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tv   Kultur.21  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2021 3:03pm-3:30pm CEST

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it's citizens digitally. a diverse and cosmopolitan country with a values based and strong democracy. a germany at the heart of europe. political correspondents on and young is on the story for us assignment realistically what are the chances of another the babcock becoming german chancellor. well the house she certainly does have a chance because above all her party the green party has been doing well in poll after poll they've consistently. shown that they've got a 20 percent national support in recent months and meanwhile the most popular party the conservatives the c.d.u. c.s.u. blog have been dipping well below 30 percent in recent months so the greens are the 2nd most popular party nationally and off the september's election it may well be
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that the greens have a choice whether to join a conservative late government with the kids with the conservatives no longer under americal of course or to themselves form a sort of left of center coalition and in that case 40 year old and in a bare block would be the next german chancellor should just add that i think anna laying a bare bones got a job to do now because she's an untried politician she has not held high office and she's she's relatively inexperienced so i think between now and september she's got to show the nation more widely that she has what it takes to lead the country potentially and we'll come back to you in a moment let's 1st take a closer look now at the career of an allin about. for the others she is the rising star of german politics and elena be about 40 years old leader of the german green
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party. the climate debate has served as a springboard for the greens triumph in recent years climate protection exit from kohl's renewable energy there are 2 topics that bareback has fought for since the beginning of her career was once by moving we are less than 30 years to really make a change to base our way of life our prosperity on climate neutrality that is the task of our generation and that sort. of arc was born in 1980 in northwestern germany and now lives in the east of the country near berlin she and her husband have 2 young children. their bank has a degree in international law and spent several years abroad in the u.s. london in brussels she became politically active in the green party in 2008
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focusing on foreign and security issues she soon became a member of parliament 1st at regional level then in 2013 she entered the bundestag the german parliament at the age of only 32 she quickly earned respect for her thoroughness and knowledge of detail from day one she radiated confidence. i'd be present but you know. you can be have a skip and such a colleague will you take a question and it's yours as a new suit yes yes go ahead but not in the fest beach sure. yet. since 2018 she has been the co-leader of the green party at the national level alongside robert habeck they have breathed new life into the party it's more popular than ever with ana lane of germany would get a chancellor who speaks fluent english a useful tool in international diplomacy she wants to make europe an important
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global player you have and especially on foreign policy and security issues already the obama administration called in the past for europe to engage share more and i think your briley has to face this challenge. there buck was long seen as the number 2 behind robert habeck so her nomination as the green party candidate came as a surprise to many if the greens continue rising in the polls on a lean a bit of a could succeed angle americal after the september elections and germany would have its 2nd female chancellor. simon olva's saw the conservatives are still struggling. we've got any idea who will stand for. well yes we got it whittled down to tonight. the leader of the c.d.u. the larger of these 2 conservative parties and marcus the head of the bavarian
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c.s.u. and the c.s.u. have have been meeting today the leadership and the fact they are their man marcus yet again but now they say that the announcement they made was that they are going to put it in the hands of the c.d.u. leadership to decide how this process which is dragged on now for over over a week in its most intense phase should come to an end so i am in last at the somewhat beleaguered leader of the c.d.u. is called a meeting of his troops for the soft inane and you know there are signs that a decision will be coming perhaps not tonight but perhaps sometime in the next few days i should say that all of this doesn't show the conservatives very well organized and very very well ordered specially when control stayed with the process in the green party which by all most acknowledge that it's been a pretty orderly and clear process and it's allowed them to announce their
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candidate and in a better book today as indeed they said they would give up his political correspondent simon thank you simon a massive shakeup in european football 12 top clubs from spain italy and england announced the formation of a breakaway super league the new midweek competition will be independent of european football's governing body. but germany's top clubs buy in munich and brussels. won't be joining released a statement saying they end by an reject the super league preferring instead to reform existing champions league. it's the jewel in you a fish crowned its biggest money spinner for the champions league is now under threat from the breakaway super league he waits for his reacted with fury to the proposals saying enough is enough and adding. the clubs concerned will be banned
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from playing in any of the competition at domestic european or world level and their players could be denied the opportunity to represent the national teams. a breakaway league of europe's top clubs has been rumored for a while the plans of never been as advanced as this financially backed by the u.s. investment bank j.p. morgan. the league will be formed of 20 clubs 15 permanent who can be relegated and 5 that earn their place on merit games would be played midweek 1st in 2 groups of 10 the top 3 from each would then go through to knockout rounds to determine the winner. you've insist president andrea nearly has been one of those behind the proposals even if he sat on you a fence board. if there is interest by these kind of mayors these financial institutions it means there is. a potential for a bright future within our industry. there's been widespread backlash to the plans
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its fans calling it a greedy power grab. this great taken over by the fans. well i like keeping the status quo i think things work relegation and promotion good things they keep to provide competition. sounds motivated by money by greed's which is not a good thing to be in the game anyway you wait for one point to give up on its cash cow without a fight the super league is digging in ruefully launching legal action to stop us from blocking the league's formation. and some news now about one of those proposed super league clubs tottenham confirmed they have sacked their manager jose mourinho earlier took over tottenham in november 29 t. despite a strong start to this season the team have been struggling of late currently languishing in 7th place in the premier league and were recently knocked out of the
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europa league by. have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world has expelled 20 checks diplomats day off the prague ordered out 18 russian officials who had said were military spies russia promised to retaliate saying the czech republic was trying to please the united states. so does in egypt say at least 11 people have died and nearly 100 are injured after a passenger train derails near cairo on sunday the train was traveling from the egyptian capital to the now delta city of months egypt has seen several well wait tragedies in recent years. emergency teams are racing to contain a wildfire in south africa's table mountain the blaze started on sunday and reached parts of the university of cape town burning the historic campus library and forcing hundreds of students to evacuated at least one firefighter has been injured
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. as millions of people around the world remain separated by travel restrictions people living in australia and new zealand are now free to visit each other again the 2 countries have opened a quarantine free travel bubble for the 1st time in more than a year olds have been playing host to emotional reunions. reunited after more than a year apart families friends and grandparents smooching their not so newborn grandchildren for the 1st time and relief as a travel bubble between australia and new zealand finally opens. for everybody is going to have no words on a cigarette pack or come back i was shocked to run out this welcome home is testament to both country's efforts in fighting the pandemic they've managed to
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defeat the virus with strict border controls and quarantine requirements. it was really weird feeling to be allowed to and numerous feels like it breaking the rules or move it we haven't been to the for 14 months thank goodness busy man messenger and stuff yes i went to see her announced at 4 o'clock plus she's a tempest. well i've booked a ticket that's right away has been a very long time and so much life as i have been since and it it's so nice to see. these are the 1st steps towards what still here and new zealand hope will become a gradual view with the rest of the world. that we are sorry that it really is just such a wonderful yeah i mean. so it's great to see their supporters cite. the travel bubble had pre-set backs for months after small i freaked and both countries and i everyone is hoping that the bubble will burst. russia's
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president says jailed opposition leader legs in a volley has been transferred to a medical facility the announcement comes. doctors said he was on the brink of death and needed urgent treatment after western powers warned of consequences if he died in prison the 44 year old has been on hunger strike for 3 weeks off the being denied access to his his own medical team the kremlin says nirvana's health should be of no interest to western countries. let's bring in russia analyst constantine confident we understand that he has been hospitalized now what do we know about his medical condition right now. well the thing we know is from an official press release of the russian prison service which says that he's been given detention switched to get anything actually what we've known from his
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doctors who analyzed his tests that were last on as far as i understand by his lawyers. he has significant calley and problems in his body that's what they said and that is quite dangerous for he thought. the fact that he was transferred from prison gives a tablet that. made the doctors will be allowed to finally visit him but also it gives ground to thinking that probably is condition is such that he definitely needs to be transferred to at that a medical facility there just their prison medical point which is quite cautious but they use top diplomats are discussing another on the situation today but come to actually do anything. well i think that mr putin is playing his favorite game of who blinks fast with nobody's laughing actually and with the west
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in general not only with the e.u. . box my suspicion is that maybe what mr putin was she wants him all to russian and maybe to exchange poor notice a high profile russian prisoner for example who. pilot who's been running gun smuggling in our smugness actually who's serving a sentence in the united states i suppose that putin thinks that nobody really inside russia is really dangerous because he see he is a symbol and he is a focal point for discontent. but i do think that to get the money out to russia one needs a massive appeal and probably personal phone calls from people who put it will be able to refuse i don't know whether it's pope francis or i do america but it definitely i think is a game that with his playing now and not one of these help is on the line he's
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playing his this international power game on several fronts that this russian build up on ukraine's border and the growing tensions between russia and the czech republic but that put even more strain a for example on the e.u. russia relations. yes and i think that on wednesday on the 21st of april dresses the federal the same labor we've got houses of parliament with us and you know the rest we are bound to get something spectacular it may be introduction of russian troops in the others or which will be another part of the ukraine build up because just if you look at the map it will open the possibility for russian troops to master all northern border of ukraine and the other thing could be also something concerning relations with the e.u. all nato in the wake of this czech spy scandal which you mention and i do think we
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at the point of crisis which personally i haven't seen since 2014 and the opening or beginning of conflict between russia and ukraine if you take it that you take it so sorry further back probably 1983 with the tensions between the drop of and reagan and pershing missiles in europe so i think that it is an inflection point see what he has in store on the 21st of april. concert in error thank you very much for that analysis some countries in europe are struggling to get enough vaccine doses for their populations but that's not the case in serbia where until recently foreigners were being invited to take up the offer of surplus shots the government has now stopped allowing the vaccine tourism and has decided to place more focus on getting serbian residents to say yes to corona virus vaccines 1st to the funny for job boards from belgrade. it is the next person
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a 9th term about 4000 doses are being administered here today at the biggest coffee vaccination center. the country has procured something 15000000 vaccines for a population of 7000000. serbia has more vaccines on offer than serbians to want them in fact there's a surplus of russia and all chinese and. other vaccines so the country have been inviting foreigners to take the jams the emphasis is on had on the 9th of april the government decided to suspend the vaccination for a nurse on to food a notice about 30000 had received a vaccine so far a lot of foreigners came back to now it's impossible because of the permission of the government so they need to be a resident here or get married here or something like that. for for now the announcement came after his infection rates began rising again the government had
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apparently realised he needed to convince more of its own citizens to get a job 1st at least one in 3 people in serbia believes to some extent in conspiracy theories that claim they are unsafe. there's a neck of it and he will see everyone who got the vaccine will soon die. i think of that scene is not safe enough and that's why i don't want to get it to 2 days and that skepticism is also apparent on the great streets restaurants are food open and almost no one is wearing a mask epidemiologist finally each says the government focused too much on positive news about procuring the why not doing enough to actually stand the spread of the virus. populists the government and our leader was. all for demonstrating there to say here's more able than anyone else any idea
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really there to provide what is needed and he ignored the fact that it 1st necessary to educate people so far about 1200000 people have been fully vaccinated in subiaco according to official numbers a high percentage by comparison with other countries in europe but far from enough to spend time in an effort to increase immunizations the government has no storage focusing on its own citizens instead of foreigners if you could understand serbian he would be able to read the message on the side of this local bus it says get vaccinated. some of the other developments and coronavirus pandemic india's capital delhi is entering a weeklong lockdown the city and the rest of the country are struggling to contain a surge in covert $900.00 cases authorities say the health care system is a breaking point scientists in britain are launching
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a trial to examine the immune response of people who have already heard the coronavirus scientists will deliberately expose participants to the corona virus and see if they get reinfected. more than half of all adults in the united states have now received at least one dose of a covert $900.00 backs and. nasa says is smog mars exploration helicopter ingenuity has successfully flown on the red planet flight controllers in california confirmed ingenuities rethought after receiving data via other perseverance rover which still worked around 65 meters away the 85 $1000000.00 helicopter demo was considered high risk but high we want it right now and for more that i'm now joined by nicole schmitz she's a scientist at the german aerospace sense on the call why is this flight on mars surface so important historic even yes hello and good morning
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tony amazed by the results of this flight and it is really a story day today it's historic events. not only 5 years in but also for spaceflight we have been missing today only the very smallest water ice flights on mars there is last night last night in another sense and nasa has likened this event in the last days actually to it's us flight of the white brothers through the very 1st motorized aircraft on the 1st and once and series and that was an event that changed the last only oh you know several. days events i think you couldn't find any change in the way how we might explore tennis and not only tennis like ours but also other pairs and every body that has an atmosphere so what new information aside from the historic aspects of this mission what new information about us are we expecting to gain from this flight or
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these flights. night not necessarily the slightest technology demonstration actions as it runs as what it was i want technology demonstration is a concept so what we're hoping for here is basically through that flight and that very same happens here in the challenging environment of mosque is possible at all and from then on based on today's results so you can now start to develop more right. help us explore and interview 2 worth of cross presidents must every mosque buy something even if you could pack as carrots in a mosque by the president's roma on the puzzling drover. and mission that has just started and that will continue to cover all the mosques and such a day testiness incidents that effectiveness finalized and then presidents to
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objectives are to follow their incest plan and then ask a strange parent to actually try to locate and find traces of. quest live on moss so we're going to try to find out if there was ever life on another planet earth that's in place so talking about life on mars when will humans set foot on the planet briefly if you can. i think that would state its indicates that's my personal opinion i think that also standing still and once again that shows that is that almost as runs now is the very 1st mission that we have trying to actually collect samples on mars and bring them back to us or even carrying on bringing back lots to us students on this so you can imagine that bringing back humans from mars is even the beginning and so i think that instant in time so history being made on moscow thank you very much for the cause schmitz the scientists at the german air space that thank you. it was indeed of your news coming up next
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on did have you news asia the indian capital heads into a week long a lockdown in the midst of rising coronavirus concerns. the pressure builds on taiwan as china increases military activity. all that's coming up with bureaucrats pencil.
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and to me it's clear remains true. the solutions are out to. join me predicts our life into the green transformation from a clue for the plants. this is good of the news they sure are coming up today in the us capital heads into a week long lockdown. the boston coronavirus outbreak pushes delis health infrastructure to the brink but could this situation have been avoided if we didn't deliver on says plus. paging ups the ante on taiwan the chinese military conducts military exercises around the island sending a warning to taipei and its supporters.


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