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tv   Auf ein Wort  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2021 1:00pm-1:46pm CEST

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you're watching the news live from berlin the global tool of the code of i was fun damn it continues to mount the number of people who have succumbed to the virus reaches 3000000 behind us that's a stake in many families around the world mourning to loved ones also coming up. india's converts old delhi goes into lockdown now struggles to contain a surgeon go in a virus cases nationwide more than 250000 new infections are reported in a single day another new record. britain prepares for the funeral of
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prince philip the lead house funded queen elizabeth 2 believed to rest this afternoon in a small private ceremony that's when so castle. good to know welcome the world has reached another grim milestone in the history of the coronavirus fund demick according to figures from johns hopkins university over 19 that passed a 3000000 block the west his country is the united states with more than 566000 vets in brazil more than 368000 people have lost their lives to the pandemic and in mexico at least 211000 they are followed by india and the united kingdom if you look at the repeated region as a whole it accounts for the highest total number of bets at nearly $1100000.00.
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india is one of the hottest it's countries and it's facing an alarming surge in infections day after day for more than a week it's reported a new record daily rise in cases this is we've been is particularly in the capital of delhi which has been pleased on the weekend lockdown in a bid to contain the spread but the infection numbers are also exploding in that us cities like mumbai. once again he and his family are packing their belongings during the lockdown last year the couple and their 2 children had to leave mum by now a year later they again say they have no choice. there are so many problems i cannot work so we cannot afford food we live on just one or 2 euros a day there is no other way we have to go back to our home village. the
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taxi driver hardly has any customers. that's because mumbai went into a 15 day lockdown on wouldn't stay after corona virus numbers exploded. india has recorded more than 2000 infections per day and that has serious consequences for its hospitals. and. there has been nationwide criticism that the weeks long religious festival has not been cancelled millions of hindu pilgrims have been taking part many disregarding coronavirus restrictions. of course were afraid of the virus but alas happens only once every 12 years and we've taken time off for it. less than 10 percent of india's 1400000000 people have been vaccinated to date 2 vaccines are being
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produced in india and facilities exist to produce even more but the pharma companies have so far refused to sign patent waivers saying there's no evidence that would boost production and a new struggle lies ahead ever more aggressive mutations. and. somebody who does not be a 100 different way our previous year. so that's a number secondly the human behavior. it's proving too much for a number and millions of others who find work in the big cities they are forced to look elsewhere during the lockdown. but. my money has been completely used up i don't even have anything for the trip home i hope to at least earn a few rupees in my parents' village. but last year food was scarce
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there too the family don't know how they will cope this time as they again drive into the unknown. for more on this i'm joined by did you correspondent at money about child care in delhi when you were out we just had horrible number 3000000 bets around the world india accounts for more than a 100 $75000.00 of those that is that an accurate number for india where we are seeing a large number of deaths every day but there are also reports that suggest that the number of steps are probably be under the old especially in such states and especially to be treated as they see that you guys are going to georgians are actually getting all of them to me i'll just speak and that is it is definitely an . issue that count in the state governments understand the actual number of jets ok now in the reports we just saw a family packing up and fleeing to the countryside with covert 1000 cases surging
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what is the mood in large cities like delhi. and there is an arkansas under is a sense of panic which has started to set in and not only because people can see that certainly expecting much much violence and the 1st one did it in the past but also because there is a last section of people which is very concerned about a proper way to handle done being implemented once again because last year we saw a lot many people losing their likely would drag one back to them and it is often seen lots of people at the time find out as and as long as far as health care and just have to sometimes it's quite all there and hospitals are running out of beds out of i.c.u. beds out of ventilators oxygen supply medicine supply so even the hospital stop looking under a lot of due respect now. now could a vaccine production really be expanded back if pharma companies waive the patent rights it had just to get the moment of we have been seeing india along with some
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of the country for trying to me excuse that they should be able to me in ramping up production but as you know they're going to asians i don't even certain form of needs are of this idea but there are some explorer to our saying that even though a lot of. really the big has been not actually be a magic bullet but it definitely has integrally through our nation many of our target in delhi thank you. let's now take a look at other stories making headlines around the world u.s. president joe biden has called on congress to pass gun restrictions after another mass shooting he ordered flags to be lowered at the white house and other government buildings in honor of the 8 people killed at the fed ex warehouse in indianapolis on their state biden described us gun deaths as an epidemic. 3 members of the international space station's crew safely to earth london in
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kazakhstan spend 6 months in space the russian soyuz craft undocked from the station on saturday it was the last shadowed russian space flight carrying us. their way home for a landing. now final preparations are being made for the funeral of prince philip the husband of britain's queen elizabeth which takes place in just a few hours the nation will hold in minute silence to honor the prince only that close relatives what i tend to ceremony at seems george's chapel in windsor due to cohen our vows restrictions the event will reflect prince philip's close ties with the military. ok so let's go straight away to the. shot shells of bill joining me now from tell us more about what's planned for today what is happening in windsor now.
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as you say in just a couple of hours time the nation war full silent for a minute to remember the pin prince philip that's just as the coffin arises just chapel just behind me marking the start of the service now we know that the proceedings will be quite scaled back according to prince philip's wishes he wanted a no nonsense funeral service none of the pomp and ceremony that is usually associated with royal funerals it's been very carefully planned by the prince himself and we know that a lot of the details in the funeral reflect his lifelong commitment to the armed forces indeed he served with the armed forces in the 2nd world war and his decades of public service 'd as britain's longest serving royal console it's now
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a couple of the details we know will be looking out for we know that his children and several of his grandchildren will be following behind his personal rule procession and the hearse as well is one that's causing a lot of interest it's a lamp modified specially designed by the prince himself in military green to carry his coffin to send george's chapel so we've been hearing just how many of the details in this funeral service reflect the man himself. that is designed to reflect his his humor his kindness and his humanity ok we want to see the usual pomp of royal federals why's that. well not just because of the prince's wishes but also because of current virus restrictions here in the u.k. it's only possible to have up to 30 people attend funeral services so we will only
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see close family at the service 30 people to be exact taking part they will have practiced social distancing jaring the 15 minute service members of the royal family will wear face masks as well and crucially the public has been asked to keep away from not just the consul behind me but all royal residences to try and avoid big crowns that you would usually expect to see at a at a royal funeral like this now one moment in particular is expected to be very striking because members of the royal family will be sitting upon during the service we will expect the queen at one point to be sitting alone during the service what should be a very poignant moment is the country reflects on the queen who has lost her what she did the man she described as her strength and stay after 73 years of marriage. shiloh charles until when so thank you. and we'll be bringing you live coverage of prince philip's funeral later in the day
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right here on the lead of the news now in other stories raul castro has allows his resignation as head of cuba's ruling communist party and to 6 decades of rule in the country 5 members of the cost of family raul who took over us presidents from his brother fidel in 2008 i said he is possible leadership to a new generation. as for me my task as 1st secretary of the central committee of the communist party of cuba and with the satisfaction of having fulfilled my duty. to his confidence in the future of the country. with those words to the communist party congress will custer announced his retirement from the frontline of cuban politics it has been 6 decades since i was prouder of fidel castro came to power following the cuban revolution of the 1950 s.
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and i will cuss through has played most of his life the 2nd string to his brother fidel 1st as a good commander later as a senior figure in the socialist government. after fidel fell ill in 2006 became the face of communist cuba. the country's top position will be now filled by miguel diaz who has served as cuba's president for the past 3 years he's a party loyalist who has advocated reform of the ailing economy without altering cuba's one party system. cuba's ongoing economic crisis presents a stiff challenge for the new leadership last year the economy shrank by 11 percent on the heels of new u.s. sanctions the coronavirus pandemic and domestic mismanagement have only compounded the hardships of fatal. on the island. to german football.
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left a very late to provide the drama in friday night's sleep action it was in the last minute of injury time doubt lives it's finally found the back of the net it looked like the use of posen still in 3 points in a very last 2nd of the match bot the referee ruled out as the ball had struck olson's on its way to go that means the points were split. the chance to widen and wendy people's book on saturday. here's a reminder off the top story we're following for you final preparations are being made for the funeral of prince philip in the house one of britain's queen elizabeth who died at the age of 99 last week a funeral will take place that would put millions expected to tune in to watch the event on t.v. only thing close relatives will attend the event due to code of bios frustrations.
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more information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at dean w dot com look for him slash science in the. stephanie and helen rathke are passed a couple from aima in the lower saxony and countryside and they each chip stocks. we want to bring day life in the church together their regional bishop is not a fun little bits you feel there's a lot of story out there constantly going on about it it's not my thing. and what about my congregation how do you treat church village life and being good go together.
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they said don't do this. in this you tube clip the couple tell the story of their experience trying to have a child then you must show viewers a cryogenic sperm container they are bringing home. and how ellen rathke has had a positive pregnancy test. how their lives have thursdays and not just us and can't. ellen's excited about the change in her life becoming a mother and starting a family and how overwhelmed she is with feelings of love for the baby growing inside her. in just half a year and this omen almon with a different has hit 10000 subscribers on new cheap making it the most successful
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program of the even jellicoe churches new social media campaign in germany the videos are recorded in the old post an age of aima and produced by lucas sheen cut from the even jellicoe radio station at the money for this would have been unthinkable 5 months ago but then with covert came a digitalisation push from the church and now maybe under saddam and heralds a new. one we couldn't imagine before for sinker. steffi is normally bothered by negative comments but one recent criticism came from one of her church members she takes such things to heart and it's getting to her during her latest film shoot. my hair you know what's tripping here is that post about how i changed my voice i sound selling. off and.
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the church of i'ma with its ancestral hall behind the altar has only ever had male pastors but 3 years ago the congregation was faced with a choice either they took on this lesbian past a couple or the pastors position would surely remain vacant for a long time. stephanie erotica became the poster and i am it's a final meeting with a young congregants before their confirmation time to check their shoes before last erotica asked them to lift up their shirts and examines the soul. ok. ok. ok. yeah now we can know why does the ones what. there's no price tag still stuck to them but now comes the hard part the dress rehearsal for the declaration of faith starting with the zebra twins. you also confess your faith before the congregation. i believe in god the father
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the almighty the creator of heaven and. the forgiveness of sins the resurrection of the dead and life everlasting man. that would not have job well done voice one last thing for the pastors to worry about that. but not everyone has learned the confession of faith that well. so pastor rocco makes an announcement. if you don't have down i'm just going to call it off tomorrow i keep telling you guys you have to know the confession of faith you're going to recite it alone in front of everyone and i'm not helping you with. the boys and girls don't care that stephanie rocker is lesbian the more excited the whole the confirm and get to have a personal plate with the pastor can go wherever they want and she can't back out
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as a coconut is a cool thing to do. not everyone does that. outside in front of the go cart track they take a rather unusual photo to remember the date with the pastor. as well as now we know we can do anything we want with stephanie and she won't just get mad i will say nothing. is right so i'd never god go karting before so that was nice then just because i'm 35 i can still keep up with the youngsters. at church how wife ellen is teaching the intern how to perform communion. in these moments and the apostle once for standing up ranch here we have to turn around and stretch out our arms and sing to the congregation.
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and that 40. ellen is officially the pastor's wife but since she is an ordained pastor herself she voluntarily takes on some of her wife's to tease the church expects dedication from pastors spouses and partners. unders arm and is something that the 2 pastors do in their spare time only the production costs a finalist from the church's media budget i was not expose of it it was just in this video clip from on this arm and the couple talks lightheartedly about what it would mean for them to have a polyamorous relationship that ellen writes carex plains that each person has to discover their own needs some of. the regional bishop ralph meister based in hanover is stephanie and helen writes because books he's not a fan of and this armin. running around with me for me well they don't make it for
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me i'm not the target audience for the call so there are a lot of things where after 3 minutes i think oh no not again this is really too silly for me now or the whole so far anything on this love story that they're constantly telling is about now i don't need that. the whole week but all others do i find precisely that very interesting and that's how it is. for the posters there you tube channel is part of the per store will work including the story about trying to have a child be batting last at the 50th one in 5 couples can't get pregnant on their own. and the church is silent on this topic right now. and that is in the past poor and here's a pastor couple that has gone down that route even of your business is we know what
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it's like to have a negative pregnancy test in your hands after 2 weeks of you and having spent a lot of money on the wife of the flight and remain silent even though our fellow churchgoers are going through this trial. this is so tight and pressed her work means showing people hey you're not alone and giving them hope look we did it. to share human stories that's preaching and that's why we are doing it or i am anyway . the group is preparing for the confirmation church service one of the highlights of the year for the church and the series lending a hand. setting up the chairs tables and decorations but that model and i mean on this in a bar. 3 years ago the church community in iowa made a conscious choice to have a lesbian past a couple and they've never regretted saying yes to stephanie and helen rathskeller
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isn't with us they're wonderful pastors for the congregation it was like a rejuvenated cure and from a very conservative pastor as we were used to to a modern fresh completely new approach we had packed service from the very beginning and i thought what's going on here we'll have to build an extension soon but once they've been. within being on and off on a 5 by monday working together they put the final pieces in place a small stage area in front of the altar and a half. and then the confirmation church service marathon get started with one group after the other 2 to cohabit restrictions. twins of the last ones up.
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so you said yes to our church to your god on and saying yes means to everything. and that includes communion but it's not his crate we can celebrate together now he says my life. i said this is my body given for you do this in remembrance of me for this. inside from corner can call the times we can't shake hands but we can do this. was either side your gift that went to your brother and you give me the other. jesus christ spoke and the light of the world wherever follows me will not back in darkness but will half the light of life. and so go in the peace with the lord for the same and. you spent a week in the little village and no one had a negative thing to say even off the record. and i remember when i was young and
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a bit later still when you had to hide it and i think it's great how things have turned out it's. funny how she interacts with the congregation takes the church some people see. him sometimes. yeah she's friendly likeable and reaches out to people like her and. she they you cheap channel is really taking off as well they recently won 2nd place in the small to hero award from facebook and 10000 viewers. in the video reacting to the award stephanie and ellen show how ecstatic they are to have one night and say they are overwhelmed while the media and personal of potentially for survived. one of the well wishers is the regional bishop the census congratulations via twitter i think graduations to on this ominous congratulations to shafiq and ellen aka you're doing great work keep it up motivated.
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understand is an all around success but there's still work to do. it out this year and i think the best thing we could achieve is to no longer be different press to just be us in the church and in the world. and maybe we'll have a channel for seniors about incontinence our whatever so no one is different i'm more. i'm stephanie and ellen rathke so they may just keep on running their you tube channel until they're old and grey themselves. that .
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is one of the great. ones on the move between the anime. star tenor jonas counts my. even in coronavirus times he is not easy to carry. god. leads to. over a 1000 years ago construction sweeps across europe. the roman empire lives. only in architecture. new rulers wrecked magnificent sacred building. just over the cathedral part one of the roman next period. conflict minutes long t w. they want to know what makes the jet blue. and
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banning away from. a lot of them was my own culture and everyone was laid a hold on every step getting you ready to make the servants then join the right just do it under. those pieces it's because this profession gives you such tremendous feelings of happiness it carries you from one way of energy to the next.
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oh we're told. that. naples seen some a 2020 let old shape the to carefree idleness and almost completely mass close after a devastating spring coronavirus infections have decreased significantly italians are getting out and about again. i'm on my way to meet your last come from on one of the best tennis in the world some say the best we meeting at the opera house here in naples oh. ok i love to see it
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but 1st he needs a fresh shirt it's 36 degrees celsius outside oh oh. come on zach that they say opera was invented here is that funny combination of theatre and music out there mixed music. that annoying or yeah this is this is the done that said he barks and that's the real cd box they all receive their own seats for performances but the bottom. wards are straight. the murder. was. probably the most sought after tenor in the world today and you've come down from they smelled to limp as of singing to talk to us here in naples in the beautiful tatra sun kahlo maybe mount a limp this is a bit of a cliche do you feel at home here since it evoked so how was work with this in
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trident and what matters in your career is how long you stay at the top if that's not whether you get there sooner or later gay that's the style the quicker your sentence the faster your descent and i was solid your footing in foundation after less experience. you collect on the way. or the more slowly you rise to the top the more you know how to appreciate what you find there. if you make their climb more slowly you get to sniff that mountain air and see how strong the headwinds are out there and that's alice who know all that really helps make you feel at home up there and build a house for holes or to. lean at the pinnacle for quite some time on these lonely heights how does it feel is it permanent at least. that has its downsides for sure because you also have to deliver this it's not like you can rest on your laurels and get whatever you will
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do will sell so to speak people will just buy it all as if that's not how it works . but then it's all peanuts compared to the opportunities you have peanuts in kings that's. the amount of. i. think when he's singing for you know like joel hard work event hope and good if i were to say that everything's so effortless you hardly even notice it i'd be lie. i
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will still enjoyed it this music in parts has the tendency to make the audience think they can and even you of the singer think it's all happening without any effort at all. yet but the moment you stop for a breather is of off you realize just how much it takes out of you a worn out you are. true to and that's when you notice how strenuous it really helps you feel i'm staying at this i can just talk about but that because this profession gives you such tremendous feelings of happiness because it carries you from one wave of energy to the next and you get the feeling everything just happens effortlessly on top this case but there are worse things. and you are not even a young as caliph man didn't come into the world a fully fledged tenor how did you build that relationship with your voice when did you find your voice and think the hate i can do something with this i mean come on by someone that's the set off i know it's like entering into an arranged marriage.
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and it's an instrument that i can't leave it on no matter where i go day or night you know bed whenever i always have it with me and i have to take it into consideration to some extent it's name. but it's very important to still live your life to take joy in daily life even though you're always carrying your voice with you so to speak otherwise you can't play the characters on stage that you want to because you don't know yourself what life is about. highs. your nurse kathman grew up in a pretty regular family his father worked for an insurance company his mother was a kindergarten teacher they weren't musicians but they did love music kofman became interested in singing at an early age and later studied in munich a global career wasn't really on the cards. as a student he was a happy go lucky guy he had a 1000 different interests sports and cooking and of course music and technique and
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so on. he wasn't an extraordinarily diligent or industrious student in other words . his 1st engagements were in sabra can shoot go out and heidelberg early on health money in body operatic hero and was also idolized in real life. at the zoo ric opera house from 2001 to 2009 formative. his work began to take him around the world mainland new york london. and to the big festivals including the iconic by really with lohengrin. am. was. and to salzburg of course with fidelio you want to come for monk took on the great tenor role and was internationally celebrated.
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he feels he's incredibly versatile in terms of his repertoire skipped a few singers or is adept in german french and italian repartee. and whether it's opera or leader he's just as versatile stylistically confident and musically vivacious in everything he does. who else. was kept to finish the dames or common of us vietnam there's so many levels to pass through to arrive at what we call singing. and at the end of the day and that's the essence of it the singing has to become 2nd nature and it has to be one of those things we do without giving it a 2nd thought face we speak without thinking about it we breathe without giving it any thought and singing as to become equally automatic this was
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a good also and when it does you have the freedom to go on stage and without thinking about technique you just interpret and inhabit the role of the. early evening. final preparations for the opening a concept are underway naples music lovers gather on the square near the tay actress on carla. eunice counts monies backstage having the last chat with friends and colleagues before the performance. it's one of his signature roles gyptian commander rather miss from aida. her.
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comes. thank. you but what a performance how was it for you here. really hot it was so hard performing to be honest i just i guess we got into it and at the end we just drank and sweat and drank and sweat it was british like a visit to the sauna and the opera the same time. you know meet people i still feel swept away due to you in new york or you just lost your lover you died yourself you know my god. it's the next week another will come along it's like oh no that's just the way it is i'm incredibly into it incredibly involved emotionally but all of you
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the moment it's over it's over it was 5 years probably just one more. about what happens if singing is no longer possible ready experienced a situation where you had to take a break and several months because your voice needed a rest how did you deal with that why did you worry that you'd have to start that your voice would never come back to me and hearing this is need i'm for. it's never easy to overcome a vocal crisis or vocal difficulties unscathed is it especially unscathed at the psychological lot of that. is because you're so deeply connected to your voice. and because you need a huge amount of confidence to be able to draw on your voice in front of thousands of spectators in tight in the moment you lose trust in your voice when it becomes very difficult to stay relaxed and you perform with easy ocean view they.
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want a militia. and this is very unpleasant but because you want to saying this closet practically promised your fans you would. mind my love performing i love being in front of an audience or that makes it all the more frustrating when you have to wait. but you also know that if you're patient sooner or later you will be able to perform again if you do it he will have your voice back just as before coming on how to save instrumental wonderful so that. as the old eunice caliph money again on stage after the vocal crisis in august i remember that i sang that 1st performance as i always say with the handbrake on that's how it took 2 or 3 performances before i had my confidence own account then thank goodness knock on wood or as the italians say talk of pharaoh it's working just fine again for today it's who i might try i only for the time.
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i. don't know the order trying to. avoid dish was it was wish. us here was take. what. was because. for us was the writing was. on oprah is often such great drama and you also a kind of drama queen in your personal life and i've been leaving calvinist as is to school so that i wouldn't say that i love drama it's been your month i like to have time for myself and often i find myself running late because i still had something to do here or there somewhere another us and it is tabu. i'm able to switch between my professional and private life very easily and. soon as the
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performance is over i feel totally free and that helps me come down from the high born of all this and say that of all the opera singers i'm one of the less complicated once i did open sing on these keep to deny. this is also hell his friend and former teacher helmut do each sees it as a pianist and professor who's known caliph month fullest 30 years. as i have often admired him he has incredible discipline. he's invited by friends who've bought a really rare and excellent wine just for him he'll apologize and say that he can't drink because he's singing the next day. and he really won't. be someone who when he has a certain job to do it will stick by the rules he set for himself no matter what
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temptation might come along the way that's crucial if you want a career like his. career or good at it opera is considered elitist some say why put so much into opera when we have a climate catastrophe the pandemic and war why do we need opera. you know i think of us to go. well i wouldn't say that it's more important than putting bread on the table that opera is elitist it does cost a lot of money. it's not a form of art it's created one segment is available forever like the visual arts. at the same time it's such a fascinating art form. otherwise it wouldn't have lasted over the centuries. it allows you to dream yourself into a whole nother world with the music as an emotional impact or and that's something really fascinating and it wasn't moving.


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