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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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to live. the outlets more than 300000000 people are seeking to. live the super model. because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w. . made for minds. this is the day of the news coming up today and intensifying product on protesters in me and. violence like this property by the military has prompted warnings of a syria like situation from the u.n. we asked if this is increasingly confident of holding on to the country plus. taiwan's from whom. its forces more people to cover their faces we need some more
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using the time to make changes to better parents. welcome to. lead you could join us the european union is reportedly planning to sanction 10 individuals and 2 companies connected to the military regime in myanmar awarding to news agency reuters the sanctions could come into effect by next week the sanctions come amid a warning from the un human rights chief who said the situation in the country could be spiraling to a full blown syria style conflict more than $700.00 people have been killed since the military took power in a coup in february and since then it's cracked down on pro-democracy protesters has only grown stronger. these. military will go to.
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to crackdown on dissenting voices. this video from social media shows the moments a prominent protest leader is deliberately rammed off his motorbike. way monad was arrested by armed men after trying to flee the incident with friends saying they now fear for his safety. security forces have used increasingly violent tactics to quell the anti coup movement the un says there are echoes of the civil war in syria. there too we saw peaceful protests met with unnecessary and clearly disproportionate force the state's brutal persistent repression of its own people led to some individuals taking up arms followed by a downward and rapidly expanding spiral of violence all across the country. despite the risk to their lives protesters have been trying to keep up the pressure
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on the military regime the spilled red paying symbolizes the blood of those who die each activists say at least 700 people have been killed since protests began in february. normally at the moment people in myanmar would be celebrating to jan brewer this new year holiday but not this year. it's important for young people to rebel against a dictator we can't be happy now as long as we live under this dictatorship our future is lost. the protesters aren't giving up but neither it seems is the military. for robertson from human rights watch has been monitoring the situation in myanmar for the past couple of months and joins me now from bunkered fairly entered a phase in myanmar where the haunter is comfortable with the status quo and deliberately confident of keeping power. well i'm not sure that they're confident
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yet but they are certainly acting on a presumption that the protesters on the streets are their enemy and they're using lethal force against them you know they're treating myanmar cities like a battlefield and they've used machine guns and grenades and r p g's against protesters in places like by the go where last week we saw more than 80 people killed in one morning and what are you hearing from protesters on the ground do they feel the international community is standing up for them. they are disappointed by the international community they want to see more action they have appreciate all the statements that have been made by various foreign ministers around the world and by the u.n. security council and others but they're calling for much more i think if they had their way they would see an invocation by the u.n. security council of the responsibility to protect doctrine and some sort of deployment by the international community into me and our but i don't think that's
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realistic and i don't think that's really in anybody's plans you know whether it be the u.s. you or elsewhere so you know the people i think are disappointed the international community hasn't come in as almost like the cavalry but they're determined to continue protesting they're angry at the military and they are quite clear that they do not want this myanmar military in any sort of future for myanmar and wonder talking for their own sort of also the e.u. mayor for the sanction officials and companies connected to the who. are going to be the focus sanctions from the e.u. but is this going to help change the situation in any way. well it's a substantive step forward the european union has frankly been a bit slow in imposing our target economic sanctions and now we're hearing that they're going to go after the 2 major military controlled business conglomerates the union money on our economic holdings and the myanmar economic corporation which
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is what we have been asking them to do from the very beginning we have to go after the companies we have to go after the cash flow to the myanmar military who've done just targeting talk level of myanmar military officials it's important but it's not enough speaking of the economic side of things i mean menards main trading partners in the region countries like china india japan thailand for example do you think these countries are doing enough to enable her to turn to democracy quite clearly the front line states are not doing enough to actually pressure the myanmar military junta to return to the barracks and to allow for the democracy that they have destroyed to be reconstituted i think that unfortunately we're seeing a go along to get along sort of arrangement from these frontline states like thailand in india and know there's hope that somehow there will be some action from
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the. association of southeast asian nations but we're not seeing that we're just seeing a very divided regional body here that's not really prepared to go forward in unity to pressure the government in myanmar relieve there for the time being but thank you so much for joining us from robertson from human rights watch thank you now the military's violent crackdown against protesters is forcing many to seek shelter with ethnic groups and have been for us fighting the army groups such as the cattle mesh the liberation army base in southeastern states on the border with thailand. the f. mcadam like many other ethnic groups in the country have been for years fighting the military for some form of self government they are now proving life savers for those fleeing the military's crackdown on democracy it may not look like much
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but this rule forest campese become a sanctuary for me in march terrified protesters who although we had been protesting peacefully we had to run away because of the violent crackdown and we knew that if we were to get arrested this acutely forces would not let us live our moment he would kill us. they arrived in the territory of one of the country's key arm to rebel groups the karen national liberation army the group controls large swathes of land on the border with thailand and has been fighting the central government for the last 70 years life in the camp is spartan among its new inhabitants striking teachers who see they had no choice but to flee there after the junk issued warrants for their arrest. but. there is no trust between the civil servant and the ethnic armed groups they help us and their kind we feel safe being here since they started sailing with us we told them ask us for anything that
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we can do to help we are ready to help. this new partnership has brought to a new detention to the broad spectrum of resistance that the junk tonneau faces and greece concerns that should they go on the offensive violence could spiral out of control. and there's reports of members of ethnic groups uniting with ousted lawmakers and who protesters to form a national unity government in the country something we'll be tracking in the coming weeks. so many of us have been wearing face masks this past year that all down sides in taiwan some people have decided to take advantage of the fact their faces are covered to get plastic surgery joints lee has this report. a clean exit so during the pandemic it's not she's here to have her 1st after micro
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plastic surgery one thing is i want to have botox along my job line and i am the running acid fillers from my chin i'm very happy and excited because i've been looking forward to this for a long time i think i'll get prettier after the treatment that. she sashes been longing for face really fam for 3 years already but can never take the time to do it you'll weapons and i mean the sales and i have to face clients every day at work it would be very inconvenient to have bruises and swelling on my face after treatment now that everyone wears a mask i don't need to worry about that so i'm taking advantage of the pandemic. plastic surgeon savior who says business dropped significantly at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic but things started to turn around in a 2nd half of last year. business has gone up by 50 percent the increase is quite impressive so many patients told me it's their 1st time having cosmetic
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surgery thanks to the face mask rule as for my existing patients they used to come here say every 6 months now they come every quarter so people are coming in more often. taiwan is one of east asia spirity hopes there are more than $800.00 cosmetically next on the island with a population of $23000000.00 of the $40000.00 plus registers a quarter work in a cosmetic industry or screen i saw located here on jones salaries row 10 taipei but doctors say being on is now so high that getting an appointment won't be easy as long as the mosque mandate is in place. during depend damn make people are diving f.-o. more deeply into social media and because everyone naturally wants to look their best the demand for plastic surgery has been driven up cosmetic surgery consultant to enter your home for most treatments on instagram she notice
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a drastic change after. before the pandemic when i post an instagram story i usually only get 500 views now it's at least 1000 to 2000 shoes a get more inquiries than i used to i think people are more aware of how they look on social media and they are desperate for a quick fix so they come to get cosmetic treatment. and for many getting treatment it's not just about their look but a way to find happiness during the pandemic. yes his friends a voice coded has brought so many uncertainties to the world. at least i can control how i look and i feel good if i look good it cheers me up and boosts my confidence that joy is real to me south raising 2 of those among the . many violin in india rising cases of coral nobody some states have forced the local government to announce strict restrictions for
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a period of 15 days the impact can be felt on its largest city mumbai we leave you with those images and go back next week to see them for. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context around a virus update. on t w. can you hear me now here's here's we knew you in her last
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years german sausage that will bring you an angle out man called as you've never had to have before surprise yourself with what disposable who is medical really what moves. who talks to people who follows her along the way i admire those i'm critics allied powers the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles law stops. at the moment term health effects of the corona virus a still poorly understood. some people bounce back quickly. while others struggle to recover from the virus facing trouble focusing and breathing. for suffering severe symptoms like organ damage.
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researches and turning to new types of therapy. as we learn to live with code 19. and if that's too wacky for you how about an opera singer to teach you how to breathe more easily if you're suffering from a long covered. london correspondent mascotte up with an operatic voice coach. knowing bubbles to help with. susie zoomie is a trained. she's developed special greeting exercises patience and for some of them is a bit too hard work at the moment but what it does is it just allows your voice a little bit of a chance to unpressed. she's sheba says it's thanks to susie that she feels well again and is able to take
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a few hubbies just a year ago she was suffering from a lung infection and needed oxygen. 3 months on i remember feeling so fatigued breathless and then literally from my bed to the bathroom i would just get breathless. shiva never dreamed of people seeing us would be the ones to help her through. arms down to the height. in weekly zoom sessions participants love to relax and improve that posture and most of fool to breathe and just hope that from men we think a lot about breathing down because. if you're breathing you're taking in not so bad and actually tend not to be expanding so just giving people
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tools to slow things down and get them in a moment is really out. there a being part of this is. i could have never imagined coming out of that darkness all by myself so it's been a huge support system for me it's like my family now we had i guess you can say a common purpose to get better and more beautiful way to think. out and heal them at the same time the shiba dreams of singing on a real opera stage together with others like. that dream could. soon as per week restrictions allowed into this national opera and i was to state it very special opera. that patients. can through singing. run frances is a cardiologist and you cheaper and joins us today in detail years covered special
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so can blowing bubbles special breathing techniques and things like singing actually help with long covert or even help protect from covered 1000 in the 1st place. i think the honest answer is we don't know for definite because we simply don't have the data specific to kobe but we can compare to other similar kind of are spiritually viruses and i think there's certainly when considering long coded and you know we have got. things to compare with post viral fatigue syndrome is nothing new but they've been rather neglected. i think in medical research so hopefully this will mean that we allocate a bit more resources to things like that i think yes breathing exercises certainly can have a role in that long type syndrome i'm not sure that it necessarily has a role in the acute setting in the initial setting when you're infected and acutely
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on well i think breathing exercises aside from just staying mobile and making sure your lungs are well ventilated i don't think it necessarily has a role there but in that chronic condition which obviously is troubling a great deal of people i think it has a role what about something like cold exposure you've looked into that quite a lot and i've been living here in germany for quite some time now and know all about cold exposure. yes i think this is an interesting kind of phenomenon that. maybe. is slightly kind of simplistic in how we looking at it but essentially that we know that exercise has obviously got many proven benefits to physical health and mental health as well and exercise is all about sort of making your body work a little bit harder most of us lately lead police said injury lives and we're not getting the kind of physical exertion that really are evolved to do and so we're
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quite familiar with the concept of exercising to try and some of those benefits and cold exposure and maybe things like sauna both of which have an evidence base although i would just advise a little bit of caution because i think a lot of the claims that you'll find online are a little bit outlandish but i think it's all part of the same phenomenon of trying to stress the body in a controlled way and maybe improve our overall physical fitness so can you give me some of the tips that you give us on your own on prepping my immune system survive better handle a corona virus infection. when the 1st thing i'd say is that if anybody gives you. suggestion about how to boost the immune system a bit too easy it's going to be too good to be true because i think the best way to keep your immune system in the optimum shape is by maintaining physical and overall wellbeing and fitness and that's with a healthy diet and regular exercise and
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a quick fix is on really going to do that so in terms of preventing infection you know again it's nothing too complicated it's all the advice you've already had social distancing mosque wearing and those kinds of things no amount of immune system preparation is going to prevent an infection but you can prevent the severity by by having a good primo bad state so if you do get infected as long as you're in the best possible physical shape beforehand that's going to be your best preparation what about something like that make much of a difference. yes a yoga i think actually has quite a considerable evidence base behind it now yogurt of course combines different elements you know we mentioned breathing which is central to it but also physical exercise as well so in terms of things like the method which. brings in a lot of you get practices alongside things like cold exposure so yoga as it is a nebulous and off as i think many many benefits it should also be said that you
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know one size doesn't fit all so you don't have to can't try to crowbar yourself into a yoga program if other. techniques work better for you but i'm a big fan of the benefits that yoga can offer and we've seen that not only in terms of the physical benefits but i think it particularly in this day and age medications enjoying a resurgence and that offers a lot of additional benefits on top of the of the physical side of things ron i guess one of the big questions is can you actually go as far as saying these types of techniques are viable alternatives alternatives to conventional medicine. you know i'd certainly be very cautious of suggesting anything like that and again i think that would raise alarm bells if people started saying that kind of thing conventional medicine. is simply a way of talking about interventions that
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a tested and proven so there's nothing on natural about one a natural about the other if things don't work then we don't call them proven medicine so i would always regard this as an adjunct but not a replacement however if you. pay attention to all these these preventative methods maybe you can avoid coming into contact with what is dean this sort of conventional medical system and that's great but if you do get you know heaven forbid then then of course conventional medicine is going to be the most likely to help cardiologists run francis thank you very much for being on the show today thanks very much for having me. and over to derek williams for last time this week and if your question about the availability of russia's ha growing khurana vaccine. when will the russian's public view vaccine be available in europe. since its launch last summer sputnik has generated
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a lot of controversy but but some of that has died down since the publication of phase 3 trial data in january indicating the russian made vaccine is effective and safe india approved it for emergency use earlier this week becoming the 60th country to do so among them a couple of countries in europe including hungary and serbia slovakia also wanted to begin vaccinating people with sputnik as well but has become embroiled in a dispute with russia about the quality of the doses it received most e.u. member states however are. we're waiting for the european medicines agency to weigh in and it monitors new medicinal products seeking approval on the blog and it makes them before ols to national health authorities the e m a is still looking at the evidence and still carrying out inspections if it does
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give sputnik the thumbs up orders from vaccine strapped european countries will follow of course because of the early controversy deigning wide public acceptance for the russian backed scene in the e.u. would i think prove tough sputnik be is also based on the same platform as the astra zeneca and johnson and johnson vaccines which in the current climate won't make the sell any easier but but with a approval and if russian manufacturers can deliver another big f. then i suppose sputnik v. could start going into more arms in europe by this summer if you have a approval is withheld. the most of europe's national health agencies will also probably refuse to greenlight it. lastly
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lebanese doctor is among those who have developed an unorthodox method for testing people for covert 19 we leave you with the specially trained sniffer dogs they can detect the virus in a person in just a few seconds even in very early stages when a p.c.r. test with negative their margin of error is just 5 percent even so the techniques not intended to replace regular testing but has been rolled out in a number of airports like dubai health and sydney is home watching stay safe and see you again sir.
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good. to. india. empowering women through comics but that's what you don't need or want a studio you can't experience for your baby your dreams are. violence against women is a major problem in india into me on trust is fighting back with her plan campaign.
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in 90 minutes on d w. we heard over important numerous. smoking is healthy. post besides are good for the b.b.c. global warming doesn't exist. don't believe those. not yet post. you have made in my mind the. industry is controlling your thoughts there are attempts to only see you. email finds it's not easy to spot i'm saying one thing and history is saying another. the great bluffs of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. scenes
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manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. early . hours of the morning. i cannot sleep because you know for losing money. in those board smaller. movies lol hers was. a slow news no love. for the wicked. doesn't. work using them for. our parents knew.
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her good story. her use. this is it every news live from berlin punished for their resistance hong kong's for democracy activists get jail terms and suspended prison sentences that the latest in a string of dissidents facing the porch over mass demonstrations against china's a growing power in the territory also coming up the fatal shooting at police a body count footage shows the killing of a 13.


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