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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2021 3:00am-3:30am CEST

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as we news live from berlin growing fear in ukraine of another russian invasion engines between the 2 countries run high and i'm at a build up of russian troops along the shirt border to be u.s. and nato pledged to support ukraine software but kiev would like to see more than just words also coming out. u.s. president joe biden is reportedly planning to drop all american troops from afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 terror attacks on the united states later this year plus. worries about side effects from another world of ours
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vaccine u.s. regulators recommend halting the use of the johnson and johnson one shot fax enough reports of blood clots. and you have you with us. unjustified unexplained and deeply concerning that is how nato secretary general against barrack described the sudden build up of russia's military presence on the bring in border kiev accusing moscow of amassing thousands of troops along the border and on the crimean peninsula russia meanwhile claims that europe will ments are just military exercises ukrainian soldiers have been fighting pro russian separatists and 2014 and there is renewed fear that bloodshed is again on the horizon. russian warships on the way to the black
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sea parts of the military buildup around ukraine that's been stoking tensions in recent weeks. military camps like this one have sprung up and witnesses have reported seeing rows of tanks in the area now the west is condemning russia's build up and reiterating support for ukraine. united states stands firmly of the home we saw over to you. of ukraine that we. are seeing unfortunately. very very volatile very want to come. forward to scott's memory. forces the recent 24. that was when fighting between pro russian separatists and ukrainian troops 1st erupted in ukraine's east more than 14000 people have since died in that conflict
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which has yet to be resolved. in response to russia's latest moves nato secretary general yen still to set the military alliance with stand by ukraine. we are also increased presence in the black sea region in the black sea with more naval presence and more ships more puerto visits and we are constantly looking into how we can continue to step up and provide more practical support to to ukraine to help them defend themselves ukraine's foreign minister said the offer of help was urgently needed we need measures which will deter ukraine russia and which will contain its aggressive intentions. this could be as secretary-general mentioned. a new round of sanctions which would raise the price of russian aggression. later on she's day must go hit back saying it's
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appointments with you to nato his actions. in response to the alliances military activities that threaten russia we took appropriate measures with must go sending more troops and equipment to its western boat is ukraine and its allies that also pushing for a diplomatic solution but accusations of blame on both sides look set to continue. meanwhile the u.s. is reportedly planning to withdraw all american troops from afghanistan by september 11th of this year president biden is due to announce the plans later on wednesday the decision will keep thousands of u.s. troops in the country beyond the may 1st withdrawal deadline set by the trumpet ministration there are about $3000.00 american soldiers in afghanistan serving alongside some $7000.00 additional nato forces the taliban has threatened to renew attacks if foreign forces aren't out i mean if there's. lots of movement there for
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some analysis let's talk to michael o'hanlon he's a senior fellow and director of research at the brookings institution in washington mr o'hanlon welcome to d.w. good to have you with us move on afghanistan it's certainly full of symbolism in those september 11th date marks 20 years since the $911.00 attacks on the u.s. does afghanistan mark a 20 year failure for america. well you know i like the way you ask that because this is a time for 11 symbolism doesn't really work for me i don't really know what message that biden ministration is trying to send by this policy that i think is a big mistake handing over the leverage and the odds in favor of the taliban at a time when the peace process was really just beginning by september 11th are we trying to say there were tired after 20 years and that's all we can muster are we somehow claiming to honor the anniversary or the legacy or the sacrifice or the
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loss of those who died that day i don't really get it and i'm really quite confused and surprised by this decision i thought they would have at least spent 2 or 3 years at this very modest level u.s. and nato military presence to support it be peace process that really hasn't yet had a chance and now we're going to see the taliban feel they have the upper hand i worry that these process could really break down and the large scale fighting could erupt on a much more scale than we're seeing even today the taliban are still very much there and stand to gain as you just pointed out from the u.s. withdrawal will anyone else benefit that's a hard question you know i think the answer is really no maybe iran iran probably would like to see the united states get a black eye on this overall mission you might say maybe russia would benefit in a broader geo strategic sense after your ukraine story but even russia doesn't really want an afghanistan in chaos with extremists on the rise i don't even think
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pakistan really wants that they may have supported the taliban all these years but do they really want a group that's had a parallel organization in pakistan sometimes destabilizing their own country so i just think it's actually an area where the world can generally cooperate if we stay the course and it's so much easier to stay the course because we reduce forces by 95 percent compared to their peak so all the more reason why i'm confused about this decision. what tensions also rising again over ukraine as we just heard i'm wondering if the u.s. playing some kind of 3 d. chess than valving these 2 regions do you see any links there well there are links and certainly vladimir putin likes to play chess or at least he likes to play judo he likes to look for your mistakes and take advantage of them my guess is the biden team is reflecting an american prostration and actually the prostration of joe biden himself and his secretary of state and perhaps his national security adviser
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who have been around these issues a long time and maybe they're just tired of hoping that somehow things can get better in afghanistan we're all tired of afghanistan it's a prostrating place to be operating the mission has not gone great however the government there is still in control of the cities there is still some degree of improvement in women's rights in education there is still some hope that a negotiated peace process could work although all that hope is now in jeopardy if not discarded today and so again i find this an unforced error by the by the ministration i don't know if there is still any possibility of rethinking the decision but it strikes me as just a moment when we could actually aspire to a long term steady state small presence that was facilitate a peace process we've decided to the teeth and frustrated to continue that i think it's quite regrettable michael o'hanlon of the brookings institution thank you very much for your insights thank you. let's now take
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a look at some other stories making headlines around the world around says it will start enriching uranium up to 60 percent purity a big step towards weapons grade uranium tear on made the announcement 2 days after an explosion it blames on israel hits a key nuclear facility for the islamic republic however it denies it seeking to build a nuclear bomb or go to in the us the minnesota police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man dante bright has resigned kim potter was a 26 year veteran of the brooklyn center of police force the city's police chief tim gannon has also stepped down following the shooting the incident has prompted protests and unrest in the city. the drug maker johnson and johnson says it will delay the rollout of its covert $900.00 vaccine in europe that is after health authorities and both south africa and the united states move to suspend its
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use due to health concerns a single shot vaccine has already been administered to nearly 7000000 people in the u.s. most with no or very mild side effects but u.s. health bodies are now investigating an unusual blood clots that occurred in 6 women under the age of 50. authorities are calling it a short pause the u.s. is johnson and johnson vaccine has hit the same stumbling block as the u.k.'s astra zeneca job did last month a likely link to a rare and deadly blood clot use of johnson and johnson's janson vaccine has now been halted across the u.s. with health authorities investigating 6 incidents of clotting in younger women one of them fatal. the u.s. developed vaccine uses an adenovirus to trigger immunity the same mechanism as the astra zeneca vaccine janson accounts for roughly 5 percent of vaccines delivered so
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far in the u.s. . so i had a j. and j. that seemed appointment today and. i saw the news about it getting kind of revoked so i called and i asked and they said you can get the pfizer vaccine and said my wife just had to take that and that's and that 3 days ago and so you know i'm just hoping that i did not think that it's going to happen you know if you know anybody that budget talks. this is a setback to europe to johnson and johnson announced it will delay its rollout on the continent the company had already started processing an order from the e.u. of 200000000 doses. in your magic i imagine there will be repercussions as we're waiting for millions of doses but this means the controls are working if we need to be cautious we need to be cautious. in. the janssen job has been partially rolled out in africa where
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a majority of countries don't have enough vaccines even for their own health care workers the african union signed a deal for 220000000 doses this year but u.s. authorities remain hopeful they're saying it could only be a matter of days before the rollout resumes. in the champions league byron munich have been knocked out in the quarterfinals by a paris sanjo mom the defending champions won one nil in the 2nd leg in france but lost on away goals after a 3 all aggregate results neymar twice hit the crossbar and the post for pay it say in the 1st half but it was eric might seem stupid wanting who grabbed a goal so biron after 40 minutes gave the germans hope and they pushed for another goal to send them through but with striker robert live on the out injured it just didn't have what it takes. now byron's tight elimination from the champions league
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has intensified the spotlight on coach dungy flick he has been a face of in recent media appearances when asked about his future amid speculation he has fallen out with the club's hierarchy flake has enjoyed a stellar 18 months at the helm but it increasingly looks like his tenure might soon be coming to an. end of the flick is helped by when 6 trophies in his relatively short time in charge the champions league triumph last august was the pick of the bunch with the varians exuding a confidence not seen in years. but right now all is not well known flick have done little in recent press conferences to dampen speculation over the reef sporting director has on sunday how much. and so for before i inherited a team and they have developed amazingly this last year we had a team which i think everybody knows was better quality wise than what we have this
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year. as much of. most pundits took that to be a dig at the club for not bringing in better players flake has since refused to answer questions about his future fifteen's arbiter position so please understand that when a question comes like that then the answer will be next question please because i really don't want it anymore. some in the vine hierarchy of play down the rift but all of those fueled rumors of a swift departure after all and his previous job as hoffenheim managing director lasted just 8 months germany are looking for a new coach in july and flick fits the bill having been newark human lives assistant when winning the 2014 world cup. many by and fans have already accepted he is stepping away but yet another bond as they get title in the weeks ahead may cushion and you blow. live from berlin coming up next is
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a documentary about the crisis in the united states we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can get all the latest news on our website that it's. really amazing and the entire. thank you so much for your company. you feel worried about the. 2. people in the green zones and to me it's clear remains true. joined critique of the green transformation for me for you for the council.
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it is fire. it is so dangerous it's the most horrid direction appeared terror you can imagine if you're. just pulling your life force out to you and then you get tunnel vision surging in smaller and smaller around this tunnel there's just darkness right. there did. you think that oh you're dead you're a flatline are be dead. thank you for a city renowned for its not true peacey. a quote from the tourist board. but beneath the mountains is to the city so tragic and barely. despite being known as
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one of the world's top 3 cities in which to live the tiny neighborhood is downtown eastside is experiencing and. thousands of lives have been lost and in nearly 9 out of 10 or so obscene the deadly new illicit drug has been present the painkiller offense at home is now the number one killer drug in the u.s. you can die just by touching it and their lives and all that all fatal dose of pendleton's now that the potent opioid that's supposed to tranquilize elephants has sent out a painkiller 100 times more powerful than morphine just 2 milligrams of the pure drug which is about 4 grains of salt is enough to kill the average adult friends died from a lethal amount of the painkiller fat 10 year old boy in florida has become one of the more overall more than 63000 people died of cancer drug feels far more people
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than gun violence if you don't know what that no is it is basically the new heroin but much much stronger. than i. was a brawl. you know a whole lot i want to documentaries right now brother. not a documentary we're talking about opioid use and yeah i'll come talk to you in a minute hey we don't hear our guys off the road just a minute you know it's no no the fellow bro in the hood you know. friend that you was a good friend of mine you know that doesn't matter. you know as no questions i'll tell no lies. here in downtown eastside
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addiction there's nothing new heroin has flowed through thank you this pull to this deprived parts of town since the 1970s. but market forces have seen that heroin supply replaced friend snow is stronger cheaper and much less both the swimming pool it's. where we go to heaven where would you like to go i mean if you want to see what it's really like show let's go. let's go. this is east hastings street now this is where and you know church basically what you're looking at is the mecca. of drug addiction. or you have been an active narcotics cop for. ever since i can remember maybe that's why i came here on air yeah i think that is probably why i came here. and this is friends who has
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a slot to the street drug supply outside north america again do you think this could become a global problem and if it does what should people expect death lots of. people are going to die and it's not going to be pretty. it is wildfire people will try it love it and they'll never quit. these these streets were prady you're talking about 1500000 people died just in this walk. on mom put on my god on the street the ground. is a huge problem united states lost 72000 people those deaths last year canada lost 8000 all right these are these are large numbers of people dying and that it will definitely will not be any different australia united kingdom anywhere in the western world. just you never in the stuff will
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kill you. if i once was right how easy. it would pretty much be simple really get down on the impossible for you harold because you know it's for yourself that even if there is there a way he's got that in all that house budget to teach that there wasn't just. a lot of a lot but. it was the name but that's the thing you know in the streets or the exhibits. sounds on phone all you know trying to get by live on the street so i got to make a living somehow i don't want to rob stores and often i get about 10 years in the pen this way here i stereo. and house business selling looking woman man like you can never have enough. so how many people buy a pencil for school. 100150. every day every day.
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is that they think they quite open ice is there like a bit of a kind of change a few months yeah different gangs run different alleys i want to 12 hour shift. how do you get that job is that you know the size and then the newspaper right now. through connections mostly coming out of jail. was fun sometimes that it's. destroyed i lost like 40 people but i know well close to me in the last 3 years. people never did drugs in their life it up once they had from friends from friends now is it possible any of them and some. possible. that podium. to an extent but they're going to get it from somebody right. i mean i guess a puff making house is not great business practice to be killed it. customs or no i don't think anybody wanted anybody die but the thing is. heroin used to comment
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it's heroin this fat no we're making it ourselves you know online on the on the dark web you want to announce a front office china cost you $350.00 an extra 50 bucks next days deliberates your door you take that $400.00 with a friend. and you make a 1000 grams of down and you're getting anywhere between 10120 programs so do the math. jesus. one time just. like the old you take your $400.00 and you make it a 100 grand. but well it's lucrative illicit street sense and always often being kooks but it's a gangsta's in their basements making the recipe off as they go alone in the final product is synthetic and wildly inconsistent. custom is so does that what they buy on the street can be any color of the rainbow it doesn't like right now everybody wants the dark green. they come out nasty get the dark green you don't get it they
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shop around like that one that's the highest but not so he said it's going to. be playing russian roulette and people are coming to the state on its own as they know that that's tough dropping people they're running here who got that green stuff. because they think they can they're the ones that take half the data recorder of it or the paper it's only for the night that it must be legit that's the logic. last night. this girl just came out in detox and i know she just got back she thought healthy and everything she sees me old sylvester come run it up give me a point. as you get older you know i just go 2 hours to go and see what i want to point for. i'm just going to use a little bit of it have some what's more i still use it all i can you know when you know you talk like this no no i won't. 10 minutes later yeah move in the alley they will work on her i will she live in i. don't know i am going to come please
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come i leave. so how much do you sell it for what's get $10.00 for a flop. i say. it's $10.00 for a fat man and that stuff going dark green that's stopping people you know it's 15 percent fat on. 3 percent heroin the rest in the back in sugar. is a post but i type legit. all depends how high your immune from it all and i mean i've never taken and so before if you took that you die 100 percent. and if i put the same one steve perry about done no differently no definite.
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she said it's me i want to buy it i want to buy it but contempt for some of. your life bro. got to make your own choices right. and i got to. go. if i got. the candid way in which sylvester discussed this is day job is conflicting it's easy to judge him but the reality is that fence no has become normalized in downtown eastside and for the homeless community who live here in desperate hardship it's one of the very few tradeable commodity. vancouver's a very rich city surrounded by very rich real estate and unlike most canadian
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cities think over suicide in the ghetto wise poverty. as the city gentrified is people get squished and scratched and used to be 15 square blocks now it's down to 6 or 7 square blocks of people. most of them are in search of some sort of from day to day. say just a blockade that way it just patches that it's got the fence no think it could be me and it comes in all different shapes and sizes whether you think i'm good at frisco baby. brother and over. this i mean it's a surprising the 1st all we've heard is there's a multiple overdose calls in this little community per day and some sometimes it's just been horrific like there's just been just wall to wall ambulances and fire trucks and people running on the street can look like a war zone. people are against water down here at the very very very frances the 30
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years of silence and it is worrying that a little bit of. this is the most caring no you're really not a you think afghanistan is not just on regular it except for. the ones behind the top of the crisis it's right here was my last $10.00 and my only $10.00 but i sold a crowbar in an angle grinder for i got a coffee and some dough. yeah usually you don't eat and you live breathe and work through this how can you know really what's inside so i guess it's but no he's also got the powder version there. oh i think you never know what you're going to get surprised all the time to these it but it's been slow but if you would say looks like a different drug and it does you never know. like it's always looks different.
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it's just. going to be around really is sorry for the language but it's you know. food clothes shower drags it's constant. they walk on the wild side that way. but. there's a reason idea here that it might be dangerous down here in my dreams yeah mainstream society is a little bit of all intimidated by it or great of it. and yeah as i said it in jest because. it's not the wild side at all it's just that it's a neighborhood of people that are going to experiencing
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a lot of pain and dealing with a lot of trauma on. a page of people because it's. a high priority area and there's there's there's all kinds of people thrive all kinds of trauma from early childhood abuse to you know relationships and you know just yes it's. people who've gone through a lot down. to think addiction is a disease that is and it's definitely you know what starts out as an original choice to use substances to self medicate from the pain turns into a lifetime of suffering and i became dependent on using. heroin and because reality was painful. it's like heroin unfenced will belong to the say.


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