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this is the w. news from berlin ending the forever war the u.s. president is preparing to lay out his plan for leaving afghanistan. has confirmed that he will withdraw all u.s. troops from the country by september 11th we'll go live to washington to hear more also coming up another setback in south africa where the use of the astra zeneca vaccine and already been stopped now and the suspension of the johnson and johnson vaccine is another huge blow to the country and it's finding 19 and the tiny
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particles of making a very big noise in the world of physics move watching to make matter but scientists say what really matters is the way they move and it could help explain the biggest event ever to. go off it's good to have you with us u.s. president joe biden has announced that all american troops will we be withdrawn from afghanistan by september 11th speaking at the white house president biden said the troop withdrawal would begin on may 1st and be completed before the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 attacks on the us yet it that the withdrawal would be done safely and in full coordination with washington's allies the move will mark the end of a 20 year conflict for the us the longest in american history. we
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cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the drawl and expecting a different result i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan 2 republicans 2 democrats i will not pass this responsibility on to a 5th after consulting closely with our allies and partners with our military leaders and intelligence personnel with our diplomats and our development experts with the congress and the vice president as well as with mr ghani and many others around the world i concluded that is timed and america's longest war it's time for american troops to come home or let's take the story out of washington our washington bureau chief in his poll she's been monitoring the speech for us today
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good evening to you i mean is the president there saying there have been 4 presidents that have had to deal with them or to afghanistan he doesn't want to leave it for a 5th talk to me about the fatigue that we sensed in this speech. well brian this is a very historic moment i mean this has been the longest war the united states were involved in ever and it wasn't by accident that. joe biden addressed the end of this war in the treaty room this is the exact room where president bush addressed the nation in 2001 and informative the 1st strike in afghanistan so this is really probably the most consequential foreign policy decision as commander in chief. joe biden his major points really are it is over it's not a time for the afghan people they have the right and he said the responsibility to
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lead their own country then obviously he stressed all the money which was spend all the lives which were lost on the american side more than 2400 service people got killed and many more wounded many families got destroyed so what he also mentioned is that he was kind of pushed to start the withdraw all knowledge by a former president donald trump who had promised the taliban that all troops would be out of the country by may 1st this won't happen but he will start by my 1st 10000 promise that all troops will be out by september 11th and then another thing that is really important brant is that he said that this is very awfully coordinated with all of partners who have been stationed and been fighting on the side of the united states enough constant. did he owes this to the american
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troops as well as to america's nato allies what about the duty to the afghan people who have who to help the americans and nato forces but also he would die. as the president of these united states he focused on the policies in this countries many many americans are really tired of this ongoing wars i mean there are soldiers fighting there who were born. the attacks of $911.00 and that's something and he mentioned he obviously didn't really spend a lot of time talking about afghanistan itself once he'd promised was like helping the peace talks and he also promised that they will work on diplomatic kind of negotiations but his main focus was really here on the united states
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and he was that was really like a speech for his own people here in this country we were already hearing from republicans in washington who were critical of this plan we've heard from mr mcconnell the senate minority leader saying that the u.s. is just handed the teller by the entire country of afghanistan and what do you say to that. well it is interesting interesting that the republicans say that now because they supported the entire country of afghanistan what do you say to that. well it is interesting interesting that the republicans say that now because they supported president trump's plans to move the troops out without any negotiation with his nato for example i mean this is typical of washington politics that people just criticize whoever is leaving the white house but i think what we really saw today so the obvious legacy of this really 2 decades
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long war in afghanistan is really that the united states recognizing. limits to the u.s. military power especially when it comes really to altering the culture and internal politics of countries like afghanistan and i'm sure that we will hear that analysis quite a bit over the not the next days and weeks here in the united states all right so very only just in washington is as always thank you. and for more analysis now i want to bring in pashtun the dirani director of learned a nonprofit organization in afghanistan and we're being joined by her from kandahar good to have you on the program you are a social and political rights activist you were listening to the speech by president biden let me just start by getting your reaction. thank you so much for
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having me and i would see that president biden said that i am the 4th president who is actually addressing the word afghanistan i mean like you guys were here for like the last 40 years i guess work on that with that you hardly need them to fight against the war with russia and work with mother earth as you period them and you work on the afghan minds from that if you decamped that and it was a war we were fighting for you and it was a holy war for us and now that did they have to be the consequences now would be suddenly filled that if afghan people only despise the ability to go for like you know be to sponsor both afghanistan i mean like it when you were part of the destruction you should also be bad of that you know he building and development i guess so you think. the u.s. and its allies should remain in afghanistan i mean it and i don't support them remaining here for that stuff to eternity that it's not there to
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sponsibility it's not the attacks piers they're sponsibility but at the same time if they wanted to come dangerous shia in the past 40 years and the rest of so much even you know their books if you check them and we had to change all over literature jihadi literature i guess it's due to sponsor at least for the time being that our literature to fleece is changed people are stable and our project konami give us the scheme but half of the country still doesn't have access to electricity we don't have internet we don't have schools and nothing has these to lead yes and now all of a sudden you want to withdraw again just to gain political or do we call it fear within the country i mean like at least respect the source and lives lost within and emmet country looks like respect them if you don't respect that. i know that a lot of women's groups are worried about what this withdrawal is going to mean for the hard won gains for women is this going to mean for women in your country.
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different spears and different lives of women. you know. at an elite player that i would say that america with incoming they had a few girls that the empowered and those goods were women and those guys now are women and leading a lot of movements and i might envy them it's a good thing that they're leading it and everything worked the focusing on their own interests and their power shifting their seat and then there are women within my community i have lost more than 2300 people that i got the status to. yesterday and all of these men had women date and whites and latinos and sisters and mothers alike would have. never given the status as and within the country and also at the same time if now the u.s. leaves it pretty much i'm sure that they won't get any service in the next 20 years either so it's look you know the difference here is of the many different layers of
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women yes the hard won gains that come with in kabul this indeed. i have to fight for it because. like you know i am part of it but at the same time i come from we're going to have and i am losing men daily date and i am losing men and all my people and they don't go for it because to be enlisted and every one of them is dead we have more we go get it or give us than we have villagers so i guess games that were worn by women i mean. it's something like you know that's within the capital but hasn't reached to. at least let you know for enjoying the steam games that we have you have to steal your stuff at least like ensure that yeah. appreciate your very candid and frank assessment of what's about to happen thank you. thank you. our let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the minnesota police officer who shot and killed unarmed black man dante wright has
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been arrested prosecutors plan to charge kimberly potter with 2nd degree manslaughter she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted the incident has prompted 3 nights of unrest near the city of minneapolis the mastermind behind the world's biggest ponzi scheme bernie made off has died in prison at the age of $82.00 he was serving a 150 year sentence for defrauding tens of thousands of investors out of billions of dollars over the span of 4 decades at least 20 children were killed in a fire at a primary school in the western african state of the air numerous other children were injured most of them were still attending preschool the fire destroyed several classrooms and blocked exits its cause is still unknown authorities have launched an investigation. the rollout of the johnson and johnson vaccine has been paused in the u.s. much of europe and south africa after reports of rare blood clotting in a very small number of people health authorities say they are halting the use of
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the shot while they investigate the case the suspension has dealt another huge blow to south africa's x. a nation rollout in february the country already stopped the use of the astra zeneca vaccine after it showed efficacy against an aggressive local viral variant by on take 5 or jabs are only due to arrive in the country next month experts have warned of a looming 3rd wave of infections the situation in hospitals is already spiraling out of control for patients and for health workers in our next report we meet a doctor who had enough of what she says are unsafe working conditions. doctor so little was sick from by is wary of vaccines 9 years ago when she was 21 she became ill with tuberculosis despite having been inoculated against it before corona virus vaccines reached south africa she resigned from her post in
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a public hospital because she didn't feel safe anymore. ok since it was still as the parents as they were when i checked. in take the top you know which i feel is a huge problem it's a huge problem and shows that after all these years you know the lives of some of us a former colleague made this video of support here she is wearing full personal protective equipment but she says that in the hospital where she worked it was either not available or inadequate sifaka worked in intensive care and as a midwife she's been at home since she left at the end of the year even though she feels guilty about leaving she believes she did the right thing. medical staff are badly needed but her life has to come 1st. hundreds of doctors and nurses in south africa have already died from cope at 19. i really
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felt as though i was working in a system that didn't really care about my own life and without was going to make it to tomorrow or not you know especially seeing all the health workers dying the tributes online going out but think that that's going to be units. those fears are justified only a few $100000.00 people in south africa have been vaccinated there aren't enough doses to go around at the current rate it would take 16 years to vaccinate the whole population south africa would like to manufacture its own vaccines but the patents are all registered overseas. the only way i'd go back is if i be able to control. you know my exposure to illnesses you know and if i am exposed to illnesses make sure that i have the corrects effective p.p. . system to also needs to be vaccinated but while she's no longer working as a doctor she doesn't mind waiting. for the pace of vaccinations here in germany may
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finally be accelerating but the country is still far from the 70 percent mark that's needed to reach herd immunity this means testing remains as important as ever companies are now required to offer their employees at least $2900.00 tests each week a move a requirement that's not going down very well with businesses because they're also expected to foot the bill for those to us. employees of automotive supplier a.t.m. already get free tests twice a week at the start of their shift something most are glad about. if you would i think it's good because it offers a bit of security that you can feel safe at work and it makes dealing with each other here much more relaxed. fundamentally as if what there is that's been the advantage is that you get some certainty as to whether you're positive or not that offers a bit of security for the family at home as well. but employers associations aren't happy about the prospect of being forced to offer tests for their stuff while
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shouldering the cost for themselves. people loved it so long somebody economy is just getting going again and i think adding the burden of extra costs in the situation is definitely the wrong way for the government to go. e.t.s. $450.00 stuff and it's plant interest in eastern germany if every intestine sells regularly that means a bill of $20000.00 euros a month you know. because obviously the costs are a disadvantage which we hadn't planned on but i decided early on to do these tests on our own initiative to gain the positive effects of spotting infections at an early stage. and when in fact. an effective strategy to positive coronavirus cases have already been caught in time to prevent the virus from spreading around the entire company. physicists are excited and they say this could be a major breakthrough in our understanding of the universe it all has to do with the
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behavior of subatomic particles called wands experiments at a lab near the u.s. city of chicago have shown that new ones move at a rate that's faster than expected but 10 surely unlocking the secrets of a previously undiscovered 5th force of nature. this could be the door to a whole new world of physics for years researchers have been using this ring made of super conducting magnets to accelerate the tiniest building blocks of matter called nuance until they're almost as fast as the speed of light that's when i can observe how mew on's interact with other forces and particles. and the results show that beyond actually behave completely different to how current theory says they should up until now something called the standard model explained all subatomic particles and they characteristics such as charge mass and lifespan. but scientists
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have observed for the behavior of these new on suggest particles and forces exist outside of the steering. everything that we can see in our universe everything around us can be explained by a few building blocks these blocks describe the standard model of particle physics one group of these particles makes up matter. the others transfer force this theory can explain 3 of these forces but the full force of gravity can't be explained in this way this is the force that keeps planets in their orbits and bad affects everything that has mass. when the universe was created by the big bang these 4 forces combined that's why the standard model can't explain what exactly happened at the beginning of time.
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the myans experiment could help us plug these fundamental gaps in our scientific knowledge and help us solve mysteries that have been confusing astrophysicists for decades. but 1st more exact measurements and testing needs to be carried out to make sure the myans unexplained behavior really can be attribute it to a known particles or forces. are the mystery of them you want to talk about that i'm joined now by alex of our z. a research associate in the department of physics and astronomy at the university of manchester in the u.k. it's good to have you on the program so how excited are you about this discovery. well i think it's fair to say that where politically excited we've taken a very very precise measurement of the behavior of new orleans as you explained in your intro and done
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a very very precise calculation of what that behavior should boehm we found that they don't agree and what they say is that they could be new policy or forces contributing to the way the mule behaved to the rest of the universe i mean i say plausibly excited because we measure this from the from the 1st talk about 20 years ago and statistically there's about one of the 40000 child this could be a fluke that this could be you know messed up on the gulf down that we said it buys $1.00 point thought in $3.00 but we're not that's the the stand that we want to set and as we go forward with the experiment that we will hopefully rage we heard in that report that this could be proof you know a plausible proof that this could we could have a unknown force there are unknown particles so explain to the layman here among us what exactly does that mean. what it means is that by comparing this very precise measurement with this very precise size calculation is that we've shown to an extreme likelihood that they something about the fundamental structure of the
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universe that we really don't understand and if that new measurement and this discrepancy between the 2 would stand up and would stand the test of time it would be proof that there's something missing in the model of all building blocks of what universe is made of and now this could be a new false like you said in the intro it could be a new posco but willing general influence the universe around us and its contents including the ones and in that sense we define a new paradigm in how we know what the universe is made of could it possibly help explain some of the biggest mysteries in the universe. yes there are several big mysteries that most physicists agree the present and we can explain there for the largest being that we don't you know what 95 percent of our universe is made of we know that 70 percent of it is made of something called dark energy which is what we used to explain why the universe is expanding accelerating right
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and there's also the other 25 percent is dark matter and we know that the dark matter has to be there because the inference is part of physical parts of the universe when we look out the stars but we don't know what that dark matter is and it could be that should this this result in the me and you want to experiment chicago be proved to be a new physics discovery that it could be that source of doc matter that as of yet we haven't found well let's say that the numbers are in your favor and that this discovery turns out to be real are we going to have to rewrite the physics books for. yes and no i mean the standard model the as described in show works very very well describes a lot of the universe around us and we can do tests and show those to be correct but it's still true that if this result was to stand up it will be something very fundamental about the structural universe the structure of the universe that we haven't yet. and clearly there's something missing given what we see when we look
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out the stars and i would accept this that if we discover a new force or only particle we will open up a new era in attempting to understand what constitutes you know the matter all around us alex of ours is helping us understand the mystery of the moons is fascinating alex thank you thank you thank you very much. japan has staged a ceremony to mark the start of a $100.00 day countdown to the olympic games in tokyo organizers unveiled the olympic rings at the top of. west of the japanese capital today the international olympic committee says the games will go ahead despite fears surrounding the pandemic the i.o.c. says it has taken measures such as banning international spectators to prevent a surgeon infections and to avoid the games being cancelled as they were last year . at the swimming and diving venue the high tech starting blocks for the tokyo games and the starting gun stand idle as though they were paused after the on
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your marks set bit of a starter's commands but 100 days out as the so called test events continue to iron out possible wrinkles an event organization it appears the olympics are back on line. that. pandemic precaution will be a priority and only domestic fans will be permitted to attend now but there will be competition. you know nothing he killed each year that he must have been having discussions now so personally as much as possible i want the athletes to really feel that we're prepared to host these olympic games in japan i'm. going to go all these discussions here have demonstrated that we are putting safety 1st. not every japanese is happy the olympics are scheduled to go ahead in fact pollsters say 70 to 80 percent believe it's a bad idea to hold the games with
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a pandemic still raging in the country. even event volunteers at this online training session have concerns. and could let yet again what i'm worried about is what will happen with the new variants and how will they spread. the japanese have invested more than $15000000000.00 to host the tokyo 2020 olympic and paralympic games as they will still officially be called. but $100.00 days from the opening ceremony when excitement is normally reaching fever pitch cold at 19 and its variants have washed much of that excitement away. or we've got some breaking news coming in regarding afghanistan nato secretary general says that alliance forces will also begin withdrawing from the country on may 1st in coordination with u.s. troops speaking in brussels alongside the u.s.
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secretaries of state and defense stoltenberg said nato would end its troop presence in afghanistan in the next 4 months who's calling it the start of a new chapter for the country. you're watching news live from berlin conflict zone is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day we'll have complete coverage of the countdown to end america's longest war look to see if the. the for.
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into the conflict zone to sebastian. despite 1st diplomatic troops the 6 c. a warrior who shows little sign of ending my guest this week from the yemeni
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capital sana'a is who shot up foreign minister of the so styled toothy government his forces strong accused of committing shocking crimes and killing indiscriminately why would they conflict so that the. next on the block. could end gemini if. at any time i've come to any place using names video never have had the benefit of quite so much to sing along to see this to come from super. top for. interactive exercises. everything is online mel file an interactive benjamin $5050.00 w.
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. until i was robbed of my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery the light on the feet of the men in a journey and women in the middle being obscene that's what men where try to. force them to prostitution their stories 'd told on she forced me into things through. an exclusion of the 77 percent starts april 17th on t w. the international media to your health and i will show you and big books what is happening to you haven't knocked the wind chill out of making all these mess in the am and the world isn't buying your denials mr shaath we will continue the war if they don't withdraw for our country despite fresh diplomatic talks the 6 year war in yemen shows little sign of ending and aid agencies are warning of
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a humanitarian catastrophe as food supplies dwindle and the covert pandemic takes hold my guest this week from the yemeni capital sana'a is who shall be shy.


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