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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2021 4:15pm-4:45pm CEST

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and our infection numbers are very high as we didn't impose a strict looked on earlier this year like other countries with that said a full week lockjaw is one of the highest infection rates in western europe and doctors are warning that the number of intensive care patients will be higher than during the 1st and so far strongest coded 19 wave. lisa lisa reporting there for more on this topic let's speak to catherine hill and epidemiologist at as a to do stuff we're seeing in paris the largest cancer hospital in france said dr thank you so much for giving us a some of your time at this to speak on this topic what's the situation in hospitals across france right now. the situation is very bad more and more people are being in intensive care units every day so the station is really really bad and it's going to continue increasing for what i have no idea how far how long they are
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and you pushing walls beds extra intensive care units beds work where i work we can use we there are risky now you were already warning back in january that the country needed to act fast arm is the current 4 week long down and the vaccination rollout anough to bring the situation under control and france. unfortunately not know the lowdown is pretty much not modified except that children are not in school anymore but 4 weeks for the rest hasn't changed plus there was. there was a 2 week the kid to kitchen for children so a lot of people changed every ice you know they move to the left paris i really are to go north south east and west so this is increasing the circulation of virus
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that's not that's not very good and we're still lacking this strategy to test and giggle asleep population in order to identify the individuals who are carrying the virus and do not have seem to. so now that the doctor is there france finds itself in a very very difficult situation and at the moment it has one of the highest infections in europe how did it get to this. well this easy the 2nd wave culminated. in november and there was a look no not that and then the authorities decided that people had to goo shopping for christmas and this sort of lifted most of the constraints and everybody's mean careful but you know it's not enough to stop the virus just from circulating and since so pretty much december 1st the number of deaths per day has remained around
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$300.00 which is very high right now the number of regel in the desert care units is has been increasing as well quite to time so just it's not enough the actions are not a notch and the testing is very there is no strategy it is team catherine hell epidemiologist at a as a to do stuff to see in paris thank you so much for joining us. now to some other developments in the pandemic in the u.s. health authorities are recommending an immediate pause in administering the johnson and johnson covert 19 vaccine after 6 people developed a rare blood clots within weeks of getting the shot comes a day after $55000000.00 doses of the vaccine started to be delivered to the e.u. . and india will fast track emergency approvals for covert 1000 vaccines that have been authorized by western countries and japan while the country is ramping up its
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vaccine rollout efforts as it battles soaring infection rates and the director general of the world health organization says confusion and complacency means the pandemic is a long way from over but proven public health measures could bring it under control with in months. let's bring us some of the other stories making headlines around the world. 12 germans accused of plotting attacks on muslims asylum seekers and politicians have gone on trial in stuttgart while prosecutors say 11 of them were members of the far right group as terror organization which aim to overthrow the government the 12th man is accused of offering the group material support. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov says he expects the international deal limiting iran's nuclear program to be saved he was speaking after talks with his iranian counterpart mr lavrov says iran has shown willingness if the u.s.
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upholds its agreements to mr lavrov also criticize the e.u. for imposing sanctions on iran during ongoing talks on reviving the nuclear agreement. and he cooper testers have again taken to the streets of may march as the united nations warns the country could be heading towards a massive syria style conflict you want us called on the international community to take action to stop the military's brutal crackdown under 7 killed since the military seized power in february. japan has announced that it will start releasing massive amounts of kant contaminated water from the fukushima nuclear plant into the sea the water has been stored in tanks at the plant since it was destroyed by a tsunami and earthquake back in 2011 japan says the decision was unavoidable and that the water will be diluted to meet international standards before its release
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and about 2 years time japan's neighbors south korea and china have condemned the proposal as have environmental groups a local fishing communities. all right let's get some more insights on this with sara stephens from our environment desk good to see you sara the water will reportedly be treated or diluted can this be safe. well the japanese government planned to have tepco say yes it's safe because the flow of water will contain tritium and they say tritium was relatively harmless and all other radioactive elements will have been brought down to levels that are suitable for release however our environmental lists fisherman local residents and japan's neighbors disagree and they disagree strongly and some scientists have also said that even though it might be low dose exposure we just don't know the long term
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effects. especially in these large quantities because remember it's over 1000000 tons of this contaminated water. oceans no rational borders that we all know how worried should japan's neighbors be right now. well there surely are. and have made those this no one quite strongly and yes radioactivity travels i mean if you think back to the catastrophe in 2011 it took all but 2 years and till you active elements of were found and samples on the west coast in the u.s. so naturally japan's direct neighbors are very much concerned and china has called this and decision highly irresponsible and said it will really affect human health
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and the immediate interests of people in neighboring countries and strong criticism was also a voice in south korea and south korea actually summoned japan's ambassador over the issue and how will this affect marine life and humans ringback. well that's that's really hard to say japan's government and have men taint it safe other acts experts have warned that even though doses cause a risk because even though those those could you know could increase the risk of cancer program sense and just in february this year fisherman actually found a type of fish that contained really high levels of cesium and remember cesium that's not true. stefan reporting from your environment desk are greatly appreciated when
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a pivot our attention now to the u.s. where protesters in the state of minnesota have taken to the streets for a 2nd night after a young black man was shot dead by police near minneapolis the officer who fired a 20 year old 20 year old rather dante wright says she confused her gun with her taser tensions in minneapolis were already running high before this latest incident a white former police officer derek children is currently on trial they're charged with the murder of george floyd the president is appealing for peace. the last moments of don't have rights life be courted by the body come of the police officer who fatally shot him. 20 year old roy does a wrist it during a traffic stop. he struggles free and gets back in the car then.
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police say the footage shows that the officer used her gun by mistake. as i watched the video and listen to the officers commands is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet. this appears to me from what i view it in the officer's reaction in distress immediately after but this was an accidental discharge there resulted in a tragic death of mr wright. angus spilled out onto the streets hours after rights killing. a dusk to dawn curfew was imposed to stop further on rest but protesters gathered for a 2nd night in the suburbs of minneapolis outraged by yet another death of a black man at the hands of a police officer. call
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president joe biden appealed for calm but we do know that the pain and trauma is just the black community in that environment is real seriousness consequential but it's just not justified violence and or a mood. that the shooting of dante wright has fueled tensions in a city already on edge of another of tory's case not far from where wright was shot dead it shows in the officer who killed george floyd is on trial for murder. coming up next indeed every news asia. another ramadan of the elite kind of like a look at how pakistan is marking only months and years that our video music awards are shared her skills in standing out in social media. first runner g. with those stories and a whole lot more coming up very just a moment on news asia while hierarchical and on behalf of the entire team thank you
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for spending this part of the day with us. to.
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destined for the or from. japan decides to release. the pacific. plus. muslims across. as a. young. which features the causes for social media success. i'm british benedick welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us japan has
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decided to release more than a 1000000 tonnes of a director water into the pacific ocean the water which would be treated before being released is stored in tanks at the fukushima nuclear power plant that was damaged in the 2011 earth quake and tsunami the tanks will be at full capacity song therefore the need to release water into the pacific the operation begins in 2 years but the decision is already facing a stall more protest. it's not more than a decade since an earthquake and tsunami devastated into each a nuclear power plant in fukushima but the country and the region will be living with the consequences for much longer. nearly $1300000.00 tons of contaminated water is stored in huge tanks at the daiichi plant enough to fill $500.00 a lympics size swimming pools beyond your cost is around $1000000000.00 yen or 800000 euros and space is running out. plant operator tepco
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plans to filter the contaminated water to remove isotopes leaving only tritium. it will then dilute the water until tritium levels fall below regulator e limits before pumping it into the ocean tritium is considered relatively harmless because it does not emit enough energy to penetrate human skin japan's prime minister says the decision is an unavoidable part of safely decommissioning the nuclear plant under sail we will execute it only after ensuring the process is safe negative rumors must not stand in the way or extinguish the hopes of people in fukushima for recovery. you know and i must say. i don't know. what the decision has provoked an explosive reaction from some of japan's neighbors these korean environmental activists say the plan will torpedo efforts to restore the regional fishing industry. you want. the japanese government's decision is a sin against the world that their actions will contaminate everyone globally in
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the many years. you want all you want when japanese government's decision is not a scientific one but a political gamble that the will is radioactive water is released it will be an irreversible disaster not only for the ecosystem but also for humans the japanese fishing industry itself is also firmly opposed to the plan the 1st release of water is due to take place in about 2 years time and joining me now for more is arkansas shows aki he's a lawyer and most part of a think tank independent investigation into the focus humor nuclear disaster of 27 he joins me now from tokyo welcome mr shows arche the central question for having being raised here is that of safety is it safe to release treated radioactive water into the orphan. there is clear scientific consensus among the scientists that the release of waste water is safe and will not bring harm to human health it is
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important to note that the waste water bowl before being released go through a process called else which is stands for advanced liquid processing system which basically removes all the radioactive elements except for a substance called treaty which will then be de routed to safety levels the i.a.e.a. also indoor says the safety of this wastewater and also mentions that similar process sees are taken at other nuclear plants around the world then why are people so concerned. i think that an important point there is still a certain level of conserving abundant japanese public about the safety of this issue i think there is a unfortunate element of a spiral of mistrust behind the most opposed are the fishermen the local fishermen who are concerned that the general public will not trust their
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government explanation about safety but unfortunately the fishermen's opposition then feeds into the public's fear that something dangerous might be released into the ocean aristotle once mentioned that persuasion takes logo's pay those then if those but scientific evidence alone will not be enough to persuade the public so what put out his talking advise the japanese government in this situation which clearly appears to have some sort of a communication issue if i can put a vote for. the there is still 2 years before the absolute release starts the japanese government needs to continue to work on showing compassion towards those who will be affected and earning the trust of the public so that people will listen and understand is scientific explanation let's just say for
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a moment or ministers or 2 of the government chooses not to release the treated water into the pacific what is the one ton of. there are several alternatives that have been considered in the process including vaporizing some of the what but other than that the government will need to continue building tanks for ever which is not a sustainable solution and this is all part of the process to ultimately decommission the fukushima nuclear power plant give us an idea of how long a period we are looking for all that to happen we are looking at a very long period the release of the wastewater itself is a plan to extend over several decades so this will be a long and patient process that will need to take place but it is also a reflection of the safety measures that the japanese government is trying to ensure to implement during the process right from even there all the time being are
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can you so sure as i can speaking to us from tokyo thank you. thank you. today marks the start of the holy month of ramadan which mincey prayers fasting and feasting across many parts of the world in pakistan those that impressions come in the midst of a 3rd wave of coral nobody's infections authorities and fix of asked people to exercise often but that can be hard to do when it comes to the scale of the celebrations. after well over a year enduring the strain of the coronavirus the locals are almost accustomed to the relative stillness of this low horse street for the 2nd ramadan running it's usually bustling restaurants opposite a major mosque are closed blame the pandemic and a 3rd spike uncovered 1000 cases here this vital part of the pakistani qana me has been shot in the country's 3rd major lockdown. since the covert
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1000 pandemic broke out there have been tight restrictions and the lifestyle of an ordinary person has been badly affected the food industry was hit especially hard a bread maker who's been working on a daily basis what does he do if he has no work. bread and sweet bread makers not tied to the closed restaurants and cafes are still working the other side of the food industry sees date sellers too still selling dates but not many. this is usually the peak time for trading in fruit and vegetables but both buyers and sellers are complaining of really high prices. not just of a bottle a yeah i do coronavirus pandemic laborers daily wages are suffering their income is low. they can't buy highly priced fruits 6. i'd say that prices should be affordable for every ordinary person. and everyone can buy fruits during the holy
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month of ramadan. climbed on a lot of waste a lot less i'm going to mosques like this one in karate are almost continually swept for ramadan clerics are urging the faithful to follow tradition and safety protocols from sunrise to sundown and from sundown to sunrise. the holy month and muslims offer prayers and fast and expend all time for prayers and ramadan greetings. and i ask everyone to follow all safety procedures in this time of the pandemic. play the sweet penny dessert will be a feature when ramadan ends at sundown i may 12th with the celebration ied. the pandemic and its effects however will linger for months after. how to smile where to place a hand and which direction to face young vietnamese or for media users or snapping up a popular wences course on posing for the perfect for tour in communist vietnam where
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70 percent of the population is under $35.00 the classes are especially popular with young women. turning it on for the camera. these young women are finding out what it takes to stand out on social media. influencer pamela levy is the driving force behind the classes in hanoi she's amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on instagram and tick-tock and now she's teaching others how most postable poses. are in my course there are people who want to learn posing to help with their jobs. they want confidence and to improve their soft skills such as had to walk properly or how to communicate better with other people. will. lead social media profilers help direct tracked around 500 students. they include young
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professionals eager to project an image of success. as someone who has to stand in front of many people these course will make me more confident in front of the camera. and i can communicate better for my work. so. that lessons also give general photography tips from major social media platforms. facebook has more than 53000000 users in viet nam and it's become an important tool for small businesses. to me. come up with having beautiful photos is crucial for my give store business. because they generate more likes and comments from my friends my customers and people who are interested in the products that i sell. and i hope my images will
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simply be more professional. outside in this increasingly online economy a simple snapshot on a smartphone can be a make or break skill. for these young vietnamese it all begins with the heart of the pose. that's it for today there's a post more on our website. and today is officially the start of a song called festival in thailand. streets and water fights for those events and some student was recently voted out for it but millions of toys are observing a more subdued. leader with that.
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the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update coming. on t w. 1986. it's their story their very own personal trauma. the people who survived the catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us has never been seen before. noble sorts of people 20 on d.w. .
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the u.s. is vaccine program is the envy of much of the world but there are 3000000 people getting the job every day. but the virus continues to spread quickly. states like michigan are especially hard hit causing some to call for tough medicine. the answer is to really close down to go back to our basics to go back to where we were last spring last summer and to shut things down with 70000 new infections each day vaccines alone might not be enough to turn the tide in the fight against covert 19. no other country in the world has been hit harder by the corona virus the united states has had the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world and despite its unprecedented backs the nation program
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those numbers are still rising many people have grown weary of lockdown and with warming weather many states have lifted restrictions facing the threat of a 4th wave president joe biden's administration is doubling down to back the nation as the key to ending the pandemic but local outbreaks threaten to do that strategy . john brooks joins us from the c.d.c. the centers for disease control and prevention how would you say the u.s. is coming along there's been a change in leaders.


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