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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2021 1:45am-2:00am CEST

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importance of been vaccinated. they have been to a team have gotten used to the skepticism and to the climbing they do before every home visit. they are convinced that their mission is important for another. people in the villages lives close together if there is an infection here it will spread very quickly and many don't like coming to the hospitals the nearby towns so we have to come to them. or are there is getting his 2nd dose today when the doctors 1st came here a few weeks ago he almost kicked them out. i was afraid at 1st here in the village they said the doctors were coming to kill the old people are. i heard the elderly die from the vaccination and that scared us and not
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just what. they need is familiar with these kinds of reservations that's why she often tells her patients that she and her team have been vaccinated as well as their grandparents. that doesn't convince everyone but it did convince. your ya know i hardly felt anything it didn't hurt at all less painful than a bee sting of your. be a family is next on the list the journey there is perilous. buster bombs on monday because during my studies i always dreamt of a doctor's position in the east but i never thought that i would climb mountains in the snow and ice to get to people's homes. but that's the way it is in a pandemic everyone has to do their part. on the.
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vaccination visits are a lot of fun for the villages children but. a few not so much for. the 74 year old is next in line his wife has ina talked him into it she has already been vaccinated while her husband is receiving the injection she tells us that she even went to the hospital to get it how much some money attempts and it's it's it's get us when we heard about the virus on t.v. but thank god nothing bad happened to us we live our lives the same way they see for the disease we do our jobs it lead our animals and take care of our houses. the doctors administered to more vaccinations that day more isn't really possible
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under these conditions. but even if it takes time they nip arab is proud of her work. which ensures that the pandemic is under control at least it is here. in russia some rural areas lack even basic infrastructure that's the case in a small village in the taiga cut off from the rest of the country it's difficult for locals to get daily supplies like food or medicine luckily there is the tiger express drive. which screen gives the people of so i get a chance to escape them and dane lives once in a while. boris petrovitch schoolman is on his way to pick up passengers. he brings life to the taiga i do because i feel sorry for the old ladies with their villages are
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dying in. his route takes him from the village of new gear to the village of soy in northern russia near our hungus. or to be more precise what used to be a village. the narrow couch railway line is 31 kilometers long the train consists of one passenger car and a diesel locomotive in the seemingly endless russian tiger. morris petrovich school men whose affectionately known as petrovitch does the round trip twice a week on mondays and fridays. in winter he gets the stove going well before the 1st passengers get on the journey can last between one and 3 hours depending on how much snow there is on the track. of the country each year i probably have a road and i saw those in passengers and they didn't get him to do. today he arrives on time it's a in the morning. the
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villagers are glad to see him. here all our hope rests on this train if it breaks down we'll be stuck here forever. this train is all we have. otherwise we'd have to walk 40 kilometers only old people live here but. there used to be a lot of life here not just ramshackle buildings during the soviet era so hugo was an important hub for the lumber industry. millions of cubic meters of forests were cut down and transported from here laurie mains is a lot of broken equipment which petrovich used to set up a functioning passenger service one as reliable and punctual as himself a fact the villagers appreciate. though
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a train trip through the taiga might sound romantic to some it's not without risk despite the train driver skills. sometimes the train tips over less often you know but a couple of years ago when i started it was almost every day once i was here and all of sudden the wheels were facing upwards the 1st the passenger car overturned and then it pulled the look of with it i was just wondering if we were going to derail and then we were upside down a good. one the lumber mill closed most people here lost their jobs some took to the bottle. their drinking wine you know that you were right it's not what we're going to look at what else is there to do apart from drink and drive cars you know . petrovitch doesn't drink and drive he always takes a long food prepared by his wife valentino. hears the
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chan what's taking so long. you'll know there's also picking cucumbers and fruit preserves. the 2 have been together for 40 years living in harmony. he's always full of energy. and he's always on duty hi alina the phone rings day and night no worries linna and picking brett up tonight. the villagers depend on him many can magine their lives without petrovich nor their death. yet that one by bush called me recently. i used to be driving the train she said oh yeah you please don't stop till i'm dead or go with you because i said to her are you crazy that you have to move and you know perhaps is it
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a month later she was dead and i did that so i carried out her last wish you and i took her to the cemetery. petrovich plans to carry on driving his train for 10 more years until the last villager has left soyinka. did you know that people in france can get very old like really really old a french woman reached 122 years compared to that colette's may seem like a young lady after all she is only 106 years old but that's not stopping her from her passion for music. so let's months has been playing the piano for over a century she was born into an upper middle class family in 1014 what my mother was a hard woman that she was quite masculine and even went hunting that music was my
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consolation my tenderness. especially loves the romantic works by robert schumann she began playing the piano at the tender age of 5 it became her life's passion. she studied as a music conservatory in paris where she also learned fitness techniques like yoga that helped keep her limber to this day. it keeps your body erect place to place things must be very loose here. but talk here is the back go men caught only the piano when you play you need to sit like this. and not like this. her son for priests helps manage her career. that's you there are if you were 17 or
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18 who. will. visit your diploma from 134 to. move along. what grade did i get it doesn't say then it must just have been so so whether. we're to put an end to her dream of becoming a professional pianist colette mas worked as a nurse during the german occupation. but after the war she became a piano teacher. it was only decades later that she recorded her 1st album by then she was already over 80. now she has 6 c.d.'s to her credit. that age is all in your head at least i think so. you must live life with energy that's it. and
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we wish her much more energy and many more years thanks so i think.
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in the. mood to. move. into the conflict zone to sebastian. despite 1st diplomatic tools to succeed a warrior who shows little sign of ending my guest last week from the yemeni capital sunday school shot up foreign minister of the so style to feed. his forces down the queues the food chain shocking crimes including indiscriminately why would they conflict zone that up. in 30 minutes on w. . the dark side of the human experience.
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the subject of choice for abbas. the sunshine rainy and photojournalist was known for documenting political crises and religious conflicts. his pictures of the arraign revolution made new friends. abbas by hamas. in 75 minutes on t w. are you ready for some great means i'm christine wonderland i on the edge of my country with a brand new d.w. news africa michel that tackles the issues shaping the continent now with more time to off on an in-depth still caught all of the tram stop the talk to you what's making the hip. thanks and what's behind the way on the streets to give you
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in-depth reports on the inside. w. news africa every friday on g.w. . more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for houses so much worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest most beautiful structure. stonemasons builders in the architects compete with each other to build a home to projects. this is home
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massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are creating a. contest of the cathedrals starts people 12th on t.w. . this is news and these are top stories u.s. president joe biden has announced plans to withdraw all for u.s. forces from afghanistan by september 11th ending america's longest war biden added that the withdrawal will not be tied to conditions on the ground as announcement was followed by the news that nato will also withdraw its own.


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