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lists. this is deja vu news the line from berlin that more than 3000000 infections in hospitals pushed to the limit as copa 19 infections soar in germany the federal government lays out plans to centralize more power as the regions fail to bring the party system under control. also coming up tensions are running high in the us city of minneapolis demonstrators defy a curfew for a 2nd night to protest against the killing by police young black man the officer alleged to have fired the fatal shot says they mistook their gun for
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a taser. world leaders condemn the build up of russian troops along the border with ukraine it is feared that a 7 year conflict between the 2 nations could flare up again. japan says it's going to release more than a 1000000 tons of water from the destroyed fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean the government says it has little choice but the decision is stoking anger both at home and abroad. and in sports byron munich have a tall order on their hands when they visit paris on her ma in the champions league tonight for the 2nd leg of their quarter final face. i'm almost kind of going to have you with us germany is struggling to cope with a record number of cope with 19 infections despite being in a soft lockdown for 5 months the now. amber of cases is going up and hospital say
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they are pushed to the limit chance on the markle recently said she would not stand by and watch the situation worsened and now she has taken action in the last few hours the cabinet here in berlin has agreed to change the law so that the federal government will in the future be able to override the country's regions and impose stricter rules and some are calling this a paradigm shift. now at the moment there is a patchwork of measures across germany states that the new law would oblige all regions to implement a so-called emergency brake if there are more than $100.00 coby cases per 100000 people in a 7 day period and if that does happen then a curfew between the hours of 9 pm and 5 am would then be imposed and all non essential shops would be closed let's get the latest on this our chief political editor michelle of christmas following the story for us sorry this is teri schultz actually we're looking for
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a chief political editor of michelle who should be following this story for us there you are michelle of the sea you now want to ask you about this new approach this national approach that appears to have become such an issue tell us more about why that is. well it's unusual in germany because the 16 states sat around the table many times with german chancellor angela merkel and agreed to act or at least in a similar way and then didn't and now this is going through parliament and we expect parliament to meet potentially as early as this week or over the coming weeks to install what is in the nationwide emergency brake but that too would also most likely need approval from the 16 federal state so power still rests with them but they would legally tie themselves to actually acting in the same fashion once that once that magic number of an infection rate incidence rate of $100.00 per 100000
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people within the space of 7 days is reached and that already is the case across most of germany so we would expect that to be a measure that would be immediately implemented and implemented once it becomes signed into law or who does have to approve this law. well 1st of all parliament needs to have a 2 thirds majority to put this on the agenda more swiftly than usual then we would see a vote in parliament there we expect to see a safe majority and then it would most likely go to the bundestag which is the upper house and that's where the 16 federal states too would have to agree to this and what it is is actually legally binding and it would limit the your source of the most regional cities small communities councils once that magic number of $100.00 the incidence rate is hit so what is hoped in
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berlin is that that also creates an incentive to be more proactive to keep that incidence rate low as germany heads ever deeper into that way if you move by the british mutant be 117 yeah they're looking at a number of measures michel or one of them could be mandatory testing at companies can you tell us more about what is behind this is that is something in particular social democrats who are also in government are pushing for it would mean that those people who still have to come to work would have to be offered at least 2 tests per week by their employer there's also talk of curfews which is rather contentious so there's still quite a bit of debate going on and the issue of whether schools would close in the same fashion so still a lot more debate before we see this signed into law and a lot of experts warning this simply isn't time our chief political editor michel thank you so much. let's catch up now on some other developments in the pandemic
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india has approved russia's sputnik v vaccine the manufacturer says it comes as india battles soaring case numbers and wraps up its vaccine rollout efforts the director general of the world health organization says confusion and complacency means the penda mic is a long way from over but proof and public health measures could bring it under control within months and australia says it has decided against buying the johnson and johnson vaccine because it was too similar to the astra zeneca vaccine both products are under review by europe's drug regulator for potential links to blood clots protesters in the u.s. state of minnesota have taken to the streets for a 2nd night after a young black man was shot dead by police near minneapolis the officer who fired at 20 year old 20 right says she confused her gun with her taser tensions in minneapolis were already running high before this latest incident a white poor former police officer derrick shaaban is currently on trial there are
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charged with the murder of george floyd the president is appealing for peace. the last moments of don't have rights life be courted by the party come of the police officer who fatally shot him. 20 year old roy disinterested during a traffic stop. he struggles free and gets back in the car then. police say the footage shows that the officer used by mistake. as i watch the video and listen to the officers commands is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr right with a single bullet. this appears to me from what i viewed in the officer's reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge there resulted in
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the tragic death of mr wright. angus spilled out onto the streets hours off the rights killing. a dusk to dawn curfew was imposed to stop further on rest but protesters gathered for a 2nd night in the suburbs of minneapolis outraged by yet another death of a black man at the hands of a police officer. called president joe biden appealed for calm but we do know that the pain and trauma is just the black community in that environment is real serious consequential but it just might justify violence and or a mood. but the shooting of dante right has fueled tensions in a city already on edge over nothing now tourist case not far from where wright was
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shot dead it shows in the officer who killed george floyd he's on trial for murder . let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin is in germany where he has met with his counterpart on a great come come on power as part of a visit aimed at boosting defense ties with a key nato ally austin said the u.s. is no longer planning to withdraw troops from germany the defense secretary's inaugural europe trip comes amid heightened tensions with russia. taiwan has unveiled a new amphibious warfare ship that can be used to land troops the massive ship is the latest part of a program to modernize the armed forces a cons as china escalates its threat to use military force to annex the island it says is its territory. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says he expects the international deal limiting iran's nuclear program to be safe he was speaking after
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talks with his a rainy and counterpart lavrov says iran has shown willingness if the u.s. up holds its agreements to lavrov also criticize the e.u. for imposing sanctions on iran during ongoing talks on reviving the nuclear agreement. as world leaders are condemning russia's most recent military activity in and around ukraine the g. 7 group of advanced nations says it is deeply concerned by what it calls russian provocations ukraine a kiss' moscow sending thousands of troops to its eastern border of the crimean peninsula here and moscow of trade of blame for the worsening situation in the donbass region ukrainian troops have fought progress in separatists it's 2014 clashes in the region have become more frequent and there are fears the unresolved conflict between the 2 sides could flare up again. a russian military camp set up suddenly close to russia's border with ukraine witnesses have reported seeing rows of tanks in the area and artillery being moved by train and
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leaders in europe in the us are trying to find out what. russia is not denying the troop movements but says it's not threatening anyone. else but overheard somebody seeing the questions are being asked what is it that the russian federation is doing on the border with ukraine got the answer is very simple we live there it is our country some kremlin figures have gone further setting out conditions for a possible russian intervention against its neighbor which is beginning of military actions is the beginning of the end of ukraine. the build up seems to be russia's biggest along the ukrainian border in 7 years. but that was when fighting between pro russian separatists and ukrainian troops 1st erupted in ukraine's east more than 14000 people have since died in that conflict which has yet to be resolved.
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ukraine's president volo dimmers alinsky recently visited frontline troops he's called on nato to put his country on a pathway to join the military bloc something moscow has called an acceptable. meanwhile washington is sending warships to the region and says it's closely watching the situation well 1st let me say we are concerned as i've said in the past but we've been of course watching it over the course of the weekend about the increasing aggression. russian forces on the border secretary blinken and secretary austin are in brussels this week meeting with their nato partners and we will of course i'm sure this will be a topic of discussion the coming week could well decide whether the tensions in ukraine escalate further into the biden administration's 1st international crisis
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right now it's time to go over to brussels and speak with our correspondent to racial standing by for us there hi terry nato secretary general yan stoltenberg and also the foreign minister of ukraine it to me tranquility they made a joint statement tell us more about what they've been saying. that's right ukraine actually called this urgent meeting of the nato ukraine commission out of concern for the massive russian troop build up on its border there is a special mechanism in the partnership between nato and ukraine that allows that and the foreign minister said now was the moment to call this meeting because there is simply no way to know what russia has planned and they are very concerned nato countries obviously are very worried about ukraine as a close partners to the alliance but what they have done so far is to help reassure ukraine to train ukrainian troops and they're looking at what more might be done to both reassure kiev and to term osco what options do they have on the table it's
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highly unlikely that nato would go to war over ukraine. and in need nato only has the obligation to defend members of the alliance and that would be a very costly conflict for both sides so what it is doing is holding virtually constant meetings with ukrainian politicians ukrainian officials to try to give the message to the kremlin that ukraine is a partner of the west and that it will not stand by idly if russia is to step even one toe further into ukrainian territory than it's already done of course with the onyx ation of crimea and the support for the separatists in the donbass region but basically deterrence is the only option on the table at the moment. terry we've also heard that u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin has announced the u.s. will not be pulling troops out of germany and that is something that the former president trump threatened to do how will that be seen at nato. that's right that's
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just breaking now as as we are as we're hearing this will be very welcome at nato it was extremely unsettling when president trump made the announcement he had not consulted with the nato secretary general before he he said that he had not consulted with the german government so that came out of nowhere but i do know in follow up reporting on that announcement that absolutely nothing was done nobody nobody followed up with with action about actually pulling troops out of germany there was no contact made with the belgian government about moving them here moving them to italy even moving them to poland which president trump announced so well this announcement will not come as a complete surprise to the german government it will certainly be welcome and the additional announcement that $500.00 more troops will be going to germany will be appreciated by nato which is always looking to get more u.s. soldiers on its territory here in europe our correspondent teri schultz in brussels there thank you so much. now many countries in asia are seeing
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a rise in corona virus infections one country struggling with an increasing number of cases is the philippines since march the country has been seeing thousands of new daily infections just yesterday registering some 11000 new cases the sport has already taken its toll on already stretched medical resources. 19 intensive care ward in manila amid this crisis the sick patients are in sites lucky to even have a paid unprecedented demand has left hospitals tone and desperate people away. was among them. we didn't anticipate that there was as it was this bad and the more hospitals need called and went to the more to the panic settled in the lower the feeling of hopelessness at the moment. and you know spent 5 frantic hours driving around manila looking for a hospital that could help
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a sick father. it was just heartbreaking because even if we went to all these hospitals that said again i had all these writings on there and you know people were telling us that they couldn't accommodate and there were still people there you know there were still people just begging to go inside. or to be admitted to be cared for and you know eventually became one of those people. his father died on the steps outside one of 15000 filipinos to perish in this tragedy in recent weeks the virus has spread faster with hospitals building makeshift tents to accommodate the result. last week on washing audio last week was our washed scenario we have 400 beds in ward and 100 beds in i.c.u. what happened was i had to borrow 50 i.c.u. beds so we had 450 pads in ward all of them were occupied and then only
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50 beds were left for i.c.u. so right polio and and then 50 beds then once i see. the government has provided extra money to expand capacity in the system but health care professionals warn that's an acute shortage of stuff is an even bigger can sound. japan has announced that it will start releasing massive amounts of contaminated water from the fukushima nuclear plant into the sea the water has been stored in tanks at the plant since it was destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011 tokyo says the decision was unavoidable and that the water will be diluted to meet international standards before it's released in about 2 years time japan's neighbors south korea and china have condemned the move as have environmental groups and local fishing communities. it's not more than a decade since an earthquake and tsunami devastated into each
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a nuclear power plant in fukushima but the country and the region will be living with the consequences for much longer. nearly $1300000.00 tons of contaminated water is stored in huge tanks at the daiichi plant enough to fill $500.00 a lympics size swimming pools the annual cost is around $1000000000.00 yen or 800000 euros and space is running out. plant operator tepco plans to filter the contaminated water to remove isotopes leaving only tritium it will then dilute the water until tritium levels fall below regulator e limits before pumping it into the ocean tritium is considered relatively harmless because it does not emit enough energy to penetrate human skin japan's prime minister says the decision isn't on avoidable part of safely decommissioning the nuclear plant and then. we will execute it only after ensuring the process is safe
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negative rumors must not stand in the way or extinguish the hopes of people in fukushima for recovery. you know. i don't know. what the decision has provoked an explosive reaction from some of japan's neighbors these korean environmental activists say the plan will torpedo efforts to restore the regional fishing industry. you want on one of the japanese government's decision is a sin against the world that their actions will contaminate everyone globally in the many years. you want or you wonder what japanese government's decision is not a scientific one but a political gamble that the will is radioactive water is released it will be an irreversible disaster not only for the ecosystem but also for humans the japanese fishing industry itself is also firmly opposed to the plan the 1st release of water is due to take place in about 2 years time. people in england have been enjoying
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some new freedoms thanks to a loosening of coronavirus restrictions a drinkers can now enjoy sipping a beer in a pub garden and many non-essential shops have reopened a fast vaccine rollout and hard lockdown has helped to bring down infections and deaths. despite the unseasonably chilly weather there was an air of spring across the u.k. as many businesses reopened for the 1st time since january. long lines of eager shoppers formed outside clothing stores in london some brits got their 1st real haircut of the year but for others this is what they've been waiting all winter for a pint of beer with their friends. british people i mean the way we cope with the british just going to the pub as often as possible so we can do nothing for months and now with a kind of a back to normal but we're not but you know it's so it's not right it's all very strange all my tense point already. i'm speaking straight it's great getting
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out and walking out in the high street and seeing everyone smiling every day foods like it fills you with positivity and hope that we can make out of this it wasn't just patrons celebrating the reopening of 4 now the outdoor seating at pubs the owners are optimistic that they've made it through the worst of the pandemic. but we have survived through some of the talks that have been improved in europe we now . now do was but that's only 40 percent of all who have space that they can attempt right now in schools it's best where the forests either here in the united kingdom to be an inning but we really need to see the removal of restrictions before we can really get to trading have rules that mean those businesses are throughout this. health authorities are warning the british to remain cautious another wave of the pandemic is not impossible but if all goes according to plan the government could
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lift all restrictions by the end of june. ok let's get some more headlines now one person has been killed in a policeman injured in a shooting at a high school and knoxville tennessee gunfire was exchanged when officers approached a male suspect hiding in a bathrobe 3 other students at the same school have died in cotton related incidents this year. russian prison officials have threatened to begin force feeding jailed opposition leader alexei nov only that's according to nepal the faecal legal team a kremlin critic has been on a hunger strike since late march he's protesting what he says is a lack of proper medical treatment at his prison facility east of moscow where you are you. sports now in football byron munich are preparing for a champions league quarter final clash with paris and her mom the bavarians need a win to keep them in the competition but p.s.g. is impressive display in munich last week shows bahrain are facing
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a tough challenge. rarely cost as underdogs but that's how they see themselves as they had to paris in need of at least $2.00 goals to qualify for the champions league semifinals after p.s.g. smash and grab 3 to win in munich is a tough. it's a tough task but we're all looking forward to it. i think games like these are why you play football why you're here. we want to try to cause a mini upset in paris. chances of setting the limb there with key players chief among them the injured robot. his team mates will miss the potent pull who has rattled in an incredible 42 goals in 36 matches this season. one ray of hope for byron has been p.s. g.'s in different form the parisians latest disappointment was a one. in the league. it's something that we'll have to look at again at the
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end of the season. but let's hope that performances start to turn against. vengeance for last season's painful defeats in the final should be motivation enough for the argentine players to find their feet again on home turf. meanwhile robert love and return to training for byron munich after damaging his right knee while on international duty with poland byron's top spot striker is expected to make a comeback later this month against either i or liver because in our minds he has already missed games against rb leipsic when he won berlin and the champions league match versus parts of her mom he's been having a career year with 35 bonus the goals so far. is now quite surfers and rio de janeiro have been enjoying perfect conditions hundreds have been speeding across the water against the spectacular backdrop of the sugarloaf mountain the city's famous beaches are closed for general use because of
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coronavirus restrictions but individual sports activities are permitted the kite surfer say that when conditions are this good they just have to get out there to ride the wind and waves. are let's get a reminder now of our top stories here on the as covert $1000.00 infections soar in germany the federal government's laying out controversial plans to centralize more power as the state failed to bring the crisis under control. and protesters in the u.s. state of minnesota have taken to the streets for a 2nd after a young black man was shot dead by police in a suburb of minneapolis in body camera footage of the officer who fired a 20 year old dante bright can be heard saying she confused her gun with her taser . coming up next the global chip shortage that's hitting the car
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industry hard now the u.s. is making a big push to produce its own chips monica jones has the details coming up next on new business.
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ok comics are. going celebration during that comment to a friend for him to keep the most trying to stay on course for the champions league next a trauma in the relegation battle. in the access to a fixed point in time for coach gets to pick up the an in 60 minutes on d w. i was for all of my dignity to
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77 percent chicks on modern slavery shining a light on the freedom in. german women in the middle english dog seem mad men where tripped. forced into prostitution their stories busy must be told to punch you force me interesting stories. and excuses of the 77 percent starts april 17th on t w. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from your stablished itself. both religious and secular leaders to display their power. trip speaking. and create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. stone masons builders and architects compete with each
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other. this is how massive churches are created. contests to. start. off t.w. . china continues to gather momentum fresh data released today shows exports and imports rolling fast underlining the country strong economic rebound from the pandemic. meanwhile the u.s. president to joe biden aims to calm fears about the global chip in a meeting with major manufacture.


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