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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2021 11:15am-11:31am CEST

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tough mistakes byan are now 7 points clear at the top of the table as hans the flake kicks off what looks like his farewell tour by ending full spokes unbeaten home record. and you're watching t w news up next our magazine shift meets digital nomads traveling the world to forget you can always get the latest news on our website dot com on exposure thanks for watching. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity for the established itself. both religious and secular leaders more eager to display their power. to trace me games.
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and create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. stonemasons builders and architects compete with each other. this is how massive churches are created. contest or because the. stars. on t.w. . shifts special how digital moments are trading in the office for the beach. nina freshman teaches english and jen and. she last saw 9 from wherever she happens to be at the moment she and her son nicholai a tour increase. this. my office i can set it up wherever i am today i'm at this
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gorgeous place and i can't imagine anything better than better than wash day after that business studies jenny and christian you rush it found good jobs with a steel company and a pharmacy tickle. but 3 years ago they threw in the towel and began and going live the head with a travel blog now their own grand canaria. from the 1st day of my job training i realized that i needed to be my own boss and that what i was doing there wasn't me because wearing a suit and tie was never my thing so what's funny is that my. best immorality has gone into business for himself as an online entrepreneur for 5 years he's traveled the well his favorite protocol is thailand after a botched me surgery forced him to give up his hotel job he suffered a crisis. i think that happens quite often and often the motivator and all the real triggers tell us what about whether emotional or physical you can just keep on
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going on that drives you to change things and drive across and out here in the thai capital bangkok the german entrepreneur has rented an apartment but bastion probably won't stay long he is a digital nomad most of his business is conducted online so he can work from pretty much anywhere in the world like millions of others. and some of you thought at home on social media especially in platforms like instagram digital moments are often depicted with those classical cocktail of the beach pics and look at my life it's so easy and of course or that's not the case. and i'm delighted with everything else in life you have to work hard for it the 1st 3 years i worked like mont 12 to 14 hours a day but you know what you're doing it for and that's the point no one else is making you do it if you're pursuing your own goals only often i miss you and all right in 2015 he started try. visiting 30 countries in 3 years at
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1st he traded goods on procurement platforms these days he earns his living mainly by giving unknown courses about how to work from anywhere. i don't bust and run me show you a business model that lets me live and work all over the world because for me his latest business venture leasing apartments and homes in asia vanishing them and renting them out to travelers over internet platforms. never lives in one place for more than a few weeks at a time once a year he visits his parents in germany here he is on his way to the north of thailand to my a meeting place where they just told nomads like himself. on grand canaria jetty and christian you're ashok have rented a house for 5 weeks. the 30 somethings are reporting on travel in the coronavirus pandemic for their blog. and when we have time off i want to jump in the pool we do
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that when we want to work we do that too. so we do the things we so toto these are for us that's what freedom means. but the good over the last 3 years jennie and christian have lived in what tech los to 30 different locations on their travel blog they posted a popular travel destinations around the world they make money primarily through. the certainly out of nothing else. but they instead always go smoothly in 2017 the bad barely survived after their scooter collided with a car in thailand after undergoing several operations that they were transported back to germany and spent 8 weeks in rehab christians for it will probably never be like it used to 13 months after the accident the couple returned to tie. land.
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will return to your old life pretty fast simply because it was one that we wanted to return to. since the accident and the birth of the son louis the new magic existence has changed somewhat the baby needs regular checkups and vaccinations and christian also nice to see his doctor regularly these days most of that travel destinations are in year out that way they can quickly return to germany where they legally reside and pay taxes they digital the months the boundaries between work retired and family life are fluid the restaurant by the beach becomes their office jenny produces their reports while christian takes care of the bookkeeping and marketing the more clinics that travel blog gets the move every new they make from the ads on their website. we usually have out that usually 3 hours from a restaurant or a café generally we're most productive at home 1st not peaceful. but i was.
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i. not far from athens in greece nina bushman and has son nicholas i have spent the night in that camp of and. your homework on. burma pack everything up and move on and stick by nina's work day is starting if the technology plays along ok i have an antenna that improves reception a bit so 98 percent of the time the internet connection works up to the middle c. at a moment if it's strong enough. stock in august nina currently has 15 students around the world over her website facebook private lessons for 40 euros per session on pay online after the more good morning how are you. absolutely they have until after the 94 hours a day on average. every day is
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a window to another world my students are elsewhere from another culture and have other topics other interests so it's never dull that's much fun it's mechanized out to school half a year ago nina bushman can only travel during the school holidays though she's considering teaching him herself in the future. when they travel mother and son rarely spend more than one night in the same place. nina bushman likes to seek out spots she's never been to before. like almost every life this one isn't perfect it's tiring and cause every day you have to think he'd want to i dare you but where am i going bust now should i organize my life so this freedom requires a lot of effort i thought it's that simple i like it this way and i wouldn't change it being a soul that is certainly not for every one of us. nina bushman has been travelling
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the world for savaging is in that time she's visited over 100 countries. after her son nicholas i was born she simply carried on when he was 13 months old she flew with him to me and i and they've been on the road together ever since vic to escape so this to me it's important to be happy but also to know that things are working for those around me that my son who's now 7 this if he still pretty much does what i tell him to do it is important for him to have fun too he should have been forced to live my life just because i want it that way mind leaving something in what he doesn't like to pass him by rami has a new project. he's rented this building and plans to turn it into a meeting place for digital demands it's in future they should be able to live and . together here many digital moments and the living by creating websites doing
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online advertising writing text this blog only if you have suffered big losses due to cope it now has been living in thailand for several months this job and i think in the future more people are likely to go the route of becoming digital because many have seen that the secure job isn't so secure after all especially my. hotel and tourism which is why so many have lost their jobs or really getting a 60 percent of their wages at the high school come here young travellers of all nationalities can live and work together for a while 1st in burundi hopes that a sense of community will develop it because digital nomads often feel isolated. from doubts people fairly fast but always in the superficial level hopefully that will change with the folks here that something which could develop to be more intense real friendships is off i'm just not sure that my city to limit sebastian
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takes advantage of the benefits of globalization his visit to thailand is valid for it yeah and the cost of living is lower here than in germany our time out from what i thought i thought when i. passed him by romney has an international health insurance plan and registered his business in canada where he only pays little tax. he invests much of his and since docs cryptocurrency and real estate. jimmy and christian you russia can also live from there were in fact they and most of their travel luck than they did with their own jobs in germany. the coronavirus pandemic has slashed their income by 80 percent so now they need to find another way to generate some. hash. her every word you wrote it was the way your ball got i frogz girl were working on
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an i phone course to teach people a bit more about i phone photography and we think it's pretty promising because american models have worked well so. even if things are tough right now the couple has no plans to give up their lifestyle they intend to keep traveling with their notebooks in tow in recent years they've learned to deal with new situations and take advantage of opportunities they might not even have recognized before. the new best friend has found another campsite with a view. every day is full of holiday moments and new adventures. books also means is to me you know luxury is precisely what i have here is simply being free being creative decide where i want to be when i want to be there and for how long. to give the.
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past in brown is no magic life is also no longer just about money now he can on occasion afford to take a few days off and get away from until. he started to learn tai i'm to meditate. and he wants to explore life beyond they did to show wealth. somebody in the arts just living like on the land has taught me the value of thinking outside the box and just trying things out. and that we should simply enjoy the short time we have of this planet the musical.
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until i was robbed of my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery shining a light on the fate of living in new jersey and women in italy obscene that's what men wear tricked. forced into prostitution their stories. once you forced me into 677 percent. next w. . building the future today at r w c h awesome university researchers and students there are working to advance green mobility. i want to save my entire team want to save the world. together they're researching tirelessly to develop. mobility.
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in 60. literature invites us to see people in particular. some. time. on you tube. welcome to the 77th platform for young africans yeah we get to talk about things that matter to you and i. my name it's great to have you on board. today show is not an easy one because we're talking about sex trade and human trafficking yes what's coming up. a brave journalist whose investigation into
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human trafficking what made him feel.


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