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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2021 10:30pm-11:31pm CEST

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it's not easy to spot i mean to say one thing and history is saying another. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes this is. and who's behind the. face of this kind of behavior that is unacceptable and will not be allowed manufacturing ignorance strikes me on d w. c. in september voters here in germany will go to the polls to elect a new parliament but it is the new chancellor that the world will be interested in after 16 years until america will step down who will step up to replace her among merkel's conservative sister parties it is down to 2 men governors one from the south one from the west one leads in the polls one leads a much larger party but which one is
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a winner which one can guarantee victory on election day tonight the answer is neither i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. it's between there is a lot at stake europe is poaching the world especially a stable germany. has been we are in a serious situation as a country we are all stressed by the coronavirus are in it because it is my position is clear and of how do you think many kids i once a month in germany. that is completely still for this is not about our personal ambitions it's about the good not just of the party but above all of germany i think it's one thing was apparent today everybody wants a quick decision. and. also coming up
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a blackout at one of iran's main nuclear sites tehran calls it israeli nuclear terrorism israel saying nothing but it looks like a message meant for those talks that are aimed at saving the iran nuclear deal if it is israel this is sky and of a signal to be sent to the reunions and maybe even to the americans and this is kind of a way by which to me the other on the stand what you have in hand and how that may and the how serious could be the damage be inflicted on you if you are not taking that into account this is also a sigh. political war and this is why i think at this very important. point to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day with the 2 men who would like to fill the shoes of a woman named until a miracle in 5 months germany will hold a national election a new parliament will be the result along with
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a new chancellor after 16 years in office until america often labeled the most powerful woman in the world well she's calling it quits will leave office just 3 months shy of becoming germany's longest serving chancellor in most of mockers he's holding power uninterrupted for almost 2 decades it seems unthinkable some would say 16 years with no transition at the top is not healthy for democracy they could point to the fact that there is no clear successor to who mare who can pass the baton and that brings us to these 2 men you see behind me here are mean lush it and mark reuss zuda they are both governors now for our u.s. viewers you can imagine the governors of california and texas vying for the nomination to run for u.s. president that gives you an idea of where these 2 men are tonight but there will only be one conservative candidate for chancellor and in stark contrast to those long u.s. campaigns
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a decision on who will be the candidate is expected by this friday. i mean lash it versus marcus the race to be the next conservative candidate to run for german chancellor is turning into an old fashioned power struggle on sunday the 2 men agreed the decision should come soon and to respect it whoever is chosen. at less than a day later battle lines seem to have been drawn on monday morning at the recently elected c.d.u. leader held meetings with his party's executive and not really a surprise they backed him to be the candid it the man himself sounded impatient to get out on the campaign trail. and. everyone wants a decision soon all the facts are on the table the problems we need to solve be that we should no longer be preoccupied with our internal party issues but rather with the major tasks that lie ahead for germany today tomorrow this week and in the
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coming months morgan. nixon will not lead. to by monday afternoon marcus erd or head of the smaller bavarian c.s.u. had the backing of his party leadership he thinks the conservatives should ponder their candidate question a bit longer not only is he personally more popular than last year he also claims to stand for a style of politics that people want. the conservatives have never fallen out of favor with voters so quickly before everything but there are a clear indication of what the public is thinking and we can't cut ourselves off from the majority of people. that mention and some. fords are the needs now is public support from the wider conservative parties perhaps from members of parliament worried about losing their jobs if the wrong man leads them into the national election in september. if those voices do not materialize it seems very
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likely christian democrats will be the choice to seize the back home when angle america leads the chancellor e. later this year and so among the conservatives it is down to a contest between 2 men let's pull in our cool political correspondent simon young he's covering the story for us tonight good evening to you simon we know that mr zuma he has better poll numbers the public likes him more which in other democracies such as the u.s. it would make him a clear choice but it's not that way and it's not that clear here in germany is. that's right brant i mean let's just as do a bit of background the conservative force in german politics very very least lee you can compare them in policy terms say with the republicans in the us or with the tories in the u.k. just to have an idea of who they are they have an oddity in germany and that is that most of the country is covered by the christian democrat party angle
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a man whose party the c.d.u. but in bavaria the law age states in the south. they have their own policy the christian social union all c.s.u. so when when the bavarians have a strong candidate as they do now for a big job in this case the top political job in the country chancellor they speak up and you know they want to get noticed they want to be taken seriously now the christian democrats and the rest of the country are inclined to say well you know when they the big party in fact we have more important and nobody can become candidate for chancellor without our say so and so you know we should have priority our man should get it well said a points out that he's a lot more popular in the polls more than twice as popular as lash it is in fact so
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you might think that should translate into a choice for him for the varian in lash it on his side says well you know polls go up and down and it's more than 5 months to the election so this goes both ways it's more complicated than it might seem here on the surface definitely and we understand a bit by this coming friday life should insert a plan to have reached an agreement over which one will be the chancellor candidate do we know what is going to happen between now and friday. yeah well the only way i think for certain marcus are to turn this around in his favor and somehow get the the c.d.u. to change their mind will be if you know some key conservative some big names and quite a lot of names i would have thought come out and say you know they prefer him he's the man and one group he's thinking of there are members of parliament because some of those even in the cd you may be thinking over but low down on the list we have
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a proportional representation system with lists so if they might think well lash it's not support that means we won't get so many votes that means there won't be so many c.d.u. people in the next paula meant they not being worried that will be losing their jobs in parliament as a result of kind of the same bayamon last shit so they'd rather vote to serve the pap so. zoraida is going to speak to a meeting of the c.d.u. c.s.u. party bloc in paul in the bundestag tomorrow on tuesday and if he does in fact element lash it probably will do the same so both men a back lane for support there we know that neither of these men was groomed by merkel to be her successor now if one of them does indeed become the next chancellor will this this distance to uncle americal will it be an asset or liability. yeah i think that there's very little of the what
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you might think of as the sort of magical magic that's left that could rub all rub off on either of these 2 guys. americal has chosen not to sort of crown anyone as her own via success jaring her 16 years in the in as chancellor she's tended to sort of brush people aside if they've seemed like they were going to challenge for her job she hasn't kicked the habit even now and so these 2 men have as you say they've built up their profile as leaders of the regional states to regional states in germany they have their own platform i mean last year was seen as the close of the 2 to angola machall but he's tried to put some daylight between him and the chancellor in recent months particularly for instance of a corona policy to such an extent that he's sort of fallen out a little bit with angela merkel there mark is coming from bavaria well he has the
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independents in the separation as it were from the berlin political establishment just by being by virtue of being bavarian so i don't think either of them are looking to sort of somehow come up in the shadow of medical americal remains a very popular politician in germany by some estimates the the most popular but even her star is waning and so i mean if you were a betting chair where would your money be tonight on lush or. well i think that has got the clear support of his side that's the biggest side you've got to go with that but as i say if some big names come out and say they want certainty because he's the more popular man with the public at large and that could change things in the next few days all right some young political correspondent and our resident gambler who always wins so i mean thank you. iran has never given up its quest for nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver
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them and iran consistently consistently and outrageously calls for israel's annihilation and works towards that goal iran must never possess nuclear weapons my policy as prime minister of israel is clear i will never allow iran to have the nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating israel that was israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking earlier today after tehran accused israel of nuclear terrorism iran is blaming israel for a massive power failure at its natanz uranium enrichment nuclear site israel has neither denied nor confirmed involvement but there was no doubt about who netanyahu is message was aimed at today standing in the room with the prime minister was the u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin austin made a point to emphasize that president joe biden is committed to both israeli security and reviving the iran nuclear deal talks in vienna to restart that deal began last
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week it remains unclear what impact the blackout will have on those talks or on iran's ability to further enrich uranium this is what the head of iran's atomic energy agency said today. god willing we will be able to repair most of the damage caused by the enemy's attempt at sabotage. joke on how it should be and out of there look cool so we are building several sophisticated centrifuge who was right in the hearts of the mountains. i should add that we have taken very serious security measures that. system i am near to our security systems have pinpointed the exact cause of a recent incident. ruse today we activated the emergency power system and we will reconnect the main power system in
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a few days time. all right let's go now to try to parse he is the executive vice president of the quincy institute for responsible state craft in washington d.c. he's an authority in america on us radian relations a trade it's good to have you on the program again i know you tweeted today that the greed of the prospects for a breakthrough in vienna with those talks the more aggressively israel will try to start a war was the blackout you know tons nuclear facility was it an attempt by israel to provoke a war. i think it was primarily an attempt to provoke a collapse of the talks we have seen this pattern extensively in the past and now is a very wary not about the talks failing but about the talks succeeding and he has intervened on numerous occasions in the past with assassinations and other things in order to try to do something that would cause the iranians to lash out and the consequences
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of their lash out will either lead to a collapse of the talks or could escalate into a military confrontation now that the now as in not being washington for quite some time to use military force against iran so the idea that he's looking for some sort of military confrontation a war is clearly not a mystery at this point but i think in this specific case i think he saw a win win situation either it would lead to a situation in which the iranians lash out in a way that a collapse of talks or to run in response would perhaps even be harsher and as a result it could lead to a military confrontation which is exactly what he's been looking for them and as you say timing is very important here president biden's defense secretary lloyd austin he was in israel today he affirmed that it is still washington's aim to return to the iranian nuclear deal take a listen to what he said our efforts to. engage iran in the poll machine on the day should be
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a way that would go jeopardy will continue and i'm very obviously supportive of the president's efforts to try to negotiate. a way ahead there so this is a different tone coming from washington than what we're used to hearing from the trumpet administration so how much pressure do you think this puts then on both israel and iran moving forward. well i think the fact that this was done at a time when austin was just arriving in israel is partly motivated by trying to create confusion in iran and get the iranians to be suspicious that perhaps the u.s. was in on it and simultaneously and it's rather embarrassing for the united states united states is going there and it's intensifying its intelligence sharing with the israelis it's done everything it can to kind of bring in these rallies into the conversation and the response of these raids is to do an attack like this at a moment when austin is in or just about to arrive in israel and israel so it
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doesn't seem to me that the biden administration's strategy of trying to appease netanyahu has been particularly successful in ensuring that he doesn't solve the taj the diplomacy to the by the ministrations as is their number one priority if you if you look at the facts it runs nuclear activities its ballistic missile program its a its attempt to destabilize the region they are all 'd worse today many would say because of what the trumpet ministration did the biden ministration sees it that way so why does the netanyahu see it that way. i think that's an end doesn't see it that way because the biggest fear he has is not that the iranians would be able to have a pathway it's in your weapon biggest fear to israelis out and this is also shared by the saudis and a moralities is that if the united states and iran manage to come to an agreement on the nuclear issue on the nuclear issue essentially is check this would allow the united states to start checking out of the middle east militarily which is what the
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biden straightness says that they want to do it this is what trump said that he wanted to do this is what obama said he wanted to do the american public doesn't want to have this heavy military presence in the middle east it's the reason why the u.s. is in d.c. and this wars but from the perspective of netanyahu and the saudis and others this would be quite a problem for them because they enjoy living on the america's security umbrella and they don't want to lose it now if the u.s. not his face doesn't want to have it any longer seems to be of a lesser concern for nuts and now he's willing to fight to make sure that the united states remains stuck and then at least through the just days before we run out of time the u.s. and israeli intelligence services they've worked together before in operations against iran do you think that this was an example where the israelis operated on their own without informing the americans. the question is partly as to whether there was cannot gratian and also if the united states was or wasn't informed it
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appears that collaboration may not have been the case it would be quite problematic for the united states it was doing this while at the same time claiming that they wanted to have diplomacy but the israelis probably did not completely surprise united states with this the question is how much of a heads up were they given was it any option for the united states to intervene to do object to it or not and i think it's also important to keep in mind this is happened several times in the past but none of the sabotage as it was or assassination has have actually had and deep impact on the trajectory of iran's nuclear program it may have set it back for a couple of months etc but in the longer scheme of things that really has not done any long term damage to the program it has damaged prospects for diplomacy and the irony or the paradox of all of this is that if the israelis actually were to be really successful and really damaged a program it probably only would lead to an out change in the iranian leadership attitude towards this end which the faction that has been arguing that the u.s.
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that iran should just pull out of that g.c.a. pull out of the end u.g. and actually go for a bomb probably will get a stronger arm well it will be interesting to see what effect if any of this has on those talks in vienna we will certainly be watching that as well for the parts executive vice president of the quincy institute for responsible state craft joining us from washington d.c. tonight for his always repeated your time in your insights thank you. and here. we are in the critical point of the pandemic right now the trajectory of this pandemic is growing its 7th week in a row we've had more than 4400000 new cases reported in the last week this is not the situation we want to be in 16 months into a pandemic that's the world health organization there warning that the corona virus pandemic is getting worse in some parts of the world including turkey and india the world's 2nd most populous country here in europe new case numbers remain high in many countries due to the spread of more easily transmissible variants but one
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country is emerging from the pandemic thanks to its effective vaccination roll out today in england began easing its lockdown which was one of the strictest anywhere here in europe pubs with outdoor seating gyms and stores are now reopening much to the relief of most people i think it represents just the start of the end of the whole time it for us in this country anyway is just fantastic since christmas day so this is my 1st this year it's just the socialising of a aids thing out we have to say outside and went on the last night that's what i plan to have to decide soon on this night things have gotten a string. of nasty you know go around by what you won friends and you know it put them back to a regular life in a long time so now they're off and i can hopefully this is the last time i make me feel like they're all cultures that are not expected it's that it's
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a long time that's a saudi forever and i think it's going to say something else. you know what a relief many people are saying our very own charlotte tells until she is following this story for us she is in london tonight she joins us from or what do you know a pub right there good evening charlotte so how excited how happy are people with this easing of the restrictions. good evening i have to tell you fast of it is pretty cold here this evening but that have not stopped huge numbers of people turning out to enjoy their 1st pints back in the pub i'm sure you can see behind me is still a pretty packed is today i have been told they we're hearing from the managers that said today's been fully booked and says i guess 3rd piecing across the country at the moment people thrilled to be back inside so back hat pubs are drinking once again and here in england a lot of excitement of course this is such welcome news for people who are sad it
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had and enjoyed a very tough look down here in england but the owners of these businesses as well not just pubs and restaurants the retail sector is while this is very very welcome news it's been a very challenging year indeed lot of jobs lost a lot of businesses closing now this is really seen as a as a marker of hope in a moment for celebration the u.k. has suffered one of the worst death tolls in the world from coronavirus aver 120 $7000.00 people have lost their lives parts with thanks to the vaccine program it seems a corner is being turned cases are way way down on the peak earlier this year as of a fatality that is that plus the hard lockdown that is allowing scenes like this to be taking place across england this evening and surely what restrictions will remain in place. when asked why is
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tonight there are still a lot of restrictions that are in place for example you can only needs in groups of up to 6 and these meetings are restricted to outdoor settings so this pub just behind me has served courses you would expect an indoor bar that is over structured for people to go into a lot of restrictions as well on meeting other households in your own home in polls say there are lives. patients in the u.k. in england they are easing the restrictions step by step with etc week back in between they want to kathleen look at the impact of the easing of these restrictions it's having on case number is boris johnson the private estate called the easing of restrictions cautious but you are the best at the in a lot of people here understand that they need to approach this with some caution this is not a moment she to put any of the gains made by the vaccine program at risk but to
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quote 1st johnson again he says that the easing of the lockdown is part of a one way road to freedom rights our very own until the night in london where the pubs are open for business again charlie thank you. for tributes have been pouring in for britain's prince philip who died last week at the age of 99 for a tribal community on a remote island in the pacific his death signals the death not just of a prince but of their god for decades tribes people on the island of tonga in vanuatu have revealed prince philip as the spiritual figure they believe he is the reincarnation of an ancient more your who according to prophecy left the island to marry a powerful woman today the village paid its respects to their deity in a special ceremony prince philip was aware of the tribes reverence for him and sent letters and photographs it's unclear whether the islanders will now worship his son
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prince charles and the future british king. to cope. with the days almost on the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter you dirty w news or you can follow me at. t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. the for. the.
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female. what's going on here oh no house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. shift explains delivers facts and sure what the future holds
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oh yeah living in the digital world shifts. in 45 minutes on d w. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from established itself. both religious and secular leaders. eager to display their power comes the i am pushing interest against the banks. who can create the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structure sometimes. i am stonemasons for builders and architects who can keep up with each other. i and this is how massive churches are created the big.
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contest of the cathedrals for. the sole 12th on d w. imagine being born as. your ally can prove. you want to look for no school. you want to be useful but on allowed to look when you're sick the doctors know when you fall in love they won't. you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to. you assure. you have no human rights. when you die there's no proof of the everest. every 10 minutes. someone this is. 10000000 people in the world the stakes they have no nationality i'm told made up along and. that everyone has the right. everyone
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has the right to say law and order. this is g w news live from berlin tonight of the race to be the next german chancellor among the conservatives it is now a duel today c.d.u. party leader armey la should got the nod to leave the conservatives into september elections but his rival bavarian governor marcus fizzer is more popular with voters and are not yet willing to give up the fight also coming up tonight finally it's
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back to the pubs england says she hears to the easing of coded 1000 restrictions as a hard lock down any mass vaccination drive begins bearing fruit. i'm brinkerhoff it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with the race to be the next german chancellor germans go to the polls this fall to elect a new government and after 16 years as chancellor angela merkel will not be running again now her c.d.u. party and it's been very and sister party the c.s.u. are trying to choose between 2 candidates the man preferred by the powerbrokers and the man preferred by the people. i mean lash it versus marcus the race to be the next conservative candidate to run for german chancellor is turning into an old fashioned power struggle on sunday the 2 men agreed the decision should come
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soon and to respect it whoever is chosen. at less than a day later battle lines seem to have been drawn on monday morning at the recently elected c d u leader held meetings with his party's executive and not really a surprise they backed him to be the candid it the man himself sounded impatient to get out on the campaign trail. and. everyone wants a decision soon all the facts are on the table the problems we need to solve are so big that we should no longer be preoccupied with our internal party issues but rather with the major tasks that lie ahead for germany today tomorrow this week and in the coming months. and in next more not legal but by monday afternoon marcus head of the smaller bavarian c.s.u. had the backing of his party leadership he thinks the conservatives should ponder
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their candidate question a bit longer not only is he personally more popular than lash out he also claims to stand for a style of politics that people want. the conservatives have never fallen out of favor with voters so quickly before holds on to everything but they're a clear indication of what the public is thinking and we can't cut ourselves off from the majority of people. that mention and some for dessert or needs now is public support from the white or conservative parties perhaps from members of parliament worried about losing their jobs if the wrong man leads them into the national election in september. if those voices do not materialize it seems very likely christian democrat will be the choice to seize the back home when i'm going to america leads the chancellor later this year. where all political correspondents i mean young explains why the c.d.u. decided to back lusha even though the polls show zircher is more popular with the
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german public i think they wanted to give their backing to their man was just chosen as the chairman of the c.d.u. party back in january so he's got a certain amount of impetus within the party i think there's a feeling from the from the c.d.u. that they are the laws of these tea parties and they should have the priority in big decisions like who's going to be the candidate to run for the nation's top political office so that's why they wanted to i think to just sort of clear this question and clear the air is they probably saw it well says you know we should think about this for a few more days we should listen to what different sections of the party is saying members of parliament and local party associations and have a good think about how we can get up above where we are now in the polls perhaps on the wrong side of 30 percent in latest polls he says we can do better than that
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he's obviously hoping that a few people will come out and support him and if they do in the next 2448 hours this debate could go on to the end of the week and possibly longer. that was our simon young there reporting the latest from berlin let's take a look now at other stories that are making headlines around the world the global chemical weapons watchdog says it has reasonable grounds to believe the syrian regime used chemical weapons in a 2018 attack on it live a report by the o.p.c. w. found the syrian air force dropped a chlorine bomb on the town of solving the syrian government has consistently denied using chemical weapons in the country's civil war u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin has arrived in berlin ahead of high level talks planned for tuesday he's due to meet with his german counterpart on a great hour and other top officials alston is the highest ranking member of the biden administrations a visit germany so far. when so many protests have broken out in the u.s.
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state of minnesota after police fatally shot a black man relatives have identified him as 20 year old dante wright the state governor has declared a state of emergency at a time when tensions are already high the incident comes as the trial of white minneapolis police officer derrick show you've been charged with killing george floyd last year is still under way. protesters versus police in the suburbs of minneapolis tear gas and rubber bullets fired at an agitated crowd and all too familiar scene by now. hundreds of demonstrators surrounded the police station in the town of brooklyn center after reports of another black man shot to death dante wright died during what should have been a routine traffic stop. wright's mother said her son called her when he was pulled over. he told me about one. that even getting pulled over by the
11:07 pm
bull you. don't know that well why did you get pulled over if you pull them over who got your personal opinion from the war. on the ground that you the killing came as tensions were already high with the trial of white minneapolis police officer derrick chauvin charged with killing george floyd last year. and he's taking this like you for no reason for this stuff you know that's the health problem this is just the way the plan is for him solidarity issue that we're not you know just an affair because. we know that there's maybe a difference and this was going to be the last time we all come together. at the town's mayor called the shooting tragic and minnesota's governor said he was mourning another life of a black man taken by law enforcement meanwhile a national guard has moved into place and
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a curfew is in effect. well here in europe prime minister boris johnson in the u.k. is hailing it as a major step towards freedom as of today the english can once again have someone else or them a pint of beer and enjoy it while sitting in a beer garden that's just one of several coronavirus restrictions now being eased thanks to a fast vaccination rollout coupled with a falling death rate but the government is warning against complacency. despite the unseasonably chilly weather there was an air of spring across the u.k. as many businesses reopened for the 1st time since january. long lines of eager shoppers formed outside clothing stores in london some brits got their 1st real haircut of the year. but for others this is what they've been waiting all winter for a pint of beer with their friends. british people i mean the way we cope with the british just going to the pub as often as possible so we can do nothing for months
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and now it's a kind of a back to normal but we're not but it's no way so it's not right it's a very strange of all my tense point already and i'm speaking straight is great going out and working out in the high street and seeing everyone smiling every day foods like it fills you with positivity and hope that we can make out of this it wasn't just patrons celebrating the reopening of 4 now the outdoor seating at pubs the owners are optimistic that they've made it through the worst of the pandemic but we have survived through some of the talks that have been improved in europe now you know what you need now to always that's only 40 percent of all you have space that they can attend right now. well the best weather for a side in the united kingdom. but we really need to see despite the removal of restrictions before we can really get to trading have rules that those businesses
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throughout. health authorities are warning the british to remain cautious another wave of the pandemic is not impossible but if all goes according to plan the government could lift all restrictions by the end of june. are in soccer news known by and munich visit party song german in the champions league quarter finals on tuesday may be a win to keep them in the competition but after p.s.g. as impressive display in munich last week by or no they have a tough night ahead if they are to keep their quest for another european crown a law. byron are rarely cast as underdogs but that's how they see themselves as they had to paris in need of at least 2 goals to qualify for the champions league semifinals after p.s.g. smash and grab 3 to win in munich is a tough. it's a tough task but we're all looking forward to it. but i think games like these are
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why you play football and why you're here. we want to try to cause a mini upset in paris. chances of setting the odds look slim there with key players chief among them the injured. his team mates will miss the potent pull who has rattled in an incredible 42 goals in 36 matches this season . one ray of hope for byron has been p.s. g.'s in different form the parisians latest disappointment was a one nil loss to in the league. it's something that we'll have to look at again at the end of the season. but let's hope that performances start to turn against. vengeance for last season's painful defeats in the final should be motivation enough for the argentines players to find their feet again on home turf. match day 28 in the german bundesliga wrapped up on monday night as hoffenheim who stood by
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your labor coups in the visitors were looking for a win to keep pace with 5th place dortmund but neither side to break the deadlock in a poor game a myriad had the best chance after 65 minutes but is shot was too weak the neil neil draw means that legitimizes hopes of champions league qualification grow everything while hope and hines season continues to peter out with neither relegation nor europe too concerned. russia is celebrating 60 years since the cosmonaut yuri good garland made history as the 1st man in space the city of st petersburg put on a laser show on sunday to mark the anniversary. made him a national hero and handed moscow a victory in its space raise with the u.s. and that 1st flight still captures the imagination of russians 6 decades ago. the ousting off into the unknown and
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a place in history. but. inside the fall stock one rocket was eureka gowran as soviet air force officer. he became the 1st man in space orbiting the earth for 108 minutes and the 1st human to see the planet from the heavens. i'm watching the forest the rivers the clouds. by the time get darren ejected out of his space capsule and parachute to to ask he was a soviet hero. he was celebrated by people and leaders alike . corralled crammed into moscow's red square to cheer him. 6 decades later homemade tributes skybound. hundreds of space
11:14 pm
enthusiasts gathered to launch cardboard and plastic rockets into the air in st petersburg celebrating cosmonaut extend a pantry living memories flooded me across him was part of the ground control team at the launch 60 years ago. we had a few sleepless nights before i pull 12 so on the day we felt anxious to be honest i really needed to sleep but i was so tense i couldn't even close my eyes. we had to keep working. the mission showcase the soviet union's technological lead 1st into space before the united states. would go with the launch of eureka garren had a colossal propaganda effect. they became so important because suddenly
11:15 pm
we were cola the united states grew to mean. garance success supercharge the space race and cemented the soviet union as a space superpower a position that russia still holds today to the international space station in new . york you need to be a news rob watch as of next week business news he'll be right back. are you ready for some great news i'm christine when glass on the i on the edge of my car julio with a brand new wus africa to show that tackles the issues shaping the concert hall with more time to all bought into all of the trends got caught up to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you in the
11:16 pm
reports on the inside. w. news africa every friday on g.w. . paulson says if they don't need to keep. people from all over the rich and home the force and. most recently the thinking about. the bottom of the valley is at the last dragon was $100.00. degree books on. the. us president joe biden aims to calm fears about the global chip shortage in a meeting with major manufacturers he's promised to push for billions of dollars of funding for the u.s. semiconductor industry. correspondent in new york. and the whole. as that would normally how is the hand of a trade fair empty this year is it news online or speak to one of the organizers of
11:17 pm
what is normally the biggest event of its kind in the world. this is doing business on robots in berlin welcome to the program president joe biden has reassured car makers and other major manufacturers that the u.s. will invest in its semiconductor industry has been meeting key figures to discuss the global chip shortage that is plaguing many industries automakers are among the worst affected with general motors ford focus wagon and many others having had to halt production plants around the world because of a bottleneck in chip supplies following lock downs last year one industry has warned that almost 1300000 cars could be built this year as a result of the semiconductor shortage now president biden is now urging congress to back plans to invest 50 $1000000000.00 in chips manufacturing and research as
11:18 pm
part of a broader efforts to rebuild u.s. industry. while i have here these chairs these wafer batteries brought it's all infrastructure this is the infrastructure. we lead the world in the middle of the 20th century we lead the world through 3 lead the world again . 20 personally. so by now let's discuss this further with our financial correspondent in new york. just remind us why we have this chip shortage and why it continues. well 1st production collapsed and then exploded so that's basically what happened in the past 12 months or so so if we think back at the beginning of the pandemic in asia where most also protection takes place we have those shut down so less chips got produced and then it was the
11:19 pm
work from home school that told trend that we've seen 1st there was high demand for computers and other digital devices so that was one factor and then the car industry a good year ago they actually cancelled some orders for the chips because they believed that the amount would be extremely slow and that was true about a year ago but then the u.s. car market for example and also globally it came better much much faster and stronger than expected and so that really caused this mess of shortage that we've seeing right now this 50000000000 in investment that is pushing for is this is much about improving the u.s. position in the market is it is about solving the current shortage. well basically at the end it's probably both even if we talk about those says shortage issues that really takes time to build semiconductor effect or it can take
11:20 pm
up to 2 years so so that's why experts are saying this shortage that the receiving right now will go easy the deep into 2022 but also if we see what happened in the industry in the early ninety's basically the united states also production wise was the leading force was controlling of all its 37 percent off the chip production market globally that by now it's down to 12 percent and then also if you look at ship designs yes the u.s. is still in the driver's seat but china for example is definitely definitely picking up some speed so yes it is also about the dominance of the u.s. chip industry overall we've already heard from intel a couple of weeks ago they're investing 20000000000 dollars so now maybe this help from washington but it is going to take time so we are as i mentioned talking at
11:21 pm
least 2 years yes it's a story we'll stick with. science. now microsoft has announced that it spying artificial intelligence specialist nuance communications for nearly $16000000000.00 the company provides ai solutions to governments as well as companies in the health telecommunications and retail sectors is microsoft's 2nd largest acquisition after its $27000000000.00 purchase of linked in and 2016. some of the other global business stories making the news greece is opening up to tourists from other e.u. countries beginning may the 14th holiday makers will be able to visit without having to quarantine as long as they've been vaccinated against corona virus or show proof of a negative p.c.r. test the greek government has been pushing for the creation of an e.u. wide vaccination passport. french lawmakers have approved
11:22 pm
a ban on short domestic flights they want to abolish domestic flights on routes that can currently be covered by rail in under 2 and a half hours the government is seeking to lower carbon emissions even as the travel industry reel in the global pandemic. and sticking with france french water and waste company veolia has reached a measure agreement with its competitors sue is the deal brings to an end months of legal battles between the 2 the new combined company is expected to have an annual global turnover around 37000000000 euros. after strikes at restaurant and small business owners have scuffled with police and during protests against continued coronavirus stations 200 demonstrators tried to reach the office of prime minister mario drug that were held back by police in riot gear. over trade is now underway it's normally the biggest event of its kind in the world
11:23 pm
but things are a little different this year with the showcase moving entirely online usually the city of however would be buzzing with guests from. across the globe but the coronavirus pandemic has made value possible this time so vast holes of the trade fact around are empty the 2021 edition focuses on artificial intelligence machine learning and robotics it's going to feature live streamed exhibitions and online networking. but i've been speaking to york and co chairman of the ocean message which organizes the hanover trade i asked i asked him if companies have been struggling to promote themselves over the last year without the help of such events absolutely it's a real challenge for everyone to think about a situation that is not all where you in why are your clients and hopefully new clients from many countries you need a bit you've figured out how to organize movie or rely street to create wins you're
11:24 pm
a client you have suppressed products that is a bit like the olympic games not on your own intuition also on presenting in a new digital format and that is really great and we're all here in the big learning curve to understand what is really real well you're at it do it business and so we're yet the light is how encouraged or exhibitors are and i have to do a lot of positive feedback so that we do this show in this way in the pandemic tongue. awhile hanover keeps attracting international exhibitors over it physically only this time in it is developing into a kind of german silicon valley big names from siemens to apple and google are investing big it's impart thanks to the various 1000000000 euro hi tech agenda which attracts qualified fashion shows and helps support a lively startup scene. the intelligent robot arm carefully grips the tomato
11:25 pm
without crushing it the special thing about this robot is that it sees with the help of cameras it was developed by these of the robotics founders nicholas out and stefan last blown up in their munich based startup their aim is to make robots for everyday use and to revolutionize the market can you know what our core innovation is camera based sensor technology this means that we can greatly simplify robotic hardware we can build robots that use simple motors and are controlled entirely by software and cameras that would allow us to build very inexpensive robots that could be used on a vacuum cleaner for example so all the times it's income to the to have their office in munich's vaca a subsidized startup center for 35 digital startups here they conduct experiments and work on their business models. in the event of this week's notice it's not just the building in the infrastructure that you get here you get exchanged with other
11:26 pm
founders who have similar issues and that's one of the most valuable aspects there is a large network of mentors including large companies which are available here in munich in a variety of ways they're increasingly interested in working with startups to develop the great solutions for tomorrow a more significant the high tech industry seems to be drawn to bavaria apple has just announced the establishment of its european center for chip design in munich google is hiring 1500 new employees and computer giant i.b.m. opened its development center in munich's high like towers 4 years ago to focus on artificial intelligence. i think we have a lot of advantages we have manufacturing companies here small and medium size companies there are customers and we want to be close to them and we really do have world class universities here where we find a top talent precisely in the areas we need. added to this is
11:27 pm
a very is 1000000000 euro high tech agenda among other things 1000 new professorships are being planned munich's university is the team you and ellen you play an important role in the cooperation with i.t. companies if. of course it brings new research ideas and enables our students and junior scientists to work on topics that are really relevant. engineers new stefan last borna had started doing research on their robots at the t u munich and continued in their startup they now build intelligent robots for several companies in germany and here up. and finally to sweden where the pandemic means the rave scene is a mish shadow of what it was in its nineties heyday however it is a least trying to make a comeback in the city of malmo reopened its doors on saturday but check this out
11:28 pm
just 4 people were allowed on the dance floor at any one time tickets for the 12 hour dance fest sold out with visitors having to choose a time slot to get down and stop short of a compulsory lockdown but there have been restrictions on socialising. so for me in the business team here in berlin from order check out our web site www dot com slash business next time buy and ticket. me what's going on here. house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. shift to deliver specs and choose what the future holds.
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