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to surprise you with what is possible who is medical really. and won't hold somebody who talks to people who follow along the way admirers and critics the line now is the world's most powerful woman shaking her they could see joining those chemicals last the. news and these are our top stories the u.s. and nato are calling on russia to halt its military buildup around ukraine u.s. president joe biden called his russian counterpart vladimir putin urging him to deescalate tensions russia has been boosting its military presence on ukraine's borders since late march russia claims its troop movements are just military exercises. u.s. officials say president biden is planning to withdraw all american troops from
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afghanistan by september 11th of this year the decision will keep thousands of u.s. troops in the country beyond the may 1st deadline the trumpet ministration negotiated with the taliban the islamist group has threatened to renew attacks of foreign forces aren't out by the 1st of may. u.s. medical regulators have called for an immediate pause in the use of johnson and johnson's coronavirus vaccine this comes after 6 recipients developed a rare blood clots 2 weeks after getting the shot johnson and johnson says it's delaying its vaccine rollout in europe while regulators conduct a safety review as to w. news from berlin you can find more headlines on our website d w dot com and also on our social media channels. the new u.s. defense secretary was here in berlin today to shut down any talk of
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a draw down in a reversal of policy pushed by former president trump the u.s. is not cutting its troop numbers here in germany in fact the numbers are about to get bigger and that has everything to do with another american foreign policy about face if donald trump was the u.s. president blinded by the kremlin joe biden is the president who claims to see the kremlin for what it really is a threat caught in berlin this is the day. drug . taking place not only a little more little bit. further along the border the democratic. response to military activities threatening russia we've taken appropriate measures irshad must end this military buildup in and around ukraine stalled it's for
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locations. immediately kind of states stands firmly behind the sovereignty of turkey is. also coming up another coronavirus vaccine called into question because of possible side effects today u.s. regulators recommended holes in the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine it was it was a little concerning you know i knew the vaccines were made very quickly in order to get them out in time and so hearing about some issues and hearing that i got to vote for a little concerning but not enough to warrant me not getting the vaccine. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the russian threat and what the u.s. is planning to do about it today a key intelligence report on threats to the united states. it was made public top of the list china followed by russia iran and north korea it is the danger posed by
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russia that is at the center of u.s. foreign policy this week today the new u.s. defense secretary was here in berlin to reassure an ally that america has no plans to pick up in the lead president biden is reversing a trump plan to withdraw u.s. troops stationed in germany instead about $500.00 additional troops will be sent here beefing up of troop numbers is a reaction to what washington and nato both see as russian provocations especially along russia's border with ukraine the u.s. secretary of state is in brussels meeting with his ukrainian counterpart he is expected to offer u.s. and nato support what he cannot offer nail what key would like most is nato membership for the kremlin that would be an unacceptable. russian warships on their way to the black sea parts of the military buildup around ukraine that's been stoking tensions in recent weeks. military camps like this one
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have sprung up and witnesses have reported seeing rows of tanks in the area now the west is condemning russia's buildup and reiterating support the ukraine. united states stands firmly behind the sovereignty of turkey for turkey of ukraine. borders. we're seeing unfortunately. russia taking a very provocative act i want to tell you right we're now seeing the largest concentration of russian forces on the border since 24 team. that was been fighting between production separatists and ukrainian troops 1st erupted in ukraine's east more than 14000 people have since died in that conflict which has yet to be resolved. in response to russia's latest knaves nato secretary general yen stultified said the military alliance
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would stand by ukraine. we also increased presence in the black sea region in the black sea with more and they will present some more ships and more puerto visits and we are constantly looking into how we can continue to step up and provide more practical support to to ukraine to help them defend themselves ukraine's foreign minister said the offer of help was urgently needed we need measures which will deter you through russia and which will contain its aggressive intentions. this could be as secretary general mentioned. a new round of sanctions which would trace the price of russian aggression. later on she's day must go hit back saying it's appointments with you tonight his actions. in response to the alliances military activities that threaten russia we took
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appropriate measures with must go sending more troops and equipment to its western botha's ukraine and its allies that also pushing for a diplomatic solution but accusations of blame on both sides looks set to continue . but we have complete coverage tonight to break down all of today's developments i'm joined tonight by our correspondent teri schultz in brussels terry has covered dado for some 20 years and from washington d.c. bradley bowman he joins us brad is with the foundation for the defense of democracies he's also a former apache helicopter pilots both of you welcome good to see you will get to russia in just a moment but we have developments concerning afghanistan tonight u.s. president biden will reportedly announce a total withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan this coming september 11th the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 terror attacks in the u.s. terry this book just a couple of hours ago has there been any reaction from nato. there hasn't yet been
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a formal reaction from nato brant because it it did break quite late in the day after after business hours here in brussels and as you mentioned president biden hasn't actually made the announcement yet we do know that he's going to do that there's been a background call with senior officials and i can also tell you from sources that secretary blinken briefed nato allies today about the decision so we definitely know it's forthcoming but you know there hasn't you know been the meeting of nato foreign and defense ministers that's going to happen tomorrow and they definitely don't want to get ahead of president biden on this but i can tell you brant that some countries will actually feel relieved even if they know that their missions in afghanistan are not completed the taliban controls more than half the country countries are ready to come home along with the united states after 20 years red what does this tell you when announcement by september 11th means troops could begin leaving any idea of when. no thanks we have
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to join you it's i think it's a your response hold dangerous and sad decision frankly and the choice of 911 of all days to set the deadline on is it's tragic and ironic you know the u.s. and our allies face a persistent threat in that region and i believe a timeline based withdrawal that ignores conditions on the ground which is exactly what this is a risk of forcing us to come back later addict at a higher and steeper cost and i think it's deeply foolish in their response for him not unlike the decision we saw the bonus tradition make in iraq in the 2011 1 i wish we had learned the lesson that in a fight the better now when you pick up on that one what does this announcement what will this announcement mean then for the pentagon and the defense community in washington. why i think i mean 1st of all if the you know if the u.s. withdraws its 2500 or 3500 troops from afghanistan is still some magine or are our
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partners stained so you could see it complete and the international presence there which of course is the taliban's goal in the taliban believes that they can defeat the afghan government so we're about to test that hypothesis and it's a scary proposition and you know this is this is a political decision making at its worst in the national security the main and one that i fear and say we're behind a great composition come to regret. you know that some quite a sobering assessment there let's go back then to what we saw here in europe today terry the news u.s. troops will not be withdrawn from germany that was no big surprise was it it wasn't really a big surprise they were nonetheless very welcome words the real surprise had been when president trump announced this without any consultations with nato or with the german government or with the allied countries to which he said he was sending the 12000 troops from germany so i reported on this afterwards brant including on your
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show but made a lot of calls to to my sources at nato and none of them ever received a follow up call from the pentagon or from shape the military headquarters so it was a pretty open secret that nobody was going to move on this announcement by president trump but nonetheless the german government is going to be happy to hear this as well nato where these additional u.s. troops that are coming to germany we understand they'll be responsible for cyber security and cyber warfare regarding russia is that russia's biggest weapon in cyberspace and not the troops that it's a massing along the ukrainian border. you know the present and future of warfare is more like the main air sea land cyber space and space and so i think we it's important for us as democracy is a star understanding that in any conflict with russia or china it's not going to be any one domain that's going to hold them at the same time that's why you have to
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look at what russia is doing mentioning a friend militarizing space as we speak developing anti-satellite weapons what they're doing the arctic what russia's doing in the arctic what they're doing in the starboard i mean this is just the beginning and i had to deal with these threats are going to be more active as a trancelike community if we have hard power to make clear to putin that he cannot achieve his political just as military force and then we'll come back to the diplomatic table but he's not impressive diplomatic communiques so impressed with our power if we've learned anything about what we know and so so yeah that's an essential terry ukraine's foreign minister met with both his u.s. counterpart entity bleated and nato ambassadors what are they looking at to deter russia that will that's a bit of a problem because nothing does seem to be deterring russia and that is really nato is main strategy it it really does not intend to go to war in ukraine so that's not
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even something that ukraine can expect what ukraine is asking from nato allies and from individual governments is more military equipment lethal aid like the united states has given to ukraine it wants more training for its forces it wants more political support it wants to continue holding meetings that we've seen at nato and headquarters with ukrainian leaders showing that europe and nato stands with ukraine that doesn't mean going to war and nato is desperately hoping that deterrence works that russia doesn't push this into a real escalation of open conflict and in theory ukraine would like most to become a member of nato right. yeah that hasn't always been the case that the public appetite for joining nato has gone up and down but this government president selenski has openly asked nato to rush ukrainian membership that causes nato a lot of problems you know if if ukraine were to become a member of nato article 5 would cover it that means that nato would have to go to
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war with part of ukraine occupied and that's why i don't think we're really going to see nato bringing ukraine into the fold that quickly it's also got some reforms to get under way but it nonetheless will stand by ukraine and show that it has as much political and military military support as allies can muster for now in the military and you know russia when you hear russia saying that it would not accept ukraine indeed would it be going to forward with the west be penetrating too much into the russian sphere of influence if ukraine would become a member of nato. no i walk in the question but it is a little bit in that not directed at you but it's a little bit emblematic of kind of the philosophy of a lot of nato members and countries bring we're constantly looking for the problem with us couldn't just be that putin's a bully i mean might just be i mean if the distinguished that correspondent said earlier the russian might go to war in ukraine where they've already done that they
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invaded crimea and illegally annexed it the use hybrid gray zone marker to do that and they're using proxy warfare as we speak in douma so this is not a hypothetical it's already happened you know so you know the obama's racial ring gets hands of do we provide lethal assistance to ukraine so they can defend themselves well they didn't and provided blankets and meals and we see how that worked out and so you know. who does not want ukraine to be a member of nato he doesn't want georgia to be a member of nato so you think that occupying them he can prevent that but let's let's be clear we're tommy some time 1900 centuries spheres of influence and as the secretary general said you know we believe in a world where countries can choose who they associate themselves with food once a veto over the decisions ukraine and that's not a world i want to live but let me are give you the final question here brad then do you see that you know moving forward do you see is it more likely that there's going to be a military conflict with russia over ukraine i mean is russia finished claiming
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territory. i think putin is going to use the new doctrine the van that he's going to push as far as he can go until hit something hard and that hard thing is nato it's a politically serious politically unified militarily capable and ready alliance for position both in the baltics in the black sea region makes clear that he cannot achieve his political objectives with military bullying and aggression are right for the bellman with the foundation for the defense of democracies and our very own correspondent gary schultz in brussels to both of you thank you excellent analysis tonight. one week after european regulators. may be linked to blood clots another. question today u.s. regulators recommended suspending use of the johnson and johnson vaccine the reason possible blood clotting side effects today johnson and johnson said it is delaying
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the. hearing your. more than 6800000 doses have already gone into arms in the u.s. but now regulators have recommended a pause in using the johnson and johnson vaccine while they review reports of unusual blood clots when we saw this pattern and world where at that treatment needed to be individualized for this condition it was important for us to get the word out that that the be endemic is quite severe cases are increasing in a lot of places and back the nation's credit so we want to make sure that we make recommendations quickly scientists believe the vaccine could trigger another universe sponson a tiny percentage of people who receive us leading to life threatening clots they say it's important to alert health care providers to the threat so they can treat
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the affected patients appropriately similar symptoms have been connected to the astra zeneca vaccine so researchers suspect it's linked to the a done a viral platform used to develop both inoculation. madera now and biotech pfizer use m.r. in a different technology which is not suspected to have triggered anywhere classing so far. the johnson and johnson vaccine was approved for use in the european union in march but deliveries have been delayed because of production issues and notices have yet been administered. the company says it will now hold off on the rollout of the vaccine in europe it's another setback for vaccination campaigns across the continent which are already struggling with limited supplies many countries are relying on the johnson and johnson jobs to meet their vaccination targets over the coming months. to another problem that
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the biden ministration is facing the surge of migrants on the us is southern border with mexico the white house says it has reached an agreement with mexico on jurors and want them all to deploy more troops along their borders washington says that should make it harder for migrants to continue their journey northward the number of new arrivals has gone up sharply since president biden ended many trump era policies much of the focus now is on the plight of children. it's almost the end of an often perilous journey many on board that stinney crossing the rio grande are children. 12 year old scott has just stepped on u.s. soil. he made the trip alone from guatemala he only did when i came here because we didn't have anything to eat. every night
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a steady stream of migrants arrives. but once they're in the united states they're registered by u.s. customs and border patrol agents. they often end up in a crowded shelters unaccompanied children remain there until they're reunited with relatives already in the u.s. or until they're placed in homes in march around $170000.00 migrants of all ages were picked up by border patrol agents along the us mexico border we've seen the number of accompanied children start going up since last year when hurricanes hit central america when the cold in 1000 pandemic caused extended walk down and when more people felt that the only options they had to put their child in a place where they weren't going to star or struggle or die as a result of violence was to send their children with the united states but for some local officials there's a feeling of frustration immigration policy has been broken for years i don't blame people for coming here but the need to be given
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a pathway on how to do it right. there are deep divisions in the u.s. over have to deal with the arrival of these migrants on the southern border under president joe biden that pandemic health order means that most adults and families aren't and i would remain in the u.s. but the administration has allowed unaccompanied children to enter the united states while their visa applications are processed but despite the uncertainty there's a steady stream of people desperate to escape poverty and violence by crossing the rio grande. well for more now i'm joined by christopher boy from the un's refugee agency the u.n.h.c.r. was 1st good to have you on the program you know we have not seen numbers of unaccompanied children at the u.s. mexican border like this before march we saw a record high how would you say how is the u.s. handling this situation. well it's true there are a great deal of people on the move in this region and frankly around the world at this time for a lot of different reasons it's what we would call
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a mixed flow and that does include the number of unaccompanied children we saw unusually high numbers that the u.s. government reported for the month of april and so that's true that these are these are people that are moving for a variety of reasons but my organization the un refugee agency is focused primarily specifically on individuals who are fleeing life threatening violence and persecution and it is our view and it isn't you that is in trying to the international and domestic legislation of a number of countries that any human being that is feeling violence in life threatening persecution must be able to access safe ground and asylum procedures without obstruction what is that how you see then all of these children i think there was what 19000 in march i mean are they do they all classify as refugees. well that remains to be determined i think that as you mentioned these are children and we're talking about the children that are unaccompanied no parents no family
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members by themselves on the move in a foreign land and that presents in a sense of very special case i have never met a human being who would not acknowledge that each child by himself or herself in a foreign country doesn't require immediate compassionate care and so that's what we're seeing happening now the u.s. government has is deploying all kinds of reception capacity to didn't exist before in order to address this situation and find solutions for these children who are by themselves that are that are compassionate that are humane and that are just week we've been asked by viewers many times since this crisis began are there parallels anywhere else in the world where you're seeing just waves and waves of unaccompanied children trying to cross a border. well sadly there are parallels in many parts of the world in fact there are there are places in the world where there are movements and much larger scale movements that we're seeing in this region of of people of men women fathers
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mothers children entire families who are literally running for their lives and crossing borders and sadly that doesn't include a lot of unaccompanied children who are either separated from their parents who are sent by their parents the parents who can't make it themselves who want to give their children a chance at surviving and rebuilding their lives somewhere in safety so it's a phenomenon that we see in many parts of the world yes but what do you make of u.s. president biden reaching this agreement with mexico honduras and guatemala to put more troops on their borders do you think this is what is needed to prevent traffickers and smugglers taking advantage of of people unaccompanied children for example well frankly i am not an expert on the efficiency of border security deployments in stopping smugglers what i can tell you is that as i said before any human being that is running for his or her life to escape violence and persecution
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must have access to safe ground and to asylum procedures now unfortunately what we're seeing in this part of the world and in many parts of the world are people that are in desperate circumstances for like i said a variety of reasons are turning to smugglers and are taking very perilous dangerous journeys to escape the circumstances that they're in and so solutions that make it possible for these people to get to safety without having to turn to criminals and smugglers are is only something that my organization would support and what would you like to see happen tomorrow in an ideal world. well i think i think we're moving towards an ideal world i hope that we are i think one of the things that has been mentioned both in your reporting and in a lot of reporting around the world is the pressing need for all countries now to focus on the underlying drivers what we call the root causes of this forced displacement and really begin to address those root causes in
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a serious way this means getting all of the people and actors involved that's governments that's national governments that's multilateral institutions that's the private sector that's bringing everybody into the room to address these phenomena together in ways that are perfectly manageable and that will result in humane solutions and prospects for people that are currently being forcibly uprooted prospects for them to stay where they are that will prevent them having to flee from their own homes in the 1st place christopher boy in with the u.n.h.c.r. christopher we appreciate your time and your insights tonight very important thank you thank you. and finally tonight's muslims around the world are marking the start of their holy month of ramadan. * in turkey the call to prayer ring out from is to use of moss but the
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gatherings around the world are being scaled back for a 2nd year in a row because of the pandemic at the grand mosque in mecca a limited number of worshipers are being allowed inside and only people who have been vaccinated or recently recovered from the coronavirus are being allowed to perform the pilgrimage in mecca during ramadan. with a liaison was done with the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter either or you can follow me on t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then. another day you'll see that.
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and. the coronavirus update coming. on t w. they are defining climate change. in bangladesh have water up to their necks. they're growing in
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a. field. it's been a regional tradition but is touted as a model for the entire country. list the idea. of 3000. and 60 minutes d.w. . are you ready for some great news i'm christine wonderland i am at the market you know with a brand new developing news africa the show that tackles the issues shaping the continent now with more time to off on a in-depth look at all of the transfer of the top to you what's making the hittites and what's behind it where on the streets to give you the end of reports on the insides w. news africa every friday on g.w. . bush. until i was rolled out of my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery shining a light on the freeing of them in the nigerian women including obscene that's what
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men tricked. into prostitution their stories told on she forced me into sense to. an exclusion of the 77 percent starts april 17th on day w. . the u.s. is vaccine program is the envy of much of the world with over 3000000 people getting the job every day. but the virus continues to spread quickly. states like michigan. are especially hard hit causing some to call for tough medicine. the answer to that is to really close things down to go back to our basics to go back to where we were last spring last summer and try to stop things down with said.


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