance rover transmitted flight commands to the tiny chopper which began its 1st test flight in an atmosphere then as the earth's stratosphere. in the 1st 31 days ingenuity plans to make 5 autonomous flights. after each trip it will transmit the data collected to the perseverance rover which beams it back to earth and mere hours. scientists ingenuity will mark the beginning of a new chapter in mars exploration as it can go where rovers can't and see things
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invisible to space probes. scientists hope that in the near future ingenuity successors will be able to go a step further and explore these mysterious caves or other hard to reach areas such as mountains or canyons. thanks to ingenuity we're closer than ever to unlocking new and exciting secrets of our mysterious planetary neighbor and back here on earth i'm joined now by nicole smith's she's a scientist at the german errors space center nicole it's good to have you on the program we know that this helicopter flight made history that's that's clear but why is being able to have a word body helicopter flying on mars why is that so important to well you see this was not only the 1st powered controlled flights beacon on mars this was also the 1st bulletin folks night it turned out somewhere outside the earth testing
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likened by nasa in the last days to the white brothers films well and then that one event sleeps 3 the wright brothers the mess for the 1st time to 2 o'clock control china's and that change spurs and just like this we think that based seats might change the way her weeks there are other plans and moons and then everything basically everybody in the and also the system that has that miss you. from they on we are able to at the evidence and then on the bounds of the seconds day i read today that the ingenuity has a piece of material in it that is taken from the original wright brothers' airplane so yeah i mean it does it connects flight on earth flight on mars how hard is it to fly on mars. well that's actually really hot there were lots of challenges that a team had to overcome and i have to say test things that many times today but i have to say it again huge bonus of that to make that happen minus just as much as
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it sending planets and it's even watch and try to make something fly on the last because nasa has a very very simple few. if you try to fly something on the surface like you try to make it the it's a little bit 'd of this is like this we just that we need to do today that's the same a city with the tried to have a helicopter fly in such a kilometers over the u.s. census and why many people would know that even even mountain rescue operations and like mount everest very very difficult and some never through to as useless as you come to so that's a there's a sense you know to yeah. let me ask you about what research you're doing and you've been working on interpretation of data gathered by the camera on the rover perseverence what do you see. yeah exactly i'm a member of the president's rubber science team meant specifically i'm member of
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the. team that operates the 2 stereotype models that are sitting on the mast 2 meters and over the top of the 1st and right now what you wrote was actually parts of this bucket is for the ones you overlook right now the rover is kind of limited but i wouldn't want to use the word limited because it's a great honor to do this but right now we are basically setting us a communication late that ingenuity what it's doing it's test flight but that's actually quite good because it has some time to review what we have seen so far on mars and has a sometimes actually think about where we wanted light from from now on what's the next step for the rover will be the data that's of a debt and all of them but it. doesn't play turn the can the left has been suspended and we are sinking right now not to mention that actually ok nicole smith unfortunately we're out of time but regulations do you have everyone on the team
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working on this nickel schmidt scientist at the german aerospace center thank you. well the days almost on the conversation continues online and you'll find us on twitter you know news you can call me a brit golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. in. the food.
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a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. the teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. but the rest of the class watches. tira toddlers being hit by his mother. breaking up last. a child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. fear. online bullying. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are the invisible visible of us might violence against children disappear.
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this is news live from berlin tonight the murder trial that the world is watching and the verdict of the world is waiting for lawyers to live in their closing arguments today to the jury that will soon decide is former minneapolis police officer. guilty or not guilty of killing george full is also coming up tonight germany's green party makes its 1st ever bid for chancellor naming. their candidate to take the reins from until america can she lead her party to victory in the elections in september.
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it's good to have you with us we begin in the u.s. state of minnesota with the closing arguments in the trial of a former police officer charged with killing george floyd today the prosecution and the defense wrapped up their cases and now the jury will have to decide whether derek should have been is guilty of 2nd degree murder people across the country are bracing for the verdicts and the protests that are sure to follow if he is acquitted. guilty or not guilty that's the question 12 men and women will have to answer while the country waits the defendant derek chauvin was fired from the minneapolis police department last year after george floyd died in his custody a video of the incident shows chauvin holding floyd face down with his knee for more than 9 minutes it's sparked
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a nationwide protest against police brutality. i can't breathe in resting it's case the prosecution tried to persuade the jury that this was not about condemning all police but holding show been responsible for his actions and only you. have the power. to convict the defendant of these crimes. and in so doing. and in so doing declare that this use of force was unreasonable. it was excessive it was grossly disproportionate is not an excuse for the shocking abuse that you saw with your own eyes and you can believe your own eyes. as the defense made its closing arguments chauvin who had declined to testify remove the mask that had been hiding his face for most of the trial. officer show then had no intent to purposefully use he did not purposefully use on lawful force
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it's it's these are officers doing their job in a highly stressful situation. george floyd's death rekindled a debate in the us about police tactics that rights activists say disproportionately impact black minority and poor communities as the trial came to a close activists gathered outside the courtroom. like go or whatever way this road to go we won't stop till the last say. protesters are awaiting the verdict in minneapolis and the surrounding area where over 3009. guard have been sent in anticipation of unrest the office and from where we want to go to be used to fund simons he's standing by for us at the courthouse in minneapolis he's been on this story from the very beginning good evening to you stefan so talk to me a little bit about what's going on where you are and then talk to me about the thrust of these closing arguments. yeah ok so just before
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we got to lying on the with you now here was a big press conference here with the reverend al sharpton representatives of the show and some really and a bunch of their lawyer staff several lawyers and you know world press is he a local press your national press this is really a lot of interest from around the world of course and of course in the united states and what's going on here today because this is an in very very important day this was closing argument day and now the next step is of course sending the jurors 12 jurors into deliberations they will be sequestered they will be isolated they have their will be having their hands on all the evidence which was presented during the tot trial all the transcript all of this but they are on their own and they have to make a decision guilty or not guilty and it takes only $11.00 juror to disagree with all the others on any count on any charge and then this is going to be
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a very very tricky outcome however today the prosecution again there was this proportionate violence or patella t. or action from derek shaw. against george floyd and that cost and then support for the prosecution caused the death of. mr flight now the defense of course is entirely different they say that mr sherman was a reasonable officer and that he acted in reason now reasonable officer reacting in reasoned and reasonable doubt you see this all works together and the defense place on this they want to make this connection there they did it now it's going to be after the after the jury becomes directions another advice from the from the judge from mr cahill they will go into deliberations and they will have to wait to have any idea stefan of when we could get a verdict. yeah that would be guessing i wouldn't really be able to tell you of
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firmly oh it's tomorrow it's done no there's no way of telling actually they these people who say like look the faster this is over the faster the jury comes to a conclusion all agree on the probably the better for the prosecution the longer it will take that should be that same people say that that should be an indicator for trouble in the jury pool meaning that there's disagreement that they need to really find a way to convince one or more jurors off the general thrust they go in with so that would be beneficial for the defense again it could be tomorrow the day after that it could take days and weeks even and we know that the world is waiting for this verdict because. it could set off what we have to say is a powder keg i mean you're standing right in the middle of it aren't. i absolutely right they's no doubt this city or this state i would think it's fair to say the
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entire united states and all the metropolitan areas in the united states l l a new york washington d.c. atlanta what have you they all on edge everybody is on and she tensions are here high you don't see this when you see the fence here behind me and maybe the ok tional national guard the soldier there on top of the head of the county government center but all those security forces and safety authorities basically are prepared to for the worst and everybody is fearing the worst everywhere not just here all over the united states nobody wants violence. because the verdict is not what people here expect people here expect a guilty verdict in anything but that is for them unacceptable all right. there on top of that powder keg of beer in minneapolis stefan thank you. our here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world
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russia's prison service says it is transferring opposition leader alexina of all need to a medical facility of all these doctors say that he is on the brink of dying 3 weeks into a hunger strike the united states and the european union have warned of consequences if he dies in prison the kremlin says of all these help should not interest the west it is the end of the 6 decade long castro error cuba's communist party has chosen miguel diaz canell as its new leader he replaces raul castro who succeeded his brother fidel despite not being part of the family dynasty president the then is not expected to move cuba away from a one party socialist system human rights watch says beijing's arbitrary detention of up to a 1000000 people could be tantamount to crimes against humanity under international law in geo was calling on the united nations to investigate events in china's shin jiang region home to the countries we go muslim minority.
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all right now to the politics story here in germany with the green a little bit more with the teleprompter please thank you party staking its claim to lead europe's biggest economy for the 1st time ever the greens have announced a chance their candidate her name is on a lane of bare block and she aims to succeed until america if the greens win september's elections and the numbers are looking good opinion polls place them 2nd only by a small margin to merkel's conservatives. with 2 party leaders one needed to step aside and harvick did so making an early now bear book the 1st green chancellor candidate ever in her 1st speech she promised a renewal and german politics and a departure from the status quo. he misses the matter if i get him must make changes to create a fair country a country where daycare centers and schools are truly the best places to beam
11:10 pm
a country where caregivers genuinely have the time and above all the resources to care for people succumb and a country in which the state functions digitally and serves its citizens. a diverse and cosmopolitan country of values space and strong democracy via after. the 40 year old became politically active within the green party in 2008 focusing on foreign and security issues only 5 years later she entered the border start the german parliament at the age of 32 there she quickly and respect for her thorough nasa knowledge of detail she has a degree in international law and spent several years abroad in the us london and brussels she now lives in potsdam with her husband and their 2 young daughters best series yet they carefully choreographed announcement came in sharp contrast to the bruising power struggle still going on within germany's conservative party both
11:11 pm
contenders there were quick to react to bear box candidacy. and early enough. and early in a bear book and i can promise her that the c.d.u. in germany is looking for want to a fair election campaign. fear comes of it and. it will be about the 1st place conservatives the greens hopefully it will be a fair good and argumentative but also ambitious election campaign. to me so i would be very happy to be a part of it but we are not there yet you know me. while the conservatives us still squabbling internally on any not already focusing on the general election in september and on becoming a successor we're now into a massive shakeup in european football 12 top clubs from spain italy and england have announced the formation of a breakaway super league the new midweek competition will be independent of
11:12 pm
european football's governing body you waif up but germany's top clubs byron munich and brucia dortmund they will not be joining have released a statement saying they end by and reject the super league preferring instead to reform the existing champions league. the jewel in new way for its crown its biggest money spinner but the champions league is now under threat from a breakaway super league a league of europe's top clubs that had been discussed some i secretly for a while but the plans have never been as advanced as this billions of euros financially backed by the u.s. investment bank j.p. morgan if there is interest by these kind of players these financial institutions it means there is. a potential for a bright future you way for the governing body of european football has reacted with fury one top member says he thinks 3 of the 4 clubs in the champions league
11:13 pm
semifinals next week will be banned for their roles in the super league. yes referred to chelsea manchester city and real madrid saying the clubs must go and i expect that to happen friday then we have to find out how to finish this champions league tournament. us and the footballing world stand united against these graceful self-serving proposals we have seen in the last 24 hours from a select few clubs in europe. outside of anfield stadium super league club liverpool's own fans showed their disdain for the super league which their heroes are now part of a sentiment shared by fans of super league clubs elsewhere in europe. the dignity of the european football is about its diversity and what we're seeing now is the concentration of wealth power and the top of the game in the hands of a few clubs. won't want to give up on its cash cow the champions league without
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a fight with the super league is digging in and both sides are reportedly ready to launch legal action. nasa says its mars exploration helicopter the ingenuity has successfully flown on the red planet to the delight of mission control back here on earth flight controllers in california confirmed ingenuities brief stop after receiving confirmation data via the perseverance rover which stood watch about 65 meters away from the 85000000 dollars helicopter demonstration was considered high risk yet by remote. are his reminder the top story that we're following for you the trial of the white police officer accused of killing george floyd is wrapping up in the united states the prosecution and the defense have made their closing arguments the jury will be sequestered as they decide whether derek should have been committed homicide mr ford a 46 year old black man died while being restrained during his arrest last may it sparked global protests. watching the news rob watts is up next with business news
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. good to be right back. to. the look of. what secrets lie behind this wall. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 360 getting up now. do you feel worried about the planet. the true. host of good on the
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green fronts homes cost and to me it's clear remains true. solutions all around but . join me for a deep dark green transformation for me. for the fans. it could transform your opinion football i'm its finances comes into riches clubs say that running a super league with its own t.v. rights and profit sharing what you widely criticize mouf could mean for the business of thinking also coming up. dutch bank a.b.n. amro has agreed to pay just in the half a $1000000000.00 euros to settle a money laundering case and it's sending ripples throughout york's financial sector . and cuba is entering the post castro era as fidel's brother raul
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resigns as chair of the economists fossa. we'll look at what it means for the cuban economy. business in berlin welcome to the program top of europe's biggest clubs and their riches and the richest clubs have announced plans to form their own competition the founders of the european super league include some of the continent's biggest clubs who see it as a way to secure huge funding during an industry battering. but the group facing fierce opposition from domestic leagues groups. and even national governments they're calling it a cynical money grab. but here's a look at the figures potentially in play the figure at the league itself would be backed by about $5000000000.00 euros in debt raised by a u.s. investment bank j.p. morgan organizers estimate revenue of over 10000000000 euros annually significantly
11:18 pm
higher than current european torm tournament and the super league is also promising a massive front cash injection for clubs for instance infrastructure investment hefty 3500000000 euros so some big money involved let's cross now to our correspondent in new york. because this whole thing is being bankrolled by j.p. morgan a u.s. investment bank why are they behind the project. well i mean it's a big deal to begin with it might be the biggest sport financing deal of the here and then j.p. morgan they have quite some experience in the world of sports way back they helped their glazer family an american family to buy a mensch as a united later they also helped them to bring that company here on the floor of the new york stock exchange they also advised them other teams when they got to buy it
11:19 pm
for especially in italy for example they also helped to raise funds for real madrid to refurbish the bin i.b.o. stadium or other soccer teams to actually sell bonds so they do have some experience we do not know all the financial details yet but it is pretty likely that j.p. morgan also will get a nice a fee for this job the city has been criticized as being all about business by many many opponents so what's the business reaction been to the announcement well maybe to begin with sold the stock of mentors to united for example here at the new york stock exchange should trade it up by about 7 percent we also have 2 of those other teams liverpool for example being owned tier in the united states by a fenway sports group who also own the boston red sox and then we also have
11:20 pm
arsenal who also belongs to an american billionaire you could imagine we might see more t.v. games being shown so that could be good for cable operators but having all that said also on the business side there is the customer right and that's the fans and most fans do not seem to be too swilled and we really i'm curious if this super league will be really will be. to see the light of day as we heard here on monday and thanks for the update. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines around the world brazil has received 3000 liters of a pharmaceutical in greedy and for a covered 19 backs in developed by china's sign a rock that amount to help the country manufacture 5000000 much needed doses brazil has been hit severely by the pandemic recording the world's 2nd highest death toll . to u.s. federal agencies all sending teams to investigate the fatal crash of
11:21 pm
a tesla vehicle near houston texas investigators say no one was behind the wheel in the accident that killed 2 men on now trying to determine whether testers for his self driving capability system is in use. now is the only car taking place during the pandemic also shanghai got underway on monday with electric cars once again taking the spotlight several carmakers are showcasing the new e.v.a.'s with the hope of getting a piece of the world's largest comic. the shanghai auto show comes off the back of a record quarter for carmakers sales in china jumped in the 1st 3 months of 2021 its customers rush to purchase cars. carmakers like full bargain are unveiling new electric field goals which they hope could help them overtake tesla in this market . as you see the big brother to the id for that's why it's called id fix
11:22 pm
it comes with $6.00 and $7.00 seats it has an awesome reach of over 580 kilometers travel especially now that family sizes are growing in china after the end of the one child policy we're increasingly seeing and full large vehicles. eyes are on full smog and in china right now but not just because of its vehicles critics point to its operations in the northwestern province of young the region has come under widespread international criticism due to allegations of forced labor of the ethnic we go population called smog and denies any involvement in human rights violations . we have clearly defined or cold of conduct which we are also rolling out in china so ready agreed with our joint venture partners we also have appropriate rules for our suppliers issues such as forced labor which has been critically discussed cunt happened for us because we directly hire all workers to shift again but that's not
11:23 pm
something that will quell the criticism western business is involved in shin jiang are increasingly facing more pressure to end operations in the province. such lender a.b.n. amro has agreed to pay $419000000.00 your a settlement to prosecutors investigating money laundering the bank was accused of insufficient in monitoring questionable accounts and suspicious money flows allowing criminal groups to operate without scrutiny prosecutors say that amount as to a serious failure to comply with anti money laundering laws let's get more on this from a financial correspondent i should talk. well the settlement is an acceptance that it failed to adequately screen its clients otherwise what explains one luring client actually managing to open $192.00 bank accounts another client actually managed to siphon off 4300000000 euros from the account of his employer to his own account to actually fund his gambling habit of the fallout of this investigation
11:24 pm
was also felt that the danish bank the dansko bank where its chief executive chris focus on had to resign chris focus on is a former head of for a.b.n. amro retail unit and he was he has now been named a suspect in this money laundering investigation he was actually hired by dansko bank to clean up the rot to actually improve the credibility of the bank which has itself been reeling from from money laundering issues but now with he himself being named a suspect in a money laundering case he had no choice but to resign. over to cuba cuba now where it's the end of an era for the 1st time in its post revolutionary history the country's ruling communist party is no longer led by a castro raul castro who took over from his brother fidel resigned his 1st secretary on monday he's being replaced by cuba's current president who has already begun changing the island's economy. from now on hannity isn't
11:25 pm
districted to only mocking his colleagues he can also slaughter them for himself for saying the cuban government banned the slaughtering of cattle and selling them meat in 1963 and made it punishable by up to 10 years in prison. we're going to benefit because we'll be able to kill the animals ourselves and eat meat produced by ourselves. this is going to be good. president. it's late it's reform was prompted by a food shortage. the object is to promote food production in the immediate. based on opening everything that can favor the producers. stimulate production. eliminate obstacles and provide better food to our people and. a
11:26 pm
decade ago the cuban government launched economic reforms by slightly easing restrictions on private business even though only for a few sectors and it was still tightly regulated a series of additional reforms have allowed more small companies and the self-employed to do business. the start of this year saw a currency reform since then only the cuban peace and u.s. dollar have been legal tender. at the same time those states up cities are cut back making staple foods like rice beans eggs and chicken more expensive. to counter that have been or has promised generous pay raises for the $5000000.00 employees of state run companies. cubans hope the new livestock regulations will make it easier to get through the pandemic. but as long as it's possible and allowed by the state it's a change for the better because it's more food for the people. the caribbean island
11:27 pm
citizens are also hoping for further improvements into reason cuba's most important foreign currency are now has taking a battering from the pen damage but in recent weeks holiday makers have gradually started to return. well some european countries are struggling with a 3rd wave of the current 19 pandemic others are opening up restaurants malls and cinemas reopened in portugal on monday the country was severely affected by the pandemic in january but began easing restrictions 4 weeks ago after getting the situation under control meanwhile switzerland is also reducing up by reopening gyms restaurants cinemas and stadiums after intense political pressure. off the top story with following for you 12 of your biggest football clubs have announced plans to form a super league to rival the champions league the us investment bank j.p.
11:28 pm
morgan is backing the dramatic new venture with billions of dollars in funding but the breakaway group faces faced opposition from domestic leagues found groups and even national governments. from in the business team here and then from all to check out our web site www dot com slash business about. what's going on here. house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. shaved explains delivers facts and choose what the future holds . good living in the digital world shift. in 15 minutes on.
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the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what is the latest research. information and context. the coronavirus a. special monday to friday on. carefully . soon. to be.
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discovered. documentary. welcome to the top of another week here on arts and culture coming to you from berlin and experimentation figures large in today's show with stories like this. a major figure of post-war history in germany built a career on experimenting with light and kinetic art and he's still going strong at 90. and in our series 100 german musgraves david leavitt's tells us about lost a 1st novel by hans.


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