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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2021 4:45am-5:16am CEST

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the number of yellow cards he's been shown. not a single be deferred players scored in this one and yet they got the win an own goal from freiburg sprinkled signing but santa maria delivered a big blow to his side see european types. but it was enough to secure be the 1st 3 vital points in the relegation battle 1st home win for frank comma at the helm. shocker should consider giving their mascot a run up front the league's worst attack both just 3 players who scored more than once this season. but they did squeeze one possum out spokes side was a little left to play for. sure it said i'll celebrate his 24th birthday with his 1st goal of the season although he was gifted the charts by replicate your pitch many happy returns. michel could offense almost return the favor in the 2nd half
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of famine had a busy shift on his return from 5 games out with a rib injury but his saves shellshock a 2nd win of the season and the 1st because dimitrios got more sheets survival is still mathematically possible but very very unlikely. a win in this one would be a massive step towards safety from either of these sides mind school the early goal 11 minutes in st john paul is their top scorer shown feet meant to turn left in january when the team has still got that goal scoring group on the coasts cologne responded before the break with a penalty from andre dude out of their joint leading marksman with his face that the season. around the alum angelia scary joined him on that tally of 5 to put cologne ahead. but a striker did finally school up to 65 minutes every morning cboe with just his 3rd of the sea. said to level the school's. all signs were pointing towards
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a drawer until the 91st minute went after me and roberto. his goal sent mights players into x. to say as they climbed to 14 the table while cologne sit 2nd from boss a former coach free 10 from code will take over from marcos. when it's crunch time in the beautiful game tensions are high and some post match interviews can evidently get on coaches nerves. to hear music and to disappointed when you become unhappy when we lose one nil. rumors about the future can get tiresome. the day or all go those are the words everyone's waiting to hear why don't you finally tell us if you say people are bugging you while you bugging me. pansy flick finally came up with his own strategy for unwanted questions please
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understand in the future if i hear a question like that my answer will be next question please because i really don't want to hear it anymore you kind of. the one loyal man has clearly mastered the art of escaping tricky questions with a smile. very clever how you reworded that waters i know you still won't get an answer out of me and i'll. wait one more question how did it go against neil. by and i went on their way to securing their 9th straight gets michael. but storm clouds have been gathering over the munich knocked out of the german couple weeks ago they've already seeded their shot at one piece of silverware and often last week's champions league lost to paris their opponents from last year's final.
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might stop by and from advancing past the quarter finals on top of that internal conflict within the club's management schools self education pansy flake and sporting director has sounds fairly heavy church having been seeing eye to eye about the quality of by ends current personnel who have dogs that's a 0 i'd say last year we had a team that was better in terms of quality than this one that the us roots and i think everyone knows it and would agree to just use a bunch of do so and again when your ballin buy and we're missing plenty of the quality players they do still have 9 afflicts regular starters were unavailable for the gain or were rested ahead of the crunch 2nd leg against p.s.g. . flicks heavily rotated lineup even featured to stand a search from the reserve squad nonetheless by and still dominated the game from the off but couldn't sing to conjure up a real stab at goal or. robot leavened skis presence was also clearly
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missing. instead it was the visitors who had the best chance of the 1st half a header from marius britta shortly after the next disturbing sight for by an kingsley come on off injured forcing leroy senay to lace up rather than keep his feet up it was goalless the break it had been over a year since by and last had that scoreline at huff time. after the breaks in a came close but it's now been 20 games since brian's big summer edition has managed to school it took until the 68th minute for buy ins quality to translate into something tangible to young jamal move siana don't sing his way through for the. and the assist came from his veteran teammates tomas miller whose value for buy in shows no signs of phasing this season. ok. but just when it looked like ryan would agent. the narrow win situation caught them
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off guard with a quickly taken throw. and marcus ng votes and was there to bundle the bull home and sink by and haunts for the 2nd time this season. that's why point if we want 2 points today i know it was the one throwing where we didn't react as quickly as we normally would and they scored. was just horrified. that it isn't a disaster the thanks to last week's win their lifes. by ends lead on light station cut back to 5 points speculation mount some flicks feature especially with the gemini job up for grabs on the man himself refusing to make a clear commitment to his current employers. don't you want to be coaching by next season and it was interesting really you. know. when you cover to look at it and also says the team wants things to settle don't says it can focus
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on the football and minds me think i enjoy this yeah thanks with and. tempers starting to fray in munich and i certainly what helped by that one particular scene in the game. said the toyshops quick throw in had the buying back line on the back foot but when you once he realized. that maybe the die hard fans would've been asking for b a r to take another look i. even properly left the field and did have both feet on the ground when taking the throw as the rules require. i think i. said i. did something.
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that's probably another question wouldn't like to answer the goal took a new one to an unmatched 13 draws this season more importantly they're the only side so far to pick up points in both fixtures again. it's mighty bias. other than the guy and there were no big surprises except with maybe shell cause 2nd wave overall it was gold a little ramesh a 28 with 27 different school resumes and 5 goals apiece in stuttgart braman and cologne but the 7 gold thriller in frankfurt takes the cake so which goes with the best. few. was deadly serious yes it. was.
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such a series of things i was just saying the frog's. lung . cancer. number 6 missed something the fans of my life. succeed but sometimes you can. tell you all my money back killed last shot in kabul. golf but there's 2 mistakes in going to see a few that are really just trying different goals from team players get is that.
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there is no change of the top but level coups and lose precious ground on dortmund and the coveted champions league places when your got that one point to buy. which means they are still in 7th while glop. still got. down below despite that 2nd win of the campaign shall cost still no closer to the playoff spot now held by bealefeld separated only by goal difference from how to balance. just one more question mr flake what about the european title defense bias immediately the sun comes on the road on choose day against yes those 2 again to overturn a 32 deficit it's. still monday or at least at home in that champions league
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2nd leg of the move a one nil win would be enough to see them prevail against manchester city. and in the bundesliga minds will be hoping to secure their next big points as they host relegation rivals. and lyon will barely have time to get their breath back because of to returning from paris they'll soon be off again to 3rd place divorced book likewise still unbeaten the home this season safe travels. food. food.
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food. food. by our side when life comes to an end. corona has drastically changed death rituals. how are people coping with it. is it possible to die with dignity while practicing social distancing. we take
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a look at the corona virus and its victims close up. in 30 minutes on d w. e co india. in some pavement undone. but not all because for laurent the dog history of indigo was a problem of exploitation indigo has since become a symbol of sustainability and success fans to a project at the edge of the himalayas to. 90 minutes on d w. i thought i was front of my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery shining a light on the finger of blame in a nigerian women in italy obscene mad woman where tricked. into prostitution their stories must be told why she forced me into the street. an
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exclusive edition of the 77 percent starts april 17th on d. w. . we have important numers let's get right to the heart. smoking is healthy. those designs are good for the believes global warming doesn't exist or. don't believe or. not yet. you have a great in my mind. that. industry is controlling your thoughts there are tents truly seeking. science. it's not easy to spot i'm saying one thing industry is saying another. the great books of good 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's
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behind the. menu for ensuring ignorance starts may 3rd on d w r. the state of the news live from berlin tensions run high in the u.s. state of minnesota after another black man is shot dead by police the officer who fired of parents a confused turns gun with her taser a nighttime curfew fails to keep a lid on protests as president joe biden appeals for calm. world leaders
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condemn a build up of russian troops along the border with ukraine it's feared assessment here conflict between the 2 nations could flare up again. and finally it's back to the pub in the lead says cheers to the easing of covert. restrictions as a hard long challenge and mass vaccination drive to get to finally pay off. and to have you with us we begin in the u.s. state of minnesota where protests erupted after a young black man was shot dead by police near minneapolis the officer who fired at 20 year old dante or bryant apparently confused her gun with her taser stun weapon tensions in minneapolis were already running high before this latest incident a white former police officer is currently on trial they're charged with the murder
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of george floyd president joe biden has appealed for calm. the last moments of don't have rights life be courted by the party come of the police officer who fatally shot him. 20 year old reuters arrested during a traffic stop. he struggles free and gets back in the car then. 7 police say the footage shows that the officer used her gun by mistake. as i watch the video and listen to the officer's commands is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet this appears to me from what i viewed in the officer's reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge there resulted in
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the tragic death of mr wright. right skilling's soon spilled out onto the streets protesters faced off with police in the suburbs of minneapolis. tear gas and rubber bullets fired at a crowd outraged by yet another death of a black man at the hands of a police officer. call president joe biden appealed for calm but we do know that your brain trauma is just the black community in that environment is real and serious consequential but it does not justify violence and or of looting. in an effort to stop any further unrest at dusk to dawn curfew has been put in place and national guard troops deployed. but the shooting
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of daunted wright has fueled tensions in a city already on edge over nothing now tourist case not far from where wright was shot dead it shows in the officer who killed george floyd is on trial from the. south take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world one person has been killed and a policeman injured in a shooting at a high school in knoxville tennessee gunfire was exchanged when officers approached a male suspect hiding in the bathroom 3 other students at the same school have died in gun related incidents as here. the japanese government has given the go ahead to a controversial plan to release massive amounts of radioactive water into the sea the water has been stored and tanks at the fukushima nuclear plant since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami wrecked the plant the operation will begin in 2 years.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has insisted that iran will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons to iran has blamed israel for causing a power failure and its biggest nuclear facility media reports have also linked the incident to an israeli cyber attack leaders are trying to revive a stalled international deal limiting around nuclear program. and russian prison officials have threatened to begin force feeding jailed opposition leader alec saying avanti that's according to the bombings legal team the kremlin critic has been on a hunger strike since late march is protesting what he says is a lack of proper medical treatment to his prison facility east of moscow. leaders have condemned a build up of russian forces on the country's border with ukraine the g 7 a group of advanced nations says it's deeply concerned by what it calls russian
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provocations ukraine has accused moscow of sending thousands of troops to the region russia says these soldiers are on its own territory there are fears that a 7 year conflict between the 2 sides could flare up ok. a russian military camp set up suddenly close to russia's border with ukraine witnesses have reported seeing rows of tanks in the area and artillery being moved by train and leaders in europe and the us are trying to find out why. russia is not denying the troop movements but says it's not threatening anyone. receiving the questions are being asked what is it that the russian federation is doing on the border with ukraine the answer is very simple we live there it is our country some kremlin figures have gone further setting out conditions for a possible russian intervention against its neighbor. which
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a beginning of military actions is the beginning of the end of ukraine. the buildup seems to be russia's biggest along the ukrainian border in 7 years. that was when fighting between pro russian separatists and ukrainian troops 1st erupted in ukraine's east more than 14000 people have since died in that conflict which has yet to be resolved. ukraine's president volo dimmers alinsky recently visited frontline troops he's called on nato to put his country on a pathway to join the military bloc something moscow has called an acceptable. meanwhile washington is sending warships to the region and says it's closely watching the situation well 1st let me say we are concerned as i've said in the past but we've been of course watching it over the course of the weekend about the
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increasing aggression of russian forces on the border secretary blinken and secretary austin are in brussels this week meeting with their nato partners and we will of course i'm sure this will be a topic of discussion the coming week could well decide whether the tensions in ukraine escalate further into the bud and administration's 1st international crisis . germany's conservatives are still looking for a candidate to send into the race to take over from chancellor angela merkel after 16 years in office she will be stepping down after september's election merkel's c.p.u. party is backing its own leader on the lush ad but 3rd of the leader of the bavarian sister party c.s.u. is also hoping to get a shot at the top job. i mean lash it versus marcus the race to be the next conservative candidate to run for german chancellor is turning into an old
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fashioned power struggle on sunday the 2 men agreed the decision should come soon and to respect it whoever is chosen. no less than a day later battle lines seem to have been drawn on monday morning at the recently elected c.d.u. leader held meetings with his party's executive and not really a surprise they backed him to be the candidate the man himself sounded impatient to get out on the campaign trail. and. everyone wants a decision seeing all the facts are on the table the problems we need to solve be that we should no longer be preoccupied with our internal party issues but rather with the major tasks that lie ahead for germany today tomorrow this week and in the coming months. nixon will not legal but by monday afternoon marcus served or head of the smaller bavarian c.s.u.
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had the backing of his party leadership he thinks the conservatives should ponder their candidate question a bit longer not only is he personally more popular than lash out you also claims to stand for a style of politics that people want. the conservatives have never fallen out of favor with voters so quickly before everything but there are a clear indication of what the public is thinking and we can't cut ourselves off from the majority of people. that mention and some that ford certainly needs now is public support from the wider conservative party's perhaps from members of parliament worried about losing their jobs if the wrong man leads them into the national election in september. if those voices did not materialize it seems very likely christian democrats will be the choice to seize the back home when angle america leads the chancellor later this year. our political correspondent simon young explains why the c.d.u.
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decided to back last set even though the polls show there into a lot more popular with the german public i think they wanted to give their backing to their man was just chosen as the chairman of the c.d.u. party back in january so he's got a certain amount of impetus within the party i think there's a feeling from the from the c.d.u. that they are the laws of these tea parties and they should have the priority in big decisions like who's going to be the candidate to run for the nation's top political office so that's why they wanted to i think to just sort of clear this question clear the air is they probably saw it well says you know we should think about this for a few more days we should listen to what different sections of the party is saying there's a parliament and local party associations and have a good think about how we can get up above where we are now in the polls perhaps on
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the wrong side of 30 percent in latest polls he says we can do better than that he's obviously hoping that a few people will come out and support him and if they do in the next 2448 hours this debate could go on to the end of the week and possibly longer. to england now we're people have been enjoying some new freedoms thanks to a loosening of coronavirus restrictions drinkers can now once again enjoy sipping a beer and a pub garden and many non-essential shops and gyms have reopened the government hopes it's the 1st step on the road back to normality made possible by a lengthy stay at home orders in the u. case fast vaccine rollout which helped bring down infections and deaths. despite the unseasonably chilly weather there was an air of spring across the u.k. as many businesses reopened for the 1st time since january.
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long lines of eager shoppers formed outside clothing stores in london some brits got their 1st real haircut of the year. but for others this is what they've been waiting all winter for a pint of beer with their friends. british people i mean the way we cope with the british is going to the pub as often as possible so we can do nothing for months and now with ok then we're back to normal but we're not but it's no way so it's not right it's a very strange of oh my 10 point already. i'm speaking straight is great getting out and working out in the high street and seeing everyone smiling every day foods like if you with positivity and hope that we can make out of this it wasn't just patron celebrating the reopening of 4 now the outdoor seating at pubs the owners are optimistic that they've made it through the worst of the pandemic. but we have survived through some of the talks that have been in in
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europe now you know now who was that 7040 percent of all who have space that they can attend right now in a school. where the forest library here in the united kingdom to name but we really need to see to focus a lot restrictions before we can really get to trading have rules that mean those distances are right throughout the. health authorities are warning the british to remain cautious another wave of the pandemic is not impossible but if all goes according to plan the government could lift all restrictions by the end of june. and before we go i want to take you to brazil because kind servers in rio de janeiro have been enjoying perfect conditions hundreds have been speeding across the water and against the spectacular backdrop of the sugarloaf mountain the city's famous beaches are closed for general use because of coronavirus restrictions but
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individual sports activities are permitted the kinds are 1st they that when conditions are in this good they just have to get out there to riot the wind and the waves. maybe to get away for a moment from everything that's happening on land more on that on the pandemic coming up after just a short break and our covert special stitching for that until fairly for me and the entire team here for a lengthy and great company. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update. on t w.


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