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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2021 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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the 1st. this is developing news live from berlin the u.s. and nato announced they're pulling troops out of afghanistan starting may 1st president biden says all u.s. troops will be back home by september 11th bringing an end to america's longest war but reactions in afghanistan are mixed with some fearing the exit could jeopardize gains made in democracy and women's rights. another vaccination setback in south africa where the use of the astra zeneca vaccine is already on hold now the suspension of the johnson and johnson vaccine is another huge blow to the country
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in its fight against covert 19. and the tiny particles making a very big noise in the world of physics if you want to make matter of what scientists say what really matters is is the way they move that could help explain some of the biggest mysteries of the universe. a mommy and it's if it's good to have you with us u.s. president joe biden has announced all american forces will be withdrawn from afghanistan by september 11th biden said the troop withdrawal will begin on may 1st and be completed before the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 terror attacks his announcement affirms his predecessor donald trump's agreement with the taliban but goes against the advice of his own defense department. it's already the longest conflict in u.s. history now president biden has announced it's time for u.s.
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troops to leave the country where the 911 terrorist plot was hatched. i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan to republicans to democrats i will not pass this responsibility on to a 5th the move is hugely controversial critics say it's an expression of fatigue and that the u.s. is a bend in afghanistan to the islamist taliban but biden says time's up. and look i know there are many who a lot of the insist that the plan was he cannot succeed without a robust u.s. military presence to stand his leverage we gave that argument a decade it's never proved fact. not we had 98000 troops in afghanistan. and america's nato allies said afterwards they're joining the u.s. in heading for the exits. i decided that we will start
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that would draw all of the support mission forces by may 1st some afghans welcome the withdrawal of foreign troops but others fear their departure will leave people here even more vulnerable to sort of a model when this is the only thing that all people want but if foreign troops stay here the realization of peace in afghanistan will be impossible their presence will continue to cause problems but got it leaving in a time. not a new year with the negotiations we haven't received and that they meant with the fall of one would not be responsible and it would. cost us losing everything we were worth in the past 20 years afghanistan's president says the country's military is fully capable of defending the afghan people that pledge will likely soon be
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tested. from washington i'm joined now by d.w. correspondent carolyn and she more carolina thanks for joining us so biden here is basically following through with a plan set by his predecessor president donald trump can we say that this is a bipartisan decision in some way. no anerley i mean republicans as well as democrats are really divided on this issue in a statement on the senate floor minority leader republican mitch mcconnell said for example that the plan is reckless and a grave mistake he said this is a sign of retreat in the face of the enemy and other republicans joined him in his in this critic saying this is a computer lation from the u.s. and from the international side but also some democrats criticized president biden's decision saying that this could to motivate the taliban to disability the country so no this is definitely not
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a bipartisan decision and it divides both parties is this also explains why it is a decision that was a made by former president donald trump on this now happening under a democratic president and our joe biden. now walk us through the details of that withdrawal here what happens between now and september 11th when they're supposed to leave. while the troops are going to leave afghanistan grafter leave they are not going to to leave the country all at once and we also know that this is going to happen in a coordinated way with nato with international troops space in afghanistan following this and nato a man in to gather all together president biden also announced today that a certain number of u.s. troops is going to remain in afghanistan in order to secure the u.s. embassy in kabul were diplomats u.s. diplomats will be vulnerable of course if security gets bad in in afghanistan but
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we still don't know how many troops will stay in afghanistan and how dangerous the situation might get september 11th is the deadline as you said to withdraw the troops but this means this might also be completed before that symbolic date. symbolic is right now the trump administration that signed a deal with the taliban last year that essentially acknowledge that the taliban will be playing a role in the future of afghanistan is there a sense there in the u.s. that this is somehow a defeat. well that is definitely narrative of the taliban in afghanistan and they say they want this war and that this is why the u.s. and international troops are leaving the country but the narrative on this side is that the war has been long enough 20 years is a very long time and this is america's longest war and then not only that this
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war has cost millions of dollars because president biden has big plans for this country after having passed for example that relief package of almost 2 trillion he's now planning an infrastructure bill that could also cost $2.00 trillion dollars so he needs that money in order to to reset to the such and told him and of course a war is never popular. correspondent carolyn and she more in washington thanks. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the minnesota police officer who shot and killed dante wright an unarmed black man has been arrested prosecutors plan to charge him believe potter with 2nd degree manslaughter she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted the incident has prompted 3 nights of unrest near the u.s. city of minneapolis. at least 20 children were killed in a fire at
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a primary school in the western african state of new cher numerous other children were injured most of them were still attending preschool the fire destroyed several classrooms and blocked as exits and it's still unknown what the cause was there is have launched an investigation. somalia's president mohammed of delish he mohamad also known as for module has signed a controversial log standing his mandate for another 2 years the move comes after a presidential election due to be held in february was called off the us and the e.u. have warned of further instability ifs in somalia have threatened sanctions over the new law. of the rollout of the johnson and johnson vaccine against coburn 1000 as paused and pause in the u.s. and much of europe and south africa after reports of rare blood clotting in very small number of people how 30 said they were hand halting the use of the shot while they investigate the case the suspension has dealt another huge blow to south
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africa's vaccination rollout in february the country already stopped the use of the astra zeneca vaccine after it showed low efficacy against an aggressive local virus variant biotech pfizer jobs are only due to arrive next month and experts have warned of a looming 3rd wave. the hospital situation there is already becoming dire for patients and for health care workers in our next report we need a doctor who had enough of what she says are unsafe working conditions. doctors so little was sick from by is wary of vaccines 9 years ago when she was 21 she became ill with tuberculosis despite having been inoculated against it. before coronavirus vaccines reached south africa she resigned from her post in a public hospital because she didn't feel safe anymore. how can senses are still as the parents as they were when i checked the intake to talk you know which i feel is
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a huge problem to try and show that after all these years you know the lives of some of us a former colleague made this video of supreme but here she is wearing full personal protective equipment but she says that in the hospital where she worked it was either not available or inadequate sit down to work in intensive care and as a midwife she's been at home since she left at the end of the year even though she feels guilty about leaving she believes she did the right thing. medical staff are badly needed but her life has to come 1st. hundreds of doctors and nurses in south africa have already died from cope at 19. i really felt as though i was working in a system that didn't really care about my own life and without was going to make it to tomorrow night you know especially seymour how is dying the tributes online you
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can't help but think that that's going to be a unix. those fears are justified only a few $100000.00 people in south africa have been vaccinated there aren't enough doses to go around at the current rate it would take 16 years to x. need the whole population south africa would like to manufacture its own vaccines but the patents are all registered overseas the only way i'd go back is if i'd be able to control. you know my exposure to illnesses you know and if i am exposed to illnesses make sure that i have the correct effective p.p. . civil not also needs to be vaccinated but while she's no longer working as a doctor she doesn't mind waiting. physicists are excited about what could be a major breakthrough in our understanding of the universe it all has to do with the behavior of subatomic particles called nuance experiments at a lab near the u.s.
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city of chicago have shown that new ones move at a rate that's faster than expected potentially unlocking the secrets of a previously undiscovered 5th 4th or 5th force of nature. this could be the door to a whole new world of physics for years researchers have been using this ring made of super conducting magnets to accelerate the tiniest building blocks of matter called nuance until they're almost as fast as the speed of light and that's when they can observe how muir wants interact with other forces and particles. and the results show that beyond actually behave completely different to how current theory says they should up until now something called the standard model explained all subatomic particles and their characteristics such as charge mass and lifespan but scientists have observed that the behavior of these new on suggest particles
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and forces exist outside of the theory. of everything that we can see in our universe everything around us can be explained by a few building blocks these blocks describe the standard model of particle physics . one group of these particles makes up matter. and the others transfer force this theory can explain 3 of these forces but the full force of gravity can't be explained in this way this is the force that keeps planets in their orbits and that affects everything that has mass. when the universe was created by the big bang these 4 forces combined that's why the standard model can't explain what exactly happened at the beginning of time.
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the myans experiment could help us plug these fundamental gaps in our scientific knowledge and help us solve mysteries that have been confusing astrophysicists for decades. but 1st more exact measurements and testing needs to be carried out to make sure the myans unexplained behavior really can be attribute it to unknown particles forces. now in the champions league quarter finals manchester city have beaten dortmund to want to advance to the next round. bellingham open the scoring for dortmund after 15 minutes but in the 2nd half reared mara's fired in a penalty for sydney and phil foden netted their 2nd dortmund were the last german team left in the term and also on wednesday rail madrid held liverpool to a goal this draw result means ryall will go to the semifinals after their win in
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the 1st leg. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin up next is doc film about the photographer of us atar one of the foremost documentaries of the crisis revolutions don't always get the latest on our website that's d.w. dot com or follow us on twitter and instagram at d w news thanks for watching. 1986 . it's very story for their very own personal trauma. the people who survived the catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before. back to chernobyl starts april 28th on t.w. .
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the last i met a boss the great franco iranian photojournalist 20 years ago we made a book together. both of which we go through boss photograph the world for 60 years to bearing witness to all the major events of our time for snacks unaided by his unique vision in a career i suggested we make a film about his work he said it was too soon and refused to be filmed the truth he said when only made such a film right before dying for. only a few shows the movie. 20 years went by and abbas said if you still want to make the film now is the time we don't have much time find a team fast and we'll start. abouts. my advice.
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let us remember a boss died a week after we finished shooting the smell. one of ok ready ready scope of us we're not gonna take one. given you but i'm all for the love home you know so most was on 3 i really became a photographer in 1988 when i saw this photo a lot i knew i'd be a photographer. because my own future is that it is there when i see it you create your own that's what i call a suspended moment remarks responded. to their version of buying
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free time not freezing a situation i'm suspending it true and the limp wrist i want to see mike the subject kept doing things after the picture of all her life with of. about a bicycle just and we make the film together he knew he wouldn't see up and actions and i'd have to do that alone to minister. i asked him to choose that hand of his symbolic name is. here also sadly violence and fear is the biggest chapter in my work there will come i. must worship a real the yellow because i've covered
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a lot of violence. i admitted i was fascinated with violence by someone of your also not just the flat out violence of battlefields and revolution the sky but also violence toward and else you know put on some. level your nose over violence of religion or you also later when i started my work on god it was a work the photos speak for themselves it was shield your. order for top i will mount. hope how i will be efficient but when you're working you don't think there's no time for emotions. i must have an emotional screen between what i see and myself so the budget doesn't mean i'm emotional less it just means i react later to what goes into my subconscious. when it comes back.
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in nightmares like time bombs. the bomb but i thought who. was who would i put up that emotional screen but sometimes when i saw children suffering i broke down roger carr it happened several times. this was in sarajevo when the medical they brought in the body of a boy killed by a serbian bomb. i couldn't help it but what it. was headhunted is hard to comprehend that you were there at that age at 26 photographing someone else's war here but how did you handle that you thought i want to go to venice or tangram for you just do it's the job i mean if you don't
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ask those question although it's a job you don't ask those questions because they were talking about courage about how it takes courage which could courage often comes down to a lack of imagination will be made he was. very often. said but at that age you think you're immortal. so she'd given you for him almost i didn't previously remember becoming mortal during the iranian revolution in 1979 so some doozies on the set up. when i went out in the morning i wasn't sure i'd make it on. very here when i go to vietnam or bangladesh i'm concerned otherwise i wouldn't go because that concerned as a photographer the only hope but in iran it was different i was both concerned and involved because it was my country and my people my revolution that 1st before it
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was hijacked so you believed in it i was here of course but maybe there was a tipping point for me along. with this was the moment i remember it clearly here could who are they say they could put me in the 1st 4 generals of the shah's army who were executed after a secret trust my thoughts about us and this is no longer your evolution to cover it as best you can but it's not yours you. said i want to call a british open this was before the revolutions victory wind farm you can see a woman being lynched because the militants i thought she was a supporter of the shah in. the boat i remember well how they were running over in korea and i was running backwards and taking photographs. for the difficult employee and there's always someone who says i know photos no photos and i
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responded in processing off r.c. is her history body has supported a word history flipped a switch in their heads as though the photo wouldn't be published right away so the political police wouldn't round them up at night he could have put he's quitting the us good bye when i said history and i knew they let me be. a quarter uses the police who are you missing. look problems in taking the picture wasn't the problem according to the problem was whether to show it right away i could see my friends and i ever would meet at night and talk about our days. it was my friend said abbas you can't show that photograph from christopher to tarnishing the revolution but i just want to time people said the violence only came from the shows regime jewish and show you can't show that to a public place i said sorry but although i may be for the revolution me it was early on as you put that but i'm also a photographer with a responsibility as a journalist and a target for myself and to my readers there's all the leads and i'm showing it
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right away really is it which was i won't quit would suit. i wonder enough on the at one point the woman fainted or do we. not me the army intervene so. i was in for the cold i was taking a picture on a slide because it was dangerous maybe it would have been worth it and a soldier saw me and came at me with a grenade on his rifle i was afraid he would set it off and if he had i wouldn't be here since i didn't give him the history spend i just left the ship what do you suppose but i thought if i woke. up miserable at worst day of filming and it just didn't i tried not to push our boss to talk if he didn't want to i had this strange feeling that we were all trying to get our parents too small.
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to know drug use a. refund that he's not and separates heat the love your own said leper who was a blow to require not only here but. since he would be here now for that of can we replace it. so when you go to look. at the trip of a senator. the point here for to us is in the 1st photos of khomeini when you can really see that tension inside. your personality. you bangladesh
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in bangladesh. i mean you can see this demonstration by the islamists who wanted to real law instead of the civil code look at a good seal i'm going to get in their faces say it all. and then of course the consequences are supposed to be up that's why this photo comes afterward. sure sure no mother consequences were that this young man lost both legs because panetta explode a bomb in a movie theater because movies are illicit he lost both legs. committed muslims don't have a monopoly on fanaticism it is. sit there seventy's this is a snake handler service not to say a mass units a cult which thinks that if you're a believer you're getting this from the bible and nothing can happen to you just so that i be able to see only clearing poison or get bitten by
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a better miss nakes and be just fine by this when you move during the service with music playing and you get out of venomous snake and pass it around so when you move the bus along it's quite something a. question or. photograph photograph is a greek for someone who writes with light cool. yes but it can also mean someone who draws with lighter overall view we got him oh so he keep this scene i recall every year. i was always helped me with. nuclear i supply them with employee rolls and so now when you. think i lace it all up i mean i want to integrate them so you buy the highlights. of the moments when i was not the left of the problem or the
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auctioneer i sit on my toe as girl you have my song. nearly what. he also he. left it up to me yearly and has opened warmly showed. the lapita people short courses on a list i was able to call you. and all of us here we can move on to humiliation. yet in secret there was one situation in which i really felt what the palestinians feel that sort of daily humiliation are you really as sure question here it was in gaza city or gaza. is a less street after an attack the israeli army it cut off the road. what it is so the palestinians have to travel along the beach if i was with my driver and i said it's the exodus feelings that he says you know now this is judgement day no no
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solution old regime on the army. and i was a sense of the greatest humiliation in my series in 1978 welcome aboard the iranian revolution in apartheid era south africa. those who had a writing club you see blacks who are white woman and in need. everyone in their place. push open you see a police dog training school in mace the astonishing thing was that it was all the targets were black and all my little me thought that was normal. enough for talkies somebody see to me the photo that symbolized apartheid in the humiliation of apartheid was this one on one corner and there was a colonel from the black police academy. kids away standing in front of shirtless
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future policeman. there yeah in fact i didn't suggest going there was a they offered as soon as i arrived the information service said i was welcome mr abbas how about photographing the police academy i thought would. i smell propaganda because you and i decided to go and ask for something in exchange because they were proud of their school. so we went to visit the school because they could know what to do they were all running working out. there and then something clicked in my head typically no met there he wasn't the right set up this year so he was interesting but i needed to pose them freshly for us more nonchalantly i asked the police academy director why don't you stand in front of your students feel that equally when you come here you look at the guy from the information service or spy agency you gave me ok i don't know so he stood up in front with his stick as he and i.


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