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3. women are already seeing many of their hard won rights rolled back. their almost weekly attacks on afghan forces and civilians alike. this is no peace. despite this donald trump promised all u.s. forces would be out by may the 1st this year. president biden also wants troops home but in coordination with nato allies who still have a balance of personnel there. wired ministration strongly supports the diplomatic prague process is underway and to bring an end to this war that is closing out 20 years. although he won't meet trumps may deadline september is the new date. a month more mach 20 years of
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a costly war with little victory to tool called. a new deadline approval date so let's get you more schultz is the nato h.q. in brussels terry we understand that the defense secretary late austin and secretary of state anthony blinken are in brussels meeting with nato allies where you are mr blinken earlier essentially said mission accomplished we've accomplished every single goal that we had how will this decision impact coalition forces in afghanistan. leyla while the u.s. only makes up about a quarter of the some 10000 troops that remain in afghanistan they do possess all the necessary capabilities for helping the other some 30 countries in acted their operations and their own protection in fact so it's always been true that if the u.s. decided to leave the other countries would have to follow and in fact just today even before we hear the formal announcement germany and the u.k.
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have said they'll definitely follow the u.s. and start pulling out their troops so once the u.s. and its key enabling capabilities leave everyone's going to leave everyone is going to leave i mean just barely 2 months ago and the nato secretary general you know stoltenberg said no permit woodrow so does this change of heart review a bit of common sense promise essentially are just too big to solve that's not something you're going to hear coming out of the leaders of these countries as you heard tony blinken he's already portraying this as a success and you know basically now we can leave that's not what we're going to hear from others already there are many voices saying that the u.s. is abandoning the country certainly we have spoken with our afghan colleagues there who said that people are very very worried about what will happen the taliban will certainly be portraying it as their success and they are in control of more than half of the country and certainly this will give them momentum to continue their military campaign not their political campaign what terry between now and september
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11th i mean it's still a long way off i mean our coalition troops still actively going to engage in operations or will they just sit their time out. we don't have the specifics yet from the u.s. government and they have a lot of questions to answer we understand that there will already be forces starting to leave slowly heading up to september 11th there's a lot of equipment and people to to drag out of the country but the taliban have said that if the u.s. and the other forces did not meet the may 1st deadline agreed with former president trump they would launch a campaign unlike any other they said that there are they will intensify their attacks so it really remains to be seen whether the taliban will take this september 11th pullout date and just wait it out or whether they will go through with their threats to to wage a war more few furious than we've seen up till now is terry szell certain reporting at the nato h.q. and brussels thank you for your continued coverage. are answering up to speed now
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with some of the other stories making headlines around the world a minnesota prosecutor says he will charge the police officer who shot and killed dante wright with 2nd degree manslaughter bodycount footage appeared to show kimberly potter mistaking her and gun for her taser during the incident the shooting has prompted 3 nights of unrest potter faces 10 years in prison if convicted. the mastermind behind the world's biggest ponzi scheme bernie madoff has died in prison at the age of $82.00 he was serving a 150 year sentence for defrauding tens of thousands of investors out of billions of dollars over 4 decades. at least 20 children were killed in a fire at a primary school in the western african state of new share numerous other children were injured most of them were still attending preschool the fire destroyed several classrooms and blocked exits its cause is still unknown authorities have launched
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an investigation. the rollout of the johnson and johnson vaccine has been passed in the us much of europe and south africa after reports of a rare blood clotting in a very small number of people health authorities said they were halting the use of the shot while they investigate the case the suspension has dealt another huge blow to south africa's vaccination rollout in february the country already stopped the use of the astra zeneca vaccine after it showed low figures see against aggressive local virus variants while biotech pfizer jobs are only due to arrive next month and experts have warned of a looming 3rd wave and the situation in hospitals is already spiraling out of control for patients and for health workers in our next report we meet a doctor who'd had enough of what she says are unsafe working conditions. doctors so little was sick from but is wary of vaccines 9 years ago when she was.
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21 she became ill with tuberculosis despite having been inoculated against it. before corona virus vaccines reached south africa she resigned from her post in a public hospital because she didn't feel safe anymore. oh his senses are still as dangerous as they were when i checked it. takes the top you know which i feel is a huge problem. and shows that after all these years you know the odds are somewhat of. a former colleague made this video of supply here she is wearing full personal protective equipment but she says that in the hospital where she worked it was either not available or inadequate sifaka worked in intensive care and as a midwife she's been at home since she left at the end of the year even though she feels guilty about leaving she believes she did the right thing. medical staff are badly needed but her life has to come 1st. hundreds of doctors and nurses in south
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africa have already died from covert 19. i really felt as though i was working in a system that didn't really care about my own life and without was going to make it to tomorrow or not you know especially seeing all the health workers dying the tributes on line gone out but think that's going to be you next. those fears are justified only a few $100000.00 people in south africa have been vaccinated there aren't enough doses to go round at the current rate it would take 16 years to vaccinate the whole population south africa would like to manufacture its own vaccines but the patents are all registered overseas the only way i'd go back is if i'd be able to control you know my exposure to illnesses you know and if i am exposed to illnesses make
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sure that i have the corrects effective p.p. . civil but also needs to be vaccinated but while she's no longer working as a doctor she doesn't mind waiting. when as i know about some of the other developments in the pandemic biotech fires are says it will provide the e.u. with an extra $50000000.00 doses in the 2nd quarter of this year this is on top of the 200000000 already earmarked for the block and denmark will stop using the astra zeneca vaccine entirely because of its possible link to rare cases of blood clots this could delay denmark's vaccine roll out by up to a month and south korea has reported its highest daily jump in new infections in 3 months after experts are blaming increased travel which they say shows public vigilance is falling. now to research from the field of physics that scientists say could be a major breakthrough in our understanding of the universe it all has to do with the
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behavior of some atomic particles called neons experts at a lab near the u.s. city of chicago have shown that they move at a rate that's faster than expected potentially unlocking the secrets of a previously undiscovered 5th force of nature. this could be the door to a whole new world of physics for years researchers have been using this ring made of super conducting magnets to accelerate the tiniest building blocks of matter called nuance until they're almost as fast as the speed of light that's when i can observe how mew on's interacts with other forces and particles. and the results show that beyond actually behave completely different to how current theory says they should up until now something called the standard model explained all subatomic particles and they characteristics such as charge mass and lifespan
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but scientists have observed for the behavior of these new on suggest particles and forces exist outside of this theory. everything that we can see in our universe everything around us can be explained by a few building blocks these blocks describe the standard model of particle physics . one group of these particles makes up matter. the other's transfer force this theory can explain 3 of these forces but the 4th force gravity can't be explained in this way this is the force that keeps planets in their orbits and better fix everything that has mass. when the universe was created by the big bang these 4 forces combined that's why the standard model can't explain what exactly happened at the beginning of time.
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the myans experiment could help us plug these fundamental gaps in our scientific knowledge and help us solve mysteries that have been confusing astrophysicists for decades. but 1st more exact measurements and testing needs to be carried out to make sure the myans unexplained behavior really can be attribute it to a known particles or forces. now you're watching the good news life for real and then presume is up next with a covert 900 but before we let you go rolling stones legend mick jagger has teamed up with dave grohl of the foo fighters to release a pandemic anthem which mr jaggers says was inspired by coming out of lockdown let's take a listen now to the track easy sleezy thanks for watching. the
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fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update. on t w. are you ready for some great news i'm pristine wonderland i'm ready market you know with the brand new details the news africa the show that tackles
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the issues shaping the country now with more time to all by an in-depth look at all of the crime stuff to you what's making the headlines and what's behind the way on the streets to keep it in the forms on the inside. w. news in africa every friday on g.w. . in one part of the world a race to vaccinate. in another the long white. richer countries have plenty of funding and plentiful vaccine doses for countries that need a it could be years before some of fully vaccinated recent setbacks with the most accessible vaccines astra zeneca and johnson and johnson on to helping global vaccination at 2 speeds. what does it mean for the lives and livelihoods thinking
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anything be done to prevent it. well india is now the world's 2nd worst affected country it's a past brazil putting it only behind the united states the increase in infections could affect the world's vaccine supply india is the biggest producer many parts are running short of supplies as in occupations expand due to the surge in cases this comes as hundreds of thousands of hindu pilgrims gathered at the ganges for a ritual bath as part of the comella festival a low thirty's made efforts to offer coronavirus testing most participants have been wearing masks or it is then seeing themselves festivals around lisa being blamed for the spread of the virus in india. denmark is completely drops using the astra zeneca vaccine and more countries delaying the introduction of the johnson and johnson single shot after the us so far has recommended a suspension the european union and south africa said they won't be administering the job for now they've been reports of rare blood clots similar concerns with the
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astra zeneca vaccine probably countries including germany to restrict its use the delay comes as a blow for developing countries they've been counting on the 2 vaccines. and that's raising questions about when widespread vaccination coverage will be achieved by the end of the year in high income countries middle income nations will have to wait another year and poor places not before 2023 if at all a key factor holding back the vaccination drive is peyton's nick dearden is director of global justice part of an international movement to challenge the powerful nick how different would things be if these farm firms didn't have peyton's on their vaccines. well we would be able to ramp up production much more easily lead than we currently can i mean at the moment we have an artificially constrained supply precisely because all the manufacturers in the world who want to
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produce this fact seem conte in less that he specifically licensed by the company to the patients and when you bury mines an awful lot of these products were made with public money. huge amounts of money coming from governments like the us government european governments and international institutions is just really scandalous we've handed over we privatized this knowledge through titan's to a handful of big corporations who are now deciding who in the world gets this vaccine and who does us and time me you know across africa where we're seeing the most awful wave of corona virus spreading even frontline health workers haven't been vaccinated meanwhile in rich countries like my own people who are far less at risk of this disease are getting vaccinated ahead of those who need it more i thought i was living in a great place germany but i'm still playing for my shot we have a vaccine which is fantastic but i keep hearing there are production problems but
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then as you say we're not even using all the production capacity out there because the peyton's prevent that is that right. that's exactly right so some of the biggest vaccine produces in the world are not producing coronavirus vaccines simply because when they tried to create their own back seen it didn't work and they don't have one and they call and they have to. give up their production facilities their factories and their manufacturing capacity to produce the vaccines that we've got so it's absolutely great that we've got these vaccines like you say an awful lot of public capacity and public money has gone into creating these vaccines but it's you know we have factories across the world who could produce hundreds of millions more vaccines including in europe they were saying we want to produce this vaccine give us the technical know how and big pharma companies are saying no no no we're going to keep this to ourselves and unfortunately rich countries like our own standing behind them a lap and allowing them to do that exactly i'd like to point that out and give our viewers
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a couple of examples but then as vaccine has been nearly entirely funded by u.s. taxpayers it's being sold at basically a fully commercial price on the other hand we have others like astra zeneca who are saying ok we're going to sell it for much less but they still have the paid rights over supply which means people like me still haven't been vaccinated i mean i don't politicians get it there they're allowing these companies basically to run amok on . they are they absolutely are. and you're absolutely right about astra zeneca i mean look these companies aren't all the same of course we think it's great that astra zeneca are said they won't be profiting during the un demick although i should point out that they can decide when the pandemic is over and at that point they will begin profiting and look with a company like us does any good there was some research done a just a couple of weeks ago which found that the amount of public money that had gone into research and development public charitable money of the oxford astra zeneca
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baxi was about 97 to 99 percent in other words the company has put virtually no money into research and development they've then been given at least $2000000000.00 to ramp up their manufacturing to do trials and so on this company hasn't created this vaccine a university created the vaccine and they then been helped to scale up manufacturing sure pay them for the work they've done but don't for goodness sake allow them to keep up for 20 years and decide who gets it and who doesn't get it and when you do that you've seen yourself i mean even here in the rich world the argument now between the british government and the european union over the contract signed with astra zeneca this is just nonsense it's a public health emergency we need international cooperation not a very very small group of people deciding who gets this in what order only politicians in south africa and india have proposed a temporary suspension of coronavirus peyton's the w t o like the idea there are signs the u.s. does too why isn't that gaining more traction. well this is really interesting and
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it is exciting that we didn't expect this to happen quickly so you know it's going to take a while to put this pressure on but the pressure is building we've now got holly wood stars and celebrity you've got former world leaders calling for this to happen and i mean absolutely amazing that apparently the biting administration is considering this proposal from south africa and india to waive titan's that would be an absolute game change it if it happened to date almost all rich countries have sought i did with the pharmaceutical industry because you do not believe believing it helps that country's economy in some way if a pharmaceutical industry makes a lot of a lot of money in the country it's based in we completely dispute that and we hope as a result of the problems we're seeing around the world that politicians are going to begin changing their minds on this after all it's really not acceptable that governments like my own can tell south africa or india where there are huge problems getting vaccines into their own populations there's no problem don't worry about it the market will salt will solve everything in the long run it's not
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acceptable and we hope that that case is now being allowed and save around the world most countries of the global south demanding a different way of doing this and by the way that different way of doing it isn't just going to help us get out of coronavirus which is really important of course of the foremost of all mines now but it's going to get out to the situation we've got at the moment when most countries in the world are dependent on their medicine supplies coming from a small handful of countries that's no way to run a global research and development medicine there's no way to reduce medicines and if i were a internationally and we need to start. a different means of collaborating on medical research of factories being based all around the world so that people can have a lot more security on where the vaccines are coming from and that's going to be a big issue for corona virus because this is unlikely to go away any time soon we've seen that now but for all manner of other diseases we need to have
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a far more distributed and not a factoring system around the world and i hope that this could be the moment this could be the wakeup call where we begin to develop that need it in director of global justice thanks for being on the show again that's a pleasure. the what about people who don't want the vaccine hysterical yes. how does the refusal to be vaccinated correlate with an increase in mutated virus. this question is one that anyone refusing a vaccine needs to think about on and hard to try to answer it but 1st go over some basics and that everyone should be able to agree on number one like all viruses sars kovi to regularly mutates producing new versions of itself that we call variance that's not up for debate number 2
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more of those variants will of course appear when more people are infected. 3 the chance that random mutations could alter the coronavirus for the worse like making it for instance more contagious or a more deadly the chance rises along with the number of people the virus infects so so for logically to limit the chances of even more possibly dangerous mutations arising we have to limit birol spread to new hosts effectively limiting how often the virus replicates the vaccines that we have appear to do that very well by making recipients a lot less likely to catch the disease which is why the choice to be vaccinated is not just a personal one but a social one as well even if you say yes to vaccines you could potentially become
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infected but the chances are much greater if you say no which you might consider to be your choice and you're right but it unfortunately doesn't stop there that she. always not only poses a potential danger to other unvaccinated people around you which is bad enough it also potentially offers the virus more opportunities to mutate into something possibly even worse for all of us like a variant that's resistant to current versions of our most powerful defense against it vaccines. there are volumes there before we go sri lankans have been mocking the start of the sinhalese and tamil new year after coronavirus restrictions or east people visited hindu and buddhist temples in the evening before their biggest annual holiday is
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based in the school band due to the prices this year they've been allowed to go ahead small scale celebrations and social distancing case numbers have been falling since february. let's hope it stays that way thanks for watching stay safe we'll see you again sir.
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