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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2021 4:45am-5:16am CEST

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when the world's forests be restored. 10 years ago representatives from many countries met in the german city of bonn where they agreed to restore deforested and degraded landscapes it was called the bond challenge each country set its own goals. countries all over the globe committed to planting 1500000 square kilometers of new forest by 2020 a few gender taking that's an area about half the size of the indian subcontinent. but that's not all by 2030 they're aiming to have planted up to 3500000 square kilometers that's like covering an area larger than the whole of india with trees. it's the world's largest ever reforestation program from peru in the andes to countries across africa new forests are appearing. in india is also taking part and
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so is pakistan. i spoke to the director of rwanda's forestry authority how would he rate his country's progress in the bond challenge. hundredfold. has been. good. for. other countries like malawi have also been successful with their planting but they've still lost tree coverage overall because deforestation continues apace in other parts of the country. so played. and this. is on. his own you know it's no longer reverse so. you think you have
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a plus or minus. you have a minus goes i think then little. we're losing $1000.00 a year. blunting. over all the bomb challenge has succeeded only in slowing the pace of deforestation and saw global forests continue to shrink over the last decade alone 470000 square kilometers of forest disappeared that's an area larger than switzerland. and many experts agree that the goals of the bomb challenge are not being achieved partly because of ongoing deforestation. is the organization behind the initiative think of it all. it is a tragic thing because obviously restoration is not an answer to everything
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restoration has to go hand in hand with protection of the forests that that remain you know was never intended to take any attention away from that. germany didn't commit to any goals in the bone challenge the 30 percent of the country is already covered with forest however most of it is monoculture so the forestry authorities are gradually planting of mixed forests. it is the reason you can get a mixed forest is much more resistant to pests and climate stress and is much more valuable to the entire ecosystem because many more species can establish themselves here a mixed forest is also much better for building up ground water for the condition of the humans and nutrients in the soil and the owners want it. as it's a mixed forests require more work but also create more revenue from timber to these
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commercial forests that most don't challenge participants are focusing on even if many nations are behind on their goals the start has been made it's vital that reforestation continues. now from forester to farmer as it makes sense to take up such a profession these days or keep the tradition of the family farm going there or be in india or here in germany because it's not just become a battle against the elements the consequences of global warming of drought in some parts and heavy rainfall in others either of which can wipe out whole harvests globalization has also ushered in a new fight against regulation competition and environmental rules big corporations also have a hand in the business leaving the farmer in a pickle. for 6 months now thousands of families would be staging a protest on the outskirts of delhi. that demonstrating against new laws passed by
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the indian government last autumn the farmers feared that opening up the agricultural sector to corporations will put an end to the minimum guarantee prices for vegetables rice and other crops. in germany farmers have also been protesting in downtown bali and they're angry about the increases in environmental regulations and governmental oversight they say that puts them at a competitive disadvantage and threatens the future of smaller farms. where in the northern indian state of her iana like hundreds of thousands of other farmers in the country freddie poda but his uncle defender still plant and harvest their crops by hand. they're still able to feed their families but say the new legislation will soon jeopardize their livelihoods for decades the agricultural sector has been heavily regulated but many farmers believe that liberalizing the
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market will see large corporations dictating prices in the future. yeah right now i work with one aim in mind if i grow this much i can sell it for that much but under these new laws i lose that security. you cannot get in if the government has created conditions under which farmers will no longer be able to sell their crops. the price of fuel fertilizers and seeds is rising. and we can't set any money aside . now so for me only makes sense if you can't find any other job. in eastern german state to brandenberg farmers also face a complicated reality. germany already had stringent social and environmental standards when the government started tightening them further a few years ago against reineke says they make it almost impossible for farmers like him to carry on which is why he's been attending the protest in berlin. you
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can't hit us with all these regulations well at the same time allowing imports of cheaper goods produced to lower standards we can't compete with that. and food retailers are using their combined power to exploit the situation with 100 new students when i was. back in india. the who also raise livestock be extended family all live together in one house and have been living off farming for generations. worried about his prospects in farming pretty poor they're trained to be a teacher but has found it hard to find a job. he said of what the politicians are. telling us farmers what's good for us but they never even set foot on a field of the money government supposedly wants to help but there's not one single politician who understands farming. said god look at me enough the government is
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using tricks they're not interested in the well being of farmers they keep trying to divide us they claim we're being funded by foreign elements they want to break up the protests and aren't interested in a resolution and i'm going to go to mr goulden he has. been both india and germany farmers receive subsidies the european union assigns several 1000000000 euros a year to german families but he says that's not enough he complains that the market is being flooded by cheap foodstuffs. because just look at the foreign leases in many regions and the cost of energy labor and machinery. there are really high here compared to other countries and we have to compete with extremely low prices. even with the subsidies the price we get for grain is no longer enough to cover our costs through. his wife
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works full time as a headdress and to help keep them afloat. and it's unlikely that either of their 2 adult sons will take over the farm. so as things stand it doesn't have a future because there are just too many hurdles standing they can take. in india the protests began last november defender hoda and his nephew have joined the protests a number of times but not sure they can go to delhi again which would mean relying on the neighbors and the women in their family to run the fun in that absence. but imagine if we lose a year's crop because we're at the protests. we need to think about the generations to come we're doing this for them they say india is a nation of farmers but what will the future hold if you deprive farmers of their earnings. for the family continue to support the protests and hope the
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government will roll back the new laws to ensure that small family run farms like theirs can survive. it's a sentiment shared by against china in germany. he'd like to see a curve on cheap imports from abroad. very different if i had to. if i could wish for something it would be that we only allow food products into germany that meet the same environmental and social standards that we have here. but once he. gets a wage that's at odds with an open global market and so the plight of farmers in india and in germany look set to go from bad to worse. the future follows restoring forests the virtues of
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a secular economy and plastic promises that's it for this week's edition of may i stab you along i'll see you next. few.
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into the conflict zone to sebastien. despite 1st diplomatic talks the 6 year war yellow shows little sign of ending my guest this week from the yemeni capital sana'a is who shall be shut off following the news of the soul style government of his forces during the keenest of policing shocking crimes including indiscriminately like. conflicts of course at buffy. in 30 minutes. the story of 2
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sisters who were never actually lucid blames. the story of 2 women in search of their origin. the story of an adoption scandal that rocked the netherlands. the focus on europe. the minutes on w. 1986. their story their very own personal drama. the people who survived to look at telstra and remember. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before. chernobyl stuart's april 28th on t.w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. just 3
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this is good news live from berlin the u.s. and nato announced they're pulling their troops out of afghanistan starting may 1st president biden says all u.s. troops will be back home by september 11th bringing an end to america's longest war but reactions in afghanistan are mixed with some fearing the exit could jeopardize gains made in the mocker sea and women's rights. another vaccination said back in south africa where the use of the astra zeneca vaccine is already on hold now the suspension of the johnson and johnson vaccine is another huge blow to the country
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its fight against hope 19. and the tiny particles making a very big noise in the world of physics make it matter but scientists say what really matters is the way the new ones move that could help explain some of the biggest mysteries of the universe. a mommy is a welcome it's a date to end the longest war in the in us history u.s. president joe biden has announced all american forces will be withdrawn from afghanistan by september 11th speaking at the white house president biden said the troop pullout would begin on may 1st and be completed before the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 attacks washington's nato allies will follow the u.s. out of afghanistan also beginning in may. the move will mark the end of
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a 20 year conflict for the u.s. the longest in its history and afghanistan the announcement has prompted a mixed reaction. the news broke on a national holiday it's ramadan and in the streets of kabul many were on their way to the mosque or to do some last minute shopping to break the fast after dark nobody here expected the u.s. announcement of its troop withdrawal. by the bidens decision took me completely by surprise as i think it did all afghans. it's definitely not the right time to withdraw u.s. and all other foreign troops from the country and. for the us it's a historic decision after 20 years the longest of a conflict the us military has been involved in will come to an end and with it the deployment of all other allied troops there is still 10000 soldiers stationed here mostly to consult and support afghan security personnel what will they leave behind
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parliamentarian and women's rights activist naheed fareed is concerned remember a lot of may have to act as the math this hasty decision to pull out u.s. troops plunges afghanistan into a deep crisis to me but it could trigger another civil war brawny commit to one. her view is shared by many international experts security in afghanistan has deteriorated dramatically. an agreement the trumpet ministration reached with the taliban in february last year failed to bring any peace. 20 years after they were expelled by the u.s. and its allies the taliban now control nearly half the country over the last few months they have repeatedly threatened war. after the u.s. announcement the taliban spokesperson demanded the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops and announce that the taliban won't take part in any further peace
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negotiations. after 20 years of international military engagement and billions of financial aid the u.s. and its allies set to leave behind a country that remains one of the poorest and most unstable in the world. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world the minnesota a police officer who shot and killed dante wright an unarmed black man has been arrested prosecutors plan to charge kimberly potter with 2nd degree manslaughter she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted the incident has prompted 3 nights of unrest near the u.s. city of minneapolis. the editors of a russian student magazine that covered nationwide protests supporting jailed opposition leader alexei no vonnie have been charged with incitement the charges stem from a video documenting intimidation and threats of expulsion of students fazed for
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taking part in the protests in january the editors face a maximum of 3 years in prison. a regional governor in egypt has visited the injured in hospital after a road accident that killed 20 people a bus collided with a truck with both vehicles catching fire for road conditions and reckless driving till thousands of people in egypt each year. somalia's president mohammed abdul he mohammad also known as far maggio has signed a controversial law extending his mandate for another 2 years the move comes after a presidential election due to be held in february was called off the u.s. and the e.u. have warned of further instability in somalia and have threatened sanctions over the new law. the rollout of the johnson and johnson vaccine has been paused in the us much of europe and south africa after reports of rare blood clotting in
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a very small number of people health authorities said they were halting the use of the shot while they investigate the case the suspension has dealt another huge blow to south africa's vaccine rollout in february the country already stopped the use of the astra zeneca vaccine after it showed low efficacy of am against an aggressive local virus variant biotech pfizer jobs are only due to arrive next month and experts have warned of a looming 3rd wave. situation of hospitals is already becoming dire there for patients and for health workers and our next report we need a doctor who'd had enough of what she says are unsafe working conditions. doctors so little was sick from the is weary of vaccines 9 years ago when she was 21 she became ill with tuberculosis despite having been inoculated against it. before corona virus vaccines reached south africa she resigned from her post in a public hospital because she didn't feel safe anymore. our kids 6 of us still as
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the as they were when i checked. in take the top you know which i feel is a huge problem it's a huge problem and shows that after all these years you know the lives of some of. a former colleague made this video of supply here she is wearing full personal protective equipment but she says that in the hospital where she worked it was either not available or inadequate sifaka worked in intensive care and as a midwife she's been at home since she left at the end of the year even though she feels guilty about leaving she believes she did the right thing. medical staff are badly needed but her life has to come 1st. hundreds of doctors and nurses in south africa have already died from cope at 19. i really felt as though i was working in a system that didn't really care about my own life and without was going to make it
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to tomorrow or not you know especially seeing all the how work is dying the tributes online you can help but think that that's going to be unix. those fears are justified only a few 100000 people in south africa have been vaccinated. there aren't enough doses to go around at the current rate it would take 16 years to vaccinate the whole population south africa would like to manufacture its own vaccines but the patents are all registered overseas the only way i'd go back is if i'd be able to control you know my exposure to illnesses you know and if i am exposed to illnesses make sure that i have the corrects effective p.p. . civil but also needs to be vaccinated but while she's no longer working as a doctor she doesn't mind waiting. now as to some of the other
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developments in the pandemic biotech pfizer will provide that you will with an extra $50000000.00 doses in the 2nd quarter of this year this is on top of the 200000000 already earmarked for the e.u. denmark will stop using the astra zeneca vaccine entirely because of its possible link to rare cases of blood clots this could delay denmark's vaccine roll out by up to a month and south korea has reported its highest daily jump and new infections and 3 months health experts are blaming increased travel which they say shows public vigilance is falling. now physicists are excited about what could be a major breakthrough in our understanding of the universe to do with the behavior of subatomic particles called new ones experiments at a lab in the near the u.s. city of chicago has shown that new ones move at a rate that's faster than expected but tension unlocking the secrets of a previously undiscovered 5th force of nature. this could be
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the door to a whole new world of physics for years researchers have been using this ring made of super conducting magnets to accelerate the tiniest building blocks of matter cold new ones until they're almost as fast as the speed of light that's when they can observe how mew and interact with other forces and particles. and the results show that myans actually behave completely different to how current theory says they should up until now and something called the standard model explained all subatomic particles and they characteristics such as charge mass and lifespan. but scientists have observed that the behavior of these miron suggest particles and forces exist outside of the theory. of everything that we can see in our universe everything around us can be explained by a few building blocks these blocks describe the standard model of particle physics
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. one group of these particles makes up matter. the others transfer force this theory can explain 3 of these forces but the full force of gravity can't be explained in this way this is the force that keeps planets in their orbits of data fix everything that has mass. when the universe was created by the big bang these 4 forces combined that's why the standard model can't explain what exactly happened at the beginning of time. in the myans experiments could help us plug these fundamental gaps in our scientific knowledge and help us solve mysteries that have been confusing astrophysicists for decades. but 1st more exact
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measurements and testing needs to be carried out to make sure the myans unexplained behavior really can be attribute it to unknown particles or forces. japan has staged a ceremony to mark the start of a $100.00 day countdown to the olympic games in tokyo organizers unveiled the olympic rings at the top of mount a cow west of the japanese capital the international olympic committee says the games will go ahead despite fears about the pandemic the i.o.c. says it has taken measures such as banning international spectators to prevent a surge in infections and to avoid the games being cancelled as they were last year . now in in the champions league quarter finals manchester city have beaten dortmund 2 to one to advance to the next round jude bellingen opened the scoring for dortmund after 15 minutes but in the 2nd half riyad morez fired in
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a penalty for city and phil foden netted their 2nd dortmund were the last german team left in the tournament also on wednesday rail madrid held liverpool to a goal this draw the result means ray will go to through to the semifinals after their win in the 1st leg now 2 years ago today the world watched in horror as a huge fire ravaged the drill in paris on the 2nd anniversary of the blaze reconstruction of the famous landmark as well on track for its planned reopening in 2024. interior of the cathedral is still filled with a web of scaffolding and $1000.00 specially selected oak trees are drying out to reconstruct the spire french president emanuel coa said to visit the site later to think all those who are taking part in the reconstruction effort and the firefighters who rescued the building from the flames.
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here's a reminder of the top story world we're following for you. president joe biden has confirmed the united states military will leave afghanistan on september 11th this year after 2 decades of war mr biden says only the afghans themselves of the right and responsibility to leave their country nato boss installed in baghdad says the allies will pull out but the u.s. . don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from the google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story you can also use the d.w. app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. and you're watching the news live from berlin up next conflict zone with tim sebastian. you can always get the latest on a website that's d.w.
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dot com or follow us on twitter and instagram d w news i'm on the notice of thanks for watching. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus up to come 19th. on t w. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard.


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