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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2021 7:00am-8:01am CEST

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you're watching news live from berlin the u.s. president slams gun deaths as a national embarrassment joe biden orders flags lowered to half mast after the latest mass shooting this time in a fed ex facility in indianapolis president biden says congress passed a tough i'm going last also coming up. a show of confidence i'm going to marco gets her 1st covert 19 shot i'm perceived astra zeneca germany's chancellor says she's delighted to take the vaccine and urges others to do this
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a. punished for their resistance hong kong's pro-democracy leaders are sentenced so we'll serve more than a year in jail for joining mass demonstrations against china's tightening grip on the territory. and public yes welcome to the program u.s. president joe biden has repeated calls for congress to pass gun restrictions after another mass shooting the president ordered flags to be lowered at the white house and other government buildings in honor of the 8 people who were killed at a fed ex warehouse in indianapolis on thursday at a press conference he said that u.s. gun deaths were an epidemic. browers. national embarrassment which growing are not always. these mass shootings that are
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occurring every single day every single day so imagine. the united states if you count all those who are killed out of the streets of our cities in our rural areas it's a national embarrassment and must come to whatever well the gunman was a former fed ex employee and after killing 8 people and wounding several others he also shot himself dead police are still investigating him out of it's also emerged yes the i had questioned the shooter last year. it was shortly after 11 pm on thursday night when the police were called out to the indianapolis airports roads were closed and much of the airport placed into lockdown police said officers responded as quickly as they could but they arrived to light at the fed ex building morning. received a call reference shots fired to that location as officers who responded the. way
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they arrived to an active shooter incident. at that location. primary information at this time is that the alleged shooter has taken his own life here at the scene. police say 8 people were killed suffering injuries consistent with gunshot wounds 5 others were taken to hospital one is said to be in a critical condition. witnesses at the scene say they saw a man far in what they thought was an automatic firearm saw a man with a submachine gun of some sort an automatic rifle and he was firing at and he opened and i immediately ducked down and got scared as day broke police was still collecting evidence trying to identify the 19 year old shooter's motive last night in the doubtless was revisited by the scourge of gun violence.
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that has killed far too many in our community and in our country although we will learn more about this case in the coming days and in the coming weeks no piece of information will restore the lives that were taken. this is the latest in a spate of mass shootings in the u.s. after a period of relative calm during the coronavirus pandemic and it's already prompted renewed calls for stricter gun controls. as we've heard president biden is one of those voices calling for tougher gun laws and. told us more about his plans to tackle gun violence some still hope for president biden to appoint a special envoy for this single issue for guns similar to john kerry the person he picked for the time of crisis but earlier today a white house spokeswoman jen psaki is here we checked at this suggestion arguing
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that the main impaired a mentor addressing the crisis are the congressional republicans and not a lack of will in the white house there really is there are some small executive negotiations on capitol hill for example an expansion on background checks as for now people with dangerous histories can easily buy firearms on line or in a gun show here in the states because a background check is not necessary to buy a gun and president biden has also appointed a new director of the poor for alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives and agency a responsible with enforcing existing federal gun laws and executive actions and this agency has been without a full time director for the last 25 years because politicians who are being supported by the n.r.a. the national rifle association have been constantly blocking nominations arguing that a strong leader of the agency would threaten the 2nd amendment here the state's.
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that was covering that she more reporting from washington well let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world hundreds of people took to the streets in chicago after city police released bodycount footage of an officer shooting dead a 13 year old boy to lead oh protesters held a vigil in solidarity with his family the shooting is being investigated by the civilian office of police accountability. the leaders of germany france and ukraine have called on russia to pull its troops back from the ukrainian border followed them moved selenski met emanuel in my car in paris and i'm joined by video link to lansky called 1st summit that also included moscow. well germany is seeing its highest rise in coronavirus cases since january 1 of the main reasons is the slow pace of vaccinations with fewer than one in 5 germans having received
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their 1st dose of the vaccine but the vaccination drive has picked up speed in recent days and among those getting a 1st job was chancellor angela merkel her office released this image of her stumped a vaccination document 66 year old medical was given the astra zeneca vaccine and said she was delighted well germany's rising krone virus cases have prompted a warning from medical workers that intensive care units are being pushed to the brink reporter tessa visited a berlin hospital that is close to capacity. we're at the intensive care unit in the lynn scully test hospital half of the patients here suffer from cope at 19 dr thomas kuhn and his team have their hands full and the beds are filling up. and one of the.
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puzzles slowly you can see that there is an increase at the moment when not yet in a situation that brings us to the edge of what we can do with your crown but we know that if the numbers continue to rise we could certainly have problems both as a hellish program we have incurred on in recent weeks the number of covered patients in germany's icy use has been rising sharply again by now at the peak of the 2nd wave of the pandemic has almost been reached intensive care beds are becoming scarse and the workload of stuff continues to grow. intensive care nurse tim cook has also noticed that. among men of now in this 3rd wave it is particularly noticeable that the patients are getting more seriously ill and they are ill for longer and also they need a lot of care that means the situation is very challenging and very stressful for us you really need time to relax when you're off work. but it is not just the sheer
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increase uncovered patients that worries the teeth that patients health is deteriorating fast and this 3rd wave of the pandemic they are also efforts younger than before probably also because most people over 80 years old have already been vaccinated. and the everett age is now much younger compared to the 1st or 2nd waves and we see that very clearly we don't really have any patients who are over 80 years old anymore they're almost non-existent if you would you know to what extent german hospital. average varies greatly from region to region some are already completely full others are still coping one thing would help more vaccinations we're going in for good we won't get out of this without back scenes they are very important but it is also important to stick to hygiene measures keep that distance and observe current coverage for stretches of each and everyone must take this been demick seriously and can do their part to make get out of this is
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quickly as possible the truth will come if the number of patients continues to rise other important treatments would have to be postponed in some areas and many that is already the case the situation many doctors agree is serious. well some of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy campaigners have learned the price of standing up to china's increasing power a court has handed down sentences on $10.00 protest leaders over mass demonstrations 2 years ago despite the crackdown remaining anti-government activists say they haven't given up hope was they've just been handed a sentence for participating in protests yet they are still calling for hong kong as freedoms i. may be a tycoon jimmy lai was among those sent to jail for produce a painting in a future pro-democracy protests back in 29 tain. he received
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a sentence of 14 months. it's a good thing if i think it is not but there are many more times. more people would offer up to him that i don't know that still. hold on there even still. 4 of those convicted were given suspended sentences including 82 year old former lawmaker martin lee and elder statesman of the pro-democracy movement. the convictions are a blow to the pro-democracy movement in hong kong which is facing a strong crackdown by beijing and hong kong authorities i've done nothing of the civil human rights front is very very disappointed by the sentencing today it creates a chilling effect that makes us citizens afraid of speaking up it also makes the society gradually lose
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a rational patient and peaceful voice to communicate with the government oh yes there were. massive protests swept hong kong organized 29 tain they began as a reaction to an extradition bill allowing people to be transferred to mainland china and then activists feed opposition leaders could be sent to china now they are being. harm. despite the sentences activists say they won't back down in the fight for freedoms for hong kong but it's getting tougher and tougher to stand up for democracy in the city. castro has announced his resignation as head of cuba's ruling communist party putting an end to 6 decades of rule in the country by members of the castro family raul took over as president from his brother fit in 2008. as for me my task as 1st secretary of the central committee of the communist party of cuba and with the satisfaction of
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having fulfilled my duty and confidence in the future of the country. with those words to the communist party congress castro announced his retirement from the front line of cuban politics. the news drew a mixed reaction on cuba's streets. i am sad it makes me happy to know he is going to rest but i am sad because we won't have him at the helm of the country. the continuity of the revolution is guaranteed there is you here to keep going after all the work they have done. they should have already taken a step towards a new mentality a new future. i think that given the situation they have failed a lot and i think that for artists and from the human side of things there should be more freedom and so this change is better and perhaps there will be more freedoms coming here. this could be the man to bring that change make
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l.d.s. canelo took over the cuban presidency from castro in 2018. but even though he's stepping down as party leader castro said he wasn't going anywhere. it now you have . and no one should doubt it while i move i will be ready with my foot in the stirrup to defend the homeland the revolution and socialism with more force than ever before let's shout it know a lady. also german football now and life she can hoffenheim left it very late to provide the drama on friday nights in this league action it was in the very last minute of injury time that leipzig finally fanned the back the net looked like use of poles and had stolen 3 points in the very last 2nd of the match but the referee ruled to go out as the ball had struck pulses arm on its way into the gulf the troll gives
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byron the chance to widen their league lead on saturday. i play you're watching t.v. news up next is it world stories the week in reports and i'm pretty can always keep up to date on all the latest news on our website that city took you to mean the rescue team here and present take care and season. closely. carefully and don't move the suit be sure. to get it.
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just comfortably. just watching the documentary on you tube. this week on world stories new waves of violence in colombia. transgender people in germany chris you can be yours in the armed forces. we begin with india where tens of thousands of people have fled military violence in neighboring me and mark they remain in constant fear for the loved ones they left behind.
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but the last 6 years any doll and her girls have felt safe here in delhi but it didn't come easy to get here they had to leave everything behind and then they did not much hennie says her husband was thought jordan killed by the military. later they were forced to run for their lives after they were caught shelter things to wince protesting against the military now the situation in myanmar is bringing back painful reminders from home again last month when his brother was arrested for demonstrating against the. he was released a few days ago but this still isn't good news. right now he's in the hospital because when the military arrested him they tortured him so much that we're told his face isn't even recognizable. protests broke out across non-modern right after the military coup in february this year. since
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then hundreds have been killed of vested and 18 for opposing the armed forces. and the numbers are likely to. india myanmar share a long border in times like these people have often fled across the border into india to escape the authorities but the indian government is not happy with the influx of refugees it has ramped up border security to stop them. here in delhi where thousands have sought asylum since the late eighty's refugees are disappointed by india's lack of support be valuable friends and relatives back home as internet shutdown slowed regular updates to just a trickle. requests for information have been pouring into james. who heads a refugee support group the group has written to indian prime minister nadine's more be urging him to condemn the putsch as
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a democratic country be as shocked by his silence it is in the other side. in manama the violence. human rights violations in all the where the military tortured the people just looking at them in the street and that body in all but india is doing nothing. any feels helpless in her safety because she can do nothing for those back home but she believes that the international community should speak up. please i beg other countries to help my unmarked citizens even before the cool henny knew me on my it would never be safe for again she why do you say that if things remain as bad as they are far too many people in her home country will end up feeling the same. even if they have the virus young people in particular are struggling to cope with
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the severe constraints and the loss of human contact resulting from the coup that in 1000 pandemic a hospital near brussels is working to help them. long months of blocked and have been of battle for many young people. teenagers in acute mental distress come to them in hospital for psychiatric care often after traumatic events or suicide attempts among the residents is this 17 year old we're calling alexandra covert it was an extra thing that just made me kind of collapse it was the one thing too much to have my dad is a high risk so i had to bring. kind of isolated from my family i had to. stay by most of i couldn't hold my parents alexandra is not alone in struggling to cope with covert but she's one of those
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fortunate enough to access this hospital's help director sophie mass says new admission requests for troubled teens have skyrocketed since january. mass thinks that's due to exhaustion exam stress and dashed hopes for a return to normality. although makeshift rooms were added there are no places left and no even the waiting list is closed. can you choose between his societal 15 year old and a suicidal 16 year old it's impossible with a doctor must believe the authorities could save lives by prioritising teens as society reopens the best and proof read we need to create spaces for play for joy and for conversation so all young people can once again be part of the social fabric of life something so crucial for teenagers. if not there's a real risk their mental health will keep deteriorating and i'm truly afraid to side rates increase what it feels like we're at the edge of for the tsunami and
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urgently need to build flood defenses. as the young people living here or build up their emotional defenses to reenter the outside world alexandra hopes sharing her story will give strength to other teens who are suffering. we're all struggling with this situation but the fact that we're all still here and we're all still fighting against is something very positive and something that will make us grow and will be able to look after and say wow i ones through these tough times i made. her priority is getting better as soon as she can which could open the door for another young person who needs help. despite the signing of the peace agreement 2016 intended to end colombia's civil
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war violence or ructions continue to plague the country with new news who is behind the latest attacks. it was. her sign a new hard run to store for decades now on the robert remains of a car bomb exploded in front of their shop they were both miraculously on hard but that piece of columbia was shattered to attach believed to be put out by far the dissidents set off new label value in this insurgency but here they find new 30 years of commercial struggle for israel and everything turned towards in the 2nd draft token but until you read us i don't think everybody as a i don't know what their bottom fall a little bit about because some of the one they know and others to another are not made the people in the middle of the worst part identity are still the only indian
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there in the actual target is probably these buildings the mayor's office of the municipality of carinthia in the south or department of calcutta a week after the incident the mayor herself cannot understand how such a not rupture could have happened we are waiting for a clear response from the public forces as to how the car came into the municipality that. lets the violence in colombia it goes much farther if someone like them iow coordinator of human rights in some i say folder with hundreds of threats every desk paramilitaries and other irregular groups have made against their religious indigenous people are the best for you because i know that they will persist with it bothers you much longer assigned to in peace process but it doesn't mean that it is faulty it doesn't mean that it isn't forced cuts it's closer so that by the peace process for these initiatives by the looks of the years just the sauce and the council is difficult for it was it coming through no fault
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so that makes. it a longer government maintains that the security forces carry out such roles to up hold peace in the region. but is it public force. that's always the m.p.r. of the delta commander has 8000 men which will do this by now in addition 2000 planned in my travel to region 6 monthly sometimes the agency got another message today either they submit to me or they will be brought before the public yourself. but it will take more than threats to go out there signs indicate which group controls to tell you to. despite what the minister says he did not see a single soldier on the roads in the daytime that bots looked like moments night in the night in plain sight the mountains and you know with the lights of one of his farms recalling the darkest thanks of colombia's civil war.
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for a long time if you disappear was a strictly milton lead to me but even the military has to keep up with the times and this does you'll be found is leading the way as germany's 1st openly transgender army commander. putting on makeup has become a part of her every day routine and as does he have the following is a lieutenant colonel in the german army and a transgender woman. i am transgender and i decided it was 40 to actually leave my male life behind that doesn't mean that 40 have realized that i was a woman it's just that what the point of my life were decided to actually move into that direction was consequently coming out as a transgender woman came after 20 years of military service to anastasio own surprise it wasn't a stumbling block in her career shortly after her sex change surgery she became a commander in charge of $700.00 soldiers sergeant major dietmar shared
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a med anastasio be falling after her gender reassignment for him honest as he is just another fellow soldier. or the cure but i just accept that. people are the way they are and that goes beyond transgenderism i feel the same way about other more mundane things like what party they vote for what make of car they like you just have to accept people the way they are there to be some diseases. that would be fun lived as a man she led a seemingly ordinary life but says she felt tremendous emotional pain because she didn't feel comfortable in her body as a male. probably looked for flight into a typical male role the military probably helped in that sense as well to perform to male standards but my inner self was always. crying after that almost 20 years of struggling i was at a point in my life where my emotional stability my emotional wellbeing and wellbeing what it upon was that i don't want to live this way anymore after 3 years
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as a commander honest as his career has taken off she is now the head of the division in the boom disappears cyber and information domain service. she is also making it her mission to stand up for transgender people in the german armed forces promoting diversity and tolerance. what i know from my experience is what is definitely certain if you are true to yourself and live the way you are pretty open you will have a better life i think my mom once said that she seems to be finally happy.
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until i was rolled out my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery. on the feet of german women. obscene that's one man where. the source is going to prostitution all these. funds you forced me into think the 77 percent. d.w. . building the future today the r.w.c. it's awesome university researchers and students there are working to advance screen mobility. going to save my entire team and save the world. together with their researching tirelessly to develop the mobility to morrow. read . in 16. w.
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. download the. good people to say here's to us. trying to listen to stories reporter every weekend on t w. welcome to the 77 percent platform for young africans you know we get to talk about things that you and i. could soon as my name it's great to have you on board. today show is not an easy one because we're talking about sex trade on human trafficking. yes what's coming up. will be to breed journalists whose investigation into q one traffic was meetings in the feature film. and then we'll head to the to
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me to talk to the real women who work prospects you are forced into sex for. so it's not often that we get an insight into the world of human trafficking but in 2013 nigerian journalists ovulate went undercover to investigate she posed as a sex worker and put her own life at risk to meet both the traffickers and potential victims and rest a geisha and expose the brutality of the criminal networks behind the business and her experience was made into the netflix film. let's take a look. on the issue. for you pleasure things shall not be everything. until. they tell you that i was a very good actress of group. slumbrous you know that this is not the real you only on. the plot to the bullet train feels like a crime writers work of fiction
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a young journalist goes undercover to expose a sordid world of sex work and human trafficking in the nigerian city. is now my story but the now famous netflix film was very much based on fact and the real life experiences of journalist to break over and i discover it's very bored of exploitation. i mean social economic evil psychological exploitation of women i had to because. i had to become a sex worker and mean glenn with the sex walk cuz you're well at university over a lost a friend who she says died after being trafficked to italy. in 2013 of worry set out to see her young woman alert and the trade she went undercover as
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a street in lagos and then i was 7 months. i was a wood so for every day lives. 7 years down the line i still try as much as possible. human trafficking is a $150000000000.00 global industry young nigerian women are promised passage to europe but they are at the mercy of the traffickers in country rape sexual exploitation and forced labor. some of those ladies once came from local. and mean bigger books so i decided to also tries it's weave them into the next level though in reality i wasn't a sex worker but in the army i was a sex worker i did what they did the only thing. i.
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was too apt to wildly do real customers. nigeria has a high number of traffic victims of the seas especially in europe director kenneth young believes that since its release in october 29000 has shone a light on my jury a scream and all traffic networks. feel has totally changed people's perspective about trafficking but what it has done in nigeria it has been all to bring forth the conversation around trafficking and a lot of people like i am only thing came out it was trending for 'd a long time on a general social media where does. the conversation of do the conversation would not just die after to feel. full of worry the memories of her deal still haunt her . as heard every day try outs. demesne
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memories of the young women i came across even before the final joining. of worry could not change the fate of her friend but she still searching for the women she met on the street and hopes to tell their stories. let's hope she succeeds in tracking down some of the women because they are stories told and heard now we want to find out more about this issue and meet some of the actual women who've gone through this experience so my colleague christine will go our way into the city of level on the italian island of sicily the region has a long standing trade relationship with nigeria specifically with its ban in city which has become known as the base for many of these traffic and networks our team that women were tricked trafficked and forced into prostitution here's our streets debate.
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this 77 percent is in italy and we're here to get the story of the slave trade of women from africa over the last 3 years 20000 women all of them nigerian many of them minors have arrived and it's the via the mediterranean sea the united nations says 80 percent of them get that number again 80 percent of them are victims of trafficking or are in danger of falling into the hands of victims we're going to be hearing 1st from 2 women who know that story all too well princess i'm going to come to you 1st how did you land up in a city i came to live through a woman who was 3 monday in italy. she was. a human traffic on she came to my skids and it's in my restaurant because i was a chef. i thought you think she proposed to me that i could very well i mean right
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that me too as did you need those did and also mean that if i would like to go to college there was one side to me and i would be able to walk in the restaurant i was a good chef. by day and i didn't know anything about human trafficking in prostitution . in states on the board to me in. an airport with their visa and passport of a british daughter and when we got through to linda sold me to one of the youngest just finished bringing how did she was an exit the more human trafficking or legal that was how i was. in the areas of prostitution and she forced me into sex straight in to talk to us about how a typical day was like for you were you spending day and night on the streets what was life like as
7:38 am
a sex worker in italy when you arrived really it was awful i can still remember the forms that it took me to the road called the course so margarita i met a lot of women half naked and i started crying and i started praying i was so confused it was awful in the streets i took a lot of trips from because the mosque some of the good ones between not i got this top of the night i also got the gone trades you had gone from having a business in nigeria you will cooking you had your restaurant you were now a sex worker in europe how were you able to to do that how were you able to shift your mindset to carry out the work that was expected of you. yet you stop in because of the trades on the one of the judge words that they will kill me or my son that they knew and then i couldn't know anyone that i could ask for help
7:39 am
especially because of the language barrier that i got involved with one of the klan that he learned that knew out to speak english then i was able to express my self that i am not a prostitute i am not mistakes work i really but i am a slave ok that's prince's a story basing i'm going to come over to you and start right at the same place as i did with princess how did you land up in a city when i was 19 i was not ignorance of the existence of trafficking because i was in been in there i lot of programs i did trafficking going on but when these women approached me and told me about the possibility of going to to europe to work in the british and when i saw what she said i would be painted it was very very encouraging then i spoke with are we my friends and my parents then i saw you just like as if evil i paid
7:40 am
a lot of story but this woman the 1st thing she told me was we are going to process the visa you're going for the top view i went for a job interview and so meets my curriculum and everything went so fine i had no not doubt no reason to be stopped i was not just release of speeches of all of the contrary when i arrived in italy i think i can remember i've been sounding didn't even the fees. they told me they told me to drop everything everything that was have you with me in my post my document that everything then after everything they told me that i was inducted with you some of the price power would send you. 65000 euros but i was expecting to be paid that why should i pay you so not all 306-5000 euros then but the way the maoists
7:41 am
talking you mean they really are you on this i help falling into the hands of traffickers. and because. i have very wrong a lot of stories of so many things right i know all men you know. that together talk chalkboards i have had a story of so many of them that that's really key and then i was really frightened right i was afraid i was really trauma patterns then they told me i was going to do road immediately i had no phone no me i had nothing on me i went to the streets and minutes or didn't go. but i could not really keep quiet that very evening i kept on asking price seems like wow we're here is the end the way off as if you think you know then do you not afraid all of these people that didn't care who's been there as us how. blessing talks us about how you were able to
7:42 am
to follow through with that you thought you were coming to work in a computer repair shop now you have to work on the street how we able to do that with with a clear mind i don't think that there is any guilt i don't think that goes and go home to italy that we tell you that she's walking on the road so we could clear mine because you see min you often cry and you know what it means to get up you'll see. self too in mother you never know do know what you mean as it were mom to move with more than one month it did you think get me to do roles we do where teens were i could not keep schildt kind of i could remember b.b. to me and when i asked how when the republic to the police what are the 10 year government doing about it because you can see that the rich should be might call these very very high and that is why the supply called these also have the what are
7:43 am
we going to do to shift down the the mind and the supply because there is no not the mind now won't be supply because he's so annoying and so have that many gals with you chill dad picnicking now live on the streets because there are so many people that want to go by yourself because your reasoning is deficient there is a god made the have their eyes closed told you due to my nice issue and so many with what was taken from you what was taken away then bab i believe that that very moment i fax that i was robbed of my dignity i was angry i was traumatized that was despair then because of these i decided i fed them just day because it's what is not what i dreamt of because these knocks do reason why i study. it wasn't my hope it's one thing my spirit then is one of the reason why i decided to search for the police station to make report i would like
7:44 am
to underline from my perspective will prosecute the 2 story you have been told i'm not just story. i have face of more than hundreds of cases of human trafficking and those are like a trick me row because all the girls are told they will work as waitress they will work outside dressers or as. i say it's women they look at the facebook and see all the beaches of their friends who are in europe and they see women peaches and all the traffickers approach is friendly if i would take care of you i do not have to think about nothing i will provide to you at home a work that there are no good samaritan no one they are just looking for a source of income right so this is to underline it is not just 2 story this is the
7:45 am
same story all the time ok and what is also the same story in a way and i'll come to you maria is the fact that most of the women on the streets of italy who are being sold in 6 leaves come from one state in nigeria i think the number is 94 percent according to the international organization for migration 94 percent of these women come from door states you're researching this why would that be the case and the state has a big history of migration that started i think in eighty's when there were quite so many talents present on the ground working in some industries and who marry thing tearing woman that's a narrative that is going around and what happened this that a lot of them yeah brought their wives to europe and what. they didn't this started the business it's one reason the 2nd reason there is a lot of mistakes things involved an add on it's a very interesting community it's
7:46 am
a community that has a long history it has a lot of waste him and possibilities of money but actually i think it's about black magic yeah although it's present in everyday life of nigerian people it's not something specific to their community but in right in there it's very strong and the surgery center is a dream and when you have more of your girlfriends going around and then coming back in beautiful clothes or you see them then you want to do the same thanks but francesca i'm going to come to you now because you are you work in law enforcement your job is to catch the people one of the things that we know is that and we heard from princess a blessing is that they don't report to the victims don't come and reports yes it's very important that the victims are going to tell their stories because a. journey to cross in our. in our sister network governments and our law enforcement. their need to cross. through. the
7:47 am
right. when they are in any sort of sense of weigh in here so i want to see the. question you asked me and mr francesco francesco to be difficult you this one is the language barrier. in africa where we came from we don't have we is not a society when you have a problem with somebody you go to tell the police do you. because one the modern is just trekking now if you want to report the police are going to arrest you don't have a document they are going to deport you try telling you that if you report me i will kill your more doubt we kill you brought out we destroy you you swear so the whole team we create a kind of quick to duck very individual mind you begin to feel ok you talk about what i'm going to come back to you because experience was this voodoo ceremony that takes place and how it plays into the fear that women have in running away and
7:48 am
escaping from the straffing situation not to do was made for the blessings of the land and for the cause of him it's only function is like logic ali when you are the belief or when you are friend of something because the bible says that fear is their son before god so the most important back there is that we need to take away the fear from the victims you know that for how to come out out of the spell without getting out the fear the victim might not be able to come right then secondly i want to talk about them is the francesco because most of the victims normally. denounce the traffic was the village on the sector of these people is too much ok so i'm going to come so you know because here's somebody saying some victims do they come and they report but it takes so long the process i
7:49 am
don't know in mind of things happened in a few months we are able to arrest we have been arrested so many people more than 100 in the last 2 years in 2018 we had. for 198 years of imprisonment for many traffickers so it sounds strange to me because in this something that i don't know in my office we are really fast and we are able to build in mitigation without the witness statement the weakness. the victims in question that right just when the older trafficker have been arrested so she feels safe she is. also responsible because you know that she can live she can be silent all she can tell the truth but the traffickers will remain in prison so that's very important for her francesco you wanted to weigh in and i will be back to you. something 1st of all we puts under protection the victim so
7:50 am
that she is out of power of their. interest 1st of all so. she started to go corporation with us she was under protection immediately. after that. we can try to do our best with the prosecutor ok to try to arrest certain traffickers ok ok i'm going to come back to you now because with let's try and think about the solutions one of the things you spoke about earlier was the fact that there is demand and supply we've been told that the state that you come from its main export is it's women like you talk to us about that and why that needs to change before we can stop seeing women coming here and being put in the position you were put into i believe that a busy economy sweets hole you know that a reduction in the mine we need to supply as well because i
7:51 am
believe that the european union need to be truthful and they need to do the right thing but it's not the european union standing right here and women to to it's all me i don't want to talk there like i did prostitution what those around me the guy who are using it right are part of a woman to be passed being caught but we had princes say that this isn't prostitution that this is slave trade you have both when you like the lights prostitution the traffic idea very very very very intelligent yeah very very intelligent you like the lights prostitution ok and then you hang on a 2nd i think you've been let's go back i want to talk about this this fundable part of the world because i'm not satisfied with the idea that the only solution is from a european perspective you have been on the ground you are going home to nigeria you're speaking to young women they tell me about what you're telling them so that they don't come here and land up in the position you found yourself and we organize things semi announced in the georgians in the university of the need to talk about
7:52 am
the risk of human trafficking and do share my experience these as one of the victim to get the young ones. to question and also to get the right model to take care of their school fees of the our daughters so that they don't say no you don't want to not send your daughter right he will come to if. in particular in a particular society if the government does not want to not provide the needs for the people on what she said when do i see you see i'm a guest on his yeah that is the one you all to us put in front future making fine you know it talk doc you know piece what it's all they think it looks like what you look like you know well and they're insane so you shall eat the indian reality it's not soup what let me finish let me finish because you see this guess there is no love then that got stung public yes it. i'm a prostitute dr schwartz but the swart doctors did
7:53 am
a lot because they don't want to that is why you see it is very hard for the evil the connection between italian granite and european good meat we did have of the nigerian government to bottle it because. no doctor want to say to his family that he's a person to get yeah yeah he's saying that the solution is among us where do you where is the solution for you what is the solution to the solution and i believe that 1st of all thanks to for education it's very very positive haitian education sue let got pathways has to be open because the pathways of migration of migration how to build a disease which i believe in the european union you see many people the plight for v.c. went to bed at night yes i think their plight hope i saw them out this morning yeah deny go be stopped but there are many agents right on get this we saw for them at the end of the did they will become victims of crime not talk right now well i need i need a solution from princess i need a solution from you i said that one of the solution is that we should try and i
7:54 am
were young ones in the way of righteousness so that when they grew up there would never become a victim or a clinton that's number one then number 2 we need to go back to our own country you not got to let the color of bread with our government so free education and also give the youth of what you need to get a job because most of the victims because they don't have free education and they don't get jobs we'll leave it there this has been the same the same percent we've been talking about the fact that many young african women's on the streets of italy day and night we've told we've been told that they're not prostitutes that they're slaves because some of the solutions we're interested to know what you think get in touch with us by social media with a conversation continues. thanks to christine on the to. team for that very insightful debate and of course thanks
7:55 am
to princess blessing for sharing your stories and for doing all you can to prevent others from falling prey to these traffic this and thank you guys for watching the show on that powerful note we draw the cats ins on today's show but tell us what you think about the film and the topic we covered in our debate if you're watching this on you tube you can comments below it also contact us via facebook or write as an e-mail to 77 a d w dot com we'll leave you with some music this week songs from kenyan artist lioness athlete and it's called cry of revolution.
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