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play. play play play play. this is news live from berlin the global vaccination drive suffers a setback u.s. regulators recommend pulsing the use of the johnson and johnson shot after reports of rare blood clots the company says that it is now also delaying its european rollout. also coming up the u.s. is reportedly planning to withdraw all its troops from afghanistan by september
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11th this year but with peace still far from secured what will it mean for the stability of the country. and minneapolis on edge a 3rd day of protest over the fatal shooting of a black man by police and in the same city the trial of the police officer charged with murder in george floyd continues with the defense arguing the use of force against him was justified. i'm sorry welcome to the program. the rollout of the johnson and johnson vaccine has been paused in the u.s. europe and south africa after reports of rare blood clotting and a very small number of people health authorities said that they were halting the use of the shot while they investigate the cases and that they were doing it out of
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an abundance of caution now the astra zeneca jab was also recently temporarily suspended in some countries after being linked to rare blood clots. authorities are calling it a short pause the u.s. is johnson and johnson vaccine has hit the same stumbling block as the u.k.'s astra zeneca jab did last month a likely link to a rare and deadly blood clot use of johnson and johnson's janson vaccine has now been halted across the u.s. with health authorities investigating 6 incidents of clotting in younger women one of them fatal. the u.s. developed vaccine uses an adenovirus to trigger immunity the same mechanism as the astra zeneca vaccine janson accounts for roughly 5 percent of vaccines delivered so far in the u.s. . so i had a j. and j. that's an appointment today and. i saw the news about it getting kind of revoked so
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i called and i asked and they said you can get the pfizer vaccine instead of my wife just to do that that's. like 3 days ago and so you know i'm just hoping that i don't think that it's going to happen to her or you know anybody that budget. this is a setback to europe to johnson and johnson announced it will delay its rollout on the continent the company had already started processing an order from the e.u. of 200000000 doses. your magical i imagine there will be repercussions as we're waiting for millions of doses but this means the controls are working if we need to be cautious we need to be cautious that it wouldn't get better as. the janssen job has been partially rolled out in africa where a majority of countries don't have enough vaccines even for their own health care workers the african union signed a deal for 220000000 doses this year but u.s. authorities remain hopeful they're saying it could only be
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a matter of days before the rollout resumes and for more on this i'm joined now by to o.p.'s current to epidemiologists and professor at berlin's charité hospital thank you so much for joining us this morning was it the right decision to pas the vaccine. yes it is the right decision because we need to be careful this is a measure of caution to have to investigate those 6 cases 7000000 vaccines have been given to people but nevertheless this is a concern as much as it was a concern was the astra zeneca vaccine what will this delay now of the johnson and johnson rollout need especially for europe's vaccination efforts which have already installed well the whole depends how long this hold will take if it's just a few days then i think there won't be too much difference but if this is weeks or months even that they have to delay to rollout and certainly dispose slow down the
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vaccination programs in germany and europe and globally ok so we're just to bring it into the bigger picture now i mean we we've seen you know restrictions put on on astra zeneca and some age groups now this johnson and johnson delay what could this potentially name for vaccines for example like sputnik or a vaccines from china are they the next ones which could be stopped because they're all part of this this group this viral vector vaccine group. it's speculation at this point but certainly there's a concern that this group of vaccines in nations will cost is very rare blood clot so people and investigators and agencies look very carefully if there are any reports coming in and then look very carefully if this can be linked to that scene or not so we have to be careful but nevertheless the real problem is to corona virus and i hope that we can continue to vaccine people as quickly as possible how about the new variants i mean we we've heard now about this this this 3rd wave for
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example in germany which has been acknowledged by the chancellor is now being being the toughest what do you make of what's going on right now with the new variants and and the way that the measures in place are trying to to get the cases under control. well certainly it's a setback also develop. as you as you know are not to reacting as well to the defects in nation as the wild type nevertheless it is important that we continue to rule out a vaccination to not create more mutants invariants in the future so hopefully there will be a decision may be the vaccine cannot be given to certain age group but it's very important that we continue to allow the vaccination programs to be as cut epidemiologists and professor at berlin charité hospital thank you so much for joining us on day happiness thank you for having me. along with worries about delays in the vaccine dr health authorities in germany are concerned
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about the growing number of covert 1000 cases today's figures show a huge increase in the 7 day average to more than 150 confirmed infections per 100000 people on tuesday the federal government approved a new bill temporarily giving it more powers to enforce lockdowns in areas with high infection rates. she wants more clarity and a more uniform approach to coronavirus measures in germany frustration had been mounting over the last few weeks as it became increasingly difficult for the federal government and germany's 16 states to agree on common shared rules to tackle the growing 1000 cases. with us beseen order to improve the situation and to slow down the 3rd wave to break it and turn it around the measures implemented thus far by the federal government and the states don't go far enough our response of the pandemic must be more stringent and consequential. the response includes
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changing germany's infection protection act in order to grant the federal government more power to enforce coronavirus restrictions health matters are normally under the jurisdiction of the states but this has led to a patchwork of sometimes contradictory rules the new law would force any state with a high incidence of covert 1000 cases to implement the same regulations including limiting gatherings introducing a nighttime curfew and shutting down non-essential shops leisure activities and restaurants people in berlin think stricter measures should have come sooner. i don't think they are the right measures but it's basically too late for the right measures as. they should have been introduced in the hearing go. i think there are too many people involved and it is very difficult to reach an agreement it would be more efficient if fewer people were making decisions if more
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power lay with the chancellor. health experts have been warning that the situation in germany is serious the number of colvin 1000 patients currently being treated in intensive care units is rising and risks reaching higher occupancy levels than at the peak of the 2nd wave of the pandemic. if you don't take st this number goes higher and therefore really concerned. actually we have to as soon as possible to prove to people from going on. because i'm not treated in. the new legislation still needs to be approved by the german parliament angela merkel has searched she hopes the buddhists will implement the changes swiftly and and for more now i'm joined by our chief political editor look of her and her lead. is the bundestag are set to approve this legislation we
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expect so but not as fast as angela merkel's government has hoped there was a hope that this whole war could be done and dusted within this week it will now take a least until the end of next week but it will put all 16 states now legally on the same page on how to respond once the incidence rate reaches $100.00 or even $200.00 and at $140.00 we expect that law then to be implemented immediately so that would send germany into once again a deeper lockdown including curfews ok and you know it was interesting we heard in the piece there are some severe use of people on the street and there is one man who said great new measures but the should have been done a year ago is there that sense more broadly in the population that this is maybe a little too late. well it's interesting his perception that because a lot of this was done a year ago and what we've seen in the past year is an erosion of ungrammatical zal
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soroti right at the beginning those 16 state premiers did pretty much whatever she said germany was in the state of national salk once this pandemic hit but since then we're now down to the 3rd wave and individual states treat this wave differently felt that there are different priorities and that is something that has caused a lot of confusion and dismay monks' the german population also experts are warning that time is simply running out not every of those 16 states has the time to learn that now's the time to act and clamp down on this wave once again so what she's lost in all sorts he says now making up with a federal law which all states also have to sign off on so there's now no power shift really in this federal structure towards by the. political editor of a hillock of more on the story for us thank you. well it's going to look at some other stories making headlines around the world. iran says that it will start
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a virtue uranium up to 60 percent purity a big step toward weapons grade uranium tehran made the announcement 2 days after an explosion that it blames on israel hit a key nuclear facility the islamic republic denials that it is seeking to build a nuclear bomb. south korea is condemning neighbor and japan's plan to release treated radioactive water from the fukushima nuclear power plant in 2 years time seoul has asked officials to explore possible international litigation against japan a tokyo says that disposing of the water into the pacific ocean is safe and essential in order to decommission fukushima. gyptian officials have impounded the huge ship that blocked the suez canal last month because of a financial dispute with its japanese owner they are demanding more than $900000000.00 u.s. dollars in compensation international supply chains were thrown into chaos when the
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ever given ran aground for almost a week. well the u.s. is reportedly planning to withdraw our all american troops from afghanistan by september 11th of this year president biden is due to announce the plans later on wednesday there are about 3000 american soldiers in afghanistan serving alongside some $7000.00 additional nato forces biden's plan extends the may 1st withdrawal deadline set by the trumpet ministration by 4 months u.s. officials say that will give washington more time to coordinate an orderly withdrawal with nato allies but the taliban has threatened to renew attacks if foreign forces are not out by may. for more on this i am joined by is down to earth and brussels back to alternately what could this withdrawal mean for the stability of afghanistan. the defense
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ministers and the foreign ministers of nato talk about exact about this question in a huge video conference later today. nato the nato led force was so far the backbone of security and the backbone of stability for the afghan government because the afghan government is only in control of parts of this done in kabul and so if the forces of good god is done and also the police forces are not able to grant security for the population in afghanistan so when they to leaves it's certain that the taliban even tried to take over the whole government and the taliban spokesperson already said that they will not participate in any further so-called peace talks so the only thing the taliban now have to do is to wait because there are no conditions attached anymore to this stroll how about if it's
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a scenario where only the u.s. troops leave and the nato troops remain what our nato allies likely to make of a potential of like that from the u.s. because you know we know that the secretary general stoltenberg said that the alliance would only leave when the time is right but those forces rely on the u.s. don't they. well they do if. the u.s. leaves then of course also the other troops from other $35.00 countries not only nato but other countries around the world will the you've because the u.s. is also the backbone of this nato troop they have the combat troops on the ground and so that if they go everybody will leave and there's a. 2 thoughts here in brussels on the one side the people say well the mission is not accomplished even after 20 years because afghanistan is not a stable country it's not a democracy as we wanted on the other hand part of the mission is of course is accomplished because the qaida has left afghanistan is no longer
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a source for terrorism so we can leave its force its is for sure that afghanistan will be in the same situation like 20 years ago and you have to see if in the future afghanistan will be a threat to terrorism threat for the rest of the world and for nato again and beyond another concern for nato is the buildup of russian forces near the ukrainian border we know secretary-general against all of that that was the largest massing of forces since russia annexed crimea in 2014 and that was quote unjustified back i want to get a little bit more on that and then get your reaction let's have a look at. russian warships on their way to the black sea part of a military buildup around ukraine that's been stoking tensions in recent weeks. military camps like this one have sprung up and witnesses have reported seeing rows of tanks in the area now the west is condemning russia's build up and reiterating
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support for ukraine. united states stands firmly behind the sovereignty of turkey for turkey of ukraine. borders. we're seeing unfortunately. russia taking very provocative action when it comes to . the largest concentration. of russian forces on ukraine's border since 2014. that was when fighting between pro russian separatists and ukrainian troops 1st erupted in ukraine's east more than 14000 people have since died in that conflict which has yet to be resolved. in response to russia's latest moves nato secretary general yen stultified said the military alliance would stand by ukraine we are also increased presence in the black sea region in the black sea with more naval presence and more ships more port to
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visits and we are constantly looking into how we can continue to step up and provide more practical support to to ukraine to help them defend themselves ukraine's foreign minister said the offer of help was urgently needed we need measures which will deter you can russia and which will contain its aggressive intentions. this could be as the secretary general mentioned. a new round of sanctions which would raise the price of russian aggression. later on she's day must go hit back saying it's appointments with you tonight whose actions . in response to the alliances military activities that threaten russia we took appropriate measures with musk are sending more troops and equipment to expressed in both is ukraine and its allies that also pushing for a diplomatic solution but accusations of blame on both sides looks set to continue
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. and we're back with bantering there to brussels back to diplomacy really kicking into high gear especially where you are in brussels so listen. well the defense ministers and the foreign ministers will talk about ukraine as well today and they have asking themselves what is russia aiming at what is the strategy behind this military buildup and nobody think really that the russia wants to go to a full fledged war against ukraine so that's why nato is supporting ukraine mostly was roads also with some military aid but of course they too would not send troops to that region because ukraine is not a member of nato yet they want to get into nato but this is still a far away so nato will try to calm down the tensions and all hope now rests on the summit night to take place between the president of the united states
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joe biden and the president of russia vladimir putin somewhat down the road maybe and some a if these 2 men can get along maybe then the tensions can be eased debbie has banned riegert in brussels thank you. well the white police officer who shot a black motorist in a scuffle in the u.s. state of minnesota has resigned the chief of police also offered to terminate his employment the mayor said that he hoped this would help calm the situation but protesters took to the streets for a 3rd night in the row on tuesday despite a curfew tensions also being fueled by the trial in the same city of the police officer derek show been charged with killing a black citizen george floyd. minneapolis remains a city on edge for a 3rd day people gathered to protest the death of yet another black man at the hands of a police officer. don't you right was short
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have to use arrested during a traffic stop. police say body count footage of the officer who shot him shows that she mistook her gun for her taser shooting night by accident. and. both the office and the local police chief have now stepped down but that's not enough for many here not far from went on to write was killed another black man george floyd died in the choke hold of a police officer derek shaven is currently standing trial for his murder. outside the courthouse the families of both florida and right stood united in grief . their very much. doubt very much.
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you know my son he don't have a dad. his dad didn't get to see him for his 2nd birthday or for any of his birthdays and i'm just so messed up about it because i feel like they stole my son's death from. minneapolis you are ok sweet devoted to were getting more and i was you know we will fight for justice but it's family just like we'll fight bob brought. there. meanwhile inside the courtroom on day 12 of the george fluid trial the prosecution rested its case and derek shave instead fence started presenting their arguments. they will try and prove that children's use of foods was not excessive and that it was drugs in poor health killed through it. the outcome of this case could find a modest step in healing racial wounds or it could further inflame the tensions
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that are being felt here in minneapolis and far beyond. on out to the champions league where byron munich have been knocked out of the quarterfinals bipartisanship on the defending champions won one nail on the night in paris but lost in a way goals cross harrington terms of use for it as you can see in sitting here next to me and the s.s. welcome to you thank you talked through all the action well 1 as you said they lost the war it munich but they won this recent battle in paris you know and it was a very interesting match you know what they were able to do in paris they were not able to do obviously in munich a model no it did a good job containing neymar of their very prolific striker up front you know they did a good job with that in the former player heir to promoting actually came through it converted a goal things looked good going in to the break i thought in the 2nd half maybe by would be able to become electric and get that extra goal they needed to go on and successfully defend their champions league title you know but obviously nothing was
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good enough and in fact it was paris a job they had a goal called off through and bopping. after the game the captain manuel neuer pretty much echoed by since even early on he said they deserve the one nil victory but they should have done better in munich they had so many opportunities in munich all squandered they did score 2 goals but it wasn't enough and it was sad to see that their reign comes to an end not only they were booted out of the german cup competition but now the champions league so now all the focus must be on the bundesliga so what does it mean for the coach has a flick. that's what everyone wants to know right you know hockey flick he basically gave us a little qui after the match and it just a lot of things he talked about. future and he said one thing that whether he's a buyer or with the german national team the pressures of mit's and his family will support him that's very important as it really touchy skirted back from addressing this point but in previous press conferences he refused to address his future byron
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munich and according to all reports right now he's scheduled to have a big important meeting with oliver kahn the new chairman and i guess he's supposed to show his loyalty and prove to all recalled how loyal he is you know but there are pundits out there that believe that as you folks already made his decision and they believe that his last game of this season out bird will be his final game with byron munich then he will pick up things when you he leaves germany but it's all speculation right now we have to really let the dust get settled and let the flick to clear it but a lot of rumors that have come out previous like this have proven to be true and maybe this will follow suit fascinating stuff. for us thank you ok. and in tennis russia's that is out of the monte carlo masters tournament after testing positive for the coronavirus the world number 2 ranked male player called the news a big disappointment he was seeded 2nd behind top ranked joke of it at the pro
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tennis event and yet if it is now focused on recovery and looking forward to the upcoming nature the french open schedule to start in mid may. and muslims across the world are marking the start of ramadan islam's holiest month . pilgrims in saudi arabia prayed at the sacred site of mecca while social distancing rituals during ramadan include fasting from dawn until dusk and communal prayers only worshipers who have received at least one covert $1000.00 vaccine shot are allowed to enter a mosque in the holy city. a quick reminder of the top story that we are following for you the rollout of the johnson and johnson vaccine has been caused in the u.s.
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europe and south africa after reports of rare blood clotting in a very small number of people health authorities said that they were halting the use of the shot while they investigate the cases and that they were doing this out of an abundance of caution. up next it is close up the corona virus and its victims how is covert 19 changing the way that beef passed away do stay with us here on news if you can for that i'm sara kelly and birdland thanks for watching the but.
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by our side when life comes 20. 1 has drastically changed death rituals. how are people. being with it. is it possible to die with dignity while practicing social distancing. we take
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a look at the corona virus and its victims close up. next on d w. eco india. in some payment. but not all. history of indigo was a put off exploitation indigo has since become a symbol of sustainability and success bangs to a project at the edge of the himalayas the. new 60 minutes t w. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from established
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itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power. to trace begin. to create the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structures this is how massive churches are created. conscious the beatles starts april 12th on d w. y and i wasn't there when she died and she was probably all alone in a dark hospital room and then her life was suddenly over. the september i i'll go by and i was crying because i was thinking where is the humanity where's the dignity in this person this patient into this it back.


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