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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2021 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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goldstraw the result means ryall go through to the semifinals after their win in the 1st leg you're watching the w. news live from berlin rob what's up next with the business news stay with us will be referred. to could have 0 knowledge i'm sure that it was as we were going. into. what the baby was able. to do we were. until i was rolled up my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery shining a light on the feet of the nigerian women and. obscene mad men where
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tricked. into closer to the ship their stories must be told and once you force me interesting stories and excretion edition of the 77 percent starts of people 17 on d w. cryptocurrency is booked as stomp on the nasdaq shares in trading platform calling based search on the stock market debut we'll look at what's called investors so excited. siemens says long played a role in the u.s. infrastructure will ask the firms to boss in the states or she makes of joe biden's plans to spend big. and german businesses are up in arms because the government expects them to provide college 19 tests better employees and pay for them to.
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this is due to be business on robots in berlin welcome to the program. it's the biggest nasdaq i.p.o. in almost a decade shares in crypto currency exchange coin base have surged on it highly anticipated stock market debut they immediately left more than 50 percent over their reference price of $1.00 point giving point based a market value of nearly $100000000000.00 that makes its the largest i.p.o. since facebook in 2012 whether it's bitcoin a theory i'm ripple or tether which i've never heard of the value of crypto currency has been growing exponentially during 2021 they're now worth a combined 2 trillion dollars that's why the arrival of going base on the nasdaq was one of the most eagerly awaited events this year on wall street the company claims $56000000.00 verified uses it is the largest crypto currency exchange in the
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united states makes its money by taking transaction fees when members buy and so crypto currency is that generated revenues of one point $8000000000.00 in the 1st quarter turn a tidy profit of around $800000000.00 how we be able to trade in crypto one says is becoming an increasingly competitive business with a growing number of rivals like crack in gemini pay pal and square allowing users also to buy and sell crypto assets so let's get more on the current base my financial correspondent in new york yen scored good to be with you there was a lot of the hype ahead of this has it lived up to it. well it was a very solid start for coinbase there's no doubt about it by the end of the trading session up a good 30 percent or was the market valuation off around $85000000000.00 you didn't
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mention those $100000000000.00 valuation that we saw at some point during the trading session and that brings actually coined base into a leak which companies like general electric got it socks or black rock 90 percent of revenue by the way comes from fees for trading both crypto currencies and clearly congress has been profiting just look back when they found at the company in 2012th bitcoins were roughly at about $10.00 apiece now they're trading at more than $63000.00. demonstrates doesn't want to. tricky investment cryptocurrency is themselves is. a safer investment. well i mean it definitely really depends quite a bit how the demand for crude currency is just going so let's assume the thirst for crypto currency is called cool off a bit of that will definitely hurt the business model from coin base a quite
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a bit and then there are also other risk factors so they could be called petter because for example trying to offer those trades for free we've seen that with some online brokers for example just recently then also central banks have been quite critical on a crypto currency said pleased them in the past them and then regulation possible cyber attacks so those are all risks that could eventually hurt economists have we just seeing these take yet another step towards the stream. well to a certain degree i would say yes i mean come it's the 1st major crypto play that's coming to the stock markets and if you think back not so long ago when there was talk about the crypto currency used in general off the people what dissociated with laundering money with financing druck and weapon deals and so on and so forth and now was this coin base ip all the tone has shifted quite
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a bit so not everything has changed over night but overall i would say that descriptor currencies are growing up more and more and they're getting more attention from all over the place. in new york thanks that it is ending season on wall street and big banks are traditionally among the 1st to report major lenders j.p. morgan chase goldman sachs and wells fargo all in veiled earnings for the 1st quarter and they blew away analysts forecasts bank earnings are riding the wave of optimism that the economy is improving is allowed banks to free up reserves they set aside in case loans went back to. the u.s. president joe biden has set out plans to spend over 2 trillion dollars improving america's ailing infrastructure and industry building clued investments in everything from boats to roads to electric vehicles one company that's played
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a role in u.s. infrastructure for decades is siemens last c.e.o. of siemens usa barbara hunt and is the company likes what it was hearing from the president indeed i do you know we really needed the investment through the american rescue plan to ensure that vaccines rolled out so that we can begin to get things going again now it's time to turn our attention to the future of infrastructure and siemens is here to help build that infrastructure. yes but he hasn't actually said an awful lot about private involvement in these projects does siemens usa see itself being a votary being frozen out yes indeed siemens in the usa has long been involved in infrastructure development we have skills and know how in things that are going to be vital to our future electrification automation and digitalisation so we're serving $35.00 transit agencies across the country we work with building
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owners and managers we work in factories for the future of automation in in factories so we will play a critical role and i'll be at many times as serving customers who are in the government or elsewhere in the private sector what about the plans to fund these projects corporate taxation hike looks very likely is that something that you're backing. we expect there's going to be a lot of debate ahead of us about what the tax protocols need to look like but i'll tell you where we're using our voices to make sure people understand how vitally important it is that whatever taxation gets done keeps the us on a level playing field with the rest of the world and maintains a focus on investments in research and development it talks about the importance of future infrastructures so it is siemens willing to pay more tax to fund that. is
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a great corporate citizen and we've always done our part what's asked of us right now what we're focused on is less of thinking about what is the cost of getting us started and more on what is the cost of doing nothing it's going to be important for the u.s. to invest in infrastructure well beyond the crumbling bridges and tunnels that we hear so much talk about but actually to lay down the technologies that will be the future for economic development in the coming decades. as the future let's just look at the immediate past the vaccine in the us has given hope that the pandemic is hopefully on its way out but how the last 12 months being siemens in the united states. when the pandemic 1st hit we recognize our top priorities where make sure that we have the health and safety of our employees and our business 1st but also we went to work right away finding ways we can help across
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communities in every part of the united states from helping to build new health care facilities to helping to ramp up manufacturing of critical supplies and now to thinking through how we'll actually reopen buildings bringing air purification into schools and colleges so that children can get back to their education something that we all want barbara home to say oh siemens usa thanks a lot for joining us on the to leave us. now to some of the other global business stories making news here you will get 50000000 more biotech pfizer coronavirus vaccines by the end european commission chief on the line says deliveries set for the end of the year are being brought forward the extra jobs may help with the delays affecting u.s. supply johnson and johnson. a new zealand is the 1st country to require major banks insurers and investment managers to report the effects of their investments on
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climate change a bill before parliament requires the 200 biggest financial firms to explain how they manage climate related arrests and opportunities. the pace of vaccination in germany is excel orating but the country is still far from the 70 percent mark that said to provide she had immunity in the meantime of the measures are having to fill the gap thank looting extensive testing companies are now required to offer their employees at least to cover $1000.00 tests a week and the businesses are expected to pay for them to employees of automotive supplier etiam already get free test twice a week at the start of their shift something most are glad about. i think it's good because it offers a bit of security that you can feel safe at work and it makes dealing with each other here much more relaxed. and therefore there is that's one of the advantages
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that you get some certainty as to whether you're positive or not that offers a bit of security for the family at home as well. but employers associations aren't happy about the prospect of being forced to offer tests for their stuff while shouldering the cost for themselves. somebody economy is just getting going again and i think adding the burden of extra costs in the situation is definitely the wrong way for the government to go. e.t.s. 450 stuff in its plant intermingle in eastern germany if every intestine sells regularly that means a bill of 20000 euros a month you know. obviously the costs are a disadvantage which we hadn't planned on but i decided early on to do these tests on our own initiative to gain the positive effects of spotting infections at an early stage. and in. an effective strategy to positive coronavirus cases have already been caught in time to prevent the virus
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from spreading around the entire company. that's over i'm in the business team erin ballin for more do you check out our website do you know i don't think that when you call such business for us on facebook and twitter thanks for watching about. are you ready for some great news i'm christine windell up on the i on the edge of my geo with a brand new deed of emus off a go the show that tackles the issues shaping the concert live now with more time to off on an in-depth look out all of the crime stuff to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you in the reports on the insides w. news in africa every friday on g.w. . in the other climate change.
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the islamists are. close. to some still. claim to tears today the father's future. d.w. dot com for the megacity the multimedia. cutter. people in trucks injured one trying to flee to seduce him tomas more and more refugees are being turned away from the un the tanks do seem. to script on the way look at us demonstrators love people sleeping next to me translates to 200 feet. below. the ultra more than 300 people are seeking assumes.
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the law because no one should have to sleep play the odds make up your own mind body double use. made for mines. 2 years after a fire ravaged not saddam cathedral we find out why efforts to restore one of europe's architectural treasures are shrouded in control of the city. we live in a new drama a film in france as director no brings the fight full night to the big screen. and we meet a fashion designer whose are catching outfits are constructed not to flatter but to make him famous.


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