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this is deep news news live from her lead to tensions run high in the u.s. city of minneapolis after another black man it is shot dead thai police the officer who fired says that they confused their guns with a taser a nighttime curfew fails to keep a lid on protests as president joe biden appeals for calm. also coming up to world leaders condemn a buildup of russian troops along the border with ukraine it's feared that a 7 year conflict between the 2 nations could flare up again and the search for its
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successor to chancellor angela merkel threatens to divide germany's conservatives as they head into next year's elections scuse me of this year's elections 2 man want the job but there's no agreement on who should get it plops aims for expired munich have a tall order on their hands when they visit paris i'm sure bonds are the champions league tonight for the 2nd leg of their former final fixture. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. protesters in the u.s. state of minnesota have taken to the streets for a 2nd night after a young black man was shot dead by police near minneapolis the officer who fired a 20 year old want a right says that she confused her gone with her taser tensions in minneapolis were
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already running high before this latest incident a white former police officer derek so then is currently on trial they're charged with the murder of george floyd the president is appealing for peace. the last moments of don't have rights life be courted by the party come of the police officer who fatally shot him. 20 year old roy disinterested during a traffic stop. he struggles free and gets back in the car then 7. police say the footage shows that the officer used her gun by mistake. as i watch the video and listen to the officers commands is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet this appears to me from what i viewed in the officer's reaction in
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distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge there resulted in the tragic death of mr wright. angus' spilled out onto the streets hours after wright's killing. a dusk to dawn curfew was imposed to stop further on rest that protesters gathered for a 2nd night in the suburbs of minneapolis outraged by yet another death of a black man at the hands of a police officer. called president joe biden appealed for calm. we do know that the pain and trauma is just the black community in that environment is real serious and it's consequential but it's just not justified violence and or looting. that the shooting of dante wright has fueled tensions in
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a city already on edge very now the tourist case not far from where wright was shot dead it shows in the officer who killed george floyd he's on trial for murder. and let's get more we're joined by sloane martin who is a reporter and anchor for a local radio station in the area in minneapolis thank you so much for joining us there's anger on the streets as we've been seeing after this latest killing what's happening walk us through it. well things have been quite calm tonight to have but that was after a pretty large crowd dispersed and there was tear gas put off by police those non-lethal munitions as well to try and disperse the crowd state officials put in a curfew for 3 counties in the twin cities metro area from 7 pm to 6 am so still several more hours left in this curfew to try and make sure that damage to property and any other violence is kept to
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a minimum but we do know that several 1000 people were out again in brooklyn center there were some other break ins reported in other spots in the twin cities including in south minneapolis where that woods an area that was very badly hit in the aftermath of george floyd's death but protesters demanding justice in this case even though there was the quick release of the police body camera video there really is a really strong call for reform in policing in in minnesota absolutely and we know for the officers part you know the claim there is that the officer intended to reach for the taser instead reached for the gun i like to ask you you know to to p.r. people buying not there on the ground and has that claim done anything to deescalate the situation. i don't know if it's a matter of if people are buying it or not i think it further lends evidence to what protesters have been saying about the overall reform of policing that it can't
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be acceptable that a mistake like this which in minneapolis mayor jacob frye called a tragic but careless mistake could lead to someone losing their life in a routine strapped traffic stop 1st of all and 2nd of all in a case where the warrant that was out in his name was for a misdemeanor offense and that ending up in a fatal situation some it's very difficult for people to accept so even though you hear in the body camera video where the officer who's a 26 year police veteran this is not someone that is new this is someone who also has been a leader in their police union who has helped defend other officers who have been an officer involved shootings that she would know her way around being a police officer so to other people in this community that's very alarming and that's why they are continuing to be very vocal about wanting concrete change they said you know law enforcement officials state lawmakers for example the governor
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have had almost a year now since floyd died that something should happen and here's another example and they think that this should have been avoided absolutely sloan martin reporter an anchor at. news radio and minneapolis minnesota thank you thank you. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world one person has been killed and a policeman injured in a shooting at a school in knoxville tennessee gunfire was exchanged when officers approached a male suspect hiding in a bathroom 3 other students at the same school have died in gun related incidents as. u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin has arrived in berlin for high level talks he will meet with his german counterpart on a quote prompt karam hour and other top officials austin is the highest ranking member of the biden administration to visit germany so far. japanese government has
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given the go ahead to a controversial plan to release massive amounts of radioactive water into the sea the water has been stored in tanks at the fukushima nuclear power plant says the 2011 earthquake and tsunami wrecked the plant the operation began in to hear. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has insisted that iran will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons tehran has blamed israel for causing a power failure at its biggest nuclear facility media reports of also linked to the incident to an israeli cyber attack world leaders are trying to revive a stalled international deal limiting iran's nuclear program. world leaders have condemned russia's most recent military activity in and around ukraine the g 7 group of advanced nations says that it's deeply concerned by what it calls russian provocations ukraine accuses moscow of sending thousands of troops
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to its eastern border and the crimea peninsula kiev and moscow have traded blame over the worsening situation in dumb boss in this region ukrainian troops have fought tro russian separatists since 2014 clashes in the region have become more frequent and there are fears that the unresolved conflicts between the 2 sides could. flare up again. a russian military camp set up suddenly close to russia's border with ukraine witnesses have reported seeing rows of tanks in the area and artillery being moved by train and leaders in europe and the us are trying to find out why. russia's not denying the troop movements but says it's not threatening anyone. receiving the questions are being asked what is it that the russian federation is doing on the border with ukraine the answer is very simple we live there it is our country some kremlin figures have gone further
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setting out conditions for a possible russian intervention against its neighbor. which a beginning of military actions is the beginning of the end of ukraine. the buildup seems to be russia's biggest along the ukrainian border in 7 years. that was when fighting between pro russian separatists and ukrainian troops 1st erupted in ukraine's east more than 14000 people have since died in that conflict which has yet to be resolved. ukraine's president polo dimmers alinsky recently visited frontline troops he's called on nato to put his country on a pathway to join the military bloc something moscow has called an acceptable. meanwhile washington is sending warships to the region and says it's closely watching the situation well 1st let me say we are concerned as i've said in the
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past but we've been of course watching it over the course of the weekend about the increasing aggression of russian forces on the border secretary blinken and secretary austin are in brussels this week meeting with their nato partners and we will of course i'm sure this will be a topic of discussion the coming week could well decide whether the tensions in ukraine escalate further into the biden administration's 1st international crisis and for more i am joined now by correspondent teri schultz who is standing by with a view from brussels terry walk us through efforts to deescalate the situation good morning sara well i think this last minute dash by the u.s. secretary of state to brussels especially when the defense secretary was already scheduled to be here underscores just what a worrisome and delicate situation this is ukraine has called
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a meeting of the nato ukraine commission so they will be meeting today at nato headquarters within a couple of hours and the secretary of state i would expect will join them so certainly high level meetings called at the last minute tells all of us that everyone is very very worried about the situation the g. 7 and the e.u. high representative also put out a statement yesterday calling on russia to cease provocations and you know earlier germany and france came under quite a bit of criticism for saying that both sides should deescalate that certainly not what we're hearing now what goes through what's expected from this meeting today terry. yes this is the general body that handles all nato relations with ukraine i mean that means cooperative exercises on training of armed forces but certainly today called by the ukrainian government it's going to focus on this build up of russian troops foreign minister clipper will also meet secretary-general stoltenberg and we'll be hearing from them i would expect that
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the ukrainian foreign minister will we iterate his country's desire for nato membership to be speeded up nato has been on a very slow path to membership now for decades and it times the ukrainian population has not wanted to to move forward on that now the government is certainly of one mind it wants nato to spread its protective umbrella over ukraine which of course is problematic in all kinds of ways because part of that country is occupied by some russian forces there and we're hearing a lot of condemnation a lot of tough talk terry you know we heard in our piece for example the press secretary at the white house expressing concern the secretary of state anthony blinken going one step for further warning on sunday that if russia acts recklessly or aggressively there will be costs there will be consequences what is he talking about what could that mean. well the fact that he doesn't spell out the costs and consequences again makes clear how difficult the situation is every single time the
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alliance does anything to reassure ukraine to to train ukrainian forces russia calls it a provocation and says this is more justification for building up these troops on the border russia portrays this as a potential effort to invade russia so it's a very very fine line and certainly nato's plan a b. and c. is deterrence so when that's not working they really have to get together and decide what to do there are nato forces in the baltic countries and poland that have been built up since the 2014 russian invasion of ukraine nobody expects to have to use them but that's that's why they're there just in case i expect that the nato secretary general will be getting some very pointed questions today about exactly what kind of plans could work if deterrence is not effective solution terry we know you'll be monitoring the situation in brussels today as these diplomatic efforts really kick into high gear terry shells we'll be checking back in with you
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thank you so much for the view from brussels. now germany's governing conservatives have publicly disagreed over who their candidate for chancellor should be in national elections the september the conservative bloc made up of the c.d.u. and c.s.u. parties needs to field a new candidate as angela merkel will no longer be standing after 15 years in power the c.d.u. leadership is backing the current state premier of north rhine-westphalia aman lawsuits but he is facing a challenge from the c s u's marcus. i mean lash it versus marcus the race to be the next conservative candidate to run for german chancellor is turning into an old fashioned power struggle on sunday the 2 men agreed the decision should come soon and to respect it whoever is chosen. now less than a day later the battle lines seem to have been drawn on monday morning at the
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recently elected c.d.u. leader held meetings with his party's executive and not really a surprise they backed him to be the candidate the man himself sounded impatient to get out on the campaign trail. and. everyone wants a decision seeing all the facts are on the table the problems we need to solve are so big that we should no longer be preoccupied with our internal party issues but rather with the major tasks that lie ahead for germany today tomorrow this week and in the coming months. but by monday afternoon marcus head of the smaller bavarian c.s.u. had the backing of his party leadership he thinks the conservatives should ponder their candidate question a bit longer not only is he personally more popular than lash out he also claims to stand for a style of politics that people want. and the conservatives have never fallen out
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of favor with voters so quickly before holds on to everything but they're a clear indication of what the public is thinking and we can't cut ourselves off from the majority of people. that mention and. ford certainly needs now is public support from the wider conservative parties perhaps from members of parliament worried about losing their jobs if the wrong man leads them into the national election in september. if those voices do not materialize it seems very likely christian democrat only lush it will be the choice to seize the baritone when america leaves the jones larry later this year. and let's get more we are joined by the deputy political editor make a local for michela why hasn't a clear conservative candidate emerged yet. because things didn't go to plan and the man who was seen as the natural successor in the last it is really
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doing very badly in the current opinion polls he's going around more below 20 percent approval ratings and marco 3rd from bavaria is boasting of upwards of 50 percent and that's what makes him so confident to shift the goalposts to say that yes your party may be behind you arm in the us it's the new cd you possibly machall successor as the conservative leader there but the opinion polls give him better chances at this very moment in time and that's what he's insisting on not shying away from this so down this high noon moment in the midst of an epidemic so explain to us that if if so there is indeed leading in the opinion polls why isn't the party just back again. well because it would be a breach of code of honor almost to block the wild card from bavaria the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. are a conservative union here in germany that's often lost in translation the c.s.u.
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is a lot smaller and previous attempts to have a chance to from bavaria failed spectacularly at the ballot box to cut it short michael so it has nothing to lose he's the overarching bavarian leader if he gets onto that ticket it's success for him but he's still seen as a success if at least he pushed the c.d.u. to potentially rethink its plans and i'm unless it is the man who has everything to lose but at this moment in time the conservative block the last big tent party potentially in your appear is actually risking the unity it's been able to demonstrate so far through this pandemic and it risks a slight lead in the polls heading into september elections with the greens looking at a stronger here in germany ok meantime there are also crunch talks happening in berlin today the cabinet deciding on a national law to combat rising infection numbers this particular law it would give
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berlin nationwide power allowing it to pull the so-called emergency brake if the 7 day incidence rate exceeds $100.00 cases per 100000 people present germany 16 federal states that their own policies on coronavirus restrictions michela tell us why this law has become so important for the government. because it's balanced science it's angela merkel sons to so that she is willing and able to create unity where unity is needed and where those federal states have been stalking past each other agreeing on things and then everybody doing their own thing germans are confused they're impatient and they're tired of this pandemic so we're likely to see support in the parliament although it's unclear how fast this law can come into effect it would be an emergency brake where once there is a national incidence or we don't incidences of $100.00 infections per 100000 people
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within the space of 7 days we could potentially see curfews here in germany and the response would always be the same shops would close in the same fashion and there wouldn't be such diversity as we're seeing at this very moment which is very confusing to a lot of germans achieve political editor mechanic of their thank you soccer now and byron munich are preparing for a champions league quarter final clash with paris sundram on the varians need a win to keep them in the competition of p.s.g. as impressive display of munich last week shows iran are facing a tough challenge boy in a rarely custer's underdogs but that's how they see themselves as they had to paris in need of at least 2 goals to qualify for the champions league semifinals after p.s.g. smushed grabbed 3 to win in munich is this the top of them or no before it's a tough task but we are all looking forward to it for this i think games like these are why you play football and why you're here by a munich we want to try to cause
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a mini upset in paris or impose mom come by and chances of upsetting the odds look slim there with the key players chief among the injured robert leave and. his team mates will miss the pull to pull who has rattled in an incredible 42 goals in 36 much as the season. one ray of hope for byron has been p.s. g.'s in different home form the parisians latest disappointment was a one nil loss to little in the league as i look at the. pitch something that we all have to look at again at the end of the season. but let's hope that performances start to turn the road against by a. vengeance for last season's painful defeat in the final should be motivation enough for the argentines players to find their feet again on home turf. and toughen i've hosted by our leverkusen in the bundesliga the visitors were looking
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for a win to keep pace with 5th pay 55th placed excuse me dharm and that neither side could break the deadlock in a poor game i deem a myriad had the best chance after 65 minutes but his shot was too weak the nil nil draw means that laver cousens hopes of champions league qualification are growing ever fainter. and athletes around the world are preparing to travel to the tokyo a limping games this summer but many are still waiting to find out if they will be vaccinated against the coronavirus ahead of the event in germany the debate over whether athletes deserve to jump the queue has provoked strong opinions on both sides for. alexander and dolo. chile's only 2 and javelin thrower thomas go all want to compete at the olympic games whether they've been vaccinated against coronavirus or not germany is
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following strict vaccine rules only people in high priority groups can get the job for now athletes have to wait their turn broadly experience an athlete to demand to be vaccinated 1st would be the wrong signal to send. there's little public support in germany for prioritizing vaccinations of athletes one survey taken in february showed only 24 percent of people in favor of prioritizing athletes with 73 percent against among women the idea was even less popular some olympic athletes are worried that the risks they take to compete being ignored. how long do we have to wait before people decide it's ok for athletes to get vaccinated or not on the games begin on the 23rd of july but german athletes have to arrive early to allow their bodies to adapt to the time difference in japan with a gap of several weeks between vaccine doses they are running out of time. porton
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the athletes have full vaccine protection by the time they travel to the olympic games. in the eyes training programs also defined when it makes sense for an athlete to get the vaccine and. sportsmen and women may suffer from side effects for several days some countries have already dealt with this issue mexico has promised it's a limb paeans they'll be vaccinated in time while india hungary denmark israel and the philippines have made similar commitments lithuania has already started to vaccinate its participants inoculated athletes can train and travel to competitions with more security and now there are calls for german politicians to support the country's olympians all of. the sports committee of the german parliament could be more proactive every 4 years the olympics become the focus of olympic athletes careers it's what they live from and how they make their money we should give our
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athletes every chance to do that. good. the i.o.c. also plans to make doses of chinese vaccines available to athletes at no cost ahead of the games a strategy that could help the embattled event avoid more controversy on parts off safely. and in brazil surfers in rio de janeiro have been enjoying perfect conditions hundreds have been speeding across the water against the spectacular backdrop of the sugar loaf mountain of the city's famous beaches are closed for general use because of the coronavirus restrictions but individual sports activities are permitted the kite surfer say that when conditions are this good you just have to get out there and to ride the wind and the waves. a quick reminder of our top story protesters in the u.s. state of minnesota have taken to the streets for a 2nd night after a young black man was shot dead by a police officer in
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a suburb of minneapolis. coming up next on new news a look at the weekend's action in the bundesliga in the program take off just stay with us if you can for that i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching take care.
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playing. pickup. celebration during that common. friend for defeat close to 60 on a course for the champions league. drama in the relegation battle. in the last. point in time for coach gets to pick up. next on d w. by our side when life comes to an. corona
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has drastically changed death rituals. how are people coping with it. is it possible to die with dignity while practicing social distancing. we take a look. and its victims close up. in 60 minutes on d w. in many countries education is still a privilege charney is one of the main causes some young children working mine shafts instead of going to class induced can attend classes coming to the finish and making. millions of children all over the world who have to go to school.
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we ask why. because an education makes the world more just. make up your own mind. d.w. make for minds. up i. might say 28 so one humdinger of an encounter between 2 top teams.


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