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the big player. the band. this is deja vu news live from berlin the end of an era nears in afghanistan the u.s. is reportedly planning to withdraw all its troops from the country by september 11th regardless of the security situation what will this mean for afghanistan and its people. also coming up the global vaccination drive suffers a setback for u.s. regulators recommend causing the use of the johnson and johnson shot after reports of where blood clots the company says it is now also delaying its european rollout . and it took all. the defending champs tires made it out of the champions league
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could it mean for buyers like. that it's good to have you with us. the united states plans to withdraw all of its forces from afghanistan by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks on america the pullout will take place regardless of the security situation on the ground and there will be no conditions attached it will mark the end of a 20 year conflict for the u.s. the longest in its history critics in the u.s. have called the move reckless it is also unclear what impact it will have on the afghan people but washington says it has accomplished its mission and it's time to bring the troops home. this
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has been a loner painful war. more than 2000 u.s. troops killed. and thousands more injured in almost 2 decades of fighting. the u.s. campaign began after the $911.00 terror attacks on american soil in 2001 strikes were launched against the islamist group the taliban and the terrorist group al qaida which was based in afghanistan but it wasn't until 2011 that al qaeda is of some of been larger than the mastermind behind 911 was finally tracked down and killed. although most u.s. troops were withdrawn in 2014 successive presidents have been trying to find a way to leave afghanistan altogether. but it's hard the taliban is
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in control over much of the country. and women are already seeing many of their hard won rights rolled back. their almost weekly attacks on afghan forces and civilians alike. this is no peace. despite this donald trump promised all u.s. forces would be out by may the 1st this year. president biden also wants troops home but in coordination with nato allies still have fountains of personnel their. margins to ration strongly supports the diplomatic prague process is underway and to bring an end to this war that is closing 20 years. although he won't meet trumps may deadline september is the new date.
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a month more mark 20 years if it costs me more with little victory tool called. let's take a closer look now we can speak to journalist. couple and we have. standing by for a in brussels well good to see both terry let's start with you receive the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken is in brussels meeting with nato allies and earlier today he essentially said for the u.s. it's mission accomplished what do you think we can expect on how this withdrawal is going to be coordinated. this is a huge question sumi and it's the question that struck fear in the hearts of allies when president trump was making unilateral decisions about how to pull out u.s. troops and when and this is because while 3 quarters of the troops on the ground now in afghanistan are not u.s. forces the u.s.
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has all of the capabilities that these forces need to to maintain their own security much less the security of afghans on the ground and so the u.s. really needs to keep these enablers as they're called in place in afghanistan until the rest of the forces the other nations have pulled out their own troops and this is something that is going to have to be coordinated very carefully ins very difficult to to figure out the order in which you can pull out resources to keep the others on the ground safe. ali you know this is being called the paradigm shift so give us an idea of how this news is going down in afghanistan. in of onus on you know people who are awaiting the state they wanted you know 10 at least know that you know it is so long it's been talked about as a possibility but this is the 1st time that a specific date has been pointed but the fear right now is that because there there are no conditions attached to this withdrawal just as terry was saying it's going
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to be very difficult you know to take for our troops out and how to manage that you know people in afghanistan are asking the same question in the sense that if you have no conditions on the toilet because you know it's put conditions on the government you know you're going to put pressure on them because the u.s. funds the government right but what are the conditions on the taliban how can we be sure that on september 12th the taliban won't just start launching attacks won't take over won't you know come back to power won't won't sort of. take on this hostile town so that's really the question here it's not as if people want them to stay any longer it's just a matter of how they're leaving and whether or not they're doing that appropriately ok terry let's come back to you to talk about the nato perspective here because 2 months ago we saw nato as you had started by saying there would be no premature withdrawal of nato troops so what has changed. well senator general stoltenberg always says that we won't leave before the time is right and clearly they've
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decided the time is right whenever the u.s. decides it wants to leave and i think that it will be very interesting to hear how secretary blinken and other u.s. officials explain mission accomplished because what i see is change is mostly rhetorical the taliban control half of the country i don't think the us said going into this war that that was one of their goals so i would say that what has changed is the u.s. deciding it's ready to come home on the ground attacks are up journalists are being slaughtered in the streets there are you know even more taliban the taliban believes that it is winning this war it says this it's its propaganda says this i don't know how the u.s. is going to spin this but it's going to take some serious spinning and i'll leave that brings us back to you a lot of questions being asked about what this means for the afghan people and women's groups in particular are raising the alarm they believe this withdrawal will mean that some of the hard won gains that women made could not be completely
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reversed so what do you think this withdrawal might mean for afghan women. you know it's an issue for afghan women it's an issue for young people as an issue for ethnic minorities for religious minorities the fact that you know yes there have been a lot of advances in the country you know in terms of physically in terms of development and things like that and a lot of got rights have either been gained or regained in the last 20 years but what we're seeing is that you know now is the time for the government to show its strength and its capability because we still have me issues we have issues with the rights of women you know a deputy minister recently spoke out about the issue she she faced in the ministry of interior we have issues in terms of minority rights we have issues in terms of proper time not democracy in people feeling as if their votes are actually being counted and of course issues of security so people are very afraid in the sense that you know yes those things can dissipate but more than anything it's
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a question of how will the government fill in that gap even if the taliban doesn't take over how will the government actually account for you know the previous mistakes and try and move on without the outside support that it's been so reliant on up until now journalist ali that if he and couple and teri schultz for us and of brussels thank you both for your insights. let's get a round up now of some other headlines at least 20 children were killed in a fire at a primary school in the west african state. numerous other children were injured most of them were still attending preschool the fire destroyed several classrooms and blocked exits its cause is still on the one authorities have launched an investigation. south korea has condemned neighboring japan's plan to release treated radioactive water from the fukushima nuclear plant in 2 years' time so has asked officials to explore possible international litigation against japan but
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tokyo says disposing of the water into the pacific ocean is safe and essential in order to decommission. the white minneapolis police officer who shot dead a black driver has resigned along with a police chase dante wright was shot after he was arrested during a traffic stop protesters took to the streets for the 3rd night in a row despite a curfew. the rollout of the johnson and johnson vaccine has been paused in the u.s. europe and south africa after reports of where blood clotting and a very small number of people health authorities said they were halting the use of the shot while they investigate the cases and that they were doing this out of an abundance of caution the astra zeneca job was also recently temporarily suspended in some countries after being linked to rare blood clots. authorities are calling it a short pause the u.s. is johnson and johnson vaccine has hit the same stumbling block as the u.k.'s astra
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zeneca jab did last month a likely link to a rare and deadly blood clot use of johnson and johnson's janson vaccine has now been halted across the u.s. with health authorities investigating 6 incidents of clotting in younger women one of them fatal. in the us developed a vaccine uses an adenovirus to trigger immunity the same mechanism as the astra zeneca vaccine. janson accounts for roughly 5 percent of vaccines delivered so far in the u.s. . so i had a j. and j. that's in appointment today and. i saw the news about it getting kind of revoked so 'd i called and i asked and they said you can get the pfizer vaccine and said my wife just had to take that and that's it like 3 days ago and so you know i'm just hoping that i not think that it's going to happen you know that you know anybody that legit shot. this is
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a setback to europe to johnson and johnson announced it will delay its rollout on the continent the company had already started processing an order from the e.u. of 200000000 doses. magical i imagine there will be repercussions as we're waiting for millions of doses but this means the controls are working if we need to be cautious we need to be cautious but yes it wouldn't get. the janssen job has been partially rolled out in africa where a majority of countries don't have enough vaccines even for their own health care workers the african union signed a deal for 220000000 doses this year but u.s. authorities remain hopeful they're saying it could only be a matter of days before the rollout resumes. as we've just been hearing the suspension of the johnson and johnson shot has dealt another huge blow to south africa vaccination rollout in february the country already stopped the use of the astra zeneca vaccine after it showed low efficacy against an aggressive local virus
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fairy and biotech pfizer jobs will only arrive next month and experts have warned of a looming 3rd wave the situation of hospitals is already spiraling out of control for patients and for health workers in our next report we meet a doctor who'd had enough of what she says are unsafe working conditions. doctors so little was sick from the is wary of vaccines 9 years ago when she was 21 she became ill with tuberculosis despite having been inoculated against it before coronavirus vaccines reached south africa she resigned from her post in a public hospital because she didn't feel safe anymore. kids since it was still as she says they were when i checked it. takes you top you know which i feel is a huge problem it's a huge problem and shows that after all these years you know the odds are somewhat of. a former colleague made this video of supply here she is wearing full personal
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protective equipment but she says that in the hospital where she worked it was either not available or inadequate to phone to work in intensive care and as a midwife she's been at home since she left at the end of the year even though she feels guilty about leaving she believes she did the right thing. medical staff are badly needed but her life has to come 1st. hundreds of doctors and nurses in south africa have already died from cope with 19. i really felt as though i was working in a system that didn't really care about my own life and without was going to make it to tomorrow night you know especially seeing all the how it's dying the tributes online you can't help but think that that's going to be unix. those fears are justified only a few $100000.00 people in south africa have been vaccinated there aren't enough
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doses to go around at the current rate it would take 16 years to vaccinate the whole population south africa would like to manufacture its own vaccines but the patents are all registered overseas the only way i'd go back is if i would be able to control. you know my exposure to illnesses you know and if i am exposed to illnesses make sure that i have a corrects effective p.p. . system to also needs to be vaccinated but while she's no longer working as a doctor she doesn't mind waiting. let's get some perspective on the story with howard catton he's the c.e.o. of the international council of nurses which recently held a weapon are with african health workers howard thank you very much for joining us you're on we mentioned earlier that the johnson and johnson vaccine has been suspended and that that is having a big impact on the roll out of course in south africa how concerned are you about
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the situation there. the situation with johnson and johnson as your report said the precautionary we're being ultra cautious about this we know people were worried about the speed of the rollout of vaccines this is the scrutiny and the checks really really working so we need to stay calm on this and we need to give the scientists the time to look at the information and advise us and also nurses driven by the evidence on this that there are 6 cases out of i think 6000000 so far whether there's a causal link hasn't been determined as well so we need to see what the scientists have to say but when vaccines are approved as being safe and effective i would say that health workers not be prioritized because your report shown they are a higher risk the infection rates in the deaths of months nurses and health workers has been really high said the vaccine is about protecting their safety and when we
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protect our nurses and eye health workers we protect our health systems as well we saw in a report a doctor who said she essentially quit because she didn't feel safe in her job and she said that health workers lives were not being protected so what do doctors and nurses need to be protected when they work. they need to be prioritized for vaccinations we are hearing from africa around the world nurses health workers who are exhausted and some of whom are scared i think the biggest challenge the world is currently facing is the equitable access of vaccine and delivery of facts and what's happened is that wealthy countries have used their economic power to order why you move more millions more vaccines than they need and across the range of vaccines it's a form of hoarding and control the consequences of that are that we are seeing people who are less fundable and younger in some countries being vaccinated before
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nurses and health workers in the more vulnerable in other countries there is an absence of moral leadership here and people will die more people will die as a result of this so we need political leaders around the world to step up and to lead ethically and morally but also you know the irony is here it is in their self interest to ensure there is equity there are real race here is against the mutations of the virus and vaccinate seeing everybody it's not a national race it's a global race you say it's in their best interest so what is your message to wealthy countries the governments in these countries of why they need to make sure that health workers in these developing countries are vaccinated that everyone is vaccinated quickly. they need to do that one to defeat the virus to stop the mutations to stay ahead of it to enable global trade and economic growth we're all interconnected we won't do that until we defeat the virus do you know something
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like 7909 percent of doses of covert are imported into africa help africa to increase the manufacturing of the vaccine within its own country share step up to the ethical plight and way you have over all did share that as well make sure that people are supported to put the plans in place to roll out the vaccine and one thing that we mustn't lose sight of we still have to do the face by social distancing the vaccines are not the answer on their own i have to leave it there howard catton c.e.o. of the international council of nurses thank you very much for joining us thank you . for now japan has staged a ceremony to mark the start of a $100.00 day countdown to the olympic games in tokyo organizers unveiled the olympic rings at the top of mount tech out west of the japanese could the capital the international olympic committee says the games will go ahead despite fears
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about the pandemic the i.o.c. says it has taken measures such as banning international spectators to prevent a surgeon affections and to avoid the games from being cancelled as they were last year but more than 70 percent of japan's citizens want the olympics to either be delayed or called off completely. at the swimming and diving venue the high tech starting blocks for the tokyo games and the starting gun stand idle as though they were paused after the on your marks set a bit of a starter's commands but 100 days out as the so-called test events continue to iron out possible wrinkles and events organization it appears the olympics are back on line. that. pandemic precaution will be a priority and only domestic fans will be permitted to attend now but there will be competition. and i think you'll get to the argument and they're having discussions
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you know so personally as much as possible i want the athletes to really feel that we're prepared to host these olympic games in japan when you look at this going to go all these discussions here have demonstrated that we are putting safety 1st. not every japanese is happy the olympics are scheduled to go ahead in fact pollsters say 70 to 80 percent believe it's a bad idea to hold the games with the pandemic still raging in the country. even event volunteers at this online training session have concerns. and could learn yet again what i'm worried about is what will happen with the new variants. and how will they spread. the japanese have invested more than $15000000000.00 to host the tokyo 2020 olympic and paralympic games as they will
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still officially be called. but $100.00 days from the opening ceremony when excitement is normally reaching fever pitch cold at 19 and its variants have washed much of that excitement away. champions league football now byron munich have been knocked out of the quarterfinals by. the defending champs 11 nail in paris but lost on aggregate and across harrington from giving sports is what this cresset take us through this game well you said it they lost the war in munich last week but they won this most recent battle last night in pairs worth the pat on the back it wasn't a highlight affair for neymar neymar did have the most shots on goal but the defense was a lot tighter thanks to the post that the ball hit a couple of times and manuel neuer airshow promoting the former p.s.g. player it was the only highlight for buyers often seen both fixtures matter of fact lee you know but after the game hans you flick you know congratulated p.s.g. of course he did call that a shame not to have his stars on the pitch anyone watching knows by and without
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live in dogs without his can operate without leon gorecki this is not the same kind of watered down a bit but nonetheless he congratulated him and model in the way of the captain chimed in as well saying that hey we should have done better in munich we fell short congratulations to the others what do you think this means for the like and its future well you know he addressed this topic somewhat touched on a few things one thing you know everyone knows that he's been picked to be possibly the replacement for you for the german national team well he talked about there's pressure existing on both sides of bahrain and with the german national team despite regardless of whatever you might choose he'll have his family support we do know byron brass are expected to meet with flic possibly assess you know his dedication moving forward and i believe that flicks less gave it by it will be the last game of the bundesliga season lot of smoke and mirrors we have to let the dust settle and let's flip answer the question and so ok back to the champions league the semifinal is almost that there are just 2 more matches to go right right yeah
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the losing side prevailed you know p.s.g. and chelsea p.s.g. will meet the winner of the but is that his last hope that's dortmund in manchester city very interesting tidbit about that game you know. the players are sleeping in a german hotel tonight last night rather and they were being awoken from dortmund fans lighting off fireworks and so forth trying to you know give them. an easy night's rest and the other fixture you know the winner a couple of seasons backed you you're going club for liverpool they'll be having an uphill battle against real madrid so an overturned i think will happen. i don't feel comfortable putting money on either side right now but i was doing well and of course liverpool all well as well from did every sport thank you very much. and as we separate said gorman are hoping to upset man city in their champions league quarterfinal match tonight dortmund will likely be without some key players
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due to injury which means they might just need to rely on another one of their young stars. he made his full debut in the 1st leg against manchester city and 19 year old and scott can now find to do it means rescuing the business leader on saturday scoring the winner to keep his side's top 4 chances allies. will hope for a similar magic against city if they're to advance to the semifinals. because that will be a number leavell story when you see how the whole season has gone. we want to show you that we can maybe eliminate the best team in this competition to get through to the next rounds. and then in the sauna and city. who are the only side have slipped up at this stage before coming out in the quarter finals in the past 3 seasons but expectations of the english club a high this is
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a business in the business. it's business in business with any of the when i would be if you look if we it we will be. at least guardiola won't be knocked out by change in sound showed a player he let go sanchez has not recovered from a muscle injury so misses out very fortunately for dortmund has another young starlet on the way. let's get a reminder now of our top story the united states plans to withdraw all of its forces from afghanistan by september 11th the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks on america the pullout will take place regardless of the security situation on the ground it will mark the end of a 20 year conflict for the u.s. the longest in its history. up next on our show i did have years our environment show eco africa thank you very
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much for watching t.v. and don't forget that you can always get the latest news and information on our website did every dot com.
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this beachgoer doesn't leave any crumbs behind because there's enough plastic mine all round into town one geo in communications for cycling this is an eco brick you can't educate me on when children see the bigger picture they will think to think it over where they live. to come. on.
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board. and you hear me now yes yes we can you can how last year's german chancellor will bring you an angle a man called as you've never tired have been full of surprises yourself with what is possible who is medical training what moves and what. who talks to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles law stops. good times are good or the. warming doesn't. go to the most well but yet. the industry is. and truly your
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thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. grazing in the. manufacturing ignoring stores may 3rd. one welcome to this week's episode of our environmental show africa i am somebody we know here in compliment uganda you do know this show is a coproduction of chinese t.v. image area in germany and t.v. here in uganda but i am not a law and i am with my co-host create and hello create i sound draw a big hello to all of us from the illegals large area it's good to have you with us
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for another edition of vironment show with a focus on africa here are some topics coming up today. why biker pla sneaks in the world begin honestly. new venture that's fucking up south africa's beaches. and all spanish on these things and sleep is a dream to kids cultures. but 1st we head to west and west songbirds from your rope like to spend the winter now millions of them migrate to senegal mauritania and for the south of landlocked walk in a fossil while their hobby to its increasingly under threat from intensive farming steal a number of calls a vision of doing what they can to ensure migratory birds can still find a winter home in sub-saharan africa.
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the fruits of the kodiak tree. tom reeds and a good place for any. they've a diversity of trees in coverage tumbi national park in south and book in a fossil office favorable living conditions for many species of bugs. nevertheless but conservationists are concerned migratory birds from western europe such as the kingfish are becoming increasingly rare the woman with other cases where women are solid very migratory birds are indicators of the health of an environment today we can see there are fewer and fewer migratory birds here and this is clearly due to they do to ration or the nature of the hobby to a large degree that's still not true. just a few kilometers away from the conservation area where davis city is a thing of the past only share trees as far as the eye can see there was metrics
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industry task is driving up and and farmers like a nice man are profiting from meat book in a fossil is the while 2nd biggest exporter of she announced which i used to make cooking oil and skin products well the idea of going to china is very profitable for us sometimes i see elements but it on more with a bottle of prime. but awareness is leading to a shift in practices now the farmers are starting to restore that is to davao city and that begins with creating healthy sort of i'm a jew must run walk for a dutch angel which is concerned with the survival of migratory birds to farmers how to make compost from biological west including cow dung and nice use of the compost is to place officials for the lies as which keep insects an important food source for the bugs. for secure pornography regarded as well our god is the protection of dogs but unless the pharmacy direct financial benefits they aren't
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interested that's why we walk to include business aspects in the project. and what their business reporters are. mace formal franken nanny or radio the number of us have for some time to give them about how i save a lot of money every year on a petition and the food is much more subtle now and we are all much healthier. there in geo convinced him that it will be better to live through standing in his food he now knows that in heavy rain the topsoil doesn't wash away so easily the roots of the comments when 3 hold the soil will. well understand the water cooler air a lot of the rares up our water from a mom i used to remove all their wishes and young trees and my fields now i practice what is called assisted natural restore ration it's simple you cut back week branches to help the struggle ones grow quickly into
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a tree then it can flower for bees and other insects truck buyers up about. one up with and of all the. more bays more. that's the idea behind ange you're a freak what's complained to teach farmers about keeping b. she'll farm are. also on extra money from the x.-men and she already has a big heaping experience but she's happy to have been fresher. how does one use a small car to come billy's home when is it time to harvest the honey nearly 30000 farmers have had training in the last year. and ripping object to fly fast objective is on an environmental level it's to create biodiversity because bees pollinate fruit trees and trees in general so this pollination will help the trees and in particular it will help if she had
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a tree look at it in. this year i noticed that the sheer tree produced more fruit and thanks to stromboli nation on really happy to have the it is the one. although people will continue to plant shia trees in the future they're more likely to leave other trees time allowing more nature to develop and thrive. it's a prediction we'll keep hearing. every time experts have calculated that by 2050 plus to the oceans well we fish that is correct chremes it is all if i respect and as if the effects of plastic debris on marine life were but did not come with such as in the case a looking into that is that michael plastics would already be having on the on health let's take a look. what's on the menu plastic. bottle cap dim sum. or maybe some lego sushi sounds strange but that is roughly
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equivalent to the amount of microscopic pieces of plastic that we in just over the course of a month 20 kilograms over the course of a lifetime. we do this by simply breathing and drinking water and eating fish the oceans and rivers in particular are full of my crap plastic says malcolm hudson a professor of environmental science he conducts research on the region pollution from plastic particles those plastic particles if you like a little time bomb waiting to break down smaller to agree absorbed by wildlife or by people and then potentially have harmful consequences. because plastic does not biodegrade it turns up everywhere flooding the beaches and choking marine 4 and i'm flora plastic production has risen sharply over the past 50 years there are now over $400000000.00 tonnes worldwide per year smaller and smaller particles are created by wind and waves friction and sunlight does so small that they could be
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absorbed into our blood through the stomach researchers see this as a danger to humans experiments with. cultures are already showing that large amounts of numbing particles can be toxic. what we can so i think with some certainty is if we carry on at the moment as we're going producing more and more plastic not managing the waste very well eventually we weeks levels where our thresholds exceeded them there are harmful effects on the environment and potentially even on ourselves. the total impact on humans is not yet clear experts fear that the tiny particles could trigger immune reactions over least toxic substances into the body just one more good argument to put an end to our love affair with plastic. that all sounds very worrying plastic can really mess up our world if you want for the animals and for lots but
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i'm scared we won't be getting rid of the anytime soon fortunately the looks of people coming up will be trusting solutions to talk of the problem one of them comes from the public and it is a pretty cool idea if you've been a regional way of getting rid of the michael plastics what awaits on the beach. there's nothing this nozzle can't go. no item of plastic can escape the jaws of this giant vacuum tina crisscrosses use in what's called the enviro buggy to collect rubbish in the tree in cape town's beaches because a vacation is to works with the organization see the big picture which developed the prototype a couple of years ago every day an estimated 100000 tons of plastic a found in south africa's many beaches that's a lot to clean up according to crisscross the beach cleaner can even suck up
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caustic particles just one minute he says small a special seed system separates the sun from the past even with 100 people on the branch we weren't really making where we weren't making as much of an impact as we could regarding the micro plastics our best came about trying to make the micro plaster collection a lot more efficient and quicker paul shanley's n.g.o.s recently joined forces with a local recycling company on the outskirts of cape town. to full use sought out various items into recyclable materials some 20 people on shift every day given rubbish not classified as recyclable can be put to good use. this is a make or break here so it's all the plastics that cannot be re-used the recent purpose to recycle go into one of these. compressed as best they can and used as
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a building material in local building projects and around the community. other initiatives start it's an early stage they concentrate on rivers the community of marina de gama has funded a series of nets with different sizes to catch plastic along waterways before it gets to the ocean. peter ryan. amole just take research at the university of cape town estimates that between 60 percent and 90 percent of marine plastic on the beach is that arrived via waterways like this one just standing here we can see all of this rubbish coming down the canal here this is the major source of letter that we're concerned about in an urban setting in south africa side 'd poorly managed waste on land getting into waste water systems and being carried down into the sea and initiatives like this where we're actually intercepting this letter before it gets into the sea or starting to make
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a significant difference. for the north in the townships outside johannesburg these volunteers are on employed locals there removing plastic waste from the literature ups positioned in the head ups river. to man being charged explains that mountains of plastic that accumulates in the space of just 2 weeks. to start with the mates in the beginning of the rainy season run stock exchange at the launch and in fact in the winter a lot of stuff gets. put on dumps and gunships and stuff so the bad stuff gets washed down the red sea so it keeps on the whole summer but if it were struck it's going to be trying to stop it. not only is the engineer working to be the hang ups of waste is looking into some of the main contributors off the pollution and back at the ocean the micex if see the bigger picture encourages young people to get
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involved studies in south africa have shown that on a clean up nearly 90 percent of the plastic literally the beaches can be collected still even that is only a 1st step once we can teach them the dangers of many in plastics and they will think that they kill where they live and we'll try to stop that speed at the source so instead of. doing things on the road or outside on the beach will actually be allowed to dispose of everything properly. crisscrossed and his team currently operating the enviro bugs it's been already do the work of about 30 people the plan is to start producing the machine and ultimately return south africa's beaches so if you want pristine condition. while those images remind us that we really need to keep up the fight against most of the shit we all tend to throw with
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all too much stuff that can actually be decided. you're absolutely right sandra kahlil silva from cape verde. has come up with a clever way for using cooking. in case their day one entrepreneur is teaching to clean up the environment one bar of soap at a time. tara very day is an ecological soap which carla silver makes using vegetable oils green clay flour and other ingredients. he tries to source most of the ingredients locally. and was only. 8 years ago i started out producing soap from cooking oil. over it could be used to wash dishes and later i began making this eco soap for people to use in the shower . silva's desire to help the environment motivation to move to producing
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ecologically sustainable cosmetic products. everything we use ends up in the soup which will then contaminate the rivers oceans and our groundwater. silver has now also a major part of the production process. even the machines he uses. made from recycled materials. he can now produce more bars in much less time. but if you used to take me a town has to make a batch now it's only 3 a lot of the steps automated now. carlos silva hopes to sell his terror of a day soap on the international markets. then how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us a.


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