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this is news coming to you live from berlin turmoil in european football 12 of the continent's top football clubs announced they're forming their own new super league their wages says it will consider all of bailable measures to stop them also on the program. and australia create a 14 free travel ball family and friends separated by the pandemic finally reunited
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after more than a year with hear from some of the 1st travellers making use of the long awaited opening. plus the e.u. and the us are boarding in russia of consequences if russian opposition leader alexina dies in custody personal doctors say without intervention he may only have 3 days left to live. germany's conservative struggle to choose the man who will replace on the back and lead them into the next election to regional leaders are vying for the top and not shows any signs of backing down. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a massive shake up in european football 12 top clubs from spain italy and england have announced the formation of a breakaway super league the new midweek competition will be. independent of
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european football's governing body away from the super league is expected to be highly lucrative and include many of europe's top money making teams like manchester united ac milan and rail madrid as well as $12.00 pounding clubs another 3 are expected to join before the 1st season which according to a statement will start as soon as practicable. has threatened to sanction clubs that take part in the break way league they resume at least a statement saying quote the clubs concerned will be banned from playing in any other competition the domestic european or world level and their players could be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams. well for more on this we're joined by jonathan krane from sports good to see you jonathan how much of an earthquake is this for european football well there's no getting away from it really if this super league goes ahead it will transform the face of european
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football in the op and the traditional structure is if you like it would really damage the integrity of those you wait for competitions like the champions league now i see you a fair it was planning its own reforms of the champions league largely to stave off such a stretch without rumors therefore speculation as has stretched used as a negotiating tactic by these big cubs this is the 1st time sorry that they've actually late that cards on the table and said what they're expecting and we can have a look at how this leak might take shape as you mentioned 12 found this so far that will eventually rise to 15 they hope 5 of the clubs would qualify on merit they play this in midweek 2 leagues of 10 teams and then the top 3 in each of those groups would go through for knockouts to decide the winner and now what this amounts to critics say is effectively a closed shop for all but the biggest clubs in europe excluding or the odd
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a fine man power grab being backed by the american bank j.p. morgan and those taking part will get hundreds of millions of euros just the competing i can see them just sucking the money out of this of football european football what does this mean for the future of the champions league the europa league only what having you wait for say they're going to ban these teams it would effectively render those competitions you've mentioned a 2nd class competitions without the biggest clubs in europe now you read you a full statement understandably they are absolutely furious about this saying clubs would be banned and taking part in domestic leagues a player is banned even from taking cuts in the world cup. no i mentioned that reforms they were hoping to reform the champions league your way for to include bowl games it's obviously bring about more money that was due to be rubber stamped today it's unclear now given what's happened whether that will even take place at the backlash has been fierce not just from you
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a fair we've had backlash from european governments the european union south and found groups none more so than the found groups after those clubs involved found supports his supporters europe recording the simply irresponsible and anti competitive spirit and by greed and so there's going to be legal challenges ahead just what about this people are very emotional obviously about football there are some noticeable absences from this super league lined up at this point so far german teams for example are not. was that yeah by munich who of course the reigning european champions no brasil dortmund so far now those are the 2 german clubs you would expect to take potshots but waiting for comment from them but a couple of reasons may be found in germany do you control club members have the controlling say so perhaps given the way the wind is blowing from think well they weren't there to get it past the fans anyway also the people in
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charge of those clubs unlike some of the other clubs involved in this if they do have a bit more of an emotional connection perhaps former players they do know about the traditions of these european competitions that maybe that is holding them back no parasangs or man as well another big club so far have not said they will take parts chosen crane from sports thanks so much you're welcome. by the way steven beers lee from v.w. business will be here later with more on the financial implications that the new super league could have for football well australia new zealand have opened a 2 way travel bubble meaning quarantine free travel is now allowed between the 2 countries for the 1st time in more than a year loved ones can meet face to face and immediately embrace one another on site a rare sight for millions of people around the world who are still dealing with separation these emotional scenes in wellington new zealand for everywhere families and friends were reunited again at the beginning of the pandemic both countries
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shot their borders and for strict florentine measures to control breaks. well that was the scene in wellington new zealand now this report from sydney from correspondent michelle harrison plus it's been a lone 13 month wipe out the day is finally here a covert safe travel call it all has opens between australia and new zealand with travel is no longer needing to quarantine on arrival in either country here at sydney's international airport around 2 dozen flights between sydney the new zealand scheduled to take off and land this monday whether they were uniting with family and friends or taking a well deserved holiday people are excited i'm grateful to be travelling overseas once again it was really weird feeling to be allowed to and you always feel like breaking the rules a little bit say as it was a bit it was quite exciting yeah it's really it's so great to have we just haven't been on a plane for so long it's kind of nice to. have to go somewhere get back on
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a plane you know we usually travel quite a bit so it's been a long time we haven't seen each other for 14 months thank goodness busy man messenger and stuff yeah so interesting there announced it at 4 o'clock last she's a template for i've booked a ticket straight away this is only the 2nd travel bubble to exist in the world to the phone. it was set up between taiwan and pull out earlier this month both australia and new zealand of the chile closed free after taking a tough stance and closing their international borders early on in the pandemic it's right to say that perhaps we're on a you know the have been down that path of recovery now many travelers may be dreaming of exotic getaways in faraway destinations but this will have to do so now australian prime minister scott morrison has dashed hopes of long haul travel happening any time soon on sunday saying he's in no rush to open the country's international borders so this may be a 3rd step towards future travel bubbles with other countries.
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but. for now let's cross over to sydney and talk to jane holton she's the commissioner on australia's code 1000 abides for a board and a former health and finance minister thanks for being with us so travel between australia and new zealand is now returning to something close to normal how important is this for australia well australia or new zealand of course have a very special relationship and there's been free movement of peoples between australia new zealand fee use and there's lots of families that is across the tasman so i think for many many families this is such an important day the opportunity to go home doesn't matter which way you are going but to go and see your family and friends is such an important part of what's been i think really rather a difficult period for all of us how are people in australia responding to this it must be a huge boost for their the whole know their sense of well being. well
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exactly and i think everyone's been feeling very constrained shutdown him dean and the opportunity to actually go some way for a holiday i think is something pretty such such now seems a luxury that it's made an enormous difference actually to people's psychology they're feeling quite upbeat about it so in a straight and instead of just being able to travel domestically now people can go to one of their favorite travel destinations. and similarly kiwi friends cousins and relations can come this way so it's really an enormous stimulus not just to emotions little 2nd i say to the economy. you serve on the advisory board for the club in 1000 advisory board there in in australia as a commissioner your formal former minister of health does australia have any lessons in handling the pandemic that other countries might benefit from.
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well i'm and i suspect that the lessons that australia has that classic public health lessons and we and new zealand and some of their city call them colleagues and you've mentioned taiwan and we have a new enormous advantage that we our audience and we were able to shut out who it is and then control travel by instituting quarantine going back to things that were really done last over a century ago that in many countries of course was not a practical reality those decisions were taken very early and it's meant that we can i will to drive down to 0 most of the time coded in the community and kind of the true transmission in the community now and many other countries that is just not we were ash and so i think the lessons for the future are not necessarily for this pandemic but i do think in the future record action in public health a rapid attention to getting viruses wherever they 1st image under control and
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ideally eliminated is exactly what we should be learning for the future. thank you very much for talking with us so that was jane hall commissioner on australia's cover 19 a bug report for health and that's minister. let's look at some other developments in the pandemic worldwide india's capital delhi is entering a week long law the city and the rest of the country are struggling to contain a huge surge in coven 1000 cases authorities say the health care system is at breaking point more than half of adults in the united states have now received at least one dose of the 19 vaccine and british scientists are launching a trial to examine the immune response of people who have already had the corona virus scientists will deliberately expose participants to the corona virus and see if they get reinfected. let's look at other stories making news around the world today egyptian authorities say at least 11 people have died and nearly 100 are
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injured after a passenger train derailed near cairo on sunday the train was traveling from the egyptian capital to the nile delta city of months or of egypt has seen several railway tragedies in recent years. emergency teams are racing to contain a wildfire on south africa's table mountain the blaze started on sunday and reach parts of the university of cape town burning the historic campus library and forcing hundreds of students to evacuate at least one firefighter has been injured . his expelled 20 checked diplomats a day after prague ordered out 18 russian officials who were military spies russia had promised to retaliate saying the czech republic was trying to please the united states. and the european union has called on russia to give election a bonnie immediate access to his doctors as concerns mount over the health of the jailed opposition leader of these doctors have warned he could die within days if
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not given urgent treatment of 44 year old has been on hunger strike for 3 weeks after being denied access to his own medical team the united states has warned russia of consequences if nobody dies in prison. let's bring in close and here he's a russia analyst and joins us now from moscow good to see you what do we know about alexina bonnie's medical condition and how he's being treated. well it doesn't seem that has been treated at all she has lost communication was that he was only given paracetamol or some kind of you know pain care of but. definitely after that he went on hunger strike and he's. he's state has really been deteriorating pleased and he is ill or is bastone results so he's medical examination which seems to have been conducted inside the prison and it's it shows
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very high levels of calcium which someone to say good be extremely sorry colleague and that seems as some doctors say to be very dangerous now i do not want to speculate on what is definitely he's. going to doctor his medical condition but what is very clear is that the authorities are making a point of denying him access to the doctors he chooses yesterday doctors 2 doctors went to the gate of his prison colony near the central russian city of la de mayo and were denied entry so i think that's what happens now is definitely a game of who blinks 1st actually it is putting his favorite game. top diplomats from the e.u. are discussing about a situation today but can they actually do anything hans to. i
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think that putin believes that the e.u. is weak and that it won't basically smash any china over not by a nice health and i think that also because of the very important events that the sweet something is going to happen between russia and belarus plus on the 21st of april putin speaks to both houses of parliament that's his annual address in which some people say he's also going to announce some momentous things concerning domestic and foreign policy so because of that he's not going to do anything at least until he bring now says this speech enhances a summit with lucas shanker because he doesn't want to be seen as being under pressure but because of this it also it is also very dangerous because as the doctor state every day does count i think my suspicion is if there was a passel of people by america or by pope francis to putin that they
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could make a difference generally i think the kremlin takes pleasure in showing that it's inflexible in in its attitude to witness number one enemy. there's a lot at play right now constantine diplomatically regarding russian foreign ministers again a mention that they're going to be meeting there to be talking about russian troop build up on ukraine's border are they going to be talking about growing tensions between russia and the czech republic as well what does this mean for e.u. russia relations at this point. well 1st of all it means that the you are he you russia relations are going to be marginalized because in this situation putin sees himself as confronting the united states and nato and the e.u. comes pretty much at least on his agenda secondly he feels that he is basically that he has
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a very wide margin of all white kori door of action as far as ukraine and belarus is concerned remember we are promised some kind of momentous announcement by by alexander lukashenko in minsk in the coming day or 2 which may mean that he will invite my suspicion is that he mainlined the russian troops into the into belarus and that will mean that russian army will get northern foothold. on your prey's border of basically not far away from kiev so i think that in the current situation putin feels that he has the officer t.j. hand and he will be waiting for the response by nato to the czech scandal and by the e.u. to whether he will join the united states and other western allies i think that in this respect he counts he kept food lack of solidarity and a kind of disparity between europe and the united states and between eastern europe
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and western europe within the e.u. and nato. and was constantine in moscow thank you very much. to germany now and the acrimonious power struggle over who will lead on the americans conservatives into the next election the governing c.d.u. c.s.u. alliance a plan to announce a candidate over the weekend the decision is now expected in the coming days standoff between. various premier and arming lusha the premier of germany's largest state north rhine-westphalia russia is also the leader of the c.d.u. and is supported by the party's executive but deserted the smaller sister party c.s.u. is a lot more popular among voters in america has not publicly endorsed either. and let's bring in mikhail a chief political correspondent our chief political editor i should say they give
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a good to see you the 2 rival conservative candidates here the 2 people who want to stand for the conservatives in this election become chancellor they said they would have this worked out as to who it would be who they would get the nomination by the end of last week it didn't happen so where does this go from here. yes we were even sifting the definition of what the end of the week is and there was a late night meeting on sunday evening for 3 and a half hours and the 2 men simply couldn't work it out. instead we saw the use the organizers they said of the conservative bloc here in germany come out in favor of marcos zuda from bavaria so that's quite a surprise so this month a fight that's been going on for just over a week now since my office it just suddenly declares that he would now officially run is counted after having his posse and much of the opinion polls here in germany call for him for months and that is there's no end in sight to this state at the
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same time we're seeing the green party today declare their top candidate will be and no doubt this is damaging for the conservatives ceding you just under 6 months ahead of those general elections in september but this jostling mckayla to become conservative chancellor candidate it's been going on for weeks can you give us the short answer of why it's taken so long. well the short on it is and that's it the newly elected c.d.u. party leader didn't you know that he definitely wants to take the job instead he says whoever has the best starts at the ballot box should become the man on ticket or the woman event and then muffled stood up took him by his words looked at the opinion polls where he's way ahead and then declared his candidacy now with a loss and still not wanting to back down after the upper echelons of the conservative c.d.u.
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are backing him so complicated isn't it but at the end of the day it's 2 men behind closed door was in a room who have to work it out and that is proving very very difficult and very bruising but i'm going to medical conservative see new season doc here and me well speaking of uncle americal this you know we're talking about her party here what's her role in all of this because it is perp attentional successor we're talking about here. absolutely but she's the clear time and time again it's reasons not sweet that she wants to stay out of this when it came to electing a party leader she was backing. implicitly but ever since she's also criticized him and she's also been seeing a mako pseudos a former critic pretty much quote her along the way so she's doing her best to keep out of this and at the same time it exposes that the map will style stability
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politics was also what held her own conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. blocks together so we're ready new political times leading up to these elections in september when uncle sam apple says she'll leave the political stage for good for him and thank you very much our chief political editor mechanicals not. in the bonus league adult and have regretted hopes of a top 4 finish with a win of about a brain and it puts them within 4 points of a champions league qualification. following that champions league exit in midweek don't mean strode out in a special retro shirt helping to draw inspiration from their mid ninety's glory days but russia brought them back to reality less than a quarter of an hour in a stunning pass from maximillian agha stein set the winner up for only his 2nd of the season. after nearly leaving in the summer russia has enjoyed an injury
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blighted campaign but is finding his form in the running he's now schooled on back to back match status however dortmund rallied to just before the hawke alomar gio raina smashed in a belter level the schools that jolted his teammates into action. captain marco voice cleverly won a penalty just minutes later i'm in the hole and was on hand to score from the stops to make it to warm the tights adds turned. then hall and had a healthy potion of luck topping in the back post for his 21st gold in $23.00 appearances the hosts have hit 3 in 9 minutes to take a comfortable lead into half time after that early scare. after the break the 2 sides traded chances before dortmund finally added a 4th goal 3 minutes from time. months holes with
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a towering header which try as they might break into couldn't clear off the line they fold to their 5th consecutive loss meaning they're still not quite safe from relegation wild dog can continue to dream of qualifying for next season's champions league. it's in formula one racing red bulls max fast often want a thrilling media romagna ground 3 in italy the dutchman took advantage of a rare mistake by world champion lewis hamilton to claim his 1st victory of the season and fire a warning shot to the rest of the grid. next push stop and shoot his intent right from the off in imola forcing his way past pole sitter lewis hamilton at the 1st corner and that was just the start of the drama on a rain lashed circuit. unless $33.00 there was another setback for hamilton was a rare mistake so his mercedes hurtle off the track and into the gravel pit. one
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lap later fell to the boat's us and george russell crashed out over 300 kilometers an hour. both a marriage unscathed enough to let off a bit of steam one of which he didn't want to see. one. after the colorful language came the red flags to signal the race a suspension when it restarted hamilton had to make up drone from 9th place. the briton sensationally over to all comers. except for the red bull's young dutchman was the calmest month on the track as he sealed his a live in can you win. yet. a satisfying day out for and a clear signal to hamilton that he is in for a fierce battle to retain his cronies. and finally nasa is gearing up for the 1st flight of its mars exploration helicopter ingenuity if all goes to plan the 2
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key loads will make a total of 5 autonomous missions it will collect data and transmit it to the perseverance rover which will be back to earth within just a few hours. you're watching t.v. news coming up next is business with stephen beard i'm terry martin thanks for watching.
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last year's german song so now we bring you i'm going to makeover as you've never time to have been surprised still so with what is possible who is magical really what moves and want somebody who talks to people who follow along the way meyers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy joining us from eccles last stop. a shake up that could transform european football and its finances europe's richest clubs agree to form a super league with its own t.v. rights and profit sharing a look at what that could mean for the business of football. also on the show it's the only international auto show taking place during the pentagon and it happens to be the world's largest car market will be good at the shanghai auto show. the
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welcome to the show the ember led on 12 of europe's biggest and richest football clubs of n l.


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