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300000000 people are seeking. it leave us a lot. because no one should have to sleep. please make up your own mind please w. . made for minds. this is the w.'s they sure are coming up today in the us capitol heads into a weeklong lockdown. the boston coronavirus outbreak pushes delis health infrastructure to the brink but could this situation have been avoided with in delhi for answers plus. beijing tops the entree on taiwan the chinese military conducts military exercises around the island sending a warning to taipei and its supporters.
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are british by magic welcome to news a sure glad you could join us in the last couple of delhi's going into our 6th in lockdown as authorities contend with a huge surge of covert 1000 cases. says the city's health system has reached its limits and harsh measures are needed to prevent its collapse the number of confirmed new infections has been breaking records almost every day. many thought they had got the better of the pandemic. but now the country is being overwhelmed by a devastating new way. no city is as badly hit as deadly. as cases exploded hospitals that are breaking point. some patients are forced to share at that. and there's an acute shortage of oxygen.
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this is the chief minister says the system has reached its limits. the beds the covert 9000 patients often up rapidly patients are being admitted to the hospitals very quickly intensive care beds are in short supply and less than 100. beds are available in delhi cost. author it is in delhi had already imposed a lockdown over the weekend ordering all but essential services to close. local leaders hope the decision to step up the measures will help to mitigate the crisis some welcome the restrictions but others fear if they're not allowed to work the consequences could be drastic. it is essential that there's a lot down here because right now the virus is spreading a lot. the problem with a lot of town is
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a daily wage and as you get 100 to 300 rupees a day well we go how will we eat where we sleep is the government going to come and give us this daily wage. but now with one in 3 tests in delhi turning out positive the government say it must act to avert a greater disaster the fear is that the surge in cases is due to a new more infectious variant of the virus they're calling on people to be more disciplined about sticking to the rules. but critics are also asking why religious festivals and political rallies that are fuelling cases as participants return to cities like delhi are still being allowed to go ahead. for tens of thousands of families such questions come too late. and if current trends persist then many more will find themselves in the same tragic situation.
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when you grow up how bad is the situation in delhi. well how bad the situation is on the fact that the government is increasing the restrictions song and i got you to the video q. and to to do has announced a week long goal to starting tonight when we talk about health care just is silly or will change as some people are calling it there are a folds of clusters almost all of it is running out of gentle beds as the last beds result a she's mentally oxygen supply even supply of medication we get a seat people running from hospital to hospital looking for bed looking to get their loved ones and we did but that is not happening people are actually seeing that there's a light was up and in on and out with this week local q. announced recap perhaps the year of the doctor not skilled migrant workers are excluded as well which is of course was literally no no this isn't of course the
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1st time a dummy has been in this situation i'm wondering in bar have no lessons been launched from last summer well they should just lot of just black or do a doctor i interviewed last week for a story on the rising q since he clearly said that he hadn't learned the lessons 'd fairly the government would have been better if the bad be had a go to do that people would have been more careful and be are seen as elected to rescind the only difference is it is much less much and much more of a fight right now and the doctors and the medical and the players that i've spoken to in the course of the week are not in it so there will actually see that the situation is out of that and it can get much once and there's also just started its biggest ever increasing coronavirus cases of a district more than 270000 in a single day what is leading to this increase might have a. let is your you don't know what would have triggered a reply does that leave us seeing it is far more infectious than what we saw last
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year so much saying that it was the balls of ordinary people to closely keep people start following relations the political the government was also locked into making back their exploits for all to see that it's had a lot to do with this new edition of the last one of the double nugent's 3 and it's followed one day just unlucky so left you but i would like to know what was it that they could invent things which would have been implemented on time do you want to situation for example if the government allowed wholemeal which is basically the largest internet just after will and it's only now off the situation was much worse that something it was not taught is not going to do thousands of people just as more of these doing all the ritual of the now these people when they go back to their respective hold our villages and states we can see what i didn't actually didn't say and at the same time we have elections that is being organized including by the national party that what they didn't do when you know it's all there on the us and please stay safe and thank you for reporting.
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chinese military aircraft eventa tyrone's defends on multiple times in recent weeks raising tensions in the region and increasing pressure on taiwan to respond the biden administration has thrown its weight behind taipei sending any sort of use to the island last week to reaffirm u.s. support taiwan has long been a source of contention between beijing which sees the island as its territory and washington which supports taiwan's democracy. china aries no stranger to military posturing in the sea and air around taiwan earlier this month taiwan said a record $25.00 chinese fighter planes entered its defense. the lounging at craft carrier has been holding drills near the island raising fears china may be gearing up for an attack. it's why u.s. delegation has visited taipei to reiterate support for its pacific partner.
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i think confidence that the united states partnership with one is stronger than ever we share deep economic ties. democratic values and a critically important security partnership where i'd like to take this opportunity to thank the biden administration for repeating the importance of peace and stability across the taiwan strait recently china has frequently dispatched military vessels and aircraft this action also has the status quo in the independence ific and threatens regional peace and stability taiwan's military is dwarfed by china's that's not stopped it from some saber rattling of its own. this the recent unveiling of a new taiwanese amphibious transport ship china sees taiwan as part of its territory and is trying to head off any ideas of independence the u.s.
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visit has. the taiwan issue concerns china's sovereignty and territorial integrity and china's core interests china has no room for compromise the us to have a clear understanding of the situation and initially abide by the one china principle and not play with fire on the taiwan issue or. the u.s. has its own presence in the area and has been shadowing the lao neighing. this photo posted on the us navy website taking posturing to another level. adam lists believe china wants to send a warning rather than in tech liberation of war but with both sides raising the stakes the fear is that one misstep could cause tensions to boil live. and for more i'm joined by the double correspondent william young from taipei william how has taiwan responded to recent chinese military duty on the island. so
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just this afternoon we learned that the taiwanese defense ministry is planning to buy more long branch missile from the united states and in recent weeks we have also learned that taiwan is launching its own. like defense programs and i was a little like developing this on weapons as we see china's pattern of increasing the sending their military aircraft into time when a.d.i.z. in the southwestern part of taiwan might taiwan has also changed its own strath strategies rather than standing its fighter jets up and intercept the chinese fighter jets all the time shot taiwan is using its long range missiles to try to track and see if the chinese military aircraft has done anything that really threatens time when security talks close a bit about the overall when you strategery we see that china has really changed
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its strategy it has become a lot more ambiguous about the intention or the motives behind as military moves and experts have repeatedly warned taiwan if it continues to use its for force to respond that is not only going to put a lot of stress on its financial the air force and the naval force finance but also at the same time it's taking away the time for its soldiers to train for the new weapons and for other different kinds of strategies that they can use in real battles so taiwan has really learned to become more patient they are smart and at the same time also become more ambiguous when it comes to however spawn to the frequent chinese military threats and aggression the last big u.s. president joe biden and from mr should he decide should a joint statement and underline the importance of going to be some stability in the taiwan strait to pose that being viewed in taiwan. i think that increased
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participation from japan side as definitely being the very positively and we are a lot of the pete most people here in taiwan believe the united states is behind japan to try to push tokyo to become more committed and publicly like more engaged in the defense of taiwan because at the end of the day experts and japan and the united states government all know that. security of timeline is very important for the security of japan if china is able to project its power across and be on the 1st island chain that's the 1st country that's going to immediately be threatened is japan so that's very public a rare move from both tokyo and washington is being considered as a transition in the long term regional strategy for both. the u.s. u.s. allies but also for the japanese allies and the for japan itself as well were there
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in taipei thank you very much for that. and of course that is an issue that you can find more information about on our website i didn't know dot com forward slash that's it for today the fact of the same time to morrow with more news and see that if i. did as per the nationalist group took it over. i'm sure that it was already out so some people will be. in support of. what's able bought over. to the real book. 1986. it's their story their very own personal
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trauma. the people who survived the catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us never been seen before. chernobyl starts people 20 on d. w. . welcome to the top of another week here on arts and culture coming to you from berlin and experimentation figures large in today's show with stories like this. hines mock the major figure of post-war art history in germany built a career on experimenting with light and kinetic art and he's still going strong at 90. and in our series 100 german musri david leavitt's tells us about lost the 1st novel by hans tyson the tackles tragic things with
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a jarring black humor. well we all know the expression necessity is the mother of invention and thanks to the pandemic and multiple lockdowns we've seen this maxim put to work in many ways as we've all had to change everything about the way we meet and communicate or aero soap is an experimental design live in dusseldorf that makes an art of making communication tangible and while the name may seem odd so is their approach. face must. we have all become familiar with the. 2 german designers from desert off came up with a new version. maybe not the safest option but definitely the funniest. if i am thomas verts if i like the gun
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we are there are so all. it's big. more than a traditional studio arrow soap is an interdisciplinary creatively poetry they realize projects at the intersection of art design and science these projects later evolve into branding designs for international companies such as a day. when they are not busy with commissioned works they used their time to experiment with different materials such as slides to discover the different possibilities each material presents by their flight because this line conducts electricity and offers a certain resistance depending on how much slime you have in your hand at any given guidance we can use this conductivity to transform this data into light and sound. with these experiments there are no expectations. that us keep
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playing with the material in different environments until they are satisfied and can control the outcome. they even try different forms of kinetic installations. from this it all started with my master's thesis in which i investigated the relationship between type our graffiti and materiality especially with a mole materials. and with that the experiments took their course and this is what came out of it. or. usually they start experimenting on a small scale such as in petri dish and. once they can control the variables they can then take the experiment to a commercial level. the
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successful do you have one multiple the wards for their creative work and most recently from the federal government as one of the cultural and creative pioneers of gemini. this is how they greeted the new year in 2020 an experiment with sodium water and the indicator. little did they know that the year was going to be as explosive as the experiment itself. the design has met each other in 2007 here at the university of applied sciences indecl doff they still come here regularly but now as teaches in front of the it definitely gives you new ideas about approaches because you exchange ideas with the students who are also a bit younger than you and you get a bit more of the zite guys from the younger adults and that is very enriching. today the past has prepared a surprise experiment for us it is a perfect example of how they use
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a mixture of physics chemistry and technology to design communications strategies for companies. this is an experiment that we already did at the beginning of last year which received pretty good feedback. the experiment has been refined for far not a little bit perfected yes. right our goal is to be able to use different liquids. this is. for example blood or gold and liquids on the. net see the results. very nice indeed well back in the late 1950 s. in doesn't doff when west germany 1st chancellor kahn had i don't know where had campaign posters made with the slogan no experiments a certain young hines took offense at that conservative sentiment and so he took
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a can of paint and he blackened out the no on every poster that he could find all the prank earned him a night in jail but the attitude stuck with him and made him a pioneer of the avodart art scene in germany. light is a defining element in hinds marks work each day he works in his light filled studio he places paints alongside each other blends them mixes them together. and looks to see how the light makes the colors glow. since the 1960 s. mark has lived on this former farm from the 16th century surrounded by plenty of greenery and his own sculptures. turned 90 years old last month. i get up at the same time every day and i don't need an alarm clock i have an inner clock that has set itself then after breakfast i go into my workshop where i studio usually for about 3 hours until lunch since the age of 85 allowed myself
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a 20 minute nap after lunch we had this nothing then i go back to the workshop. that routine has resulted in a wide ranging body of work the const palast into saddam's dedicated an exhibition to the sculptor and painter in honor of his 90th birthday it focuses on his early works. starting in the 1950 s. mark was repeatedly drawn to working in the desert he sought a space outside of institutions borderless and empty he built artificial gardens of metal and light in the sand. and so that he would fit in with his works he had a silver suit made for himself an astronaut in the desert his son hard project was basically landmark before that term was invented. i noticed that the works i created here responded to the light in the space that they are like instruments and
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they did so in a fascinating way. with everything that seemed large to me here seemed small there and depending on the light up as it happened small things appear to be just normal as you do. points mark was one of the founders of the 0 artists group which also included auto pina. both men wanted to revolutionize art. starting from 0 the goal was art for all fantastical daring and playful it especially appealed to 2 young people. who didn't if you have the courage just get everything you've learned and start fresh and then you might have a chance to really discover something new. so experimenting was essential for me it's for a mentor for me. max experiments
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with mirrors metal light and engines have gone down in art history. my life was dominated by the present day and of course i also have a strong tendency to look ahead or to the left or the right one of them but looking back is not my thing it's that simple it is. one's mark hopes to live to at least 100 years old and he has no intention of retiring from making art. well sunday's saw the academy of country music awards streaming live from nashville tennessee luke bryan. and luke bryan stoops the coveted entertainer of the year award for the 3rd time in a 44 year old singer wasn't able to attend the ceremony after revealing last week that he had tested positive for the corona virus but it was still over the moon and here's a listen to his signature sound. a
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claimed 1st novel lost features a child narrator who struggles with the shadow of an older sibling he has long believed to be dead well it's hard to imagine this has the makings of a star play funny story but it's the cynical child's perspective and a kafka esque twist that take this novel in unexpected directions it's the worst situation you're. and possibly imagine you're fleeing a war you're surrounded by enemy soldiers and you've got your baby in your arms what do you do to give your child away to strangers in the last months of world war 2 that was a common occurrence as the red army advanced german women and children fled eastern europe almost 300000 of those children who were separated from their parents most were reunited.
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but that's not what happens in lost by hans over these ties you know it takes place years after the war is over the family in the book has made a new life in west germany where the economy is booming but they're still haunted by the trauma of losing their 1st born son. the author's own family really did lose a child during the war for typo lost as an attempted self healing it's written from the point of view of the younger son whose own childhood is lost to a hopeless search for his missing brother i was only just beginning to understand that arnold my dead brother had the leading role in the family and had assigned me a supporting part i also understood that arnold was responsible from the very beginning for my growing up in an atmosphere poisoned with guilt and shame. over the years the family's fortunes improve the father makes it from a butcher to
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a wholesaler but nothing happens the pain of losing their 1st child sounds like a pretty depressing story what makes it readable is tyson's witticism which he doles out with plenty of biting humor. and finally tim curry is best known for his portrayal of the mad scientist transvestite dr frank n. furter in the cult film the rocky horror picture show well the british actor and singer has been i would have the limelight since suffering a stroke in 2012 but for his 75th birthday on monday april 19th or leave you with a glimpse of his heyday and wish him many happy returns and from. just freeze frame by. frame.
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job the big. stage for the 1st. place. i could show you my favorite obsession of making i'm a. blonde at. least good for a living. sentient i'm just a sweet transfers. the bring.
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the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research. information and context. coronavirus up to the code of special monday to friday gone. by you're ready for summer break means i'm pristine when glass on the eyes on the edge of my country with a brand new d. the good news africa the show that tackles the issues shaping the possibly now with more time to off on an in-depth silcox all of the transcribed song what's making the hittites and what's behind it well the. it's to give you in the forms on the inside. w. news africa every friday on g.w. . we have important new numbers let's get right to the.
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smoking is healthy. post decides are good for the bees global warming doesn't exist. don't believe us. not yet. you have read in my mind. the industry is controlling your thoughts they are tense truly seeking. science. it's not easy to spot i'm saying one thing and history is saying another. the great bluffs of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. this
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says didn't we newsline a firm berlin green ambitions germany's green party makes its 1st ever bit for chance the woman now vying to take the reins from the anglo american in september is national elections is an early in the bear box and she says everything is possible when it comes to the country's next government also on the program russian .


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