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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2021 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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and they share private footage with us there's never been seen before. back to chernobyl stories of people 20 weeks on t w. oxic surfing is not really a sport for the faint hearted because in norway the athletes have to face temperatures that are only just the ball freezing not for me thank you very much. and with that welcome to the new edition of euro max from our nice and warm studio let's see what else we have for you today. these honors stephen west the man for
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them getting now and keep on living and. the 106 year old girl down from paris is still telling me you. know our 1st report isn't about skiing as you might think it's about surfing in snowy weather and freezing temperatures these days surfing fans are heading to north and norway in search of the ultimate kick surfing north of the arctic circle you don't believe me then watch the. driving snow and icy wind and water temperatures of 4 degrees celsius. the bugs. perfect weather for surfing. at least for surfing fans here and there for. tonight islands the norwegian
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archipelago is known as the northern most surfers paradise more and more people are heading to the arctic circle to ride the waves. one of them is norwegian higher than. in 20000 he moved here just for the waves. is a bit hard korea logon surfing wrong. of the war it is not. but . we appreciate the way this war every way when we go to the bit harder to catch you know if we is a bit more toward retarder everything's a bit tougher. 6 millimeters of neoprene is all that separates the surface of bare skin from the icy waters in recent years wet suits have been developed to offer the necessary freedom of movement and since the surfers have been heading for the icy arctic waters. there's just less people and less good surfers means more ways
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for everyone. the waves are said to offer ideal surfing conditions. just off the coast the sea plunges to depths of $500.00 metres. the water coming in from greenland can form waves several metres high. these days some 5000 surfers a year venture here not that many compared to other surfing spots. most of them had for the bay from start. family around 300 kilometers north of the arctic circle is known as the birthplace of arctic surfing. and that is thanks to former seaman tor from saying some 50 years ago in a friend watching surfers in australia back in norway they want to. try it for
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themselves they looked at a beach boys album cover and built a surfboard of their own. farm lots of patients staying power and styrofoam they taught himself how to surf. you don't think yeah. but it's true we should be if you are you know if you need a place to have a dish we make peace without wetsuits surfing here was only for the toughest of the tough. you know when imagine you go to the water and you are. well there to me and it's and. there's also easy. young surfers and stuff have it easier today. wearing modern west suits they can stay in the water and ride the waves for as long as they like. for at least as long as their strength holds out. and.
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a low water to high tide but it's great fun trying to get out of this in the. coldest part. getting out in the wind. about to go because getting into the will rise close. arctic surfing in the 10 or riding the waves takes on a whole different kind of cool. and. that's how i learned to mit in my handicraft class but i haven't done anything since then so it looks like i need to get some practice maybe wear designer stephen west can give me some tips we visited him in the dutch city off.
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thank you your old american steven west is on a mission to make knitting and knitwear more and more popular. this cranky kind of patents captivate young people and in particular when. i do all the designs and patterns myself so i like write all the patterns and i know and conceptualize 'd all the designs so i put a lot of passion and i really really love everything i make i love working with tons of colors because that's what inspires you the most blessed lives in amsterdam she has around 200 in 25000 followers on instagram. in online tutorials she demonstrates how to knit colorful geometric patterns. and charm play an important part in his videos that's something i want to do a lot more of as make things really fun video tutorials so that
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a lot of different types of people will feel invited to meeting and it doesn't have to be something always so technical but it can also be something really playful and fashionable west who is also a trained dancer and choreographer starts out with sketches then he and his team work out the finished product west has achieved a cult status among fans the world over regularly publishes books of finishing patterns with guidelines even found his own wooden slate and his little shop in amsterdam. i don't like to play by the rules i don't like to by the rules i never learned how to take a design class or any of that so i made up everything just by playing. among stephen west's fans is 13 year old constantine seabeck from berlin he lenten it from his grandmother and get his ideas and inspiration online from. the social media network specializes in hand crafts and has some 9. 1000000 registered
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accounts the world over its rival 1st sneer was just fascinated with what you can do with never actually i thought it was something for grannies but that's not true and 39 year old pianist fabien philo from burlington has also discovered the joys of knitting he wrote his own music school but is also still found time to knit a good 100 items including sweater is scarfs caps songs and blankets. strictness to me is pure joy. i love tonight because i can just sit on the sofa in the evening after a long working day light the fire and enjoy this moment of peace movement war when come i can focus on one thing forget about everything else and unwind. but the trend isn't limited to homemade items the latest men's fashion collections feature
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knitwear in all varieties colorful patterned oversized or simple this season knitting is not to be ignored. sasha can confirm that he's run a will instruct in berlin for many years and not only that he regularly organizes knitting excursions and knitting events even knitting cruises but now as the pandemic rages on his events are only held online for example his weekly on minute meeting. i found out is that 1st i put on life facebook shows that i can only communicate with the customers one way. and then i realized there's room and other platforms. but on the zoom i found that i can really interact and speak to our participants. i can ask them things and they can answer so i can show them things and we can work them out and just have fun and chat while we're at it. back to amsterdam and stephen west his shop is already
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a fixture in the heart of this. and he lacks no shortage of ideas for a future creations. that could be like a t.v. show where it's like maybe a western it's talk show but with a lot of dance breaks too so we could learn new techniques there could be some tutorials on the t.v. show i could interview all my friends i think that would be crazy i don't know if the world is ready for it. knitting is a successful trend that's now finding a lot of interest among men. the lady we are about to meet is 106 years old and is still a talented pianist collette mays began to play at the tender age of 5 and hasn't stopped since nobody really knows if she is the oldest piano player in the world and to her it doesn't really matter because she still feels quite young at heart we paid her a visit at her home in paris. call
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it maes loves to play the piano she's 106 years old and still plays for at least 4 hours every day she cannot imagine life without her beloved instrument. through playing the piano has a physical quality yes you're touching it caressing it it makes a difference whether your hammering the key. softly pressing with your fingertips. colette was born into a french upper middle class family in 1914. she started learning the piano at the age of 5. even as a child music helped her escape her strict upbringing and enter her own carefree
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world. there because. my mother was a very stern old heart of a woman who didn't really like children unlike my grandmother but i was always scared of getting smacked a mistake sight supposedly made although i never knew what i had done wrong though playing the piano always offered me some comfort. for. when she was 15 attended the paris school of music and later worked as a piano teacher. she's been playing the piano for over a century now but she didn't publish her 1st album until she reached the age of 84 . her son fabrice mays supports his mother. and father of c. . my mother went through a lot of tough times in her life like many others. she called but once she sat down
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at the piano she lost herself in the world of music. it gave her positive energy strength and motivation to yes the city. at the age of 106 still feels pretty agile. and peculiarly old. rascal still i think it's a question of mindset my mother had many good qualities but mentally speaking she was always told that staying young isn't a question of a church yet and that neither your young and or your not or that you were that. despite her age colette mays is still highly active. she says being passionate is key. for a fast looked at the knife is all about staying passionate and curious that you
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can't let that slip away by blasting. an attitude that seems to be working wonders for her health. plan measure. duty fortunately she doesn't have any major health issues. apart from her eyesight and hearing deteriorating. she doesn't eat much she eats very regularly close to sort of kill and there are 3 things she can't do without this it is live for the cheese like off people. and she also enjoys a glass of wine. she keeps herself busy to. its new album will be ready by the end of april again featuring works by. favorite composer claude
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debussy. and then she can look forward to celebrating her 107th birthday on june 16th. i would say that lady is really record breaking and you can find many more record breaking stories in our europe to the max reports on our you tube channel. you had from its extreme site in europe to the max your max reporting hendrik belling takes you to one of a kind places in your at. the highest volcano the biggest stadium. the iciest hotel. breathtaking. stunning. record breaking. it was amazing it was like the weirdest thing i've ever done. what check stream creeping moments now on i you tube channel. that we have a brand new book to accompany our europe sort of max reports featuring the $111.00
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extruding places in europe that you shouldn't miss if you like to copy them and view us just go to our website for all didn't details when i go hiking i get hangry very quickly so i usually take them and which is with me bread butter cheese that's it's well some people are a bit more ambitious than i am they like to cook a creek or sneak out in the wilds dead you would normally only find a very fancy restaurant i would be much too lazy to go to all that effort but mark them or showed us how it's. it's still early morning when marcus semma heads up into the mountains this time for a new adventure in the alps the very an extreme athlete loves lonely trails.
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but once he's reached the mountain top he's not content with a simple snack he treats himself to some homemade muesli with fresh blueberries. if not even in the mountains is a real pleasure especially when you have fresh ingredients and it's like fresh farmers. are all made mostly where you know exactly what's in it you need energy for mountaineering and that's why i think you should prepare as much of your own food as possible marcus them as a trained cook who used to work in munich's high class restaurants he always liked to take time off for traveling around the world one day he decided to combine his 2 major passions in life cooking and adventuring now he publishes books on a cool may outdoor cuisine and today against this amazing backdrop he's preparing freshwater civic chase a starter followed by venice insulting baka with forrest mushroom risotto he's
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brought everything he needs with him. inside being held in iraq unpacked the char it was freshly caught this it only keep for one day so hot here's my saddle of venison. i froze it earlier you know how it will keep for about one day for my benefit will be fully defrosted. told to marcus fine dining on a mountaintop is an affordable luxury he starts by filling the chalk then marinating it in lemon and finally adding a mango onion ginger chilli coriander and peanuts to protests of each cruise national dish. then marcus needs to boil water for the main course. yet how do you. the engine only got snow available up here. ice would be better as a contains us air. that would need less gas to melt liter of water. he's only got a limited amount of cooking gas with him so he's got to use it wisely.
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he can't predict how long the cried forrest mushroom and rice will need to boil as that depends on the altitude. to hire a car i'm the lower the air pressure highest that means my broth boils on a far lower temperature and in extreme cases there 8000 meters of water boils i just 60 degrees celsius the problem there is some food doesn't cut properly today he says now to do 1700 meters so preparing the result isn't an issue cooking times for the venison wrapped in satan have also depend on the out of there with enough patience mountaineers could prepare meat even in the himalayas and the south and baka looks cool most is good isn't a 5 star restaurant movement funding in the mountains isn't always as easy as it looked today. but it's certainly fun trying new things by combining the things
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you've previously learned in life but time for it is that marcus gets busy grinding coffee to make a tiramisu without having tricity to whisk eggs he simply dips espressos the biscuits in moscow. this mean for always trying to find the essentials and recipes. that way anyone can recreate them outdoors. and me. after this rich 3 course many it's time to burn off some calories and as the sun begins to set marcus erect his one man tent he treats himself to some ginger tea while watching the sunset. disengaged. yes we're in a star studded restaurant tonight with the 1000000 stars hotel it's going to be a beautiful starry night no luxury hotel to offer that. that's the real luxury but preparing your own delicious food outside and building your own restaurant patio
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bustin con. chef marcus center really knows how to enjoy life smelly flavors in the great outdoors. so is a very hot material we all know that spanish shots of man who are castro can make it appear quite soft elastic and flexible we took a look over the skull shoulder while he was hard at work in his workshop. soft as butter. pierced like skin. and folded like cloth. these are sculptures by spanish artist jose manuel castro. cars all his works and stone. my relationship to stones isn't really physical. it's magical.
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because i feel the stones in a very special way. as if they obeyed me. and we had a kind of relationship like a friendship. there. was a man well castro trained as a stonemason and sculptor in the 1980 s. . become terrorists and northwestern spain it is known as one of the country's best schools for stone masonry. that. culture has a profound relationship with stone. there's the ranging from the megalithic monuments to cathedrals. there all the work i do with stone is based on this close relationship you me and. i see it is something living. the sculptor draws inspiration from the collision countryside and whether being
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coastline. 'd here went on water the forces of nature work the stone and create bizarre shapes. jose manuel castro's workshop is in the village a village issue so near the atlantic coast. here he chisels grinds and sands out the smooth flowing surfaces of his stone sculptures with power tools. as well as painstakingly by hand. he gives the stone a finishing patina with ferric chloride at high temperatures. we've moved what i've always been good at drawing and i made models for a long time. the techniques are a help. but you also need a good imagination. but few of his neighbors know what he does for a living and that some of his sculptures have been exhibited around the world like
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this work in granite titled union a parrot or conspicuous union. or works combined with wood. as well as his courts. or spikes sculptures. castro often works with more kenya a black stone commonly found in the region. its main quality is that you can give the stone an incredible shine. like a mirror is 3rd maybe lucky if that's because it is so hard. to meet they. need to be so when you polish the stone you don't even rub off the top layer of fine particles but in the ring that ash but if you hear that up here that are all
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true but if you were i mean we freenet. he's often drawn to the rugged coast. this is where he comes to wind down after a long hard days at work. i don't scold because i find it relaxing because i feel the urge to do this but it's exhausting physically taxing and requires a lot of dedication but whenever i completed demanding project i always feel satisfied. jose manuel castro an artist who simply cannot withstand the magical attraction of stones. and that's all we have time for today but don't forget to follow us on social media or more like i report until we meet again from almost elaine thanks for watching and for you again soon.
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until i was rolled up my dignity to 77 percent takes on modern slavery shedding light on the finger of blame in a nigerian women in the middle being an obscene that's what men where trade. on a source means of course the terms of their stories told her $100.00 plus me in just. the 77 percent. 30 minutes on d. w. . building the future today we had our tell me you feel awesome university
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researchers and students there are working to advance green mobility if. i want to save my entire team wants to save the world. together they're researching tirelessly to develop the mobility of to morrow. read. 90 minutes on w. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context.
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the coronavirus of the coded special monday to friday on t.w. . we have an important numerous. smoking here's how healthy pesticides are good for the b.c. global warming doesn't exist. if you don't believe those will not yet come for me to read my mind. the industry is controlling your thoughts tends to me. the rail science it's not easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. you're
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watching news live from berlin the us president slams gun deaths as a national embarrassment joe biden orders flags lowered to half staff to the latest mass shooting this time in a fed ex facility in. indianapolis president biden says congress has to toughen going laws also coming up. a show of confidence gets her 1st covert 19 shot and receives astra zeneca germany's chancellor says she's delighted to take the vaccine and urges others.


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