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stonemason builders and architects compete with each other to build. projects. this is home massive churches with towers that pierce the quotes like skyscrapers are created. contests of the cathedrals starts people 12th on g.w. . this is deja vu news and these are our top stories u.s. president joe biden has repeated calls for congress to pass gun restrictions after thursday's mass shooting at a fed ex warehouse facility in indianapolis police say the 19 year old gunman started shooting at random and then entered the building killing 8 people it's
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believed he killed himself before officers arrived. but i will castro is standing down as head of cuba's communist party his resignation will bring an end to the leadership of cost and his brother fidel who ruled cuba for more than 6 decades customer says he's handing on power to a younger generation. german chancellor angela merkel has received a 1st dose of the astra zeneca vaccine the 66 year old said she was delighted to receive the job fewer than one in 5 germans have been given a 1st dose but the speed of x. and nations has picked up dramatically in recent days. this is the new news from berlin you can find more headlines on our web site that's d.w. dot com or you can also follow us on our social media channels. oh.
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dad. lance. a as i understand this is it's because this profession gives you such tremendous feelings of happiness it carries you from one wave of energy to the next and get. a. feel.
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for every. man. in naples in summer 2020 let dull shape the to a carefree idleness and almost completely masculist after a devastating spring coronavirus infections have decreased significantly the telly is it getting out and about again. i'm on my way to meet your nasscom for monday one of the best tennis in the world some say fever we meeting at the opera house here in naples ok. but if i love to see it a bit 1st he needs a fresh shirt it's 36 degrees celsius outside. oh. my god. they say opera was invented here is that funny combination of theater and music. music you know or yeah this is the done and said he barks and
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that's the real cd box and they all receive their own seats for performance it was a little bit like oh. it was very similar to. this in big daddy probably the most sought after tenor in the world today and you've come down from these mount olympus of seeming to talk to us here in naples in the beautiful tetro sun carlo maybe mount a limp this is a bit of a cliche do you feel at home here since so how is it this in trident and what matters in your career is how long you stay at the top if that's not whether you get there sooner or later. the quicker your ascent just the faster your descent and that was solid your footing and foundation a far less experience you collect on the way or the more slowly you rise to the top
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the more you know how to appreciate what you find there before. if you make that climb more slowly you get to sniff that mountain air and see how strong the head winds are up there. in all that really helps make you feel at home up there and build a house for holzer to for. you dean at the pinnacle for quite some time on these lonely heights how does it feel is it a permanent lease. yeah this it has its downsides for sure because you also have to deliver this it's not like you can rest on your laurels and get whatever you will do will sell so to speak people will just i had all felt as if that's not how it works. but that's all peanuts compared to the opportunities you have peanuts in things that's. in the mouth.
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thank you. saying he's singing for you know like joel hard work event to help you if i were to say that everything so effortless you hardly even notice it i'd be lying. i will still enjoyed it this music in part has the tendency to make the audience think that you know even you are the singer think it's all happening without any effort at all. yet but the moment you stop for a breathers of so many lies just how much it takes out of you a worn out you are. that's when you notice how strenuous it really else
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i'm staying at this i can't stop but because this profession gives you such tremendous feelings of happiness it carries you from one wave of energy to the next and you get the feeling everything just happens effortlessly on top this case but there are worse things. you're not even a young as caliph man didn't come into the world a fully fledged tenor how did you build that relationship with your voice when did you find your voice and think the hate i can do something with this i would come on by someone i know it's like entering into an arranged marriage. and it's an instrument that i can't leave it no matter where i go day or night you know bed whenever i always have it with me and i have to take it into consideration to some extent his name. but it's very important to still live your life to take joy in daily life even though you're always carrying your voice with you so to speak
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otherwise you can't play the characters on stage that you want to because you don't know yourself what life is about it was leaving highs. your nurse count money grew up in a pretty regular family his father worked for an insurance company his mother was a kindergarten teacher they went musicians but they did love music coffman became interested in singing at an early age and later studied in munich a global career wasn't really on the cards. as a student he was a happy go lucky guy he had a 1000 different interests sports and cooking and of course music and technique and so on. he wasn't an extraordinarily diligent or industrious student in other words . his 1st engagements were in saprykin stuttgart and heidelberg early on health money embodied the operatic
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hero and was also idolized in real life. easy as it is earache opera house from 2001 to 2009 formative. his work began to take him around the world midland new york london. and to the big festivals including the iconic by really with lohengrin. am. was. and to salzburg of course with the daily oh you want to come from an took on the great tenor roles and was internationally celebrated. a feat so is incredibly versatile in terms of his repertoire is get confusing as there is adept in german french and italian reppert. and whether it's opera or leader he's just as versatile stylistically confident and musically vivacious in
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everything he does. who else. is going to finish the intercom of us there's so many levels to pass through to arrive at what we call singing. and at the end of the day and that's the essence of it the singing has to become 2nd nature and it has to be one of those things we do without giving it a 2nd thought face we speak without thinking about it we breathe without giving it any thought and after the singing as to become equally automatic this was a good also and when it does you have the freedom to go on stage and without thinking about technique you just interpret and inhabit the role of the. early evening in naples final preparations for the opening a concert are underway naples music lovers gather on the square near the tay
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actress sun carla. yunus counts monies backstage having a last chat with friends and colleagues before the performance. it's one of his signature roles the egyptian commander rather miss from aida. her. comes. thank.
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you but what a performance how was it to you can also hear. really hot it was so hot performing i would be honest i just i guess we got into it and at the end we just drank and sweat and drank and sweat it was pretty i mean like a visit to the sauna in the operate the same time. you know meet people i still feel swept away you too in new york or you just lost your lover you died yourself. because the next week another will come along it's like oh no that's just the way it is i'm incredibly into it incredibly involved emotionally by all of you the moment it's over it's over it was 5 years for. just one more. about what happens if singing is no longer possible ready experienced a situation where you had to take a break and several months because your voice needed a rest of it how did you deal with that on why did you worry that you'd have to
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stop that your voice would never come back to me. this is me i'm for. it's never easy to overcome a vocal crisis or vocal difficulties unscathed especially unscathed at the psychological of that. because you're so deeply connected to your voice. and because you need a huge amount of confidence to be able to draw on your voice in front of thousands of spectators in tight in the moment you lose trust in your voice when it becomes very difficult to stay relaxed and you perform with the c.e.o. should view they. want a militia. so again this is very unpleasant but because you want to sing out this closet practically promised your fans you would. mind my love performing love being in front of an audience or that makes it all the more frustrating when you have to wait. but you also know that if you're patient sooner or later you will be
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able to perform again and it would you'll have your voice back just as before coming on habit of installment wonderful so that. as the old eunice caliph money again on stage after the vocal crisis looking out as i remember that i sang that 1st performance as i always say with the handbrake on that's how it took $2.00 or 3 performances before i had my confidence down thank goodness knock on wood or as the italians say talk of pharaoh it's working just fine again. i only. try to time. i. don't know the order trying to. avoid the ship was it was worse.
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what. was good enough. for us was there was. opera is often such great drama and you also a kind of drama queen in your personal life and i've been leaving calvinist as his discourse of the comedy and i wouldn't say that i love drama. i like to have time for myself and often i find myself running late because i still had something to do here or there somewhere another us and it is top. able to switch between my professional and private life very easily enough. soon as a performance is over i feel totally free and that helps me come down from the high born of all this and say that of all the opera singers i'm one of the less complicated once i did open sing on these caped.
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this is also hell his friend and former teacher helmet do each sees it is a pianist and professor who's known caliph month fullest 30 years. as i've often admired him he has incredible discipline. he's invited by friends who've bought a really rare and excellent wine just for him he'll apologize and say that he can't drink because he's singing the next day. and he really won't. be someone who when he has a certain job to do it will stick by the rules he set for himself no matter what temptation might come along the way that's crucial if you want a career like his. good at opera is considered elitist aloof some say why put so much into opera when we have a climate catastrophe the pandemic and war why do we need opera. yes to get rich to
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go over. well i wouldn't say that it's more important than putting bread on the table it. is elitist it does cost a lot of money. it's not a form of art it's created one segment is available forever like the visual arts. at the same time it's such a fascinating art form. otherwise it wouldn't have lasted over the centuries. and allows you to dream yourself into a whole nother world with the music has an emotional impact. and that's something really fascinating and moving it was there for us in the end as a. means of. specially in today's society which is rather call life focused on achievement in profit. and very banal forms of recreation. if you even want to call it that. i defend opera because like so many
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others under fire before i've been fired up by a passion and a fascination for the beauty of this are. you sure. i love. it's so much that i can't imagine a world without end of aid orders he took and so i can fish i might have a class there are things a little dramas along the way like in midland at les kala where you saying nessun dorma and somehow it didn't go to plan clapped out. was. i as a quantity so what does my well we're all only human and not machines. be about how i know for myself that i can't always everywhere be at the very top of my game both
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physically and mentally. or even when i am completely focused i can get mixed up or be distracted for a couple of seconds but have something else on my mind. and suddenly i realize the wrong words are coming out of my mouth but in touch and text indicating. i feel. i. 7 7 7 was i. thought i thought they might not sometimes i ask myself how you do it doesn't it get boring
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at some point to perform the same roles at the same place is acting as though it's all new well maybe it really does feel that way noisier it's been gotten in fits and i've sung in more than 40 do. friend operas all together. at the moment there are about 15 to 20 in my repertoire coleman's inspiration. of course if you're always doing the same things with the same colleagues under the same circumstances you can become rather routine and. the experience of everything being new and exciting can turn into the nightmare of everything being always the same. but i'm very lucky because i do get to enjoy a lot of variety in what i said. was. my. last time was. listening. to.
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your own younus kalf meant to be quieter and outgoing for example if the rehearsal isn't going the way he wants but this is the same man who can perform the final scene of common mean in a way where you think all he has to do is perform he doesn't even have to sing and it would still be wonderful. but i think that's the heart of who he is that enormous temperament he. was. it's.
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the happens even if you experience the coronavirus these ton of enforced silence. if. it's been a tradition that your vision is it of course i was in a very fortunate situation. i don't always have a house when i live there with my family we have a big garden. so having to stay at home really felt like a holiday. just right and i'm also doubly fortunate in that i've had another baby my baby with my 2nd wife which is a wonderful addition to our family. so this time of turning my focus inward this and it forced contemplation because it also had a very positive side for me. but many of my colleagues in different fields have been hit very hard by this forced down time want to and there's still suffering its impact on the want to live the are going to hit disproportionately hard in this entire situation we found ourselves in these incomes and can still keep. for
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you know skulls money and helmet deutch and in 1st break during the pandemic provided time to finally do some recording. or our lease is the 1st album names are on lockdown but however enjoyable a project shared between 2 old friends a studio recording can't replace a live performance. there and slowly. the return to the stage finally came in vienna in the full despite rising infection rates in the city having been declared a risk area. held his 1st opera appearance since the corona virus outbreak vandy stone colace at the vienna state opera visual thinker.
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one has a special relationship with the austrian capital and he's just recorded an album in vienna this t.v. set just at the museum he enters a city i've grown into a lot of it there's no other place in the world where more composers are left and there's so much music about the city but these are it has its positive and its negative sides so much as we laugh and joke about it we're sarcastic about it the secret of the end it's clear that everyone loves this city and many have paid tribute to it already in so many different areas and melodies so i picked
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a few of them the hypothetical and also i could offer was. i. was. i was. a bit low. i. was. let's go up to the pinnacle one more time in the saying i will ignore the pits of operatic tennis how long do you hope to stay up there in the hay yet.
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has come to realize how much i enjoy just living my life. and during this time under the coronavirus act if i've also seen how many lovely things there. and you can spend your time doing. so perhaps i will end up performing less each seasons it was raining but i'm far from saying that i'm going to stop altogether. white stuff and found i do think that there will come a time when i leave the stage but that's a good way in the future when i does it for the next 10 years at least i imagine i'll continue along the same course. and then i might end up doing something else for a few years intentionally i will quit. because i can't imagine being on stage until i'm 90. and it's inevitable at some point if continuing on would only serve to undo everything you've accomplished over the us i start fresh beauty but also be
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sad because you'd show that you didn't know any other kind of life but the stage yet that's one kind i don't want that to be said of me and. thanks very much they have you're very welcome. i'm your money. yeah. yeah. oh. now it's finally time for an italian dinner as the sun goes down over naples. you. gold a bit of lightheartedness in turbulent times. you could say oh. oh.
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oh. the. design. of colors and patterns a marriage of technique and create an infatuation with fabrics a chance to slow down and tune into the rhythm of the. sort of.
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knitting there is nothing boring about it. on top of. the miles fraud of my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery shining a light on the finke of them in a nigerian women enabling obscene mets' woman where tread. on saucepans across its initial there are stories told her 100 forcemeat number 600 the 77 percent. 60 minutes on d w. 19 . their story their very own
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personal trauma. people took to the chesterfield remember. and they share private footage with us. that has never been seen before. bactrim mobile church people 26 on t.w. . oxic surfing is not really a sport for the faint hearted because in norway the athletes have to face temperatures that are only just the ball freezing not for me thank you very much.
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and with that welcome to the new edition of euro max from our nice and warm studio let's see.


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