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ruling. the rail. it's not easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind. the new furniture enumerates stores may 3rd on d. w. . new coronavirus infections in india reached a record high amid a strict lock down of the country's richest state maharastra in posts drinking curbs on industry and commerce for 15 days to curb the spread of the virus we talked to our correspondent in mumbai to find out more about the impact of this house on the economy. also coming up coin baze the largest trading platform for crypto currency is going public on nasty back we'll tell you why this i.p.o. is creating such a buzz. and l.p.'s are making
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a comeback on both sides of the atlantic as people tend to spend more time at home during the pandemic of vinyl records back into mom. hello and welcome to your business i want to chance and dylan good to have you with us and we're starting with india which is in the grip of the 2nd coronavirus wave hardest hit is the country's economic engine the state of maharashtra and its capital by. a lockdown aims to curb the spread of the virus but it also cripples businesses and those struggling to make ends meet this is rotting. and that struggling on our desire to mumbai market is fed up. not even one rupees worth of fish was sold today i came at 8 30 in the morning and i still haven't earned a thing look can you see any customers really were. the city is the capital of one
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of india's richest and most industrialized states and leader of the country's exploding corporate 19 result. now a tight lockdown has been extended to weekend some say it's choking businesses and livelihoods. that india's largest 1000000000 market has already suffered a loss of the point $1000000000.00 in the last 10 months and if the government over imposes weekend locked on then we will suffer a huge loss in the festive season. brought on should be done in such a way that the common man is not affected economically people have children and families that they need to feed the impact on the broader economy has been considerable too industrial output contracts fell 3.6 percent in february faster than expected and giving fuel to concerns that the economy is slowing. other states in india haven't implemented a lockdown and now there are fears that unless the 2nd wave is brought under
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control fast it could dash hopes of a swift recovery and one of the world's fastest growing economies. and for more let's bring in. mumbai which of course is india's financial and commercial harp and the capital of the state of my. needy how big an impact does the lockdown there have on india's economy as a whole. so my dish as you said is the foundation for the factory and if you work in water. which is it in seeing india they have come up with an estimate that see if that is going to cost the g.d.p. by point $3000000000.00 and this is just in fact if you were to log what a 15 do you think peter so you can just delete it and you're going to understand how important is for the. of course people need to make a living we've seen it in this report and it seems that that is one of the main drive us of this new wave has been the indian government handed out aid to support
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businesses so that people can stay at home. listens to them make it the country from september on what's going to go on we're coming out with very kind of a school students program. in this city sector the attorney pushing the top sector they try to get big people in. extreme you will be delayed in getting some money and all this cost to the us. and a half a trillion dollars by. what the explosives there is that the money would still go and has spoken to the economy has not reached that there are some people there who are battle for the if this goes jim this is the government has given has more been seen and then the 2nd view so they're going to strangle her but it's not working out very now and what about vaccination i mean india is after all a major vaccine i'm a care when will this help curb the spread of the virus there. that's
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i mean just a question he now has and has faded and i don't $100000000.00 until now. as we speak the problem is that he already had to go back seems the biggest manufacturer and that the students based out of india by the citizens of cuba to say that they are facing a very difficult thing because it is a lot of pressure on their production capacity they're going to be allowed to court there's going to. ownership to be explored will be aborted in india but i'm going to go with the 1400000000 people in the population is not it's 16 states the 16 biggest something's going to eat i should say try dictionary now so i'm getting that question you're going to disagree but right now there is a huge shortage of vaccine in the country itself people are questioning that going to decision exporting we have one 6th of the 64000000 that go to school almost 70 countries so why shouldn't you have not given us there was if you know same did so
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that somebody difficult not to give money. to buy them importing from mumbai thank you and that is some of the other global business stories making. toshiba president and chief executive knob walk equal mahtani resigned on wednesday amid to declining trust in his leadership the decision comes a week after a $20000000000.00 takeover bid by a private equity firm c.v. c. capital partners who previously worked for that company raising concerns about potential conflict of interest. new zealand is the 1st country to require major banks insurers and investment managers to report the effects of their investments on climate change a bill before parliament requires the $200.00 biggest financial firms to explain how they manage climate related risks and opportunities. in germany the number of young people starting apprenticeship past fall into its lowest level since the
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reunification in 1900 apprenticeships starts to fail almost 10 percent the decline reflects the hama ring the job market has taken from the coronavirus pandemic with many employers having canceled or postponed training programs. a sharp rise in the cost of gasoline so u.s. consumer prices surged north point 6 percent in march that's the biggest increase since 2012 analysts say the jump is probably temporary march of last year marked the beginning of the lockdown in the world's biggest economy. bitcoin f.a. rio ripple and cryptocurrency s. are growing exponentially in 2021 and are now valued at a staggering total of 2 trillion dollars that makes the arrival of trip to currency exchange coin bays are nasty one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year on wall street its market capitalization is expected to come in between $70.00 and
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$100000000000.00 making it the largest i.p.o. since facebook in 2012. claims $56000000.00 verified uses it's the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the u.s. and it makes its money by taking transaction fees when members buy and. cryptocurrency that's generated 1st quarter revenue of $1800000000.00 to turn a tidy profit of around $800000000.00 crypto currency exchange and banking is becoming increasingly competitive with more rivals like crack in gemini pay pal and square allowing users to buy and sell trip to assets earlier i spoke to our financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea delaney and i asked her why this i.p.o. creates such a boss there's 2 reasons for one we've seen it really a lot of euphoria in the cryptocurrency market over the past year we've seen really searching other cryptocurrency as well so there really is a lot of focus on this market right now. but also for corn based it's really going
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to be seen as as a litmus test for the broader market it's the 1st currency exchange to go public it's going to be worth probably more than the owner of the new york stock exchange when it goes public today so it's extremely highly valued because of the interest in the market right now but there also are still a lot of outstanding concerns because the cryptocurrency market remains so volatile that means that their business is going to remain volatile and that's something we haven't really seen with with it with a publicly traded stock and so there is a lot of excitement today but it's going to still be a bit of a volatile ride for a point base well let's look at the market interest of the investor interest because i mentioned just a few of those the cryptic currencies traded on coin bays and if somehow you can see the woodford trees i mean which ones are with looking at more closely.
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well for the biggest revenue centers are the most popular crypto currency so bitcoin accounts for about 44 percent of their transaction revenue theory about 12 percent the rest are. these other newer crypto currencies so that is a growing market but one base is also going to be facing more and more competition in the years ahead because it's no longer the only name in the game there are a lot of other crypto currency exchanges coming up and also there are a lot cheaper than coin base which has this reputation for being the oldest in the safest in the game so there is a lot of competition on bases toes here just briefly chills because i mean i still pay cash or using my début to a critique who's actually using currencies to pay. well not many people that still is really unusual market we've seen a lot of companies like tesla or visa and master card pay pal start to get into
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this into this space of accepting cryptocurrency payments but i'd say bitcoin cryptocurrency are still very much a speculative investment that's really the majority of the interest we see is using it as a an investment not as a payment currency the way to delay new from food thank you so much. turn on tune in and stay at home that's what millions of music lovers have been doing since the coronavirus pandemic 1st took hold last year and while music streaming services have received a boost so have more traditional formats in spain's capital madrid the 1st new vinyl factory has opened in more than 2 decades. vinyl sounds so much better than digital that's what you hear when you ask any person and this record store and motivates and that it stimulates multiple census not just the ears. was like cinema in the end you can only see just one genre otherwise you close yourself off in the end vinyl helps you discover more music. in the us sales of vinyls already
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outnumber c.d.'s it's thought that europe will follow suit yet it's often difficult to find the bands and music you like on vinyl that's why i paste decided to press on l.p.'s and turned his passion for nostalgic sound into a business. we have contacted the groups that we like the labels we like that have several of the artists that we like and we told them that we would like to do by anil additions or even really issue some old records. and they will. with concerts and festivals canceled following lockdowns records can remind audio files of the golden age of music many rock soul and jass plastics were recorded on vinyl not on cd however it's still a niche market when you factor in streaming and downloads vinyl makes up just 3.6 percent of music consumption in the u.s.
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however small the impact of rising l.p.'s sales on the music industry spot in line is this 100 year old technology with a modern twist it's giving music lovers a vintage experience in these trying times. and that's your business update here and at this hour from in the team member len thanks for watching stay safe. the fountain against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update. on t w. i was robbed of my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery shooting a boy on the field of german women in italy obscene met women who were
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tricked. forced into prostitution their stories busy last month she forced me into 6 truths and exclusion of the 77 percent. contained on t.w. . the u.s. is vaccine program is the envy of much of the world with over 3000000 people getting the job every day. but the virus continues to spread quickly. states like michigan are especially hard hit causing some to call for tough medicine. the answer is to really close things down to go back to our basics to go back to where we were last spring last summer and try to shut down with 70000 new
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infections each day vaccines alone might not be enough to turn the tide in the fight against covert 19. no other country in the world has been hit harder by the corona virus the united states has had the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world and despite its unprecedented vaccination program those numbers are still rising many people have grown weary of lockdown and with warming weather many states have lifted restrictions facing the threat of a 4th wave president joe biden's administration is doubling down to back the nation as the key to ending the pandemic but local outbreaks threaten to do that strategy . john brooks joins us from the c.d.c. the centers for disease control and prevention how would you say the u.s. is coming along there's been a change in leadership a change in the weather but has there been progress in the fight against covert. well i think there has been steady progress in the fight against cove even since we
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began and this is despite 3 waves including a really unprecedented 3rd wave over the holiday season but we're coming down off the back of that wave right now and really getting the numbers down quickly we're not succeeding yet i mean we're making incredible progress but the number of new infections we're seeing in this country remains about what it was during our 2nd wave last summer so what about 50000 new infections a day and 525021000 deaths a day by the numbers of murder. promising when you take a look at who's been inoculated a 3rd of the population has got at least one jap that's over 120000000 americans but with the focus on getting people back to native what about new restrictions on the economy because there's a new wave of coronavirus cases as you mentioned and hospitals are getting crowded . that's right and this you know we want to reserve using those really most
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difficult decisions of shutting down the economy when we have to apply them but it's becoming apparent that we may be at a place where in some jurisdictions certain states it may be time to sort of shut down a little bit to gain control over this virus i mean we're in a big race right now all right we are racing against the virus with vaccine and we've got to get the vaccine out as soon as possible we're asking people to hold on a little bit longer we know it's frustrating it's been a rough year people want to get back to the normal life they enjoyed before but we're not done with this race we're not done with the battle we're going to have to hang on to we can really get vaccinations out john is that message getting through to state officials because in michigan state health director says the government's focusing on getting more people bath unaided rather than imposing new restrictions on the economy. well it would be wonderful if vaccination took effect immediately but you know it takes a couple of weeks for you to be to benefit from vaccination with the beyond tech
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vaccine is $21.00 days between doses plus another 14 days until you're fully covered but they're seeing a problem right now and to deal with the problem right now you need to cut off the chain to transmission with whatever you have at your disposal and unfortunately at this time the best needs for that would be slowing down on the reopening of society there so which states would you say are getting it right which are getting it wrong because again despite all those vaccinations the 7 day case 48100000 people is a 515 in michigan california is only a 50. that's right and it's interesting it's also very low in i believe states like texas and florida where one might have expected you know that it would be higher so where we don't understand exactly why the rates are different in different states it's probably some combination of the fact that some states have got more vaccine out they have more social distancing measures still in place the government and
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political opinion is aligned with public health so we're all singing from the same songbook we say right that we're all working together and not against each other what about a 100 immunity is there going to be a stage where the u.s. will reach that. yeah i mean i have an infectious disease doctor i've been working in this area for 30 years and i'm certain that we will reach herd immunity i just don't know what that number is we'll know it when we get there because there will be a sustained decline and then leveling off of new infections and that will be the point when there's been enough people vaccinated as well unfortunately as people who've recovered from illness that the virus can't find anywhere else to go and that also depends upon whether or not the virus manages to mutate in a direction that's absolutely right we're watching that very carefully i mean these mutations concert these variants they're called really concern us a lot and vigilance really matters when viruses vary so we've put in
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i'm sorry go ahead though that what we're going to say. i think we put into place a very very. large national effort to routinely screen a large number of these viruses down a moderator for variants and to identify those mutations which either make the virus more transmissible may increase the severity or undercuts some of the activity of drugs that we use against the virus ok on on that very topic i wanted to just mention some americans are already getting a 3rd dose which will be used to some people around the world that they're taking part in a study of updated versions of the current a virus vaccines and they've been tweaked to tackle mutations of the virus a variant this covered in britain just months ago is already the most common version of the corona virus circulating in the united states current back scenes off strong protection against these mutations but researches want to be ready to respond to new threats that emerge of course that study is being run by the
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national institute of health and emory university in atlanta i believe john which is where you'll based these sorts of tweaks can be achieved in a matter of weeks if the regulators that hold back the process by months can and should that be changed. well i think they'll be a lot of urgency to find a pathway forward where we can make these changes these and adopt these regulatory changes as rapidly as we possibly can while of course maintaining the safety of the public will be receiving these vaccines you know we have annual flu vaccination now in that case every year the world health organization and other public health organizations around the world look ahead as to what may be commie but we have a different situation now we have these m r n a vaccines from beyond ecan moderna and other companies that you can custom create the vaccine with m r n
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a relatively quickly and then it takes probably weeks to a few months to get that into production i believe that given the experience with this pandemic we're going to hopefully see regulators moving just as quickly with us. that would be nice to have. you can you can you can find the is there is there anything else that you can leave us with they give us some sort of hope in his cries that. well i'll just say this i mean our food and drug administration is the organization in charge of these regulations and they say they have experienced this pandemic just like we have in our agency which is in charge of things related to prevention and i think that there is a strong desire to move forward into this future in a way that we can keep the public safe but respond more fleetly we've had some bad experiences where we weren't able to respond as quickly as we'd like and is clear that that's going to be an important thing in the future both of they thank you very much for joining us today it's my pleasure. in another setback the united
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states has recommended putting the johnson and johnson vaccine on hope it's investigating a potential link between the jab and blood clots nearly 7000000 people have received the single dose vaccine in the u.s. clotting was reported in 6 women in the days after vaccination several countries have also restricted the astra zeneca short of a closing fee is. alcides correspondent eric williams who has an interesting view a question about the vaccine and hospitalizations. how come people hospitalized with covered 1000 don't get the vaccine couldn't it save their lives no although ongoing research into what are called therapeutic back seems is fascinating the approved prove it back scenes are traditional and in the sense that they aren't therapies if you already have copd at 19 there are
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a measure to prevent you from contracting it in the 1st place or at least ensuring that if you do get the disease it will be a milder case and you won't end up in the hospital the reason the pandemic went global so fast and so on so quickly out of control is because sars could be too was a novel pathogen that no one had been exposed to before a state that 'd experts call being immunologically naïve the vaccines now in use basically teach your body that there's a bad bug out there that looks like this so that if it shows up in your nose or throat your immune system is is forewarned and can jump on it quickly but just like it takes time for your immune system to respond if you're infected for real it also takes time to ramp up in a mutant response to the fake infection that a vaccine simulates a couple of weeks give or take
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a few days depending on the back seem so so giving someone who has a severe case of the disease a vaccine won't help and could likely do harm that's why trusted health care authorities like the centers for disease control recommend that if you have covert 19 you need to wait a while after your symptoms have completely. cited before you even began to consider getting vaccinated. finally surging coronavirus cases in many parts of the world a row shadowing the start of ramadan south asia's nations of battling a spiraling outbreak europe has passed a 1000000 deaths the muslim holy month is a time of avoiding food and drink during the day and coming together for feasts at night both a challenge during the pandemic indonesia has the world's biggest muslim population of people have been attending socially distance services did most its islamic body
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now says vaccinations do not violate the fost in a permissible under the religious law a relief for the government which has been counting on a vaccine drive to tackle the largest number of infections and deaths in southeast asia. thanks for watching stay safe and see you again sir.
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behind. because there's enough plastic liner around in chinatown $10.00 is clear enough. for cycling this is a make or break you can't educate me when chimps see the bigger picture they will think if they kill where they live. for. each month minutes on w. . in mexico many pushed. us thrown out of the water right now climate change different topic story. faces lifelessly when photos one week. how much worse can it really get. we still have time to an ongoing.
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lead. this is d w news law from berlin at the end of an era nears in afghanistan the u.s. is reportedly planning to withdraw all of its troops from the country by september 11th regardless of the security situation so what will this mean for afghanistan and its people. also coming out of the global vaccination drive suffers a setback u.s. regulators recommend causing the use of the johnson and johnson shot after reports of where blood clots the company says it is now also delaying its european rollout .


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