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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2021 2:45pm-3:00pm CEST

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companies in september 29th in your specialized criminal court announced the confiscation of funds owned by 35 members of parliament who just didn't happen to agree with your politics and then did after a year later being sentenced to death in a sense here but the trial was a political sham wasn't it why do you have political shams instead of fair trials whatever is said by you and it's not the full reality you said so last month they disgraced one of their reports so again let's stick with then and there are groups and there are committees and then they can ask us and we can respond but not just to wait for their reports about what you have said about this kind of actions i agree completely with you and i think which is against the law should not be permitted if anyone has something to complain about put it on the media they have always have a they have to leave it on the line about a provision they have planned explain about and there's an even darker side to let them know it and i can tell her that and that i'm talking about your detention
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centers now the independent yemeni human rights group much china has charted some of the worst excesses by who says security especially by the security and intelligence agencies prisoners it says have been subjected to multiple forms of torture including amongst other things nail removal severity things and electric shocks you happy about that you're happy about that kind of treatment no i'm not happy at all i am against any kind of actions which might really go to see this kind of i would say human crimes so why don't cherry sighing about idealizations should be why don't you do something about them then what you want me to do. stop them you know that i really 5 years here is nothing i know i mean i get no no no no no no no no no no let's go to the right way why we are being blocked
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here in santa for the last 6 years get us to the un get me to the un security council and i will talk to them not but we are in santa and we cannot take a plane to london or to new york to talk to everyone in the world you are putting us here in santa so you can talk about whatever you want and here we cannot respond to the world we are leaving or your having a child you very strong now should obviously unless you have a chance to respond now and since trying to 16 i was around a has registered 6 the don't know know of arbitrary detention 770 k. no been forced to sign 344 days are. numbered route hours are they are numbers that my son or sorry you had you know the line numbers are nice as i said get asked that arse get us to the international media get us to your capitals and i will show you and big books what is happening in yemen not what the us says i get the saudis to allow me today to take
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a plane and go to london and get you all of our pictures our books and talk in front of your people in england or in the us they don't allow us to take even a small flight to djibouti or other places we have locked here in santa and you are making our own picture your own movie and thus to cut it off and try to make us look like criminals the criminals are the saudis emeritus and those who support them and the us and and the u.k. not the american people not the british people they are all nobody is i'm guessing mr right i realize the bastards in this war don't have a case to answer they do i'm asking you know the case your guy your solution in particular what the who's the forces have been doing talk and the abuse of wholesale abuse of human rights that's all carried out by whose security forces you don't want to talk about it i understand that. there is
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a no no i don't know about it you don't i know you don't talk about it you know you have a sense what ignorance is not an excuse is that i read the reports of the un this is but this is this is part of the story what the un says this is part of the story listen to what we will say to you and your homes and your place is out of yemen you are trying to keep us here in santa and talk about everything in the world there is a big media campaign made by the saudis by the m. iraqis even by the british to sell their weapons to show the world that sun and the host these are unsubtle law are the only criminals who committed thinks in this war you committed some of that war through your british weapons through the american weapons so again let's open it for the whole world who you know what else can do when they get our side we are in this war as you well know it's not just your side knowing the other not how far you can dance as oil reserve or forest mr sharon read
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the report you know dawn to you don't you don't you're right you're out i'm not saying the whole truth to the world through your programs the un but the saudis and the blacklist 3 years ago that paid money they lifted them from the books and this is what will happen the saudis will pay a lot of money with the immoralities and you will lift them from the books of the crimes they have done and there you will keep the books for our people here in santa of what they did money talks and this is just a shot of human rights groups have noted another part of your oppression and that includes sexual violence and rape directed specifically at women who are politically active the un has named a senior who thier fish oh so tons of bean alleging his involvement in these methods is he a friend of yours a colleague of yours. no i'm a civilian now he's been on the un sanctions list series tries to 15 do you ignore the very serious accusations against him he thought rector of your criminal
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investigation department still you don't know is really had nothing to do with it are serious allegations i don't i don't know the person but i read the report about 4 times i've been and he died about a week ago here is sarah and again as i said let's open the books see what everyone did here and there there is another side to show your take on some of his charge last major silly mr sheriff there is no sign that you are taking any of these charges seriously the un has confirmed. and december 29 teams who 3 individuals rate 6 women in detention facilities in and around sana several were raped on multiple occasions over extended periods do you enjoy being known for these crimes 1st i'm not a hoodie when you speak about the whole these have a g.p.c. number another part of your coalition i represent our city of coalition we. yes yes
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correlation the assets a lot of your are living in israel part of your college something and other part of the coalition again yes but again let me tell you something we received some of the reports of the sanctions committee the one of the un and i take those reports and i sent letters to every department or the ministry concerned this is my role in this whole thing the ministry of foreign affairs cannot be really some kind of a decision making agency who can impose things on local institutions so we do our shop again anything like what you have said should be published should the world know about it not keep it only in the desks of the un and the other ministers i mean our institutions publish to the world lead the world are you going to do about iran's very serious charges aren't you concerned about them what are you going to do about these charges facing the who think we are members of your colleagues who are part
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of what you're going to do look i mean we will tell them what they have what we have a see as accusations against still and then nothing heart is asians and then nothing will happen no no who said no who's going to investigate what are you going to investigate the stocks in moscow where well and for sygate anyone who did anything to any human citizen i can assure you of this if i'm not doing it other people will do it mr sheriff given everything the world now knows about the brutality of who see and the corruption during this war i'm wondering what a peace time who think government would look like especially one that is charged with torturing its opponents stealing their assets and raping politically active women does not qualify or who says to take part in a peacetime government in yemen. ask your friends than americans what they're talking to them in moscow why why they are trying to take them on the table and
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deal with them nicely to get them to stop firing scud missiles to the saudis you have to know this interests make that the end of all wars talk to the americans ask them what they're do that well there is all these reports why you and the media are trying to show something for a certain purpose we tell you that we have not we have not done anything that might create hate against us as a government insana well depending on the human how do you view sunday morning if you will write whether the scenes are of no concern and no consequence only human rights abuses that i've listed and all and all these killings and all these killings by your planes by the saudis and american forces and does that out of line by how human rights abuse among 300000 no wonder so that has committed crimes does not justify long formal rights abuses don't burst don't. daunte but the human
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rights against what has happened to us the destruction and the killing of about 350000 yemenis by the saudis placed on the amount of the planes and you kind of have to talk about let's say tens or hundreds of people we will investigate everything but at the same time you should be accountable you know the world including britain and the us i'm the saudis i'm the mouthpiece for the hundreds of thousands of people who were killed here in yemen why we want to sell it we've got the rockets on our heads so you talk you don't talk about that you don't you talk about the thought sharing you talk about the problems that happen yes these things we will investigate but again we need investigation on the killing of hundreds of thousands of people and you should come to sanaa i know you're not and i'm the un has talked about the only one has demanded that as well thank you mr sharon is shamshad up thanks for being on conflict so thank you thank you thank you we'll see
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you again. and i'm. going on a boat. on and on and on about. you and. the book. going to. go to egypt going to cut the a monument the. clinton to the to the bahamas.
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it was trying to succeed in the budget the queen because i want to see if germany was for me the last few years have been quite o'brien clearly in evidence and learned that mahomet when it comes to jump is on the horse always look right in the eyes for a chance to have something goes on the new hobby of mine i'm going on the river and i love to be in the news there are pros in there at home but when you feed them all together they realize that culture is just another way of living are you ready to meet the 7 then join me right just do it on. more than
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a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. for. christianity for the established itself. both religious and secular leaders point to display their power. a huge race began. to create the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structures i am this is how massive churches are created. cultures of the drills starts april 12th on d. w. . imagine being born there's a. you're a liar a con prove it since. you want to look for no school. you want to be useful but on allowed to. when you're sick the doctor knows when you fall in love they
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won't. you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to you assure. you have no human rights. when you die and there's no proof of their existence. every 10 minutes. this is. 10000000 people in the world the stakes they have no nationality and told made up along and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say law and order. blame. blame.
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blame. blame. blame. blame blame. blame blame blame blame blame. this is g.w. news live from berlin and the u.s. secretary of state makes an unannounced visit to afghanistan actually flanking arrives in kabul to brief afghan official song president joe biden's plans to withdraw all u.s. troops by september and bring an end to america's longest war. also coming up demonstrators remember the hundreds of people killed since jan maher's military takeover in february this as security forces old.


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