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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2021 7:45am-8:00am CEST

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the sit on this is in indonesia quite young when true believers pray you can tell they've gone somewhere else. here's a comparison between a shiite mother and an orthodox jew a lot of looks reef and there's a family resemblance. between the jews but of course another great example of a suspended moment when we look at this was the coffee ceremony in an ethiopian jewish family where you've been able to emigrate you're by to make idea to his room but if i leave on the side. then the christians i love this one because sitting was a mass in the courtyard of a house in mahdi maybe and again you could feel the spirit of you were christianity
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. in the palm yeah the sample some think this is a muslim of it which is a cup to christian but she uses the same gestures in prayer. because she the worship with the east next return to the buddhists is there with the lights going around the tree for the tree ceremony she is in new now the hindus will appear to come in praying in the early morning for the for the wife is tied to her husband with her sari. what a lot of tranquility. chilo see with us here you have enjoyed our initiation ceremony and cause a monsoon senegal will simply go to my thighs i spent a night doing initiation ceremonies it iss in the early morning. at what's your relationship to god you call john cordial. early it's a professional relationship but cordial. to me called your professionalism he
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doesn't tell me how to photograph his flock and i don't tell him how to behave towards his believe was a horrible theory of mutual respect required cordial all his speech rarely call joe . there's room for the if you put in a photograph religion face off but everything that surrounds the. social political economic and psychological aspects all that interests me. is that. this is merely a photographer and also incidentally my companion. she's
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preparing a book of her work so i'm trying to advise. there should be a secret dialogue between the photographs perhaps this could go near it missy. but who. knows an idea for instance. traveling with him makes me realize how little time we have. and how important it is for us to make use of every 2nd that we are given because he does it his photos as. complex as he is profound as subtle as he is this creature and it carries great great depth of emotions and i have never known that to be possible by looking at a photograph until i thought his work. although he says his relationship with god
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is charlie professional i see in him a true believer a believer in the human potential of which the limits he challenge us every single 2nd of his life. are subject to. let me know when you're ready to come ready if you're ready to us are you staying back or. if overemotional you better if you were here. to say stop getting around to a jury go to court well. let's go to beauty. school per year what can we say about beauty. divinity to use it if i had a publisher in the us for my book on mexico who said that an old aren't professor
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was italian. and every time he spoke about a painting he stood in front of it and said ah ah ah but it wasn't on going to do the same thing yet commune the how many photos are there here 1616 times i'll say ah ah ah interesting that says it all.
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and if. not discover these up among us and we'll move on to sadness is this. small so sadness. listen i'm not going to go. who are. because of my football or perhaps my favorite photo about sadness is this one i see . in mt you see a bride in kabul. the minute the husband is absent he had immigrated. i was sure it was a marriage by proxy a blow by the husband was only there on a photo. the by the you can see your face it's not a joyful face those unique earlier call heinie costs you know quranic school in southern thailand. may put that much perhaps the saddest photo i've taken is this one. says it was during the siege of sarajevo policy it was
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a makeshift cemetery because the serbs surrounded city itself for lack of space the dead were just buried anywhere. it was every afternoon i walked past here and every afternoon there was a uniformed bosnian soldier mourning his young wife. so one for his grief was very very great because he was there every day was he later at.
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a bus abbas what will be found today. who knows. because when we were starting the last day of filming. a boss took me aside to tell me how he wanted to end the bell. because he knew he'd never see and wish them enough. so private life the last chapter. should be on yes yes for iranians there are 2 very different worlds god and peter any. sort of
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beautiful name is the outside world all that is public and to name is anything private and yours it is a very clear delineation between them so. they have never been comfortable in situations there's private moments and even when i was invited. by this perhaps subconsciously i thought that i don't like it when my private life was filmed there photographed with those i feel. when i see this is one of the few times i've allowed a camera in my own. living if she was. with us this work on private life began when my 1st granddaughter was born which he. up until then i'd only had brothers male cousins and good then son he was also usually good if you saw the 1st woman in the pram i was cherished life i me the. daughter for that i photograph to show down and out of her sister who was born soon after ages of the people i kept
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on throughout their childhood and adolescence how they is now a mother which makes me her great grandfather accomplished one of those who's a felon i thought i'm working on a book about my granddaughter's showdown and on a ledge on the natalie i'll make a selection for the phone issue if i'm sure our house offered louche was because of the. courage of ever the name caller she knew her. current kirk. jacobson
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the. church of well off with the g.o.p. . busy who owing because this company goes to shit cleaner and up i considered a. 1. 00. 0. 0. 0000 emission. not sit your own country. well that was i think are. sick or leave. well. rally found the market for the half a part that there might be too cool a precinct consent gone to for took
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a week of us to chill because they still had seen. in something new for 2. may go wrong mission loss or evil. lead the found. when you were. one.
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of the illusions which you are paid to think howard simply wanted any of our great products to meet in person plastic and together we can make the world a little bit better. for our. filing of an advertising strategy but is that real far behind us or is it just green washing thanks to the consumer injury. 30 minutes on w feeling. we have employed numers.
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smoking as a. healthy. posted signs are good for the believers global warming doesn't exist. don't believe those. not yet because. you have read my mind it's. industry is controlling your thoughts there are times to. find. it's not easy to spot i'm saying one thing industry is saying another. great book so good 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. such. player
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. played. played. this is news live from our land the us and nato are pulling their troops out of afghanistan beginning on made the 1st president biden says that all u.s. troops will be back home by september 11th bringing an end to america's longest war but many in afghanistan fear that the exit could jeopardize.


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