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that means the points were split and life saved gives byron munich the chance to widen their knee and they play vosburgh on saturday. we're watching d.w. news and don't forget you can always get the latest headlines on our website that's t w dot com or you can follow us on twitter and instagram for me and the rest of the team here in berlin thanks for watching take care and season. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update coming. on t w. how does the virus spread. why do we parent
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and when will all this. just through the text and the weekly radio. if you like and the information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast if you get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us at. science. the long term health effects of the corona virus a still polio understood. some people bounce back quickly. while others struggle to recover from the virus facing trouble focusing and breathing. those suffering severe symptoms like organ damage.
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such as atoning to new types of therapy. as we learn to live with code 19. and if that's too wacky for you how about an opera singer to teach you how to breathe more easily if you're suffering from a long covered. london correspondent back at the mosque or shop with an operatic voice coach. knowing bubbles to help with. susie do basic training. she's developed special greeting exercises patience and for some of them is a bit too hard work at the moment but what it does is it just allows your voice a little bit of a chance to unpressed. the chivas as it's thanks to susie that she feels well again and is able to take
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a few hobbies just a year ago she was suffering from a lung infection and needed oxygen. 3 months on i remember feeling so fatigued breathless i mean literally from my bed to the bathroom i would just get breathless. shiva never dreamed of. seeing us would be the ones to help her through. arms down to show the high. in weekly zoom sessions participants love to relax and improve that posture and most of fool to breathe and just hope that from men we think a lot about breathing down because. if you're breathing you're taking in lots of that and actually tend not to be expanding the so just giving people
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tools to slow things down and i think the minimum is really out. there a being part of this is. i could have never imagined coming out of that darkness all by myself so it's been a huge support system for me it's like my family now we had i guess you can say a common purpose to get better and more beautiful way to think. out and heal them at the same time the shiba dreams of singing on a real opera stage together with others like. that dream could. as soon as per week restrictions allow english national opera plans to stage if very special opera. patients. through singing. run frances is a cardiologist and you cheaper and joins us today in detail used covered special so
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can blowing bubbles special breathing techniques and things like singing actually help with long covert all or even help protect from covered 1000 in the 1st place. i think the honest answer is we don't know for definite because we simply don't have the data specific to kobe but we can compare to other similar kind of persevered tree viruses and i think there's certainly when considering long coded and you know we have got. things to compare with post viral fatigue syndrome is nothing new but they've been rather neglected. i think in medical research so hopefully this will mean that we had a bit more resources things like that i think yes breathing exercises certainly can have a role in the type syndrome i'm not sure that it necessarily has a role in the acute setting in the initial set in when you're infected and acutely unwell i think breathing exercises aside from just staying mobile and making sure
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your lungs are well ventilated i don't think it necessarily has a role there but in that chronic condition which obviously is troubling a great deal of people i think it has a role what about something like cold exposure you've looked into that quite a lot and i've been living here in germany for quite some time now and i know all about cold exposure. yes i think this is an interesting kind of phenomenon that. maybe. is slightly kind of simplistic in how we looking at it but essentially that we know that exercise is obviously got many proven benefits to physical health and mental health as well and exercise is all about sort of making your body work a little bit harder most of us lately said injury lawyers and we're not getting the kind of physical exertion that really. evolved to do and so we're quite familiar
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with the concept of exercising to try some of those benefits and cold exposure and maybe things like saunas both of which have an evidence base although i would just advise a little bit of caution because i think a lot of the claims that you'll find online are a little bit outlandish but i think it's all part of the same phenomenon of trying to stress the body in a controlled way and maybe improve our overall physical fitness so can you give me some of the tips that you give all this on your own on prepping my immune systems are better handle a corona virus infection. well the 1st thing i'd say is that if anybody gives you a suggestion about how to boost the immune system it's a bit too easy it's going to be too good to be true because i think the best way to keep your immune system in the optimum shape is by maintaining physical and overall wellbeing and fitness and that's with a healthy diet and regular exercise and a quick fix is on really going to do that so in terms of preventing infection you
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know again it's nothing too complicated it's all the advice you've already heard social distancing mosque wearing and those kinds of things no amount of immune system preparation is going to prevent an infection but you can prevent the severity by by having a good state so if you do get infected as long as you're in the best possible physical shape beforehand that's going to be your best preparation what about something like you can make much of a difference. yes a yoga i think actually has quite a considerable evidence base behind it now yogurt of course combines different elements you know we mentioned breathing which is central to it but also a physical exercise as well so in terms of things like the method which. brings in a lot of you get practices alongside things like cold exposure so yogurt is a nebulous and off as i think many many benefits it should also be said that you
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know one size doesn't fit all so you don't have to can't try to crowbar yourself into a yoga program if other. techniques work better for you but i'm a big fan of the benefits that yoga can offer and we've seen that not only in terms of the physical benefits but i think it particularly in this day and age medications enjoying a resurgence and that offers a lot of additional benefits on top of the of the physical side of things ron i guess one of the big questions is can you actually go as far as saying these types of techniques are viable alternatives alternatives to conventional medicine. you know i'd certainly be very cautious of suggesting anything like that and again i think that would raise alarm bells if people started saying that kind of thing conventional medicine. is simply a way of talking about interventions that are tested and proven so there's nothing
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on natural one and natural about the other if things don't work then we don't call them proven methods and so i would always regard this as an adjunct but not a replacement however if you. pay attention to all these these preventative methods maybe you can avoid coming into contact with what is dean this sort of conventional medical system and that's great but if you do get you know heaven forbid and then of course conventional medicine is going to be the thing that's most likely to help . thank you very much for being on the show today thanks very much for having me. and over to derek williams for the last time this week and if you question about the availability of russia's ha grown karate vaccine. when will the russians public view vaccine be available in europe. since its launch last summer sputnik a has generated
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a lot of controversy but but some of that has died down since the publication of phase 3 trial data in january indicating the russian made vaccine is effective and safe india approved it for emergency use earlier this week becoming the 60th country to do so among them a couple of countries in europe including hungary and serbia slovakia also wanted to begin vaccinating people with sputnik v. as well but has become embroiled in a dispute with russia about the quality of the doses it received most e.u. member states however are waiting for the european medicines agency to weigh in it monitors new medicinal products seeking approval in the block and it makes then prefer roles to national health authorities the e m a is still looking at the evidence and still carrying out inspections if it does
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give sputnik the thumbs up orders from vaccine strapped european countries will follow of course. because of the early controversy deigning wide public acceptance for the russian backed scene in the e.u. would i think prove tough sputnik be is also based on the same platform as the astra zeneca and johnson and johnson vaccines which in the current climate won't make the sell any easier but but with approval if russian manufacturers can deliver another big f. then i suppose sputnik v. could start going into more arms in europe by this summer if you have a approval is withheld. then most of europe's national health agencies will also probably refuse to greenlight it. lastly
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lebanese doctor is among those who have developed an un orthodox method for testing people for covert 19 we leave you with the specially trained sniffer dogs they can detect the virus in a person in just a few seconds even in very early stages when a p.c.r. test revealed negative their margin of error is just 5 percent even so the techniques not intended to replace regular testing but has been rolled out in a number of airports like to buy health and sydney thanks for watching stay safe and see you again so. distant future tiny screeching swiss bloodstream. in the distant future. scientists are now developing nano robots return to diseases inside the human a. science fiction in today's men who are tomorrow to the.
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next on d w. he's one of the great. on the movie. star 10 or. even in coronavirus times it is not easy to. reach the artist contrast. you. were all set. to go beyond. and. take on the. legality of all this is where all of the stories that
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matter to you. want to move on believe. me. we are years actually on fire. the human guts it says that we know less about us than about the surface of the moon what we do know is that the foods we kind of affect our health and that of our immune system for instance too much stuff like this is that for us. the science is probing our intestines in order to understand more about diet and
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digestion. we'll be looking at these topics and more on this edition of tomorrow today. to begin with we go on a fantastic voyage it recalls the 1966 film of the same name in which. the shrunken suman crew sets off on a perilous mission within the body of a sick man to save him in the nick of time. well tiny night on national for real they can navigate the eyeballs of dead pigs and one day they will deliver meds to humans our eyes if all goes according to plan. with modern technology taking a look at the retina on the back wall of an eye is easy and routine but actually going in there to treat disease is much harder i drops aren't enough to tackle serious issues. corkscrew shaped nano robots might be the solution they're
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$200.00 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair this is a computer animation. the idea is to send such nano propellers through the vitreous humor of the eye to deliver medicine to the retina professor para fisher at the max planck institute for intelligent systems in stuttgart is among the scientists who are developing these nano robots. but it victim down now in developing the nano propeller we found inspiration in bacteria we recreate all the screw like structure that enables bacteria to move on because when you rotate a corkscrew it moves forward fall that's what makes. the nano propellers are made by bape arising silicon dioxide and other materials including iron onto a copper or silicon wafer under high vacuum while it rotates. the way
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for is already coated with tiny polymer particles. and each one of his local nanoprobes. heller is borne out of the vapor. this way for is covered in billions of these nano propellers. you need a microscope to see them. they are very small and they fit to the mesh of the vitreous they are only $500.00 not only there in the average there and to white hall so they can easily sneak through the mesh of the futurists . the propellers have to be harvested from the way for. bits of the way for broken off and put into water. in ultrasonic bath disperses the particles.
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each truck contains a large number of them. for a nano propeller to move through a body without getting stuck it has to be both tiny and slippery. so the team developed an anti stick coating. the chemical for the coating is called the roll call been so it's a long chain carbon that doesn't want to stick to anything so it's like. similar to the coating of your. full cooking. at to begin university i hospital nano propellers have been tested in the eyeballs of dead pigs and shown to work. the nano robots are magnetic so they can be steered by electromagnets outside the
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ai. their movement can be observed in real time with the help of an imaging technique known as optical coherence tomography. it isn't we could just monitor live how the particles move through the items and we were able to steer them to the exact spot they were meant to go in order to establish that the nano propeller had really reached the retina the pig's eyes were frozen and then cut into thin slices . the microscope revealed that the propellers shown here in red had indeed arrived at the retina here lou. before such nano drug delivery vehicles can be used in clinical practice several problems need to be solved. how can they be removed from the eye again.
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and how can they be made to carry and release a cargo of medicine. to load a nano propeller we can make use of the chemical actor buttes of its surface to attach certain molecules by means of a chemical process we can also make the helical body porous and they've going molecules to be transported within the model. if and when all the obstacles are overcome this new technology could revolutionize the treatment of diseases of the retina but not only the retina. many parts of the human body are hard to access in a minimally invasive manner. tiny slippery steerable submarines like these might be able to reach parts other methods can't. submarines explore the deepest reaches of the actions the bizarre life forms that
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thrive thing. but they're all mysterious realms to be explored much closer to home . one prime candidates is our guts our gas train tested. tracked all 9 me sense of it it's teeming with wildlife we can't do without. them so let's go exploring. introducing louisa. the german name for the common european pair grown by the shores of lake constance . it's about to go on a journey through the human digestive system. and it's a pretty rough ride from the get go our teeth take care of the basic mechanical side of breaking down the fruit next the ground up food passed through the esophagus and into the stomach. the ease of the pair then spends an hour or 2 drenched in the
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mass and bought in preparation for the next stage and that takes place in the small intestine. for an insider's view scientists that this german medical research center have a cutting edge swallow bowl camera at their disposal but for all the gotcha tree precious little is known about the inner workings of our intestines. included. in the foliage the micro biome is largely still an unknown entity within our body even more so than much of the surface of the moon it's something we've only been able to start examining very recently in that respect it's like a black hole shots is. the 1st part of the small intestine has no microorganisms and is remarkably smooth louisa's trekked through this part of our body takes about 3 to 7 hours. the surface area for digestion is greatly increased by countless little projections called belie this is where the body extracts most of the
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nutrients which are broken down with the help of enzymes but as the parent tells deeper it encounters more and more microorganisms. argos is home to over a 1000 different species of viruses and bacteria which make up over 90 percent of our intestinal flora as well as helping us on the digestive front they also play a vital role for our immune system they even provide us with nourishment from the products of their metabolism in the form of visions for example. moving around stimulates our digestion what remains of the pair has not reached the large intestine or colon where it will now spend the longest period of its journey between 25 and 30 hours. once in the colon louie's of the pair is set upon by legions of microorganisms extracting everything the body has not yet been able to
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digest. their prime target is louisa's dietary fiber on the polysaccharides it contains. once broken down they use short chain fatty acids beauty rate for example is used by cells in the gut lining as an energy source this is why a healthy diet includes plenty of fiber from vegetables. any major shift in the balance of bacteria can lead to dangerous complications. because i know. we know for sure that when particular bacteria are killed by prescribing antibiotics other bacteria overrun the gut flora. that can lead to a serious inflammation of the colon which is called pseudo membrane miss colitis. so good bacteria are more or less wiped out there are harmful bacteria that are
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resistant to antibiotics and can now multiply unchecked such as close tritium deficiency of. these pathogenic bacteria produce a toxin that attacks the gov't lining and compromises its ability to protect our body from infections. by the end of its journey the pair has been almost completely decomposed what our body ends up excrete is largely dead intestinal cells and bacteria practically no residual food. and in the case of louisa the pear it's the fiber that makes the journey so worthwhile for the benefit of our micro biome. several kinds of fruit give us plenty of that good dietary fiber because of the pectin found in them some kinds of pectin might even help cholesterol levels so bananas for example are a great food for many people. here in the u.s. sent in an interesting question about how bananas reproduce.
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bananas grow from seeds. while bananas do have seeds stony blanc seeds that can germany. normally with flowering plants pollen from one flower is carried to an. other where it travels to the ovary and fertilize is egg cells to make seeds. the seeds containing the genetic information to produce a new plant the commercial bananas we buy in supermarkets don't contain any seeds they're specially bred to be seedless to make them tastier. these bananas are in fact the result of a genetic accident that gave their cells 3 copies of each chromosome instead of the usual 2. that made them seedless much tastier but also.
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the most common banana is the cavendish they're all genetically identical each one is a clone of the other. new banana plants are bred from off shoots of a mother plant. worldwide most bananas are bred by taking cuttings and growing new trees. the advantage of this cloning system is that bananas have the same thick skin of the same speed and can be transported ringback at the same time. the disadvantage is that this genetically fragile fruit is vulnerable to diseases the fungal disease tropical race for is currently ravaging the global banana industry from asia to black in america. researchers are currently looking to save the world's most popular fruit from
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extinction by cross-breeding the cavendish banana and the more robust wild banana from. weed things have a huge fan base among as humans. we are programmed to crave them. as a quick source of energy for our bodies something our stone age ancestors should evaluate. nowadays if they need as much energy to hunt as far as for us. but that doesn't stop us from craving sweet stuff. from a number of sources. cakes and candies it is sweet and should get us. that's the mission of researches here at brain biotech in
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central gemini they're looking for a sweetener that's not artificial. and there's one crucial qualification for that natural ingredients. is what we want to find a sweetener the tastes just like sugar or enhances sugar to a degree where you need less of it but with an identical taste of the old products it's. a requirement that most sweeteners to date to fail to meet which is why an lot of people aren't keen on them. and researches a still not sure about how exactly artificial sweeteners work in the body 'd aspartame has been comprehensively tested and widely approved but critics say it's linked to a range of side effects such as headaches and impaired vision. researches have also discovered that unlike sugar sweetness do not release the time it see hormones so
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people who consume them feel less full they also fail to activate the reward center in the brain the result could be eating more and even gaining more weight despite sweetness having next and encountering almost all sweetness approved by the e.u. are artificial the sole exception is stevia approved by the e.u. in 2011. its actual use is however a limited. doctor there are products that don't work very well in conjunction with stevia hardly any dairy products are sweetened with it for example due to the off labors being too pronounced we're looking for a superior sweetener superior version of stevia. a super version that also meets taste expectations and that involves breaking down the building blocks of nature these researches have a deep freeze. story of cells and natural substances from countless thompson funky
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and to so far analyzed 20000 samples the vital substances can be hidden away in edible or in edible components in tiny molecular compounds that contain mia traces of that all important sweetness among today's test subjects is right one single plant can contain hundreds if not thousands of compounds which will need to be tested in a complex and costly process. but they have helped in the shape of an artificial tongue. the sanctions had this is the most vital element in our research these artificial cells enable us to quickly test the properties of thousands of substances and how sweet or bitter they are each of these tiny vials contains taste cells extracted from the human tongue they reacts to the samples tested once the cells receive
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a sweet signal they release messages that in turn become visible the plethora of light signals show that the red meat has plenty of potential. but it takes a real human being to tell the difference the researches have subjects compared to samples number 2 is the natural variety taken from the right. the 1st sample tasted sweeter the 2nd had a slightly metallic after to distinguish. which doesn't bode well for the red meat samples that fail at this stage are of no interest to the receptionist's. another candidate gets top marks in the taste from its a sweet protein from the pen to do plan on their fruits native to central africa that taste is not the only factor the suitability of substances varies depending on the product. there are sweeteners that are great for drinks because they
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dissolve so well whereas some sweeteners have an excellent test but aren't so soluble they're better suited for candy bars or chewing up. and while taste is important so with the short and long term effects of sweetness. it will take some time until a sweetener is found that his most effective old products and of course natural. not always bad for us it depends on what kind and how much. polysaccharides found in complex carbohydrates and grains for example don't cause blood glucose levels to spike they're also considered beneficial dietary fiber. simple carbs which break down fast into sugar found in candy thank usually don't make you feel
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full and do make blood glucose levels which is bad contribution to obesity and disease losing weight can be difficult and hard work can science help us to cut corners. imagine a safe and effective pill that will really make your fact go away that's what t.-mo miller and his colleagues are working on and they say they're getting close. to home and it came as a surprise but we were delighted for. the breakthrough involves using 2 substances one that burns fat and one that suppresses the appetite to create an effective combination therapy. there have been countless attempts to find ways to help people lose weight many pills are touted as the real thing. online you can buy any number of products that claim to do wonders without you having to do more exercise or eat less most of these claims have been shown to be bogus some products are downright
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dangerous. the researchers at the helm holtz diabetes center and munich aim to harness a certain capability of the human body that was only discovered a few years ago brown adipose tissue or brown fat doesn't store energy but uses energy to generate heat quite unlike regular white fat. there are deposits under the collar bone in the neck and along the spine cold temperatures stimulate brown fat we only have a few grams of it but it plays an important role in maintaining body temperature and burning fat the idea was to develop a substance that mimics cold in activating our energy metabolism. when participants in an experiment spend hours in a room left at 16 degrees celsius the volume of that brown fat grows can the same effect be generated without the chill factor t.-mo miller says the way to do it is
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to deploy a substance called isolate. is an agent that activates signaling mechanisms in the brain which in turn activated brown fat fit. the upshot is that the energy metabolism speeds up and body weight declines. in tests with my knees it works but the amount of weight loss is modest so something else is needed another component to the fact that. there are so many non-prescription weight loss pills out there and many are entirely useless some are worse than useless they're harmful even if they claim to be. uncovered. works at the german institute of human nutrition in pottstown.
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of times there are various substances that bind fat in food but the effects are variable and mostly minimal it seemed almost always come with side effects but when large amounts of dietary fat don't get absorbed into the body but remain in the gut it's broken down by bacteria that causes intestinal problems diarrhea or gas it can be very uncomfortable i can't recommend it. it gets really dangerous when diet pills include banned substances that are chock sick of them similar tremaine in particular has been associated with serious cardiovascular events that's why it's not licensed for use in the european market but products containing it can still be found in purchased online d.m.p. is also known to be extremely dangerous it's very toxic one gram can kill you as it burns fat and carbs the metabolism speeds up and the body gets hotter and hotter. at the helm holtz diabetes center they're looking for an agent with negative side
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effect. ice and does indeed stimulate the energy metabolism and least in mice but the effect is small so what 2nd substance could compliment or boost the effect and here comes the breakthrough discovery. of the 2nd agent is also a synthetic molecule the m.p.p. . very much like nicotine in that it reduces our food consumption but without the negative effects that nicotine has on our brain. it suppresses appetite but not enough to be effective by itself the trick is combining isolation and d.m.p. piece together the effect. is impressive. if you prescribe the 2 together the combination therapy results in much greater weight loss than the to take it
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separately. and so. you could say that this is a case of one plus one equals 3. the results in mice have been excellent but there's still a lot of work to do before we humans can benefit from the breakthrough so for now the prescription in many cases but not all continues to be moved more eat less and eat healthy. the problem is red white i mean but on the face of it. do you have a science question. somebody if we answer it on the show will send you a little something as a thank you you can send your question as a video text all force male come on just ask. you'll find us on our website d.w. dot com slash science or get in touch via twitter facebook. that's
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all for now from tamara today next time we'll be diving deep into other fascinating realms see you then for most scintillating something.
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his mockery. on the. point. even in coronavirus times is not easy to. reach the artists come.
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to. design burst of color and pattern a marriage a technique and create an infatuation with fabrics a chance to slow down and tune into the rhythm of the. cement. netting there is nothing boring about it. completely minutes to be. told. i was 15 when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room there's a 9th similar it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair is that.
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manning that jim language head never got this gets me and they the bunch maybe took in truck loads of say you want to know their story in the license fighting and reliable information for migrants. more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structure. stone masons builders and architects compete with each other to build even one into
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carjacks. this is home massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created a. contest of the cathedrals starts people 12th on d. w. . this is d w news and these are our top stories u.s. president joe biden has repeated calls for congress to pass gun restrictions after thursday's mass shooting at a fed ex where has facilities. in indianapolis police say the 19 year old gunman started shooting at random and then entered the building killing 8 people it's believed he killed himself before officers arrived. raul castro is
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standing down as head of key.


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