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this is g.w. news live from berlin and the u.s. and nato are pulling their troops out of afghanistan starting may 1st president biden says all u.s. troops will be back home by september 11th bringing an end to america as long as it was. also coming up demonstrators gathered to remember the hundreds of people killed since me and maurice military takeover in february this summit reports security forces have opened fire on protesting medical workers. and india says
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another new record for corona virus cases 200000 in a single day so far this month the country has long 2000000 new infections we go to one hospital where the back scene drive is being described as chaos. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us u.s. president joe biden has announced all american forces will leave afghanistan by this september which marks the 20th anniversary of the 911 terror attacks the troop withdrawal will start may 1st biden says the exit will be done in full quarter nation with washington's allies. it's already the longest conflict in u.s. history now president biden has announced it's time for u.s. troops to leave the country where the 911 terrorist plot was hatched. i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over mercan troop presence in afghanistan 2
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republicans 2 democrats. i will not pass this responsibility on to a 5th the move is hugely controversial critics say it's an expression of fatigue and that the u.s. is abandoning afghanistan to the islamist tile about but biden says time's up. and look i know there are many who a lot of lead insist that the plan was he cannot succeed without a robust u.s. military presence to stand his leverage we gave that argument a decade it's never proved effective. not when we had 98000 troops in afghanistan and america's nato allies said afterwards they're joining the u.s. in heading for the exits. that we will start that withdrawal of may to port mission forces by may 1st some afghans welcomed
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the withdrawal of foreign troops but others fear their departure will leave people here even more vulnerable. is the only thing that all people want but if foreign troops stay here the realization of peace in afghanistan will be impossible their presence will continue to cause problems forgotten leaving in a time. not a new year with the negotiations we haven't received and that they meant with the taliban would not be responsible and it would. cost us losing everything we put in the past 20 years afghanistan's president says the country's military is fully capable of defending the afghan people that pledge will likely soon be tested on. let's get the view from afghanistan now we can speak to journalist ali latif
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he's standing by in a couple hi ali do afghans trust their president 20 says that the afghan military cannot provide adequate security for people. at this point there are other than. if we look at the security situation throughout the country it's gotten much worse all have become much less secure than it's ever been and there are major cities. are. there every single day but at this point there's also no other option they know that they have to put their faith in the security forces have to put their faith in the government and hope for the back in the next 4 months if we look beyond the security situation of the last 20 years there have been important gains made for minority groups for women democratic gains as well how worried are people about this progress being. a race after the troop withdrawal . i think we have to look at the so-called gays in the game very
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carefully because there have been a lot of threats that the gains or regained power you want to turn them over the last 20 years you know we've had that people within the government saying that they've had difficulty because of their gender or that they have to be. really that was the kind of the government to prove that they're standing by. the the form it meant them that they can carry forth with them without international support how can the government do that ali. that's a very good question and i think they really have to be serious about it you know they i mean look at it work having to. and the last one done moscow there was only one woman president we have so many for instance like meetings with high level officials even with foreign dignitaries and there's maybe one woman present in all of these or you know you are not in these meetings i think minorities are not properly represented religious minorities are not to be represented so at this point the government has to live up to its promises and you know to show that you
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know whether the taleban and join the government or not they are willing to stand by these words you mentioned the peace talks and i want to ask you specifically about that if we look ahead what do you think the prospects are for a successful peace process. you know now it's really scary because that's all of on are saying that in total all foreign troops are not out of the country they're not accepting this and. they're saying we were promised me 1st and if anyone stays beyond the 1st we're not going to take part in any of these talks so now the real question and the real issue is whether or not the united states will pressure on the fall of on to show up to actually take part because you know the u.s. can literally pressure on the government simply by saying we're cutting the purse what can they do to the taliban to make sure that they actually continue with these peace talks that they actually make sure that they go forward because if you look at previous statements by the u.n. they have referring to things like a reduction in violence to
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a cease fire to robust peace talks but none of that was really mentioned by biden must journalist only latif he's speaking to us there from thank you so much. will continue. now among the nato troops who will leave afghanistan by september are more than a 1000 german soldiers germany provides a 2nd highest number of troops on the ground after the u.s. they offer training and support to the afghan security forces earlier this year germany agreed to extend its military deployment because of the worsening security situation but when the u.s. led forces pull out so will the german contingent. and we could talk more about that with thomas horn he's the state secretary in the german defense ministry and a member of parliament for chancellor merkel's conservative bloc mrs abel hunt thank you very much for joining us here on the w. is now really the right time to pull out of afghanistan. we've always said
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we were in afghanistan together and we will go out together so we have been in sound consultation in recent weeks and so we are not surprised about this decision taken by the nato council and we are well prepared for the withdrawal and for the redeployment of our troops you've also always said that it wasn't about dates or timetables but about the situation on the ground and we just heard that the situation isn't good the security situation the taliban is resurgent there are real concerns about what might happen to women's rights that have been won over the last 20 years so what support can germany offer that going forward. well 1st of all of the core military go to deploy troops of ganesan was to avoid future threats for us from afghan soil this core military goal has been accomplished but the political goes beyond the military perspective of course have not been fully
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achieved and it's remains of the question of for the bullet to leaders for all actors in afghanistan how to find to reconsideration to a peaceful development to new elections and to stabilization in this society which is suffering for 4 decades already from civil war german forces have been offering training and support to afghan security forces as we said do you think that afghan security forces are now in the position that they're well trained enough to provide security for the afghan people. well they are much better trained than before and our approach has been full lined with all our nato partners sue we did a brilliant job i think our soldiers deployed to afghanistan are engaged until the end of april this mandate yes will be closed and finished but we accomplished what we had to do from our military standpoint and of course. the threats remain in the
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civil society and in this. dualism between illegitimate government of afghanistan and the taliban forces who are still set on by a lands and this ground for violence and civil war in afghanistan has to be has to end his to lead to a political process of reconciliation civilization and i think this announcement to end the presence of the international troops should give new motivation and pete to the negotiation process is ongoing in afghanistan this is it behind you just said it yourself that threats remain and we have heard from afghans who say they're extremely concerned about what might happen in the country after troops withdraw we did not be better to put some sort of conditions upon this withdrawal to give the taliban for example some incentive to take part in peace talks or not to start
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violence once again. i think it's true. the taliban forces. will have to. be in close contact with the international community they are in no way capable to finance their government and visions and to finance their forces so this society in afghanistan as a whole will depend on support from the international community and this has some preconditions so when it comes to good redeployment of troops it's now time base and no longer conditioned base but when it comes to the future development of ghana's turn some more conditions have been have to be met. in order to ensure additional international support and this should be the momentum
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for the political actors in afghanistan in particular for the taliban to come to the table thomas everhart state secretary in the german defense ministry thank you very much for joining us here and. thank you. let's take a look now at some other headlines from around the world the editors of a russian student magazine that covered nationwide protests supporting jailed opposition leader election of only have been charged with incitement those charges stem from a video documenting intimidation and threats against students the editors could face 3 years in prison. the us police officer who shot and killed dante wright an unarmed black man has been arrested prosecutors plan to charge kimberly potter with 2nd degree manslaughter she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted the incident has sparked 3 nights of unrest near the city of minneapolis. security
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forces in me and maher have arrested one of the main leaders of the campaign against military rule it comes after the army reportedly opened fire on medical workers who were taking part in a proto mock receive protest in the city of mandalay hundreds of people have been killed and many more injured since a military coup in february overthrew the elected government and this week marks myanmar's traditional new year festival but instead of celebrating many are opting to continue the protests. they should be celebrating the new year festival of 10 jan instead they're marching against a coup. true that saw the overthrow of their elected leader aung san suu kyi and replaced her with a military dictatorship. across me and my protesters holding flowers are using this week as a rallying cry. but they know the risks security
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forces roam the streets. dissent is quickly and brutally stamped out. just ask these people in current state forced into hiding in caves after the military join to carried out airstrikes in their region. the military seems intent on intensifying its pitiless policy of buy ins against the people of myanmar using military grade and indiscriminate weaponry. more than 700 people have died since february according to a local monitoring group. but that hasn't stopped the protest is as they continue their fight for freedom. the u.n. security council is stopped short of considering sanctions on me and mar with both china and russia against the move earlier we spoke to political scientist ever had
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sense not to and asked him for the threat of sanctions is pushing the unmarked closer to china i mean our money is in china's arms even without this military coup it would be closely connected to china but the problem is what else could we do we could condemn it equips establish sanctions this leads us to this old and familiar debate about sanctions sanctions do have effects yes but most of the time as we can see in russia and in many other cases they do not have the intended effects they are created for so i would have my doubts whether a strong words from western countries even military economic sanctions would really change the behavior of this brutal military regime in the end it will be up to the people in myanmar they take the current issue to the streets they risk their lives they don't need only start strong words they would need anything else but this is
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what we do not supplied to them they are getting. rhetorical support but that's it in the end that has been the case in the past and unfortunately it will happen this time as love. political scientist. speaking to us there a little bit earlier. let's check in now on the corona virus pandemic and the latest developments there brazil's richest and most populous state sao paulo says its ability to care for seriously ill covert 1000 patients is on the verge of collapse as it runs low on key drugs a top japanese official said canceling this year's olympics in tokyo remains an option as the country's 4th wave of infections becomes too dire wednesday marked $100.00 days to the opening ceremony in cambodia as leader one send says his country is on the brink of death valley and urged people to work together to avoid calamity from the latest coronavirus search india has set another new record for
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corona virus cases 200000 in the last 24 hours and just in the 1st half of this month 2000000 new infections have been reported experts are blaming complacency and frustration among the public for the surge many states have started re imposing restrictions such as curfews as the cases increase so too does the demand for vaccinations it is money that's how the reports from ghaziabad. had to small private hospital struggling to just back the nation against called in 1000. that the show is one of them almost 70 he has pushed short with the goes good soup for dinner and frontline group. to work communication and didn't get really sick even if they become infected hard to get through to. get infected ordered least i want to seek you for do with the crowd you know today is
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larger than usual. one staff member called it careless. this hospital in one point had to turn people because they had run out of vaccine the pov. of many hospitals in this area including the one right behind me face up over 1000 vaccine shortage while some offical had done on the number of people who were vaccinated every other stop the vaccination process entirely for a few days these reports came at a time when several states in the country are facing. crisis including maharashtra which at the moment is the worst state hospital did receive its stock of vaccine today after having gone for nearly a week without people hopeful they can get the job. while there was some hesitancy to get vaccinated earlier the past few weeks have seen demand increased rapidly.
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started more people have started coming. on their doors and. india is recording an alarming number of new coronavirus cases every day and infections are now spreading much faster as hospitals scramble to increase capacity there are clear signs the indian health care sector is again coming under severe strain. dr shelton the judge who founded a chain of prostitutes offering affordable can cause the 2nd be a tsunami the numbers are mind boggling the medical infrastructure is completely over struggling struggling to find oxygen patients are struggling to find birds. in different ways 7 job put us 2 birds and only into their equipment the doctors need to provide the facilities that are. necessary to combat this pandemic
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but john says he's disappointed that the lessons from the past have not been learned adequately. for the people waiting here there is some truly at least for now. they are getting their short. hoping that will give them some protection against the corona by this. that story came from our correspondent i need to tell be in delhi and she joins us now for more on the story how many are we've seen new cases and deaths hitting record highs almost daily and we know as we saw in that report that india is producing vaccines of its own but how quickly can those efforts be ramped up let us know by what i don't believe that both of you that urge out of but one thing is evident way by what the floods are seen by the reports that we are not able to manufacture and many maxie and that is why it says the event of the 2nd wave the domestic demand for that summation had increased that you
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had to see that was there how. much of a driving demand the last mission to be built on the industrial community had of the sudan as you know which is the largest back in a factor as clearly said that they lack in trying and they do need a sizable cash is also on the up their production now at this time in the situation that we are there are questions also being reached about that what is the about the whole mix of what a large number of acts into the store look at the you know you have a lot lucia not. well this is adding pressure to the health care system many of us so what are authorities doing to stem that pressure but there's actually many looks like on the brink of collapse again the governments on their part are trying to increase testing they are trying to encourage people that if they do not need a little lucky to get admitted in the beliefs of trying to get better actually they do not need to be their oxygen support they are trying to import restrictions at night and we can tell you they're trying to john's with us as and wesley should say
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just so that the pressure on the hospital not to do you. just very quickly do people still trust the government to get the situation under control. and say one thing that there's growing criticism is evident all it wants people can see that they're going to allow an election that has to be in the national. circuit hornish magaluf in rallies without your thought being formed the only law which is the largest single just that will is being allowed to do was done still those are i'm not wrong there and there is no call to police all of their thousands of people in crowds in a small suv when it comes to a back seat so what is the license to the no one seems to going to dismiss and what would you do all this. so looking at all this i don't see that there is a growing sense of purpose of the legal or. did every as many of us have a from delhi with the latest there thank you was not just india that's struggling to get the pandemic under control here in germany new cases have risen to
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a 3 month high just under 30000 new infections have been registered in the last day almost 300 people have died taking the total number of deaths in germany to almost 80000 the government to seeking to push through fresh measures health minister against iran says new restrictions are inevitable. right seems interesting alone will not be enough to break the 3rd wave it will take decisive action and hard as it is further restrictions. we can already full see that if we don't stop this trend our healthcare system will reach its limits that's why the situation in the intensive care units is one of the most decisive factors because our main goal in this pandemic is to prevent our health care system from being overwhelmed. me our chief political editor michelle acuteness following the latest on this for us we've seen in the last 24 hours the highest number of new cases in more than 3 months what is
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behind this big growth in numbers. well behind that is that 3rd wave that is clearly driven by the b. 117 known as versus mutation which makes up almost 90 percent of the cases that are being detected here and many right now it's very alarming it's also the younger age groups that are being particularly hit and that means open schools and people going to work as an increasing factor as older people are much safer now because there is this vaccination going on but vaccinations currently just over 16 percent here in germany are simply not happening fast enough to break this 3rd wave and that's why we're hearing this appeal both by those who have you know somewhat like the german doctor and germany's health minister against on to those 16 states to take immediate action now which shows that at this moment the federal structure of germany is at
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a disadvantage at best policymaking is lagging behind and at worst it's failing to tackle this 3rd wave head on well the government is working to try to centralize this covert response is it coming too late. yes that would be the plain answer after having listened to this press conference this national emergency break that is in the making in the german parliament as we speak almost would hit at an incidence rate of 100 per 100000 people within the space of 7 days while the german average already is at $160.00 and we also heard from the head of the hobart call institute that the $200.00 incidence rate which is supposed to then trigger an automatic closure of schooling would not be reached because there would be so many cases in schooling today so policy is being made by the virus by facts on the ground and not by policymakers to prevent germany hitting the full brunt of this
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3rd wave so it's a very alarming situation here right now our chief political editor with the latest there thank you. french president has inspected the restoration work of notre dame cathedral in paris on the 2nd anniversary of the devastating fire that partly destroyed the gothic masterpiece the landmark is on track for its planned reopening in time for the olympic games and 2024 the interior of the cathedral is still filled with scaffolding a 1000 agent oak trees are drying out to rebuild the spire restoration workers have to take regular showers because the site is contaminated by lead which melted in the fire. let's get a reminder now of our top story sure on t.w. u.s. president joe biden is pulling american forces out of the longest war in u.s. history the troops will leave afghanistan by the symbolic date of september 11th
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washington's nato allies will also withdraw from the country. coming up next a new encrypted coronavirus contact tracing app here in germany it's supposed to help and lockdowns but can it work monica jones has the details on did it your business up next.
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list story of 2 sisters who were never actually new siblings. the story of 2 women in search of their origin. the story of an adoption scandal that rocked the netherlands. model
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so kids under a. 60 minutes on d w imagine komi pushed some old loves us thrown out and i'm all right now climate change for me the coffee story. faces a life lesson when photos one with. how much work really do. we still have time to and i'm going. sort of says. that some strive for more like those. in many countries education is still a privilege poverty is one of the main cause it some young children working my interests instead of going to close a deuce can attend classes only have to be finished looking. at millions of children all over the world to have to go to school.
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we ask why. because education makes the world more just. make up your own mind. w. made for minds. german companies demand give us the vaccine b.s. f. and folks bottom already started vaccinating their employees in-house now others including $27.00 tax listed companies want to follow suit. and german businesses hope encrypted tracking and tracing was a new new cut out it will soon end the need for markdowns. also coming up judgment day for turkeys and you central bank chief will you fulfill president of the once wished for low.


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