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places in europe are smashing records. steppin jewels the french are. gone. it's a treasure map for truckers discover some of europe's record breaking sites. to help also in book form. 3000000 people have died from the corona virus. most of the victims in the united states and brazil. but this whole. half full americans have received their 1st vaccination powerful israelis have received 2 jabs my for them is returning to normal. but mutations could change that if they find a way to have
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a doubt body's immune response. the world health organization once cases in many countries are still rising at an alarming rate some other nations are confidence there over the worst our correspondent tanya crema reports from israel where a rapid backs nation program has brought with it some walking free. they're taking it easy at this outdoor cafe in the center of tel of the if this is censored life is gradually returning to normal the government has rolled back many restrictions onus stuff to her is cautiously optimistic the national government that we have to feeling that it's over it's nice it's a relief i feel the virus is no longer a threat as everyone here has been vaccinated carlos mencia enough already look even my mask had enough. case numbers in israel have fallen sharply thanks to one of the world's fastest vaccination drives so. some restrictions
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remain such as sperry masks and the green pass explanation certificate is required and 7 years after 3 hard lockdowns people are not taking things for granted sam a claim it's great that things are getting back to normal of course i'm still wearing a mask be a cautious stay still fear you can't shake it off that quickly about my hair over half of the population of 9000000 israelis has been fully vaccinated but israel has been criticized for failing to supply vaccines to more palestinians in the occupied west bank and gaza a covert 19 unit in a converted parking lot at sheba hospital near tel aviv 1st closed recently public debate has now turned to vaccinating children under 16 the spread of new variants and how long the vaccines will offer protection going back to school and back to call meals people are back in workplaces and are vaccinated and we see
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a decline in cases so people are generally very optimistic of course the science is a little bit more cautious and we have to be very careful in assessing the new value in looking carefully at their vaccine effectiveness to keep variance at bay travel restrictions are still in place as here at ben gurion airport foreignness need a special permit to enter only by late may small groups of vaccinated tourists will be allowed in. for now israelis are enjoying their new found freedom the pandemic is far from over but at least in the bubble of tel aviv it almost feels like it could be. a alicia who was in that report there joins us from tel aviv is the director of israel's largest hospital the sheba medical center just how close is israel to the end of the pandemic would you say. by
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all means israel is seeing gay substantial decline in the number of cases however we're not at the end of the i'm game there are still a limitations on travel in obviously there is risk for resurgence of the disease for a number of reasons and you've still got a lot of palestinians to get vaccinated will the palestinians that look inside israel were also seen as indeed many thousands of them wilcox in a heated from what i understand and i noticed specialist in international law so the palestinian authority has the jurisdiction only held the city of asians fully residents of the palestinian authority however as a doctor or any person i think israel should do anything in its own will to help the palestinian authority flaxen aid the population insolence possible there are
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others who argue it's israel's responsibility and at the same time i mean what's the point of getting israel vaccinated or israelis vaccinated when its neighbors an option as. to what fro of people of course in that region and we're also talking about a globalised world what's what's the use of the country getting vaccinated when other countries haven't even begun well i fully agree that while this is a globalized world and there really connections between populations countries need to support each other in trying to achieve the highest marks in companies globally and not only in specific countries however health inequities are not a new issue topic in global health there are many health inequalities between the euro pms in the african countries for example in this is only just one specific example of how healthy inequities impact the global population. so from
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your scientific perspective how should israel proceed to ensure that all of the progress it's made which is fantastic isn't undone well one subject that needs strengthening is the superior lens we need to continue looking for great flu cases in india outbreaks in try and contain them through classic public health measures such as cool indian isolation we need to make sure that people who enter israel for me bald get tested for cold lead in do not to this the population by inserting their votes breaking israel in of course as i mentioned we need to support the global effort to lower the leask eliminate thereby was eventually you said in that report we have to be very careful in assessing new variance in the effectiveness and your ration of vaccines as a new study which hasn't yet been peer reviewed but it shows a small amount of fully vaccinated people can get infected with the variant 1st
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discovered in south africa is that or could we perceive that as the 1st evidence of vaccines may not work against some mutations. will we have entirely if we didn't support glommed effectiveness of some of the vaccines against some of the variants of concern including the value and it was identified in south africa we don't have and we danced due to so-called death to the vaccine side substantially lower clinic kind of thing so in simple words it may be that the pox in still prevents sybille diseases a sion in their form is caused by these valiance of parts in it that people take to it but perhaps the f.a.q. efficacy against transmission in mild infections is low and for some of the valiance dissolution is a thing as much di ta is possible by subway lines in be prepared the
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contingency flow in plan by possible changes to the vaccine may induce until both of you so that they fit know how to dance in. their doses photos really boxing israel is considered a world champion in surveillance as well and this study suggests mutations keep finding ways to evade the body's immune response how can we deal with that danger posed by new mutations that. yet so again some fine tuning we are talking about infection there is no evidence that these fully vaccinated people who were in fact then didn't have did have a severe disease so the vaccine may still be the body against severe disease which is the primary objective of folks seem we don't want someone to be severely ill but they may still be infected in the only way that we can control such immune invasion
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against infection is to develop vaccines that are specifically more effective against these valiance of concern wide maintaining day public health classic measures of isolation and quarantine if we see an outbreak of this type of value of consent a lesson the director of the set of a travel medicine and tropical diseases thank you very much for joining us today. and over now to our science corps want to derek williams who has an interesting view question today about coated and vegetarian. vegetarians and vegans get less sick if they catch covert 19th. i was surprised at 1st at how little clear data i could find on this topic but i guess i shouldn't that i mean what constitutes a healthy diet after all has always been controversial but i can say that i found no reliable studies establishing any direct celebrex between
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diet and covert severity what i mean by that is that no new evidence in the course of the pandemic has for example caused the world health organization to change its dietary recommendations although the w.h.o. certainly emphasizes the central role that fresh produce plays in a healthy diet it also continues to recommend the consumption of certain animal based products as good sources of protein that said in direct links to diet have been established because while eating mostly un process of plant based products doesn't guarantee perfect tells a many studies have shown that it does help reduce non-communicable diseases like obesity or type 2 diabetes and those conditions are unquestionably risk
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factors for developing a more severe case of coke at 19 if you're infected so the take away i guess is that there's no evidence that eating the occasional burger raises your risk of contracting severe kovac 19 but putting on a lot of weight by eating too many burgers over. many years does. and on the subject some good news for diners of fine food some time back we brought you the story of alexander and how his top restaurant in must say he was doing takeaway for the 1st time and had set up a food truck well here it is just a few meters from the restaurant where most of the food is prepared has 3 michelin stars to his name so the one made lunch he and his team whipped up is pretty pricey between 20 to 36 euros but the man has been strong enough for the shift to cold
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back all of his 17 employees so the kitchen. stay here thanks for watching stay safe so you can say. their story their very own personal drama. of to chesterfield remember. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before.
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back in chernobyl starts april 28th on g.w. . how does the virus spread. why do we parent and when we'll. just through the topic. and i weakly read your blog. if you would like any information on the crawler marash or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us and. science. a little guys this is the subject the 7 percent is the probable cause for issue to these issues. you know for this shutdown we
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are not afraid to touch on delicate topic africa's population is growing. and young people clearly have the phoenicians the future. 77 percent now everyone is on d w. welcome to the top of another week here on arts and culture coming to you from berlin and experimentation figures large in today's show with stories like this. a major figure of postwar art history in germany built a career on experimenting with light and kinetic art and he's still going strong at 90. and in our series 100 german musgraves david leavitt's tells us about lost the
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1st novel by hans or at least tie should the tackles tragic themes with a jarring black humor. well we all know the expression necessity is the mother of invention and thanks to the pandemic of multiple lockdowns we've seen this maxim put to work in many ways as we've all had to change everything about the way we need and communicate arrows soap is an experimental design lab in dusseldorf that makes an art of making communication tangible and while the name may seem on so is the approach. face must. we have all become familiar with the. 2 german designers from just off came up with a new version. maybe not this safest option but definitely the funniest. if i am thomas verts if i like the gun
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we are there are so all and it's big. more than a traditional studio and arrow soap is an interdisciplinary creative lapore a trait they realized projects at the intersection of art design and science these projects later evolve into branding designs for international companies such as a day. when they are not busy with commissioned works they use that time to experiment with different materials such as sly to discover the different possibilities each material presented by their flight because the slime conducts electricity and offers a certain resistance depending on how much slime you have in your hand at any given guitar you. we can use this conductivity to transform those data into light and sound.
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with these experiments there are no expectations. and the duo keep playing with the material in different environments until they are satisfied and can control the outcome. they even try different forms of kinetic installations. and this it all started with my master's thesis in which i investigated the relationship between type graffiti and materiality especially with a momentary also. and with that. parents took their course and this is what came out of it. or. usually they start experimenting on a small scale such as in petri dish and. once they can control the variables they can then take the experiment to a commercial level. the
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successful do you have won multiple awards for their creative work most recently from the federal government as one of the culture and creative pioneers of gemini. this is how they greeted the new year in 2020 and experiment with water and then indicator. little did they know that the year was going to be as explosive as the experiment itself. the design has met each other in 2007 here at the university of applied sciences indecl doff they still come here regularly but now as teaches in front of my it definitely gives you new ideas about approaches because you exchange ideas with the students who are also a bit younger than you and you get a bit more of the zikos from the younger adults and that is very enriching.
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today the past has prepared a surprise experiment for us it is a perfect example of how they use and make strides to fix chemistry and technology to design communication strategies for companies. so. this is an experiment that we already did at the beginning of last year which received pretty good feedback. the experiment has been refined for far not a little bit perfected that's. right our goal is to be able to use different liquids . this is. for example blood or gold and liquids on the fly but. let's see the results. very nice indeed well back in the late 1950 s. in doesn't doff when west germany is 1st chancellor i don't know where had campaign
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posters made with the slogan no experiments a certain young hines took offense at that conservative sentiment and so he took a can of paint and he blackened out the no on every poster that he could find all the prank earned him a night in jail but the attitude stuck with him and made him a pioneer of the avodart art scene in germany. light is a defining element in hind smocks work each day he works in his light filled studio he places paints alongside each other blends them mixes them together. and looks to see how the light makes the colors glow. since the 1960 s. mark has lived on this former farm from the 16th century surrounded by plenty of greenery and his own sculptures. turned 90 years old last month. i get up at the same time every day i don't need an alarm clock i have an inner clock that has set itself then after breakfast i go into my workshop where i studio
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usually for about 3 hours until lunch since the age of 85 i allowed myself a 20 minute nap after lunch. then i go back to the workshop to give good advice also. that routine has resulted in a wide ranging body of work the const palast and dedicated in the exhibition to the sculptor and painter in honor of his 90th birthday it focuses on his early works. starting in the 1950 s. mark was repeatedly drawn to working in the desert he sought a space outside of institutions borderless and empty he built artificial gardens of metal and light in the sand. and so that he would fit in with his works he had a silver suit made for himself an astronaut in the desert this is a hard project was basically landmark before that term was invented. i noticed
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that the works i created here responded to the light in the space that they are like instruments and they did so in a fascinating way. with everything that seemed large to me here seem small there and depending on the light up as it happened small things appear to be normal as you do. these. kinds mark was one of the founders of the 0 artists group which also included auto. both men wanted to revolutionize art. starting from 0 the goal was art for all fantastical daring and playful it especially appealed to 2 young people. who didn't move if you have the courage just forget everything you've learned and start fresh and then you might have a chance to really discover something new for us so experimenting was essential for me it's for a mentor for me. max experiments
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with mirrors metal light and engines have gone down in art history. my life was dominated by the present day and of course i also have a strong tendency to look ahead or to the left or the right one of its own but looking back is not my thing it's that simple it is big and for those. times mark hopes to live to at least 100 years old and he has no intention of retiring from making art. well sunday's saw the academy of country music awards stream live from nashville tennessee. were i am and luke bryan scoops the coveted entertainer of the year award for the 3rd time in the 44 year old singer wasn't able to attend the ceremony after revealing last week that he had tested positive for the corona virus but it was still over the moon and
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here's a listen to his signature sound. and . a claimed 1st novel lost features a child narrator who struggles with the shadow of an older sibling he has long believed to be dead well it's hard to imagine this has the makings of a star play funny story but it's the cynical child's perspective and a kafka esque twist that take this novel in unexpected directions it's the worst situation. can possibly imagine you're fleeing a war you're surrounded by enemy soldiers and you've got your baby in your arms what do you do to give your child away to strangers in the last months of world war 2 that was a common occurrence as the red army advanced german women and children fled to eastern europe almost 300000 of those children who were separated from their parents most were reunited.
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but that's not what happens in the last by hans at least ties you know it takes place years after the war is over the family in the book has made a new life in west germany where the economy is booming but they're still haunted by the trauma of losing their 1st born son. the author's own family really did lose a child during the war for tycho lost as an attempted self healing it's written from the point of view of the younger son whose own childhood is lost to a hopeless search for his missing brother i was only just beginning to understand that arnold my dead brother had the leading role in the family and had assigned me a supporting part i also understood that arnold was responsible from the very beginning for my growing up in an atmosphere poisoned with guilt and shame.
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over the years the family's fortunes improve the father makes it from a butcher to a wholesaler but nothing and the pain of losing their 1st child sounds like a pretty depressing story what makes it readable is tice's witticism which he doles out with plenty of biting humor. old. and finally curry is that's known for his portrayal of them. scientists transvestite dr frank n. furter in the cult film the rocky horror picture show well the british actor and singer has been out of the limelight since suffering a stroke in 2012 but for his 75th birthday on monday april 19th relieve you with a glimpse of his heyday and wish him many happy returns and from us. just sued for a drug. trade. show
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play above. the. state for the link. to i could show you my favorite obsession i've made can i'm a. blonde. good for a livin man. i'm just a snitch transversed. comes. to.
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me m.r. one woman versus the military. mike de facto head of government disempowered and detain people on demand in the us the regime's forces are responding with clients why is the newbold peace prize laureate such a friend to the powerful charles close up. 30 minutes long d.w. . told. we have an important numers let's get right to the. smoking is healthy. this. good for the. global warming doesn't
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exist. not yet. you have made in my mind. the industry is controlling your thoughts. and. it's not easy to spot. one thing saying another. the great books of the 20th century. present. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd.
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this is. the woman who wants to be the next german chancellor she would be the 1st chance. she's the 1st candidate ever to. be. on election day.


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